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unity seamlessly integrates mirror with coat hangers

featuring a flush finish, the handcrafted 'unity' wall fixture renders a functional work with a pleasing, high finished, natural aesthetic.

atelier marko brajovic’s arca residence in brazilian atlantic forest

the home's idyllic location is characterized by dense native atlantic forest, warm, muggy weather, and a long list of animals ranging from jaguars to the three-toed sloths.

audiophiles rejoice, rolls royce created a wraith edition just for you

a copper exterior paint finish presents the automobile with a blend of brushed and polished textures, that matches the use of metal for the surrounding interior 18 channel 1300 watt speaker system.

alexandra lucas imagines space suit for human evolution on mars

the spacesuit is comprised of six protective layers: a radiation guard, three different pressure coats, a pressurized oxygen sub-suit, and temperature-maintaining base layer -- with included sensory technology to track biometrics.

MOS architects develop modular element house for off-the-grid living

funded by the museum of outdoor arts in new mexico, the home is designed to function independently, meanwhile the interesting form is derived from the fibonacci series.

tatsuya tanka crafts intricate miniature calendar of everyday scenes

we interview the japanese creative about what fuels his ideas 365 days of the year, and of the more than 1000 diorama-style scenes he's made, which ones he's particularly fond of.

swiss synergy – nico gerard bridges between luxury timepieces and the apple watch

the ‘pinnacle’ series is a mechanical electric hybrid timepiece that supports the 38mm apple watch and apple watch edition.

chalet forestier weekend cabin designed by atelier barda & lise gagné

the single volume is sub-divided into three programmatic spaces, but there's a catch, there's no access provided indoors.

morpholio develops a sketchbook app for creatives to organize, collect, build ideas

the app bridges the gap between real and digital, redefining the sketchbook as a mixing chamber where your photos can inspire drawings, and your drawings can inspire thoughts.

kubo tsushima architects softly illuminates tokyo wedding chapel with rainbow lighting

by eliminating excessive decorations, the rainbow chapel uses colored reflective plates to effectively animate the simple ceremonial space in japan.

tchanquées contemporary stilts by pierre-césar lafaysse & marion decroix

the project marries hand-planed pine -- such as used historically -- with steel for a simple aesthetic constructed with neither glue nor screw.

konstantin grcic molds sam son chair with a hint of cartoon character for magis

designed for the italian furniture brand, the playful creation has an oversized arm and backrest to provide the utmost comfort and support.

UK/MEXICO 2015 identity by alphabetical studio

alphabetical studio were asked by the british council to create the identity for UK/MEXICO 2015, a cross cultural celebration between mexico and the UK.

veeco zhao clothing exhibited in installation by update studio

a range of differently cut and sized partitions are spread throughout the space; which simultaneously obscure views and allow visitors to focus on a single piece at a time.

clay light sconce employs perforated shade for starry effects

designed and crafted in the US, the clay light sconce melds earthly clay with a flexible stainless steel mount for superior aesthetics and functionality.

iga węglińska challenges convention with conceptual women’s footwear

each pair is focused on form and materials, but also emotion and deconstructionist design philosophy; making a bold, but practical, statement.

three stripes everywhere – an overview of the 2015/2016 adidas football kits

a summary of the most popular adidas football kits to hit the field for the 2015/2016 season. The post three stripes everywhere – an overview of the 2015/2016 adidas football kits appeared first on designboom | architecture & design magazine.

elleke van gorsel crafts 3D printed delft blue jewelry collection

the full line consists of earrings, rings, ear pins, pendants, bow-ties, and hair accessories, all paired with various handcrafted chains and backings.

IROJE KHM architects realizes sculptural archi-fiore building in korea

complex from ground to roof, the six story sculptural form combines a coffee shop, full-service restaurant, office space, and atop everything, a single family home.

apollo architects forms garage with an overhang in minimalistic grigio house in tokyo

designed around the clients' love for their cars and their art collection, the property is composed of raw and exposed concrete consistent with its interiors.