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Hilarious Charts Explain The Life Of A Designer

What is a designer? A miserable pile of fonts! Well, we know they’re a lot more than that. And Creative Market is even more expert in dissecting the life of your common, garden variety designer.

Loving Man Prepares Symmetrical Breakfast For Him And His Boyfriend Every Morning

Love makes you do the craziest things, like make breakfast or make symmetrical breakfasts for a year, without a pause.

20 Pictures Showing That Nature Photographers Have The Best Jobs Ever

You have to really love animals to go into nature photography. After all, it requires more patience to catch some deer in your lens than to photograph a mountain.

Designers’ Problems Illustrated In Funny Comics

Designer life isn’t easy and we have covered that angle many times. But here are some illustrations about the funnier side of designer woes.

What Designers See Vs. What Everyone Else Sees (12 Pics)

It’s all about the visuals these days, whether it’s your cereal box or a poster on a bus. We, the ordinary kind, might not notice the subtle nuances in these creations but what may look OK to us, can make a designer’s eyes burn.

Ryan Gosling And Other Celebs On Your Most Private Parts

Candice Pugh is a mom from Salt Lake City, Utah, who runs an Etsy shop which is totally different from anything you’ve ever seen before.

Photographer Finally Snaps Perfect Shot Of Diving Kingfisher After 6 Years And 720,000 Photographs

Hunting for the “perfect shot” can be a long and dedicated process. Alan McFadyen tooks six years and 720,000 photos to finally get the perfect picture of a diving kingfisher.

Cool Couple Let Their Husky Film Their Wedding And The Result Is Better Than Most Wedding Videos

Professional wedding photographers costs a lot, while a dog loves you unconditionally. Addie and Marshall Burnette put two and two together, and let their dog film their wedding!

1,400-Year-Old Chinese Ginkgo Tree Is Drowning A Buddhist Temple In A Flood Of Golden Leaves

The beauty of autumn lies in all the pretty yellow and red leaves. One 1,400-year-old ginko tree in China is giving a special autumn treat.

A Funny Cat Calendar For All The Cat Lovers Out There

Lingvistov is working overtime to bring various funny illustrations. And they’re just in time with this 2016 cat calendar!

Sexy New York Taxi Drivers Pose For Calendar To Raise Money For Charity

Is there a better way to raise money for charity than a good old fashioned sexy pinup calendar? “Nay” say the cab drivers of New York while proudly presenting their 2016 calendar.

Amazing Minimalist Linear Tattoos By Nouvelle Rita

Tattoos are great and line tattoos are the most popular at the time. Rita Nouvelle is an artist who also engages in the minimalistic craze.

19 Design Fail Examples Prove That You Always Need A Good Designer

Being a designer isn’t easy. Clients will lie, cheat and make requests that would only make sense on phases of existence three planes away.

15 Things That Single Girls Can Relate To By Lingvistov

Being lonely isn’t fun. Lingvistov illustrates 15 things that lonely girls will understand. I wouldn’t, I’m not a girl.

Wild Animals And Landscapes Combined In Intricate Illustations

Usually it’s the double exposure photographers that try to combine animals and their surroundings. Not so with Sam Larson!

This Glitter Beard Trend Came Just In Time For The Holiday Season

Beards are cool! It’s like having a kitten on your chin! You can shape beards in various fun ways, or shower them in glitter.

Museum ‘Bans’ Cameras To Make Visitors Appreciate Art By Sketching It

Technology without a doubt has some blame for our ever-quickening pace of life. That’s why Rijksmuseum in Netherlands invites us to put down our phones and sketch.

1,700-Year-Old Roman Mosaic Found Accidentally By Construction Workers

Many new discoveries are made totally at random, and archeology isn’t immune to this phenomenon. Recently, a beautiful Roman mosaic was uncovered in Lod, Israel.

#Followmeto Couple Travels To India And Singapore And Brings New Breathtaking Photos

Some people have it made, just like the #followmeto couple. Recently, they have gone to Singapore and India!

Superheroes’ And Villains’ Everyday Lives And Daily Struggles

Superheroes having everyday lives is a popular subject, and Daniel Picard uses his collectable figures and statues to show it!