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Creatively Shedding Light on the Issue of Domestic Violence

Much too often within the advertising industry or rather within the communications arena altogether, we neglect to focus on the desires and needs for the consumers.

Homeless Fonts Inspire Designers And Helps Get People Off The Street

Wow, what can be said about this incredible new campaign from Homeless Fonts except that their idea is commendable and their execution of that idea is superb.

This Is The Most Shocking Taxi Ride Ever

There are so many great advertising campaigns out there that are targeting the big issues of humans rights, and more specifically women’s rights, that is can be hard be have your message heard above the noise.

Bear Naked Partners With Devin Supertramp To Bring You Urban Slip And Slide in San Francisco

What better way to beat the summer heat than with a huge slip and slide? A couple weeks ago, Bear Naked partnered with Youtube sensation, Devin Supertramp to bring you “Urban Slip and Slide”, an exciting marketing campaign hosted in Potrero hill off 17th street in San Francisco.

Captivate Your Audience With a Guerrilla Marketing Blitz

Like guerrilla soldiers forced to use limited resources to fight mightier opponents on the battlefield, guerrilla marketers rely on strategic strikes to gain a foothold in the digital marketplace.

Man Covers Body In Bees To Help Promote His Honey Business

Talk about dedication to your product! A Chinese man named She Ping, who works as both a beekeeper and a honey merchant has covered his entire body with around 460,000 bees in an attempt to bring more (excuse the pun) buzz to his honey.

I Spent The Last Of My Money On This Billboard. Please Give Me A Job

If you think there’s no such thing as a personal brand, you obviously haven’t met Adam Pacitti. Adam was a recent university graduate with a first class degree, and absolutely no job prospects.

The World’s Smallest Football Stadium Vending Machine

A new guerrilla marketing campaign from BBDO Belgium has hit the interwebs recently, and small though it is, it has most certainly caught our attention.

Coca-Cola’s Mini Kiosk Is Absolutely Adorable

Despite being an enormous multi-national, billion-dollar company, Coca-Cola has really distinguished itself with small-scale guerrilla marketing.

[INFOGRAPHIC] The Value of Coupons in Digital Marketing Campaigns

If you own a retail business and you haven’t offered a coupon to lure new customers and reward your current ones, this new research will convince you to start.

Everlast Defends Female Drivers With Unique Boxing Glove Car

It’s not ever day you see an advertising campaign that both hits the big time in terms of viral success, and makes it into the popular culture of its target country.

The Shocking Dark Side of the World Cup That Few People See

Brussels, 25 June 2014 – The whole world has its eyes on Brazil. On television, via the internet and on big screens erected in squares, parks and stadiums  around the world.

The GranataPet #SnackBall Encourages Canine Fitness

At some point everybody knew that our society’s obsession with fitness was going to translate over to our nearest and dearest in the animal kingdom.

Beck’s Beer: World’s First Playable Music Posters

As a part of New Zealand Music Month in May, beer company Beck’s released an innovative new poster idea with the public on the streets of New Zealand.

The Future of Guerrilla Marketing In a Digital World

When we think of Guerrilla Marketing, some of the associations that come to mind are unconventional, energetic, surprising, socially involved and intended to leave a lasting impression.

Heineken The World Cup Decision

Heineken, as you may or may not remember, made headlines last year for their innovative campaign called The Decision.

4 Irrefutable Social Media Marketing Tips Just In Time For The World Cup

In a world of status updates, hashtags and check-ins, it’d be pretty difficult to avoid traces of the 2014 World Cup even if you tried.

39 Beautifully Designed Coasters You’d Actually Love to Use

Creative bar coaster designs can be a unique way to market your product or service. It’s a place that is often overlooked, but a striking design can certainly start a conversation with a potential new customer. If you considering creating a unique coaster, you’ve come to the right place!

5 Innovative Digital Signage Campaigns to Model Your Own Campaign After

Just because you incorporated digital signage into your store doesn’t mean customers are going to be automatically mesmerized by the content.

Westin Hotels Twitter-Activated Vending Machine Dispenses Free Running Gear

Westin Hotels & Resorts created a very unique vending machine to encourage people to run a 5K in New York on June 4th.