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12 Architects Who Build Houses Around Trees Instead Of Cutting Them

The unfortunate reality of urbanization is that trees get in the way. However, creative architects find ways to build around the issue.

Watercolor Superheroes Made Of Big Color Splashes

A great superhero is recognized by shape and color. Paintings by Blule exhibit this point magnificently.

What Disney Princes Would Look Like If They Were Real

Prince charmings populate fairy tales and Disney movies. Jirka Väätäinen is dead-set on painting realistic versions of these heroes.

For 28 Years, Father And Son Took Same Picture Together Until Last Year

Time changes people, but if you’re constantly around them, it’s hard to notice it. That’s why this 28-year-long photo series of father and son is so moving.

15 Illustrations That People Who Love Sleeping Will Understand

Napoleon famously needed very little sleep – we need a lot more. And Lingvistov is right on the mark with these sleep related illustrations.

Photoshop Genius Erik Johansson Reveals How His Mind-Bending Images Are Made

Want to manipulate photos like a master? Then take a look at the work of Erik Johansson. He has made “work in progress” videos for several of his photo compositions.

Little Road Signs For Little City Residents

Cats can’t read street signs. It’s a pitty, because #tinyroadsign project is made for animals. Or rather, it’s all about making people pay attention to their tiny furry (or feathered) neighbors.

Tiny Ant Man Goes On Adventures In Streets Of London

Ant-Man is a Golden Age superhero who can become really tiny. Fittingly, Ant-Man art installations by Slinkachu are also diminutive in size.

The Milky Way Over Yellowstone Will Leave You Breathless

The stars are pretty, and they’re even prettier when they’re in some galactic arrangement, like the Milky Way in these pictures by David Lane.

Breaking Bad Coffee Shop In Istanbul Is Best Way For Fans To Get Their Legal Drug

Breaking Bad fans in Istanbul are high… on coffee they bought in Walter’s Coffee Roastery. It’s coffee shop modeled on the cult TV series.

This Instagram Account Proves That Models Have A Sense Of Humor Too

It’s a cliché that models aren’t known for their humor, or speaking in general. Swedish model Tilda Lindstam is breaking away from that on Instagram.

17-Year-Old Artist Creates Incredibly Lively Watercolor And Pencil Art

Watercolor is the starting medium for many. Dany Lizeth combines it with colored pencils, and taking it to an another level.

16 Satirical Illustrations Of Police Officers Around The World

Police are an integral piece of the society. However, since it’smade up of people, it’s fallible, and Gunduz Aghayev has decided to take a satirical look at them.

Artist Crochets And Hides Superheroes Around The City For People To FInd

What if the Man Of Steel was made of yarn instead? That’s the kind of shower thoughts that crocheted superheroes by Geeky Hooker inspire.

15 Funny Pregnancy Sayings That Every Mother Will Understand

Are you a mother? Then you can tell us how these bits of wisdom from Mommie Poppins hold up. This is a series of image macros centered on the experience of a modern mom.

Photographer Takes Pictures Of Dancers In Their Own Homes

What do dancers do back home? Nobody knows, but David Perkins gives us a good idea with his “Home Stage” photo series.

15 Food Names You’re Probably Mispronouncing

Typos are somewhat easy to catch, especially if they’re embarrassing. Pronunciation is harder to nail down, so here’s the correct way to pronounce the names of 15 foods.

Architect Creates Hanging Pod Shelters For Homeless

“Rough sleepers” is a term for the homeless that have to sleep outside. James Furzer has a solution to help those sleeping in London.

Painful And Disturbing Pictures Of Womanhood Issues, By Yung Cheng Lin

3CM is the artistic name of Yung Cheng Lin, a very creative photographer from Taiwan. The photographer explores the different issues of womanhood: menstruation, birth, sexuality, maturity… And also the social conventions usually associated to the fair sex.

Czech Artist Uses Everyday Objects To Create Fun Illustrations

When a pen and a triangular ruler combine, they make the best bomber available to children. Mr. Kriss here uses everyday objects like that in his drawings.