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This Human-Sized Kaleidoscope Is Trippier Than A House Of Mirrors

This giant kaleidoscope was built inside of a shipping container by Japanese designers Masakazu Shirane and Saya Miyazaki.

25 Gorgeously Decorated Doors Around the World

In many countries around the world, decorating the entrance to one’s home is thought to bring luck, happiness and wealth.

This 144-Year-Old Wisteria Is The Largest Of Its Kind In Japan

This magical-looking vine, which rains down pink and purple blooms, is called the wisteria (also spelled wistaria and wysteria), and this specimen is the largest of its kind in Japan.

These Long-Lost Photos From 50 Years Ago Prove That Motherhood Hasn’t Changed Much

Renowned 83-year-old photographer Ken Heyman was taken by surprise when he found a box full of black and white photos of mothers and their children around the world that he took 50 years ago.

Fluffy Textile Moths And Butterflies By Yumi Okita

These alluring textile creatures are the products of artist Yumi Okita’s beautiful imagination and skilled fingers.

This Is What Happens When Street Art Meets Nature

Urban environments and nature are usually held to be polar opposites, but even in the concrete jungle, street artists can find a way to incorporate nature into their street art.

Unbelievable Body Art By Gesine Marwedel Turns People Into Plants, Animals And Paintings

German artist Gesine Marwedel specializes in creating beautiful and elegant body paintings that transforms people into plants, animals, or even abstract works of art.

Spectacular Fairy Sculptures Made Of Wire By Robin Wight

Robin Wight, a talented photographer based in the U.K., creates enchanting fairy sculptures out of stainless steel wires.

This Photographer Collected Children’s Nightmares And Turned Them Into Twisted Photos

In his stunning “Dream Collector” series, American photographer Arthur Tress tapped into the immense emotional power present in our childhood dreams and turned it into a gripping series of photographs.

This Artist Leaves Motivational Sticky Notes On The Train For Other Passengers To Find

The creator of Texts From Dog and these silly commuter illustrations is back with more great commuter art antics.

Interactive ‘Motion Silhouette’ Book Uses Light And Shadows To Bring Stories To Life

Megumi Kajiwara and Tatuhiko Nijima, two Japanese illustrators and designers, have created a beautiful book called Motion Silhouette that uses light and shadows to animate its beautifully illustrated pages.

Artist Recreates Childhood Drawings He Made More Than 20 Years Ago

Telmo Pieper, a Dutch street and mural artist (and one half of the Telmo Miel duo), revisited his childhood by creating awesome digital paintings called “Kiddie Arts” that reinterpret his childhood drawings and try to make sense of them from an adult perspective by filling them in with details, texture and color.

Visual Poetry by Anotel Knotek

Anatol Knotek, a talented artist and poet based in Vienna, creates brilliant and minimalistic pieces of concrete poetry that communicates messages in a way that words alone never could.

20 Creative And Inspiring Sculptures From Around The World

There is probably no city or town in the world that doesn’t have a statue or sculpture – they commemorate important events, help us remember our greatest people, or simply put smiles on our faces.

Flower Beards Are The Latest Hipster Trend On Internet

Some time ago DeMilked wrote about a photographer Pierce Thiot who puts all kinds of things in his beard.

These 20 Honest Slogans Reveal The Truth About World’s Biggest Brands

Companies invest a lot of money to make their brands look flawless to their customers. However, even the best brands have qualities, which are not considered so great by customers.

18 Creative Bedding Designs That Will Brighten Up Your Sleep

Beddings are probably the last thing that you’d expect to see such a variety of different creative designs on.

Seemingly Offensive Cards That Fold Out Into Brilliant Greetings

If you’re sick and tired of those banal greeting cards you see in your local convenience stores and book shops, you’ll just love these ones!

Terrifying Photos of People Lying in 7 Days Worth Of Their Garbage

We all know that we produce a lot of garbage, but throwing them out nearly daily prevents us from noticing just how much is “a lot.” In this project, aptly named “7 Days of Garbage,” photographer Gregg Segal took bizarrely artistic photos of families and individuals laying in 7 days-worth pool of their garbage, escalating the inconvenient truth about one of the deepest environmental issues of today.

This Girl Takes Mirror Selfies To The Next Level

Mirrorsme, a young Norwegian instagramer, has certainly altered our perception of mirror selfies. A new Internet starlet has been drawing funny interactive illustration with posca, acrylic and chalk markers on her bathroom mirror for over a year.