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Eiko Mori’s toast art is too cute to eat

It’s a fact that breakfast is the most important meal of the day which is why it’s widely advised that it should never be skipped.

Artist Ben Rubin creates monsters in New York City subways

The crowded streets and the deafening noises of the city can really bring out the “monster” in anyone.

Art installation of raining condoms graze Kaohsiung street

Luzinterruptus, an anonymous artistic group known for their controversial art installations, has done it again in one of Taiwan’s cities.

16th century church in Milan repurposed as orange tennis court

Italy is known to the world as a cradle of religious architecture. So it’s no surprise that another one of its churches is under the spotlight.

You can now have your Netflix series converted into retro VHS copies

TV series and movies that are set in the early 80’s and 90’s have made a strong comeback in the past couple years.

Chinese café designed as a nod to Wes Anderson’s The Grand Budapest Hotel

If you’re a fan of Wes Anderson’s dreamy pastel film locations, then you’ll definitely love this café.

Get your kids The Pip if you want them to learn how to code

Do you want to give your kids a head start on technology? With The Pip handheld gaming device, you can.

Archisutra: the creative marriage of sex and architecture

We all know how effective art can be in successfully merging two very different subjects. But London-based architect Miguel Bolivar’s book The Archisutra just proved to us just how innovative a creative marriage between two inflexible worlds can be.

Codex Silenda: wooden mechanical book of puzzles and brainteasers

For some, reading a book is already a rewarding and indulging pastime. But throw in some puzzles and it’s a whole different mix of fun.

These switches are designed to use your OCD in saving electricity

The OCD Switch is a switch design created by Pakaporn Teadtulkitikul as a smart solution to saving electricity.

#ThingsThatIHear: cringe-worthy conversations drawn into hilarious illustrations

Avner Geller is an artist at Dreamworks Animation who draws the funniest illustrations depicting wild, random conversations in his spare time.

Amazon biodomes will house 40,000 plants from 50 countries

These days, it seems like all the giant corporations want in on the sustainable trend. Apple has already mentioned their goals of building a small forest in their Cupertino headquarters and Airbnb has just recently set up a “living wall” inside their office at San Francisco.

Vibrato is a company that turns songs into abstract art

You can’t put your favorite songs into a frame and put it up on your wall. But it would be cool if you can, right?

Haunting array of floating chairs put Lake Poroto under the spotlight

“Fragile Chairs” is an environmental art installation created by Japanese-based art studio Hidemi Nishida.

Lia introduces the world’s first flushable pregnancy test – and it’s beautiful

An all-female US-based start-up company just made pregnancy testing more sustainable, discreet, and easier for women.

Furniture and homeware designed with wireless charging to create “mobile environments”

In this modern world of technology, it seems that being able to instantly recharge devices has become a great necessity.

This Paris dormitory is filled with artwork made by 100 street artists

As part of the street art festival Rehab 2, Lyon-based art collective Bitume gathered one hundred street artists to adorn every level of La Maison des Arts et Metiers in Paris with their own unique artwork.

If you’re looking for girl power today, you’re reading the right article

Social media has its pros and cons. It helps people engage with friends and families and encourages making new connections.

Unexpected guilty pleasures of most powerful people in the world shown in satirical food project

It is safe to say that Dan Bannino has a mild obsession with satire and food. If you don’t already know, we’ll remind you of how he once did a still photography of the diets of big names in Hollywood that we’re pretty sure are supposed to be hush-hush.

Enrique Metinides: the photographer who has seen all the darkness in the world

First responders to a crime or accident know how gruesome things can be when they arrive at the scene.