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7 Social Media Marketing Trends to Look Out For In 2016

Social media is strongly influencing how people in different parts of the world share information with each other.

Music Posters Start Singing in the Promotion of Grammys

A popular music event is always anticipated both by the artists, but also by their fans and its promotion should ensure that the anticipation is maintained at the highest level.

Call Brussels promotes tourism through actual calls with locals!

Tourism in Brussels has been on decline during the past months, with the city’s reputation suffering from the linked terror plots by the media.

Renault Creates Car That Tracks How Much Attention It Gets on the Road

Do you remember the moment you saw your dream car for the first time? Well, that’s what Renault asks us, while looking for an innovative way to promote Renault Megane.

Delicates and Regulars Battle It Out In LG’s Outdoor Advertising Campaign

Floating clothes which emerge from the night city streets and eventually get into a fight! Of course, this is all courtesy of LG and the agency Hill Holiday.

Mineral Water Company Donat Mg Creates The World’s First Portable Royal Toilet

Donat Mg is a natural mineral water that has a favorable effect on digestion, relieves heartburn and other symptoms that come from magnesium deficiency.

Small Storefront Problems: How to Arrange an Effective Window Display

Conventional wisdom says you only get one chance to make a first impression. Like so many marketing decisions, how you arrange the products in your window display is vital to your ability to not only attract customers, but to get them to make a purchasing decision as quickly as possible.

Interactive Bus Stop Shelter Claw Game Spreads Awareness of Skin Cancer in Coolest Way

In the video above we see that there is a new sunscreen dispenser in town. As seen in the images, we can guess that by the small amount of clothes people are wearing and by how bright this day is that the weather is very hot.

Moleskine Celebrates #HandWritingDay with Handwritten Tweets!

Moleskine is all about note taking and creative ideas, with its notebooks and agendas having numerous fans all over the world.

61 Delightfully Creative Bus Stop Shelters

When we think of bus stop advertising we usually default to thinking about those digital or traditional billboards on the side of the bus stop shelter that rarely catches your eye.

How to Engage Consumers with Your Marketing Efforts

Strategizing marketing techniques with viral intent can net your company millions in revenue. Coca-Cola’s “Share a Coke” campaign, which personalizes bottles of its products with people’s names, resulted in the company’s first increase in sales in more than a decade shortly after launching, according to Adweek.

The State of Email Marketing in 2016

  The best online marketing campaigns incorporate an array of techniques and are driven across a variety of platforms and channels.

Lg Promotes High Definition Display by Pranking Wannabe Stargazers

When was the last time that you observed the sky? Living in a big city makes it harder to actually enjoy the stars in the sky, with skyscrapers and light pollution preventing us from such an impressive view.

Norwegian Airlines Gives Olso The Real New York Experience

In the advertisement above we see Norwegian Airlines trying to turn Oslo into New York. The problem is made clear right away: they need to get people to fly to New York from Norway’s capital, Oslo, and they solve it in great fashion.

It’s Time to Do Something Different

Marketing in the luxury sector, particularly the area of luxury timepieces, needs to change its tactics.

2015: The Year of Consumer-Driven Content

Marketing is more personalized, social and technologically advanced than most of us could have ever imagined just a decade ago.

How to Attract and Excite New Customers by Webcasting Brand Events

Throughout history, great storytellers have always known the secret to bringing their communications to life.

Quaker Creates Pop-up Breakfast Bot Giving Away Free Breakfast

In the video above we see a campaign by the Belgian agency Friendship for Quaker’s breakfast food. It starts off by showing how busy and hectic can our daily life get, using a train station during rush hour as its setting and a metaphor to emphasize how everything goes by very quickly.

TiVo Hilariously Pranks Moviegoers with Annoying Commercials #tivoprank

Advertising breaks may turn out very annoying, especially when they ruin your watching experience. Many consumers try every possible way to avoid them, whether it’s about TV or online commercials.

Grocery Store in Romania Allows You to Channel the Force and Shop like a Jedi

The end of 2015 found us surrounded by the Star Wars hysteria, with many marketing campaigns trying hard to feel relevant, although not everyone managed to grab our attention in an authentic way.