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Close Knit: An Interview with Jacqui Fink, the creator of Little Dandelion

“One part bonkers and two parts universal”: We talk to Jacqui Fink, the master knitter behind Little Dandelion, who tells us how she turned her creativity, innovation and passion into a breakthrough career – all inspired by a dream.

The Unbearable Lightness of Being: Nimbes by Joanie Lemercier and James Ginzburg

A collaboration between French visual artist Joanie Lemercier and Bristol-based sound artist James Ginzburg, Nimbes explores the solitary nature of perception in relation to the physical expansion of the universe.  While the concept is heavy, the actual piece - an immersive 15 minute audio-visual experience - is expansive and filled with light.

Càrdenas' Otherworldly Club: Stepin One 2 at The MAD Biennial

Rafael de Càrdenas of design studio Architecture at Large was selected out of a pool of nominees from across the city of New York to create an installation representing the diversity of cultural production in the city.

A Retrospective: Jeff Koons at the Whitney

The Whitney Museum of American Art displays over three decades of art from the controversial, yet groundbreaking artist.

Don Julio’s Collective presents Nathanael Balon

The following post is brought to you by Tequila Don Julio. Make Your Move. Don Julio’s Collective presents Nathanael Balon.

La Dolce Vita Illuminato: Luminaire Light Installation by Rem Koolhaas

Rem Koolhaas, Dutch architect, urbanist, author, and co-founder of think tank/design house OMA, has collaborated with crystal magnate Swarovski to create an out sized glowing gateway which frames the entrance to Monditalia, his contribution to the 14th International Architecture Exhibition at the Venice Biennale.

A Play on Cages: La Cage aux Folles by Warren Techentin

A massive, interactive Victorian birdcage turns regular old pipes into a  jungle gym for all ages in Silver Lake, Los Angeles.

Redefining Drawing: Pastello Draw Act by Mathery Studio

The National Gallery of Victoria and Mathery Studio has turns drawing into a total immersive experience that encourages children to color outside the lines.

Skate Through Gallery: Zuk Club’s Swiss Skate Park Perfects the Graffiti Aesthetic

Beautiful Lugano, Switzerland becomes the latest site of Moscow based art group Zuk Club’s outdoor art exhibitions, this time a 1000 square meter pool renovated into a skate park, impressive for its Spector pattern of art and its spectral incorporation of light.  And it’s even a sundial.  Zuk Club has honed its craft in a large number of outdoor street art expos, and the Lugano Skate Park is a large, robust reflection of their talent for a focused take on the randomness of urban street art.  Initial impressions of the skate park reverberate with a graffiti aesthetic, multiple contrasting colors from across the spectrum lying next to each other, terrifically out of place amidst the greenery of Switzerland’s central European mountainscape, but whereas the tone of discontent from which graffiti art arises lies in its continual accretion and accumulation over time, and perhaps by many artists, Zuk Club controls that chaos and shortcuts right to the rebellion.  The rush for time that might leave street art hastily scrawled onto an urban surface is gone, allowing Zuk Club to perfect the stark transitions from color to color that are more chaotically displayed on the walls of the back alleys of European cities.  Rainbows rim one of the edges while the outline of a skull arises from a interlocking backdrop of black and white streaks arranged into a complex diamond pattern.  The central, conical ramp of the park utilizes the same black and white shades without the complexity of that diamond pattern, which redefines the use of those colors and lends innovation to the pool as a whole; and the two sections are distanced by a sea of other designs, a separation that allows them to be taken on their own without the worry of too much undue cross referencing between the two on account of their similar colors.

A Refuge for Reflection: Yourtopia by SeARCH

In response to the growing glut of architectural excess in our ever-shrinking world, Amsterdam-based urban design bureau SeARCH has constructed a conceptually high-minded temporary home on display May 29th at Het Nieuwe Instituut.

Painting With Light: Vivid Sydney 2014

Vivid Sydney 2014 kicked off this week; bringing back Sydney’s interactive discovery of light, music and ideas as the 18 day festival transforms Australia’s most popular city into wonderland of 'light art' sculptures, innovative installations and grand-scale projections for all to enjoy.

UNELEFANTE x Chef Jorge Llanderal : Artisan Chocolate Bars

We strive, through life’s twists and turns, to live out our passions, stay true to ourselves, and take that one risk that could change our path forever.

Leaning Out of Helicopters: Lifestyle, the Gray Malin Way

Gray Malin is cold. Not like he was in Sydney.  He’s trekking across the snow and watching a glacier the size of a Manhattan skyscraper detach itself from a precarious cliffside and slide off into the icy ocean depths.  He’s got a high powered lens, but this one right here is an Instagram post for the ages.  In National Geographic, such a scene would remind him of the imminent perils of global warming.

Reflection Field at Coachella by Artist Phillip K. Smith

The conjunctive relationship between music and art harmonize on the sun-drenched fields of this year's Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival.

Gooey Rainbow Carpet Art by NIGHTSHOP

Designers Ward Van Gemert and Adriaan Van Der Ploeg of Dutch creative firm NIGHTSHOP unveiled an unexpected twist of a household classic at Milan's Salone del Mobile – a wild, gooey, foam carpet.

So French, So Clean: Renault's Miniature Car Dealership

As a culture, the French have some of the most infamous and recognizable images in the world. Who doesn’t picture Paris as a city filled with suave mustachioed gentleman and cheese?

Old Power Station Gets New Graphics at Melbourne's "Upper West Side"

Mim Design Studio’s “Upper West Side” adds a splash of color to Oz’s primary booming metropolis. As Melbourne continues to push its way into our peripheral vision, continuously boasting innovative design and a cool, creative authenticity, this unique site is particularly interesting.

IMAGROD, Contemporary Facelift for a House of Hope.

The eye-catching new entryway at the Military Hospital in Ostend exemplifies the intriguing interplay of handmade sculpture with existing structures that Belgian artist Nick Ervinck is known for.  Ostend lies on the North Sea where Ervinck found inspiration in its flora and fauna, as well as its timeless march across the shores.

Cronut Chef’s New Delectable Delight: Chocolate Chip Cookie Milk Shot

Milk’s favorite cookie just got a stylish and scrumptious upgrade. Chef Dominique Ansel, the mastermind responsible for creating the pastry sensation, the Cronut, has something new to introduce: Chocolate Chip Cookie Milk Shots.

Switching Gears: Cadillac unveils sleek new logo at NAIAS

This post is in partnership with Cadillac. The All New ATS Coupe has arrived. Check it out here. #ATSCoupe There’s a reason rappers spit rhymes about Cadillacs.