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Revi Charger: Credit Card Size USB Cable and Phone Charger All-In-One

Today's launch of the Revi Charger, a USB cable and charger in one--all the size of a credit card designed to charge your phone anywhere, means there is no need to tote around your phone charger any longer.

The Legend ANC Headphones by House of Marley

As far as brands go, Bob Marley has developed a pretty dynamic one, posthumously that is. From clothing to coffee, the Marley family has kept Bob’s voice very much alive through myriad products.

Toying With Technology: Top 8 Hi-Tech Toys For Kids

Let’s face it, ABC blocks don’t thrill today’s youngsters like they used to. Aside from traumatic splinter injuries, the archaic wood toys of our youth just aren’t cutting it.

Philippe Starck X Parrot Zik "Gold Collection"

A few years back Parrot teamed up with designer Philippe Starck to create a set of next-gen "Zik" headphones; noise canceling, hands-free calling and Bluetooth capabilities with concert hall-quality sound and a hyper-intuitive touch panel located on the entire right earpiece.

Concrete Craters: Posh Craft & Realize Create the Luna iPhone 5 Skin

In recent years, industrial designers around the world have been exploring alternative uses for one of architecture's most integral materials - concrete.

Designworks and British Airways Create First Electronic Luggage Tag

Do you want the good news first? Or the bad news? Good news is that British Airways is leaping ahead of the airline pack by creating a highly innovative Electronic Bag Tag, so you will always know where your luggage is.

Merging The Physical + Digital: The Ceramic Stere

Swedish born industrial designer Victor Johansson's new Ceramic Stereo seamlessly merges the physical and digital to create interactions with improved sensory richness.

A Vision of Wearable Sound: Molami Headphones

It's about time. The past fifty years have been dominated by large clunky headphones that don't cater to female form.

Ella Earbuds by FRENDS

A team of designers based out of the charming little surf town of Encinitas, California think headphones should be as gorgeous as a piece of fine jewelry.

iPad and iPhone Gramophone

In the late 1800s, Thomas Edison introduced the phonograph, and just like that, life had a soundtrack.

ReBoot Record Player

Straight out of Los Angeles comes theReboot Record Player by industrial designer Siddharth Vanchinathan.

Invisible Speaker

Best Buy just got owned. We’re talking about People People’s new invisible speaker. It kind of puts the whole, ‘It’s better to be seen and not heard’ thing on its head.

The Lightpool Phone

"A cell phone can be felt with joy and fun to use," The design team at iida explained in regards to their latest cell phone called Lightpool, "time flows around you, light and sound, smell, and signs are emitted by the environment and the emotion of everyday design, the new presence.


"Beauty is simple" David Kornmann, Creative Director of Hoerboard explains. The German company is comprised of a conceptual design team and skilled craftsmen who search for simplicity and the removal of everything unessential which has resulted in the creation of functional and visually uncomplicated products.


To put it to you straight....these high-clarity glass cell phone lenses are like pro lenses for your camera-phone, it will give you a crisp and clear shots every time.


Designer Valentine Trimani pops out the prototype of this OLED bookmark called Lightleaf. Thus making the perfect night light for your next Sci-Fi Horror novela.  This stunning new Lightleaf is the as thin as a page, will operate wirelessly, and the little guy comes with brightness control!