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Designer Creates Geometric Stamps Inspired by The Alphabet

By Archie Tinkerbell German graphic design student Fabian Fohrer absolutely has a prosperous career ahead of him, after designing this appealing series of stamps inspired by letters, with each one based on geometric shapes.

Japanese Designer Creates Simplified Rubber Bands with a Bow

By Flynn Matthews Japanese design is often focused on adding likable design to unexpected places, subtly pushing the audience to look twice at everyday objects from erasers to lunch boxes.

This 3D Snake Painting Looks So Incredible, You’ll Think It’s Alive

By John Oliver Artist Stefan Pabst has a talent for creating 3D drawings. One of his most new creations is a snake that will either have you falling while screaming or hanging around long enough to wonder if it’s real.

‘Perdu’ Eco-Friendly House Exists Entirely Below Ground

By John Oliver For those desiring to reduce their negative impact on the environment, the greatest place to build is down.

Live Ads: Mobile Mattress Showrooms by Casper

By Flynn Matthews Casper, a US mattress company, has come up with a very new way to market its extraordinary foam mattresses: a nap tour of the United States.

Stunning Moonlight Cabin Dazzles at Night with Ornamental Timber Screens

By Flynn Matthews In the Australian state of Victoria sits Moonlight Cabin. The remarkable structure was designed by local firm Jackson Clements Burrows Architects for a young family, aimed to give them refuge while providing extensive views of the impressive locale.

Vivid Urban Photographs of Architecture Across Scandinavia

By Flynn Matthews In the project ‘Temptations‘, photographers Nick Frank and Jeannette Hägglund joined forces to create beautiful urban elements of architecture across Scandinavia.

Elegantly Detailed Tattoos Mimic the Delicate Lacework of Embroidery

By Archie Tinkerbell French tattoo artist Falukorv creates the visual beauty of ornament on the human body.

Hypnotizing Images Skyscrapers in Hong Kong By Peter Stewart

By John Oliver In latest series ‘Stacked‘, Australian travel and fine art photographer Peter Stewart captures hypnotizing images of skyscrapers in one of the most populated places in the world – Hong Kong.

Innovative Roof Window Easily Transforms Into Instant Balcony in Seconds

By Archie Tinkerbell Danish window company Velux has created CABRIO, a dormer that’s made up of two parts, each with a different purpose.

Hand-Sculpted Clay Portraits by Irma Gruenholz

By Seth Sebastian In a delicate balance of sculpting, painting, and photography, Madrid-based artist Irma Gruenholz creates portraits that could easily be confused with 2D images found in storybooks.

A New Book Celebrates the 200 Most Fascinating and Innovative Cabins

By Flynn Matthews Built as retreats for isolation and reflection, cabins are mostly found in remote areas, tucked into the forest-filled corners of civilization.

Intricately Delicate Papercut Designs by RIU

By Seth Sebastian Japanese artist Riu creates exceptionally complex paper cut designs. Winner of many online art competitions, the young artist, keeps an Instagram account and blog that each exhibit a beautiful display of technical skill within fragile patterns.

Artist’s Illustrations of a Futuristic 1920s World

By John Oliver Jakub Rozalski also known as Mr. Werewolf is a Polish concept artist and illustrator who paints the world in his paintings as a futuristic 1920s Eastern Europe.

Mesmerizing Food Pyramids by Sam Kaplan

By Archie Tinkerbell For the series ‘Pits & Pyramids‘, photographer Sam Kaplan skillfully arranges food into sculptural-like still lifes.

Old Photos Show How Alice In Wonderland Was Drawn With A Real-Life Model

By Flynn Matthews Ever questioned where animators get their inspiration? Obviously, to perfectionate the steps and looks of their characters, most of the time animators are using real-life references, like Kathryn Beaumont for Alice In Wonderland, 1951.

Concept Super Car Vensepto by Steel Drake

By Flynn Matthews Industrial designer from Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan Steel Drake has come up with awesome supercar design titled Vensepto.

Ethiopian Daasanach Tribe Turns Trash Into Creative Jewellery

By Flynn Matthews The Daasanach tribe from Ethiopia’s Omo Valley has figured out a productive and eco-friendly way to use garbage.

Vitor Schietti’s Dynamic Light Paintings Highlight Nature’s Inherent Beauty

By Flynn Matthews Brazilian photographer Vitor Schietti has a growing collection of impermanent visions of illuminated landscapes.

Artist Uses Fallen Leaves as Canvases to Create Gorgeous Artworks

By John Oliver It’s that amazing time of year again when the leaves turn golden and gather in attracting piles at the side of the streets.