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Illustrator Imagines Disney Princesses As Modern Day Girls Living Nowadays

Have you ever wondered how the famous Disney Princesses would look in our modern day world? Well, this children’s book illustrator has and she brought her ideas to life.

Illustratior Creates Images Of Disney Princesses As Modern Day Young Adults

Have you ever wondered how the famous Disney Princesses would look in our modern day world? Well this children’s book illustrator has and she brought her ideas to life.

Artists Recreated Van Gogh’s Famous Bedroom And Rented It Out On Airbnb For $10

For the first time in North America, all three versions of Van Gogh’s famous painting of his bedroom in Arles, France, will be displayed in Chicago along with some of his other work.

10+ Little Things That Make Being In Love So Good

If you have a smartphone and a significant other, then you probably have the LoveByte app. Started in 2014, the app lets couples share pictures and images privately.

These Drawings Perfectly Illustrate The Beauty Of Single Life

“Postmodern Loneliness” is a series that celebrates being single. Using pencil, ink, and watercolor, Mexico-based artist Idalia Candelas draws women who are content to be alone.

Cat Helmets From Russia Keep You Cute And Secure

While it’s wildly known that cats are fans of dirtbikes, Nitrino Motostudio is making “Neko-Helmets” for the faster kind of motorcycle.

Unique Wool Rugs That Bring Soft Moss And Gentle Meadows Into Your Living Room

Not much can be done with usual industrial waste, and nobody is that hot about ground-water poisoning.

Guy Falls Asleep At Work, Internet Goes Wild With Photoshop

Not falling asleep at inopportune times is a useful skill. Reddit user TheOrangeDuke learned it the hard way.

Lawyer Quits Job To Create Tiny Realistic Furniture

Stories of people quitting their job to pursue their passion are dime a dozen. But Emily Boutard’s dream is actually dime sized.

15 Minimalist Tattoo Ideas To Get Inspired By

Tattoos are all the rage these days. What’s even more, there’s a lot of fuss about getting the tiniest, the least detailed tattoo possible.

100 Years Of Zombie Evolution Show The Changing Face Of The Living Dead

If zombies are an egotistical fantasy – ha, I won’t be bitten – then it’s a really God-damn popular one.

Kids’ Invention Drawings Turned Into Usable Products

Dominic Wilcox decided that creativity of children should be harnessed, which is what he did with the “Inventors!

Russian Artist Makes Classical Baroque Wigs Out Of Paper

If you’re going for a wig, might as well go for the most ostentatious one you can find. Asya Kozina is making hers out of paper.

Cute 4-Year-Old And Her Adventures In Paris And Japan

I don’t remember being a cute kid – most copywriters are spontaneously generated by the internet anyways – but photographer Kotori Kawashima had set his sights (and camera) on one.

Cat Tail Gloves Will Let You Wag Kitty Tails While You Browse Your Phone

‘Tis no secret that we’re all cat lovers here at the DeMilked offices. So you’re going to squeal with joy once we tell you about cat tail gloves!

Funny Anti-Valentine’s Cards To Surprise Your Loved One With

Valentine’s day is coming and you can’t get away! Even if you’re alone, you’re stuck on this ride with us!

Artist Uses Cartoon Characters To Escape His Boring Life

Sometimes, you want cartoons to come to life. Then you watch “Aeon Flux” and change your mind. The works of Ervin Boer are more of the former than the latter.

Breathtaking Photos From Inside Breaking Waves

Can you appreciate the beauty of a breaking wave as much as Marck Botha does? He doesn’t snap his shots from the coast – he gets into the water, close to the action!

Baby Loch Ness Monster Tea Infuser Is The Cutest Way To Brew Tea

How many Nessies do you need in your Loch Ness lake of a kitchen? All of them, apparently, as the saga of Nessie ladle continues with this Loch Ness tea infuser.

Hairstylist Paints Hair Into Classic Paintings

Some haircuts are inspired by more than “I hate being bald and hats are expensive” sentiment. Ursula Goff, for example, gets her inspiration from classical paintings.