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Isabelle Wenzel Captures Bodies Defying Gravity

German photographer Isabelle Wenzel captures dynamic self-portraits of her body defying gravity in the ongoing series 'Field Studies'.

A Smart 3D-Printed Shoe By Adidas

Adidas revealed a 3D-printed running shoe that can be customized to the individual's foot. The concept, which is part of the 'Futurecraft series', aims to combine technological innovation with athletic performance.

A Sleek Mountainside House By Kidosaki Architects

'House in Yatsugatake' is a sleek modern home with a dramatic cantilever located on the side of a mountain in Nagano, Japan.

A Cloud Made Of 1,100 Umbrellas By Kaisa And Timo Berry

Environmental artist Kaisa Berry teamed up with Timo Berry, creative director at Finnish design agency BOTH, to create a large-scale installation made of thousands of white umbrellas hanging from the ceiling at this year's Helsinki Design Week.

Huang Qingjun Captures Chinese Families With Everything They Own

Photographer Huang Qingjun spent almost 10 years traveling across rural areas in China and convincing families to pose with all their household possessions.

Minimal Chairs By NN Design Band

Kazakhstan-based studio NN Design Band specializes in minimal design objects with the mission to "influence the human minds through design".

A Futuristic Translucent House By Atelier Tekuto

Designed by Japanese architecture studio Atelier Tekuto, 'Lucky Drops' is an extraordinarily long and narrow house located just outside of Tokyo.

Eerie Surreal Photography By Bobby Becker

Nashville-based photographer Bobby Becker captures eerie imagery in a minimal yet dramatic way. His conceptual photographs have a surreal touch and create a thought-provoking feeling in the viewer.

Striking Embroidered Self-Portraits By Annegret Soltau

In the series 'Self 1975-76', German artist Annegret Soltau created striking embroidered self-portraits by stitching a thread over images of her own face.

Minimal Concrete Box House By Robertson Design

Architecture studio Robertson Design created a unique house that consists of a concrete and wooden box with a concrete wall.

Subversive Miniature Landscapes By Jesse Bromm

Canadian artist Jesse Bromm creates subversive miniature landscapes using a combination of found objects, animal parts and glass.

A Shelf That Looks Like An Optical Illusion By Charles Kalpakian

Lebanese product designer Charles Kalpakian created a shelf that looks like an optical illusion. The 'Rocky' bookshelf is entirely made of steel and features a new take on the classic form used by cabinet makers.

A Trip To Tampa

Recently, we were invited by Lufthansa to travel to Tampa, the third-largest city on the west coast of Florida, USA.

Mesmerizing Skyscrapers In Hong Kong By Peter Stewart

In the series 'Stacked', Australian travel and fine art photographer Peter Stewart captures mesmerizing images of skyscrapers in one of the most densely populated places in the world – Hong Kong.

Lightbulbs In The Shape Of Skyscrapers By David Graas

Designer David Graas creates lightbulbs in the shape of cityscapes for his series 'Stalaclights'. Using a 3D printer, the shapes feature an intricate design inspired by buildings in metropolises such as New York City and Chicago.

Futuristic Rolling Homes By Do Architects

Lithuania-based architecture studio Do Architects developed a futuristic housing concept dubbed the 'rolling homes'.

Vivid Urban Photography By Nick Frank And Jeanette Hägglund

In the project 'Temptations', photographers Nick Frank and Jeannette Hägglund worked together to create eyecatching minimal urban images.

Top 10 Items To Make Your Home More Cozy

Slowly but surely, the days are getting shorter and we're looking forward to spending many leisurely hours snuggled up in a blanket on the couch.

Top 10 Artworks From The Ruhr Region In Germany

It's always exciting to go abroad and explore new places, but sometimes interesting things are closer than you think – you just need to know where to look.

Intricate Body Sculptures Made Of Bike Chains By Young-Deok Seo

Korean artist Young-Deok Seo creates nude sculptures made of bike chains. In his work, he focuses on the human body and explores themes such as melancholy and despair.