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Food portraits of celebrities

Using food like pizza sauce, sugar, marshmallow fluff and jam, Yaseen has created a series of portraits he displays on his Instagram page.

Impressive music video recreates 28 album covers

Every now and again, we try to highlight some really creative videos and this time is no exception. Here’s a music video that recreates 28 famous album covers!

Mood-bending installations make you feel like you’re standing in music

Among all the research being conducted to allow people to better experience music, there is a  duo approaching the subject differently, in a more artistic fashion.

This artist plans to draw every person in New York City in 79 years

There’s no place quite like New York City where so many people of different cultures, ethnic backgrounds, and lifestyles can be found.

If Disney heroes were real…

A previous Design Faves article discusses Jirka Väätäinen’s portrayals of Disney’s females, where he skillfully transforms the iconic simplified cartoon features into the realistic looking faces and forms of women and girls.

Disturbingly abstract sculptures of the human body

Using a variety of different materials, Valerie Blass has created a series of distinctive sculptures of the human form.

Otherworldly installation made from 2 million drinking straws

Drinking straws may be a mundane and innocuous item, but when they are collected en masse, they become very interesting.

Incredible photorealistic pencil drawings

It’s a celebration of the mundane: pencil shavings, a spool of thread, a box of matches. These are not the sort of objects that one would ordinarily give the amount of time, focus, and attention that is required in order to create realistic drawings.

Printed coffee art is an epic way to start your day

Making coffee has been an art-form for many a barista, but now, latte art has been taken to a whole new level.

Audacious 3D printed shoes

Untitled Nude, internationally recognized for innovations in 3D printed shoe designs, is the first company to install foot scanners and interactive touch screens, allowing clients to customize shoes’ fit and color, and then watch as they’re 3D printed right in front of them.

Terrifying portraits of dictators’ skulls

Art has been used for political commentary and satire for ages, and this next series just kicks up the humor in it all.

Photographic series that proves American beauty comes in all shapes, colors, and sizes

Carey Fruth’s photos series, “American Beauty”, slams mainstream culture’s narrow notion of the ideal woman: white, thin and young.

Artist’s hot air balloon uses thermodynamics

Argentinian artist, Tomás Saraceno has installed an exhibition at the Vienna museum, 21er Haus, that addresses the juncture between art and science.

Impressive calligraphy by the youngest master penman in the world

Lately, Jake Weidmann has been receiving a lot attention from designers, artists, and calligraphy enthusiasts alike and deservedly so.

Bizarrely compelling ceramic sculptures

Merging modern and traditional sculpture, Julie Moon’s ceramic work is hard to classify. Simultaneously ornamental, biological and edible: does one refer to her pieces as figures, objects, or food?

What helmets would like in the NBA

With fans in the millions, the NBA has come far in the world of athleticism and sports entertainment.

Hazmat surfing in polluted oceans

Washington-based photographer Michael Dyrland was inspired by an unlikely and unpleasant event. Hoping to catch some surf off the coast of Los Angeles during a trip, the photographer instead encountered an ocean that was contaminated with ten billion gallons of runoff including sewage, garbage, and oil.

Hilarious series shows foods trying to lead ordinary lives

Conjured up by the brilliant imagination of Malaysian T-Shirt designer Chow Hon Lam, the food-themed illustrations explore the daily lives of fried eggs, donuts, and more!

These hyperrealistic renderings of a post-apocalyptic Earth will blow your mind!

The idea that civilization as we know it will soon come to a screeching halt thanks to some cosmic catastrophe has long intrigued writers, filmmakers, and artists alike.

Animals jumping out of their skins

Paul Jackson illustrates a series where animals’ skeletons seem to rise out and rip away from their fleshly bodies.