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Tesla Model M Motorcycle For Bike Enthusiasts

Tesla has made several offerings in four wheel design that have successful in gaining a fan following in the market.

Unique Floating Hotel With Catamaran

This is a unique floating hotel with catamaran project that was developed by a studio called the Salt & Water which aimed at promoting tourism along the inland waters.

Disney Princes and Princesses in Real Life

Ever wondered how Disney characters would have looked like in real life? Jirka Vaatainen has made this possible with his beautiful illustrations of Disney Princes and Princesses.

Lane Splitter Concept Car Transforms Into Two Motorbikes

This kind of a vehicle will surely give thriller and action movies fans something to look forward to, the hope of seeing a futuristic vehicle and owning maybe three vehicles, a car and two bikes at the price of one.

Colourful Flowers in Utah Deserts Captured by Guy Tal

We have seen instances of art work and digital visualizations created by many artists, but it is rare that a unique natural phenomenon is seen in an unnatural surroundings.

Hutten Palast Caravan Hotel in Berlin

The Hutten Palast caravan hotel in Berlin could be one of the unique stay experiences you can ever have, as this hotel and its layout and design is inspired from camp and outdoors.

Spiral Staircase For Your Backyard Tree

Does your backyard appear dull? Is there a tree stand alone? You can recreate your garden with Canopy stair attached around these tree trunks that just gives the look like that of a Tree house.

6 Elite Amenities Offered by Outstanding Luxury Condos in Florida

Luxury condos are around the corner in the Sunshine state, but the following ones are exceptional, these architectural masterpieces offer elite amenities that are only available for a fortunate few, check it out: Private Rooftop Helipad in One Thousand Museum- Biscayne Bay Biscayne Bay Boulevard, has embraced a new residential project called One Thousand Museum, which is not only ambitious but massive.

Amazing Art Work In Large-Scale Photorealistic Paintings

Only a full time dedicated artist like Hirothropoligie can bring life to his paintings, literally. His Large-Scale Photorealistic Paintings are an amazing piece of artwork that has been created with spectacular details.

Laiki Lefkothea Residence In Cyprus

Among creative houses created by award winning urban design specialists, the Laiki Lefkothea Residence in Cyprus project stands out.

Two Moon By Moon Hoon – Unique Architectural Designs

Two Moon is an architectural wonder which has been completed in the form of a cultural center by Moon Hoon, a designer architectural firm.

Church Transformed Into Modern Family House in Chicago

Ever wanted to confess in front of Jesus, we have always visited the church. But, never thought of transforming one to a family house.

Embassy Gardens Sky Pool in London

Swimming pool in the sky! Yes, you read it right. The Embassy Gardens Sky Pool Legacy Building is going to have a transparent swimming pool that will be suspended 10 stories, i.e., 115 feet high in the air.

28 Beautiful Bedrooms Perfect for Lounging All Day

You need to have a place in your mansion that would make you feel relaxed at the end of stressful work schedule.

How To Make a Sparkle Ball Light

Every year during the festive season you visit the market in search of unique accessories to decorate your home.

$120 Million Supersonic Business Jet Aerion AS2

For those who have billions to spare they can take a look at the private supersonic jet that has been designed by Avia Design Aerion Corporation called Aerion AS2.

A-Frame Re-Think Residence BY BCA

We have always come across buildings that are tall and four-cornered. Wherever you go about, you will find every housing complex structured like regular buildings.

Cat Man Doo Collection Of Items For Cat Lovers

When you own a pet like a cat, you need to ensure that you have your slippers, your keys and area rugs under close supervision.

A Customizable DIY Modular Seating Free Plan Built At Home

We have brought an amazing idea of building furniture for yourself. With DIY Modular Seating Free Plan, you can have your guests invited in your home and let them be seated comfortably on these.

Dubai Floating Luxury Villa Floating Seahorse

For those who have always fancied living out of the water, they can fulfill their dreams by simply turning up for a luxurious living experience at the Dubai floating luxury villa Floating Seahorse.