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Designer Problems Turned Into Funny Comics

Every profession has its downsides, but #DesignerProblems are funnier than most! Written and illustrated by Seth Roberts and Brian Hawes every week, these comics take a light-hearted look at “problems” such as poor font choices and the difficulty in trying to use the Pantone Matching System while shopping for clothing.

Heart-Warming Illustrations of True Love in All Its Beauty and Joy

Philippa Rice is a young and very talented artist from England and the author of a whole book of gorgeous illustrations called Soppy.

This Adorable Series Documents A Toddler And Her Pup Growing Up

Photographer Jesse Holland has a habit of shooting her daughter and dog when she isn’t busy shooting weddings or other paid gigs.

Fascinating Images from the Past You Won’t Find in Any History Textbook

Among the multitude of photographs we have inherited from the past, there are those which have entire life stories behind them.

This Inspirational Girl Saved a Homeless Dog in the Most Ingenious Way

When Amanda Guarascio and her friend Dylan Parkinson heard about a lost and lonely dog which was living in the mountains near the town of Carbonado, Washington, they decided they would do whatever it takes to help bring it home.

Ten Awe-Inspiring Routes You Need to Travel Along at Least Once in Your Life

Many of us have been on relaxing and comfortable trips abroad, with our flights, hotels and food already conveniently arranged for us.

Cats and Girls by Sean Marc Lee

Well, I guess this post goes almost without any words or without saying that this is one of our favourite ones.

Numbers on Stairs Help Kids Learn to Count

This kindergarten in Slovenia, designed by Jure Kotnik Architecture, has a staircase where they put a number on each stair, as a subtle way to encourage self-learning.

Brave Mum Dresses As Wonder Woman For Last Day Of Chemo

Mom of two Danielle Javernig, aged 43, was diagnosed with an incredibly rare cancer in May. To show her courage, for her final chemotherapy session she dressed as superhero Wonder Woman.

These Granny Panties Will Revolutionize Your Sex Life

Granny Panties are back in style and sexier than ever! Thanks to the good folks of Bullets and Bees, you can now get a pair of “not your granny’s panties” with unique designs featuring Ryan Golsing, Shia LaBeouf, Bob Ross, the Golden Girls, or kittens!

Couple’s Dog Is the Cameraman On Their Enchanting Wedding Day

Addie and Marshall Burnette decided not to use a traditional videographer when they eloped a few weeks ago.

Stunning Photos of ‘Star Wars’ Scenes Created with Lego

“Lego Star Wars: Small Scenes from a Big Galaxy.” (Vesa Lehtimaki/(c) 2015 LEGO (c) and TM 2015 Lucasfilm Ltd) Finnish photographer Vesa Lehtimaki began photographing his child’s toys back in 2009 as a way to preserve their memory before they either broke, were given away, or were lost.

Children With Down Syndrome Recreate Famous Paintings To Prove That Everyone Is A Work Of Art

Albanian photographer Soela Zani gives a new life to individual with Down Syndrome by recreating most famous paintings, and it’s been a great accomplishement.

This Dutch Museum is Covered in Grass and Has a Rooftop Walkway

Photography © Ronald Tilleman After an eight-month redesign by Studio Marco Vermeulen, the Biesbosch Museum in Werkendam, The Netherlands, opened to the public this summer.

Goat Put In Tiger Enclosure As Lunch, Steals Tiger’s Bed And Becomes Boss

Photo by A. Fedoseev / Siberian Times An unlikely friendship has blossomed between a tiger and a goat at a Russian safari park.

What If Doctors Doodle Brand Logos?

We came across this really creative collection of brand logos as if they were scribbled out by doctors.

British & American English: Differences

According to Wikipedia, The English language was first introduced to the Americas by British colonization, beginning in 1607 in Jamestown, Virginia.

Real Life Teddy Bear’s Picnic: Model and Her Daughter Pose in Cute Snaps with Huge Brown Bear

Photo © by Olga Barantseva / Caters A MUM and daughter enjoy a quiet picnic in the countryside with a real-life teddy bear.

McDonald’s Offering Massive 48-McNuggest Bucket in Japan, But True Idol Fans Need to Eat 1,200

On this, a federally-mandated day set aside for unadulterated gluttony, we think that McDonald’s finally may have gone too far.

3D-Printed Paintings Let The Blind “See” Famous Art For The First Time

The Unseen Art project wants blind and visually-impaired people to be able to enjoy classical art in museums and galleries.