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Worlds Largest Lion Sculpture Carved in 3 Years by 20 People

The Oriental Lion Sculpture, as it is wisely titled took 3 years to complete and 20 people worked on carving out this giant Lion Sculpture from a single redwood tree trunk.

Tiny Cabin Built in Oregon Woods for $11,000

Great things come in little bundles. What’s more, this minor living space, worked in the Oregon woods for just $11,000 is observer to that.

Imaginative Doormats Which Will Bring You Joy

Many people just consider doormats to be a remark their feet on, however in the event that you truly consider it, doormats hold a higher reason – they’re the main thing that individuals see before entering your home.

Sweet Dress Made of 10,000 Candy Wrappers

The sweet dress took nearly 4 years and consumed about 10,000 candy wrappers in its making. The purse about 2,000.

15 Genius Ways To Use LEGO

LEGO is often looked upon as only a toy. You might say “Of course, that is what they are!” But think what you will do with them once your children grow out of them.

Time and Money Saving 2 Ingredient Cookies

While we might love to eat as many cookies and cakes as possible not all of us have the golden hand for baking.

Cocoon Tree: Stunning Way of Sleeping in Nature

This is really, as the maker says, “the present day form of a lodge in a tree”. How wonderful would it be to stay outdoors in one of these laps of extravagance beds, suspended high in the overhangs of the trees?

Renovating Old Floor with 13,000 Pennies And Turning It Into Stunning Patterns

If you have lot of pennies that you are not sure how to put to good use, then here is what you can do.

Make Your Giant Comfy Blanket in a Jiffy – DIY

Winter is coming! Everyone is already out and about buying warm clothes. But if you can spare some time on knitting, then you can make a giant comfy blanket of giant proportions to keep you warm throughout the day and all through the nights.

Turning Boring Toilet Into A Magical Place with Sketches

What you see in front of you is the sketches and drawings by Roza, a designer at the Shavova. She has a clothing line dedicated to her name and uses her sketches predominantly on scarves from Shavova.

18 Kitchen Tricks and Small Appliances You Must Have

Taking kitchenware has always been a wise investment. This is the case because you will think that while cooking at home ,the goods you bought  must be under your hand. Even people who spend a lot of time cooking will notice that things make it easier.

No-Weld Tire Rim Grill DIY

Many different things you can easily do without spending lots of money with an innovative approach. Like DIY project as shown below.

Tiny House for Under $1,000

No doubt the tiny house is everyone’s dream. You also would like to have such a dwelling but are unwilling to spend much money on it?

Solar-Powered Outdoor Mattress Charges Your Phone and Chills Your Beverages

Whenever you go to the beach, you worry about your phone losing power and your beverages getting warm, don’t you?

Architecture Rings Celebrate the World’s Iconic Skylines of Beloved Cityscapes

Every goldsmith is an artist that has its creativity flow into his or her designs. Ola Shekhtman is one of those creative geniuses that have brought to us miniatures of the world’s most loved landscapes.

Architecture Students Design Low-Income Homes That Can Be Built for $20K

Who said that well maintained, elegant, spacious houses are a big burn on the pocket? If any person is saying this, just push forward this article to them.

Wrapping Yourself in a Good Book Made Easy with these Literary Scarves

Are you a true lover of literature? Does everything fiction catch your fancy? Then these scarves are sure to make you fall in love with them.

Relax in Nature With a Cozy Swing Bed

Ever thought how a swing bed would make your Sunday evenings more comfortable? Yes a swing is always nice to lie down and soak the sun, but a comfortable swing bed will definitely be a better idea.

Build a Kitchen Island with Pantry Storage

If you have a tiny kitchen, yet wish to make the most of the limited space that you have, and then this idea will be brilliant for you.

LEGO Inspired Kids Furniture Collection

What is the outcome when you combine simple puzzles along with the bed side furniture? It is none other than LEGO inspired furniture collection for kids.