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Clima for iPhone

It’s been a while since I wrote about a weather app. The weather in Mumbai is pretty crazy right now with tons of rain throughout the day.

Journey For Android Kicks Off The Material Design Saga

While iOS and Mac have the excellent journaling app, Day One, Android, well, doesn’t. There’s been chatter about an Android version from the developers of Day One but nothing has materailized as of now.

NPR One for iPhone and Android

NPR, the public radio network, has a few apps available on iOS and Android. NPR News and NPR Music are the most popular.

5by5 Podcast Artwork

I listen to podcasts everyday. I spend at least an hour everyday going through new episodes from the 50 or so podcasts I subscribe to.

Glyphish 8

Joseph Wain’s Glyphish icon sets are used in countless applications already. His icons are even used by Google, Apple and Microsoft.

Showlist 2

Showlist 2 is a slick iPhone app to help you keep track of all your favorite TV shows that you love watching.

FiftyThree SDK

FiftyThree, the company behind ‘Paper‘ — the ridiculously good sketching app for iPad & ‘Pencil‘ — the beautifully crafted hardware stylus that connects over bluetooth and enables additional creative features in the app have today announced the release of the FiftyThree SDK.

Delight is in the Details

For as long as I can remember, I have been following Shawn Blanc and his work on his website

Panda Is A Dashboard For Designer News And Inspiration

Last month, when Mikhail wrote about The News for iPhone, I sighed with relief. Sites like Hacker News, Designer News and Product Hunt are great places to find interesting things to read in the morning.

Many thanks to Backblaze for Sponsoring us this week

Our thanks to Backblaze for sponsoring Beautiful Pixels this week. Backblaze offers an easy way of backing up all your important data to the cloud.

Hours — A Time Tracking App for iPhone

Time tracking is hard. There have been many different approaches taken to solve this problem in the form of websites & mobile apps, and Hours is the latest entrant in this area.


I’ve been listening to podcasts for a little over 2 years now and I’ve jumped between quite a few apps recently.

Keynote does Material Design

At Google I/O 2014, Google introduced Material Design, their new design language for the upcoming major release of Android, labeled as “Android L”.

Create Beautiful Videos Easily With Fly For iPhone

If you’re anything like me, your iPhone is filled with hundreds of photos (more backed up off site, preferably not with PhotoStream), but not that many videos, one or two perhaps.

Backblaze – Easy & Unlimited Online Backup [Sponsor]

Pixels are beautiful. Creating them is difficult. Losing them is heartbreaking. Protect yourself from data loss, don’t be part of the 50% of people that lose data every year.

Polymo: A Simple Camera App for iPhone

Polymo is a really simple & elegant camera app for iPhone. It’s designed to be an easy-to-use app while you’re outdoors and just want to focus on taking photos.

Capo Touch for iOS

Capo 3 for Mac came out a few months ago. Today SuperMegaUltraGroovy have released a new app, Capo Touch for iOS along with Capo 3.1 for Mac.

Anchor Pointer

Anchor Pointer is a beautifully designed iPhone app that lets you drop virtual pins (anchors) at different places and then the app helps you navigate to those pins using the built-in compass.

Moment Tracks How Much You Use Your iPhone

Android tells you how long the phone’s screen was turned on, how long were the apps active and the battery they consumed.


Remember those times when you’re showing your friends, family members or colleagues some photos off your phone’s Camera Roll and in the process of swiping from one photo to the next one, they they end up overswiping and view photos that they weren’t supposed to see in the first place?