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Eyesore electrical towers get a facelift with beautiful stained glass

I haven’t often looked at an electrical tower and had a bright idea, but something about them inspired the German design group Klasse Lobbert, sending them on a mission of beautification in the town of Hattingen, Germany.

Photographer cuts fireworks in half revealing the innards of explosives

If you have ever wondered what the inside of fireworks look like, you are in for a real treat. Photographer Andrew Waits gives us an unusual inside look at fireworks in this photo series titled ‘Boom City.’ Despite the fact that doing so can be dangerous, he cut the fireworks down the middle to reveal what’s on the inside.

Designer imagines Japan’s 2022 FIFA World Cup mascots in anime

Japan is in the running for the 2022 FIFA hosting duties and an anonymous designer submitted what he/she thinks the mascots should look like.

The cast of Star Wars met up for some old-timey group photos. The results are hilarious.

Let me hit you with some knowledge – Daguerreotype was a popular photography method back at the birth of photos where images were printed onto metal.

Ancient feudal style artwork proves modern pop characters have existed for centuries

It seems art historians have discovered some famous pop culture doppelgangers in ancient feudal-style Japanese artworks; at least that’s what illustrator Takao Nakagawa wants you to think.

This new dessert blurs the lines of liquid and solid. How do you eat that?

If this was put on my plate I’m not sure I would know what to do. Can I eat it? Do I drink it? Can I even touch it?

The ‘Oral:phabet’ personifies typeface in the creepiest way

Putting realistic mouths on non-human things is inevitably creepy. But as proven by the 22 million people who have watched the hilarious “Annoying Orange” video, the strange pairing can also be intriguing. Japanese artist Takayuki Ogawa has personified typeface in this strange alphabet sculpture.

Surreal sculptures combine sharks and firearms

What is it about combining guns and sharks that just seems so fitting? Christopher Shulz may have been exploring this question in his new series of sculptures called ‘Shark Guns.’ The chromed-out dysfunctional firearms below combine the two into curious freestanding sculptures.

The amazing Abyss Table lets you gaze into the ocean’s depths

Duffy London layers the ‘Abyss Table’ in such a way that it looks like the ocean’s depths. It is created using multiple layers of stacked glass and wood and it portrays the look of a topographical ocean map quite nicely.

Amusing vintage photographs show Hitler practicing his body language

Not much can be said about Adolf Hitler that hasn’t already been said… Except maybe that the man had pictures taken of himself as he practiced his body language.

Fragile stitchery woven onto an unlikely living canvas. These are stunning!

Artist Hillary Fayle has an affinity for unconventional materials. Her series called ‘Stich work’ uses the unlikely and temporary material of tree leaves.

Buildings become canvases in this beautiful African village

In the West African country of Burkina Faso, the isolated Kassena village of Tiébélé has an extraordinary cultural tradition.

Coffee table book collecting adorable (and absurd) Japanese cat fashion

Pet owners sure love dressing up their little friends from time to time, but can you handle 160 pages of adorable cats in fancy clothes?

Incredible miniature architecture emerging from carved marble

Matthew Simmonds creates fantastic architecture that is profound in its miniature scale. He finds inspiration in sacred stone structures and then carves small versions out of marble.

Hi-contrast colors meet exquisite line drawings. These animated GIFs are striking!

In a world of realistic CGI animations and the endless pursuit of using technology to manufacture reality, artist Ville Kallio has taken an entirely different approach.

What would it look like if the Earth drank a morning Cup of Joe?

So I just watched “Seeking a Friend for the End of the World,” a great movie. It got me thinking about the end, and what it would look like; bursts of orange, a burning crimson, the blue streaks of the milky way.

Skeleton sculptures that prove the existence of amazing mythical creatures

It’s fun to imagine that classic mythical creatures like nymphs, centaurs or Pegasus actually exist. They have never felt more real than after looking at the work of Masao Kinoshita.

9 crude illustrations poke fun at pop culture

Musician and artist Elliot Baker creates crude illustrations of pop culture scenarios. Using a naive drawing style Baker depicts celebrities like Macaulay Culkin and Kevin Bacon in nonsensical narratives.

New age films get a classic re-boot with a dark twist. Silver Surfer never looked so cool.

Film noir, a staple of American cinema, has seen the sun set on its hay day at the box office. These days it’s all about big budget action flicks and super heroes… lots of super heroes.

This average looking painting is actually mind-bending illusion art. Learn how it’s done!

This wall art by Brian Weavers will have you baffled. The video below is shot from the perspective of an average person approaching the work on a gallery wall.