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Mindblowing Video Shows Stunt Rider ‘Surfing’ Waves On A Dirt Bike

Who would’ve ever thought that a dirt bike could do more than carve up the earth? DC Shoes shows us that a Dirt Bike can be so much more in this insane video that shoes stunt rider Robbie Maddison riding a modified dirt bike on water.

4 Big Brand Commercial Campaigns to Learn From

Everyone is a football fan on Super Bowl Sunday because of the commercials! Consumers expect nothing less than hilarious, heartwarming, useful and unforgettable commercials from their favorite brands.

Mobile Marketing For Millennials: 4 Must Learn Strategies That Work

Nowadays, Millennials are all over the news – they are the talk of the town. This group of individuals is taking the world by storm and they’re creating a big fuss everywhere.

S7 Airlines Travels Through Kids’ Imagination!

What if you could travel in any place you could imagine? What would this world look like? How would children answer such a question?

Arnold Schwarzenegger Pranks Fans In Movie Promotion Stunt

To promote Terminator Genisys and to support after school all-stars, Arnold Schwarzenegger decided to prank some people in Hollywood.

5 Hashtag Etiquette Rules For Social Media Marketing

Hashtags originated on Twitter but have since expanded to other social media sites. A hashtag identifies keywords or topics of interest within a post.

How To Attract Visitors Through Promotions When The Options Are Limitless

Websites require a specific content strategy in order to keep people engaged. This is an especially difficult feat when many sites are offering promotions of their own, trying to grab the attention of the masses.

How To Use The Power Of The Senses To Create Successful Experiential Events

People today have shorter attention spans than previous generations, and many people now feel more disconnected from brands and their products and services than ever before.

What3words Is Awarded for Its Innovative Addressing System

What if you could rename your current home address in a simpler and memorable way? What3Words has found a way to change the current addressing system!

Why Packaging Still Matters in the Digital Age

The Marketing world is bursting with hype in the realms of social media, digital, and content marketing.

Nestlé Uses Nude Baristas to Sell Coffee Creamer

How can models in body point make an ad go viral? Nestlé has found the right way to combine naked baristas with the promotion of a coffee creamer!

Starting your Own Business and Cheap Ways to Start Marketing Online

Almost everyone dreams of starting their own business. Why work for someone else when you could be the one setting the rules and signing the checks?

Marketing Lessons From the Wearable Tech Boom

In 2014, wearable tech generated $29 million in sales, according to CCS Insight. That number is expected to jump over 150 percent in 2015 and reach $350 million a year by 2018.

McDonald’s Largest #Selfie Stick Puts All Other #Selfie Sticks to Shame

A couple months ago, McDonald’s ran a global campaign called #imlovinit24 in which they created 24 unique experiences in 24 cities in over 24 hours.

Kleenex Tells the Most Heartwarming Story of a Man and His Dog

Kleenex presents a heartwarming TV commercial ad, moving the audience and reminding us that we’ll probably need their tissues after watching this emotional story.

Neutrogena Creates “Sea Radio Station” That Can Only Be Heard Under Water

Neutrogena has decided to promote its suncream product in a creative and fun way, by launching a sea radio station!

Presenting Proposals Over Video Conference

Sales and marketing opportunities have expanded thanks to video conferencing technology. Sales professionals can now reach out to new customers around the globe, without ever leaving their home base.

Honey Beer Creates ‘Buzz’ with Bee Drones!

Every new product needs to be promoted with some kind of ‘buzz’, but Honey Beer decided to create an actual buzz!

Brazilian Symphony Orchestra Gets Kids Interested in Classical Music with Interative iPad App

Many kids nowadays are not familiar with the appeal of classical music and this observation turned into a challenge for the Brazilian Symphony Orchestra.

Computer Desktop Background Changes Based on How Many Pages You Print

What if you could increase your environmental impact straight through your desktop? If you’re looking for an encouragement to become more aware about important environmental issues, then Green Nation found a great way to help you.