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Disney Princesses Reimagined As Creepy Characters By Jeffrey Thomas

Jeffrey Thomas, a California-based character designer and story artist, decided to rewrite our childhood.

Minimalist Tattoo Art By JonBoy That Will Inspire You To Get Inked

Minimalist tattoos are getting more popular, and JonBoy is one of the tattoo artists that celebrities are clamouring over to do their ink.

Nameless Paints Created To Change The Way Kids Learn Colors

When we were kids, we were taught colors in a very simple way: the sky is blue, the sun is yellow, wood is brown… But as adults, we know that those color names don’t do justice to the richness of colors and tones we see all around us.

Artist Reveals The Secret Identities Of Kiwi Fruits

Fruits are up to something! Kiwi’s in particular, as Anthony Chidiac demonstrates. He carved the hairy balls of sour green into images of famous celebrities, politicians and popculture characters.

104-Year-Old Grandma Yarn-Bombs Her Town

Street artists are just whippersnappers in comparison to this “yarnbomber.” Grace Brett is 104 and she’s likely the world’s oldest guerrilla knitter.

Longest Glass Bridge Ever Just Opened In China And Tourists Are Terrified To Walk It

Walking among the clouds is technologically infeasible, but glass bridge is a close second. The longest walkway just opened in Shiniuzhai Geopark in Chinese province of Hunan.

Vertical Panoramic Photos Of New York Churches Inspired By Pope’s Visit

How do you capture the grandeur of a church in one shot? Richard Silver has done a good job of showing the greatness of New York churches.

20 Studio Ghibli Tattoos Straight From Miyazaki Films

Studio Ghibli is the anime studio, and Hayao Miyazaki is the medium’s lord and patron. From “Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind” to “The Wind Rises,” his movies have conquered the hearts and imaginations of millions.

16 Upset Animals Expressing Their Problems

Animals have feelings, too, and some of them are upset. What a surprise, that’s both the name and theme of these playful illustrations by Ricardo Cabrita.

Artist Spends 6 Months Planting 1.2 Acres To Recreate Van Gogh’s Painting ‘Olive Trees’

The world is Stan Herd’s canvas. Recently, he transformed a field into Van Gogh’s 1889 Painting “Olive Trees” by cutting it into a meadow of long grass and wild flowers near Minneapolis’ St-Paul International Airport.

These Instagram Travel Photos Show How Cropping Changes Everything

Cropping is the great bane of photographic objectivity. Limitless’ project #BrokenIndia shows what is left outside of glamorous holiday shots.

Students Build Massive Megaphones So You Could Listen To The Forest

Visitors of Estonian forests can now sleep in giant megaphones. They are a project by the students of interior architecture from Estonian Academy of Arts.

Japanese Street Photographer Captures The Beauty Of Everyday Life In Japan

Kyoto is the best city in Japan as voted by me, and I respect my opinion a great deal. Takashi Yasui uses his camera to capture the beauty of the ancient capital as well as other places.

Powerful Black-And-White Self-Portraits That Express The Artist’s Anxiety

Black and white photography is instantly classy, but Noell Oszvald takes it one step further that with her minimalist portraits.

Photographer Finds Abandoned Buildings In Europe And Immortalizes Them In His Photos

Look on my works, ye Mighty, and despair! Because they’re abandoned and crumbling, like the structures in Christian Richter’s photography.

Geometric Tattoos That Combine Fine Lines And Nature

Colored tattoos might be cool, but black and white line designs are all the rage these days. Okan Uckun is one of the masters of putting that black ink in your skin.

Luna Lamp Brings The Moon To Your Room

That’s no moon, that’s a lamp! Luna is a Moon shaped lamp designed for your living room. Made by Acorn Studio, each one is hand made from glass fiber and coated in non-toxic latex.

Cartoon Characters Show Their Real Age

Cinema bequeaths sort of immortality, preserving images for all eternity, and it’s doubly so for cartoon characters.

19 One-Line Icons By Differantly Studio

Brevity is the soul of wit, and of good design, too. Differantly Studio (no, that’s not a typo) made simple, one line, icons for 100 everyday objects.

Photographer Documents His Own Depression In Self Portraits

Artist combating depression sometimes try to find an outlet through their medium, just like Edward Honaker with his self-portrait photography.