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DIY Casino Decorations for Your Home

Hosting a casino-themed party? Use some of these DIY ideas to make the experience more authentic for your guests!

Unique Cob Cottage in Mayne Island

Featured in several books on natural building, this special cob cottage is a friendly and cozy retreat.

Floating Solar-Powered Waternest Eco-Home

If you are looking for a way to live in harmony with nature, not dependent to the city, then Solar Powered Floating Eco Home just for you.Don’t worry about foundation the WaterNest 100 is the perfect answer to living completely independent.

Cordwood Flooring by Sunny Pettis

Having a healthy design in your home would be more than enough if you would like to do some redecorating.

Amazing Dom’Up Treehouse

Have you ever dreamed about to having your own tree house that is both restful and luxurious? So, This The Dom’Up tree house just for you.

12 Storage Ideas For Fruits and Vegetables

A healthy daily bread is firmly related to fresh food. Eating fruits and vegetables has great importance to developing a pretty much nutritious diet, besides other foods, of course.

11 Creative And Unique Recycling Projects

We all love recycling creative projects, because we are amazed by the process of creating something new and fine from an old and useless object.

Vaucluse House by MPR Design Group

Vaucluse House project designed by Sydney-based studio MPR Design Group This four level luxury home with expansive harbor views is located in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.

Hilton Moorea Lagoon Resort and Spa

The Hilton Moorea Lagoon Resort & Spa is centrally located on a sandy beach between Moorea’s two iconic bays.

Turning A Can Tab Into A Survival Fish Hook

In survival case or times of crisis a fish hook can come in useful, specially when you get lost in a jungle and have to fish for your meal.

Amazing Sculptures Made By Using Keys and Coins

By using any objects you can create a beautiful art, all you need is having vision and being creative.Is this post such amazing sculptures that have been created throwaway keys and coins.

Norwegian Earth Sheltered Shack

If you dream about a romantic and relaxing holiday in the Norwegian forests, it would be true when you stay in fairytale-like house as this one.

Beautiful Shape Hanging Hammock Sofa

Beautiful Shape Hanging Hammock Sofa which is purely genius a great of quality product design with its geometry and art beautifully.Its called as  The Kodama Zome which is actually look like a hanging sofa.This piece is an outdoor hammock designed by Richie Duncanand.

Lawson Hammock: Best Camping Hammock with Bug Net

The Lawson Hammock is so much loved stuff both by campers and by pros. High quality camping hammock that can be either installed suspended or on the ground.

How To Build A Bike Storage Shack

Cycling is one of the many enjoyments of summer and its a pleasing way to keep yourself fit all year round.

How To Make A Bookshelf Chair

This awesome bookshelf chair is a true masterpiece. It can be made at home with a little bit of ability and patience.

How To Make a Brick Rocket Stove – DIY

Here’s a fantastic exemple of how to make a brick rocket stove for only $6.08 .You just need to use only 16 bricks.

The Five to One Apartment: Containing the functional and spatial elements within a compact 390 Sf

Have a look at to this amazing New York-based apartment that is the best tiny apartment design ever. It’s a micro apartment with a very inventive feature: a sliding door helps you maximize the available area.

17 Cool Temporary Swimming Pools

A temporary swimming pools are a great option for everyone who has only limited placein their backyard or doesn’t want to have a permanent one.If you want to have a classical swimming pool, it will require lots of money for maintenance, so having a temporary swimming pool is a more practical idea.

39 foot Thomas Bus Transformed to RV

You will be shock to find out how many stuffs can be converted into a living area or even a house. You already know about grain silos, but have you ever thought about a school bus gonna be your next sweer home?