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20 Examples Of Hilarious False Advertising

Don’t believe everything you’re told. I bet you’ve heard that before, but sometimes hearing isn’t enough, which is why we bring you visual proof with these hilarious false advertisements (although maybe less hilarious for the guys who bought this stuff…).

This Instagrammer Travels The World In Search Of The Tastiest Snacks

Few things are more contagious than travelling, and Melissa Hie is a proof of that. She’s a blogger known for her Instagram account GirlEatWorld, in which she captures different desserts from all around the globe.

12 Most Creative Soap Designs Made By Hands

Who says that art isn’t practical? The guys at Charming Frog online store offer art that you can actually bathe with, in the form of hand made designer soaps.

Popular Objects Made Of Church-Like Stained Glass

The evils of consumerism is not the newest of topics, but London-based artist Laura Keeble has found a new way to talk about it.

India Will Use 3D Paintings As Speed Breakers

According to the World Health Organisation, India has the worst road safety record in the world with over 200,00 people killed every year by road accidents.

25 Stylish Seniors That Keep Up With Fashion

Too old to keep up with fashion? Nonsense! And photographer Ari Seth Cohen brings you proof of that with his photo project “Advanced Style: Older & Wiser“.

Macro Insect Shots Made Of 10,000 Separate Photos With A Microscope Lens

Levon Biss is taking macro photography a step further with his latest project called “Microsculpture“, in which he lets the viewer experience the intricate beauty of insects at their own scale.

How To Take Photos Like A National Geographic Photographer

‘Photographs are not about the photographer, they are about the subject‘ – this is how photographer Bob Holmes starts his story of how to take photos in National Geographic style.

Secret Worlds Hidden Inside A Wooden Ring

Are you bored of conventional jewelry? So are we. Thankfully, the Canadian jewelry maker Secret Wood offers us a magical alternative with these beautiful wooden rings containing miniature worlds inside.

Self-Taught Photographer Invents Awesome New Way To Shoot Wedding Photos

How do you find a unique angle while photographing a wedding? That is the question that all wedding photographers ask themselves.

Boeing 737 Jet Engine Recycled Into A Chair

Recycled furniture is an awesome DIY project, but as with everything online, you can always find someone taking it one step further.

22 Images Show The World Where Animals Switched Places With Humans

With these parallel universe illustrations, animals are taking it upon themselves to show the cruelty they often have to endure at the hands of humans.

Man Dresses Up Every Sunday To Take His Grandmother To Church

By now most of the legends have already been debunked and sorted out. Except maybe for the one of the mysterious Sunday Man from Baltimore, Maryland.

10 GIFs That Sum Up These Actors Careers

Digital artist Prasad Bhat is also a movie buff – for a while now he’s been paying tribute to celebrity actors and the roles they reprise, by putting their whole careers into these couple-seconds-long animated GIFs.

Embroidery Art Like You’ve Never Seen Before (20+ Pics)

This article is not about your typical grandmother-style embroidery. No. It’s about pushing the boundaries of what can be done with nothing more than a simple needle and thread.

Woman Recreates Superstars Instagram Photos

If you’re not from Australia then you might not be familiar with comedienne Celeste Barber. Which would be a shame, because she’s hilarious!

Rainbow Coffee Art Made Using Food Dye

With coffee being such a big part of everyday life for most of us, it comes as no surprise that someone is using it to make art (not the weirdest choice of canvas we’ve seen).

Humorous Self-Portraits By 87-Year-Old Japanese Woman Who Discovered Photography

Kimiko Nishimoto is an 87-year-old Japanese photographer who has not fallen behind with technology despite being almost 90.

‘Original Sin’: Artist Puts Underwear On Rocks To Protest Nudity Censorship

We’re coming back to Andre Levy, aka Zhion, who has been busy with an urban intervention called “The Original Sin”.

Photographer Captures Close-Ups Of Hummingbirds Beauty In Her Backyard

Photography is a hobby that covers a very wide spectrum of topics, but for a professional photographer, it’s always good to specialize in a particular field.