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Amazing Pictures Taken at Exactly the Right Moment

source Most of these seem to be either of people about to spill things, people about to get hit by things, or cats.

Hungary Fashion Photographer Under Fire Over ‘Migrant Chic’ Shoot

Hungarian photographer Norbert Baksa says many people appreciate his latest project – a series of photos in which a scantily clad fashion model is depicted as a migrant – for “what it is meant to mean.” Baska, referring to the ongoing EU migrant crisis, told RFE/RL that he did not intend “to glamorize this clearly bad situation.” He described his photo series featuring Hungary-based model Monika Jablonczky as an example of “art.” Der Migrant people: realize the complexity of the situation and address it in different angles!

Meet Helen Stifler, The Queen of Cosplay

Helen Stifler/Deviant Art For those who don’t know, Cosplay is where people dress up as characters from their favourite comics, TV shows, films and books.

Duu Motorcycle

CR&S is a Italian boutique manufacturer that produces high quality motorcycles. Their spectacular Duu Motorcycle is built with sophisticated materials and tailored with a wide range of options according to the customers´ personal tastes.

The Floyd Utility Set

The Floyd Utility Set gives you the framework to create a heavy use table from almost any flat surface.

Another Escape Magazine

Another Escape is an outdoor lifestyle and creative culture publication that explores the stories of passionate people and the motivations behind their inspirational lifestyles.

You Can Rent Out this Eerie, Abandoned Wizard of Oz Theme Park

Source: David Rush Nestled in scenic Beech Mountain, North Carolina rests an abandoned “The Wizard Of Oz” theme park.

Amazing Images Reveal How the Exclusion Zone Around Fukushima Has Been Abandoned to Become an Overgrown Wilderness

A stunning new photo project offers unprecedented insight into the wild and desolate exclusion zone surrounding the Fukushima nuclear power plant – where tonnes of contaminated soil lie untouched and overgrown forest is engulfing hundreds of abandoned vehicles and homes.

Artist Duo STALLMAN Create ‘Canvas On Edge’ Collection

Artists Stephen Stum and Jason Hallman of STALLMAN, work together to create their “Canvas on Edge” collection.

Luxurious Eco-Friendly Mansion Exists Entirely Below Ground

For those wanting to lessen their negative impact on the environment, the best place to build is down.

Helix: The Folding Bicycle

Ride your bike wherever and whenever you want with this revolutionary folding bicycle. Take it to work or just take it with you.

Hang Sitt: The Dual-Purpose Chair

This dual-purpose chair is the perfect place to get ready to go out and the perfect place to hang your hat and coat when you come home.

Building Websites Just Got so Much Better with the New Divi Builder Plugin

As you might have noticed we are crazy about the Divi theme, and now with the new Divi Builder Plugin you can bring the love to all third party themes.

Sibui Nazarenko by Michael Sanders

Beauty Russian model Sibui Nazarenko stars in “Geek Off”, photographed by Michael Sanders and styled by Tiffany Fraser Steele for UK Marie Claire October 2015.

Alphabeta Lamp

Alphabeta, designed by Luca Nichetto exclusively for Hem, is the world’s first online-customisable lamp with more than 10 billion combinations.

Aigai Spa – Urban Oasis in São Paulo

This spa is designed to be an urban oasis, a place of gathering, tranquility and relaxation. The construction of this place looks for a different universe spring, not necessarily in opposition to the “exterior universe”, but in search for an equilibrium and stillness, usually disregarded in the places we inhabit day-to-day.

Cookie Cutter and Stampers

Ginger bread cookie cutters with a bite taken out of them. A variety of cookie cutters and stampers. Kids would definitely cheer up and show a better learning ability.

You’re Guaranteed To Find That Special Gift For Each And Everyone In The Family Here

Thanks to the Philips Hue Bridge 2.0, your Philips Hue is finally made compatible with the Apple HomeKit.

Products of The Day #446

Military grade Voice encryption technology, Mood Recognizer, Great Design, & Affordable Price. Introducing Comet, the world’s first super smartphone that floats in water.

FLYBi Drone with VR Goggles is Insanely Awesome

A Drone with virtual reality Goggles. Use FLYBi with our intuitive and easy app! Use the app to set a flight path on a map and FLYBi will follow that flight path.