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6 frightening dessert sculptures that look surprisingly delicious

Changing the look of main dish foods can be creepy, but somehow altering desserts creatively is entertaining AND appetizing.

This clever product turns any cup into a spill-proof cup for kids

When two industrial designer friends became moms, they turned their attention to a necessary kid object—spill proof drinkwear.

If your dog could text— 10 hilarious conversations

Sometimes we wish that our furry friends could talk, but this tumblr blog takes it one step further with text-messaging dogs.

Underwater cuteness! 11 photos of swimming babies.

A unique photography project prompted Seth Casteel to capture images of underwater babies. The New York Times series, wittily named ‘Little Nemos,’ captures the adorable faces of these little humans, most of whom are in their first year of life.

This hilarious taxidermy chicken has mutated to help you read

Imagine a world where mainstream trends in lamp design revolved around farm animals. Walking amongst a lighting department you might find duck lamps, donkey lamps, cow lamps, and the obvious best seller, the chicken lamp.

Goofy dinnerware featuring animals dressed as people

I wonder how my life would be different if I began each day by eating scrambled eggs off of one of these plates.

8 funny designs illustrate common visual puns

Nabhan Abdullatif is an illustrator and graphic designer from Oman. Abdullatif focuses on conceptual illustration and vector art, which is the use of geometrical primitives such as points, lines, curves and shapes to represent images.

Exciting miniature worlds find life in old boxes and bananas

I’ve often heard stories about the little people who live in old light bulbs, whole towns located in shoeboxes and mini industries that revolve around left over baked goods.

These elderly cheerleaders show us that the sun often shines brightest at sunset

Sun City Arizona is an off-beat little community with a population of over 37,000 retired residents, all spending their joyful sunset years in an idyllic environment.

Hilarious new bank-notes reveal the hidden pop culture of currency

Manipulation of currency in any form is illegal. Even a simple doodle could technically land you in hot water.

Ridiculously small paintings created on tiny foods

Using the smallest canvases he can find, Hasan Kale paints surprisingly detailed scenes on things like chocolates, nuts, onion peel and even melon seeds.

The close-up of this mural reveals something very unexpected. It is made of what!?

French artist, Baptiste Debombourg, creates site specific murals using a unique material— staples. The composite of these tiny pieces of metal reveals images of classically composed figures.

Textile taxidermist? Experience the sweet melancholy of sewn animal sculptures

The self-taught artist known as Mister Finch has a visual language that is equal parts lovely and disturbing.

Fascinating photos from above reveal life from a different perspective

French photographer Florian Beaudenon has created a new series entitled ‘Instant Life’ that shows how we humans go about an average day.

Don’t look down! This awesome string sculpture lets you climb all over it.

It’s an artistic playground! This string sculpture installation creates an alternate reality– it’s like you’re climbing into an artificial computer generated world.

Sugar plum fairies meet dark carnival in these outrageous paintings

I know right? I was caught that way too. One look at self-made artist Brandi Milne’s work and you’re sucked in, staring at a strange world through relatable glasses.

A fascinating look at handmade rug production in the Himalayas

When seeing a finished product, it’s often difficult to envision the chain of events that occurred in order to achieve the result.

Walls might become windows through new video-based technology

‘Mixed Reality Living Spaces’ is a new project created by digital artist Bernardo Schorr. It aims to widen the projected narrows of future housing and over-all living.

Creative lighting turns blemish into beauty over Croatian skyline

Many passers by see cranes as a blemish on the skyline. The means to an end of a beautiful structure, but until then an eye sore and distraction.

Creative dad puts an extra gift in his son’s packed lunch. Amazing art!

Minnesota-based graphic designer and illustrator Brian Dunn has to be one of the coolest dads out there.