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Humans Dipped in Gold

Interactive artist and technical director Mike Pelletier is originally from Canada, but is now based in Amsterdam full time.

Fragile Spiritual Hallucinations

The illustrations of Manchester-based artist James Roper draw on many diverse sources, from Baroque Art to the flow of energy found in complex structure, for example human beings.

Strength of the Body, Power of the Mind

In Giulio Musardo’s photographs, humans take second place to the raw powers of nature. Using surreal or exaggerated camera angles, and showing situations of how small we are when compared to the immensity of Mother Nature.

The Gilded Silver Peacock

Lee Howell is an award-winning Edinburgh-based photographer. The images showcased here are from his “Beauté Aviaire” series, a collection of conceptual art prints which examine the connection between the aesthetically pleasing world of birds and the female form.

Charles Reid’s Masterful Watercolor Paintings

I wonder what took me so long to find Charles Reid’s watercolor paintings. His color combinations and fluid brushstrokes are superb, mesmerizing.

Secrets Spill Out Like Sand

The work of contemporary photographer David Uzochukwu is one tinged with a mood of melancholy and dreaminess.

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Monocat’s Crazy Doodles

Paul Schroeder is known as Monocat the vicious doodler and cartoonist who has worked on projects like “Minimalist British Humour” (which gives variety to the word butt), and “Eat Eggs to Maintain Your Health” a collaboration with writer Luke Walsh.

Digital Metamorphosis

Born in Udine, Italy, Federico Bebber has been making exciting digital and photographic projects since 1998.

10 Films That Will Put You in a Good Mood

I don’t know a single soul who hasn’t been moved to tears by a film, or ever seen one that failed to put a smile on their face.

Body of a Photograph, Heart of a Painting

The images on this page are by the Italian photographer Flora Bossi, and they are from her “IRÉEL” series.

Hollywood Movie Stars Painted in Digital Colours

Alessandro Pautasso is a graphic designer and illustrator who does a great line in vector art. One only has to look at his colourful images to get to appreciate the level of detail that goes into one of his creations.

Drawings of Cats and a Bulldog who Loves to Read

She is known online as “The Calling of Drawing—L.A. Dessin” (that’s a serious title), but her real name is Lorine Angelmann from France.

Alberto Seveso’s Painterly Nudes

Alberto Seveso is an Italian artist working in Bristol (UK), who is being represented by Bernstein & Andriulli in the United States and Central Illustration Agency in Europe.

Breathtaking Illusions and Mirrors by Visual Artists

When used ineffectively, mirrors and illusions in any kind of art can seem like cheap tricks. But when used appropriately, it can feel like a dream.

Tattoos: Modern Art Birds and Dreams

Clearly inspired by modern art, Robert Nero’s tattoos have a touch of abstraction mixed with representational elements of nature.

Chong-Yi’s Pencil Portraits

Malaysian artist Chong-Yi is quite something with a pencil, as you can plainly see here with his exquisitely meticulous artworks. Sources of inspiration for this talented young guy include contemporary cinema, such as characters from”Les Miserables.” He has also stated that he attained a lot of his drawing technique from studying the Internet.

10 Disturbing Artistic Creations

Normally, if we’re in one of those masochistic moods where we want to feel the cold fingers of terror, we naturally turn to cinema or literature.

Beautifully Illustrating Life and Death

Canadian visual artist and tattooer Kit King (killer name by the way) does a great line in finely detailed and beautifully rendered black and white drawings.

Homoerotic Art: Romance Among Warriors

Warning: This post contains content with sexual references. Viewer discretion is advised. A sexual tone is present in Aenaluck’s vast collection of drawings and paintings.