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Bizarre yet beautiful sandcastles

Sandcastles can be just as challenging as they are fun to make. But only if you’re trying to go for the conventional castle look.

What superheroes do when they’re not fighting crime

The constant barrage of comic book films coming out has certainly formed in our minds an almost sentient image of our favorite heroes.

Disney princesses depicted without makeup

Disney’s happy endings and songs mark childhood memories all over the world. This is why Buzzfeed’s Loryn Brantz photoshop-satires urge media to start taking responsibility for the way they depict females, “As children we may not realize these images in the media affect us, but they definitely do.” A former project of Brantz depicts Disney princesses with normal waistlines, where Brantz latest series strips these same heroins of their makeup.

Photographer captures the dark and quiet side of New York City

There’s something genuinely ominous about nightlife in Chinatown in Franck Bohbot’s new photographs. Simply titled “Chinatown”, the series captures New York’s public spaces when the sun goes down.

The astoundingly beautiful ornamental eggs of Eastern Europe

Taking us to a rural village in present-day Ukraine, a particularly poignant video brings us inside the 100-year old traditional craft of ornamental egg painting.

Artist creates mountain sculpture out of 51,000 images of Kim Kardashian

Using more than 51,000 photos from Instagram of Kim Kardashian, Grégory Chatonsky has created a wacky sculpture that looks like mountains using the program Unity3d.

Depicting smartphones’ negative effects

Smartphones have an excellent capacity for taking us out of the physical world. Those boring waiting-in-line moments can be filled staring through that sleek window into tantalizing worlds of information, social networks, games, news, entertainment, etc… However, there is a danger to such an engrossing device, the Shenyang Center For Psychological Research ad series portrays the inverse effects smartphones have on family life.

Replacing Disney Princess with Grumpy Cat makes everything better

There was a time when we couldn’t get enough of the Grumpy Cat memes. It quickly became a hallmark of our emotions online and could be used to express anything!

11 stunning animal portraits to inspire you

Everyone’s going for professionally-done portraits nowadays but what about animals? It really doesn’t get more inspiring than that!

Fun Instagram series has artist superimposed into photos with celebs

In the series “Jon’s Famous Friends’”, artist Jon Burgerman superimposes himself into images of celebrities, creating a series of fun and simple collages that will keep you laughing.

Artist brings iconic Japanese woodblock images to life

A Japanese artist, who goes by the name Segawa Thirty-Seven, has brought 17th-19th-century Ukiyo-e woodblock prints into the 21st century by transforming iconic woodblock images into animated GIFs.

Tragic areal photos of one of the world’s largest coal mines

Bernhard Lang is previously mentioned on Design Faves for his areal photographs capturing rows of colorful  beach umbrellas and towels.

Designer’s drawing-a-day challenge yields 3000+ illustrations in 8 years

We’ve seen loads of one-drawing-a-day projects but none as expansive as this one by Mike Winkelmann. The Appleton, Wisconsin based graphic designer is no newbie as you can probably tell from his portfolio which includes projects for deadmau5, Skrillex, Avicii, Zedd, and Taio Cruz.

Photographer snaps brilliant wedding photos of Indian Disney Princesses

We seem to be on a Disney romp here at Design Faves and “Indian Princesses” are the reason why! Photographer Amrit Grewal wanted to bring the Western depictions of Disney princesses a little down to Earth so he created this wonderful series called, “Indian Princesses”, featuring the likes of Ariel, Belle, and Cinderella in Indian wedding gowns inspired by their Disney looks. Citing the bringing together of traditional and contemporary in “Indian Princesses”, Grewal says, “Our joint experience has led us to adopt the style of photography that can be characterized as a blend of both traditional and contemporary.” Check out some of Grewal’s wedding photography below and visit his website for more!

Series of surreal images created with the human body and pastels

Photographer and graphic designer Sydney Sie has created a series “The Nothingness of Amelie”, the artist mixes created illusion with the human body to create a number of optical illusions.

Using hand-written letters to expose personality

Annie Vought’s delicate paper cutouts are exquisitely impressive. Vought focuses on the handwritten letter as both an architectural medium, as well as a lenses revealing the personality behind the words, “…penmanship, word choice, and spelling all contribute to possible narratives about who that person is and what they are like.” Based in California, Vought enlarges letters that she’s found, written, or received and with an exact-o knife, and splices away the negative space in-between each letter.

10 mid-air meals, healthy eating in flight

London-based, commercial still-life photographer Piotr Gregorczyk does not visualize a meal in the same way that it’s served in most restaurants.

Compulsive skin-picking explored through art

Liz Atkin’s intimate images and performances focus on the skin: its ability to narrate human experiences, as well as its duel function as a barrier and surface for contact and connection.

Eye-catching silhouette posters of Marvel superheroes

There’s no shortage of awesome Marvel character posters on the Internet but here we are with some uniquely designed posters by Jason Stanley.

Book of blotting tissues shows a part of how art is made

After finding some used tissues while cleaning up an art studio that had been used for blotting, Tin Moore began collecting the used tissues and putting them together in a drawer in this studio.