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New app uses scenes from iconic movies to teach the alphabet

Mobile tech is no longer a thing for grownups alone and is flourishing as an educational tool to teach our little ones.

Studio Ghibli animator’s amazing commercials for all-natural bread

Studio Ghibli has been at the forefront of 2D animated films for decades and its acclaimed director, Hayao Miyazaki, has found a special place in the hearts of fans.

If walls could talk: buildings speak for themselves on video

Instead of people speaking about buildings, the below clips show buildings speaking for themselves. With the structure as the narrator, airy views of the structure are paired with narration about the buildings’ design, history, and current use.

Meandering rope installation visualizes natural paths

Janaina Mello Landini of Mello+Landini has been creating rope-map installations for the past 5 years as a part of an ongoing project.

Short film pays homage to 1980s movies in all their ridiculousness

The epic 30-minute action comedy short film ‘King Fury’ by director David Sandberg is finally unleashed in its full glory, now available for free streaming on Youtube.

30 million-year-old formations magically illuminated by glow worms

Joseph Michael captured these dramatic images inside of a New Zealand cave illuminated by an eerie dim light.

Watch this cabinet with 100 hinges open in an incredible way

Sebastian Errazuriz Studio has designed this surprising cabinet that appears simple and minimal from the outside, but holds a brilliant surprise.

Miniature pottery that fits on the tip of your finger

Jon Almeda is spicing up the world of miniatures with his incredibly tiny pots, which he makes, glazes, and fires by hand.

Exploding installation made up of 10,000 tiny wooden sticks

What looks like a digital explosion expanding from a random point in space has emerged in the Rice University Art Gallery.

Clever bird-like installation places cameras on seaside rocks

Prague-based artist Jakub Geltner places modern technology in its natural environment… errrr…. in a natural environment.

Street artist creates crisp murals using just tape

We have seen all kinds of street art mediums, from clay to trash, but here is a new one. Buff Diss uses tape to create smooth murals on the walls of buildings around Melbourne, Australia.

Inspired by irritation—art installations from an unlikely material

“It’s all advertising material, and in design terms it is pretty low end stuff,” says U.K. artist Leo Fitzmaurice about the material that he used for a series of installation pieces.

Long exposure light painting talks about modern urban life

Using long-exposure photography, Keow Wee Loong paints with light transforming figures and subway tunnels into surreal experiences.

Pop culture icons incorporated into foggy landscapes

Photographer Nathan Wirth has created ‘Imaginations,’ a series of dark and gloomy landscapes featuring a handful of beloved pop culture icons.

Brilliant portraits of animals cast a new light on their expressive features

We are used to seeing elaborate photo shoots of dogs and cats with their characters and emotions beautifully captured and celebrated.

UK printing agency thinks cats can revolutionize advertising

Cats are rapidly taking over the Internet be it via a constant stream of grumpy cat memes or adorable cat videos that make us go, “AWEEEE.” Considering this, it wouldn’t be too big of a stretch to assume famous brands will likely start incorporating the feline creatures into their advertising.

Ancient Chinese pottery shards lashed together into garment sculptures

The studio of Chinese artist Li Xiaofeng has bins of ceramic pieces sorted by date, color, and shape.

Creative project unveils the darker side of dollar store mass production

Have you ever wondered what the story behind the One Dollar stores is? Two artists, Daniel Delisle and Benoit Paillé, have got a bold answer for you with their Dollar Store Project.

Whimsical street art monsters come to life with this interactive app

Street art is no longer flat and motionless, artists are finding all kinds of creative ways to add depth and life into their creations.

Swedish artist paints snails’ shells with famous logos to help them stand out

We’re hoping big name brands and corporations don’t start using wildlife to physically promote their products, but this next project is just so brilliant!