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Fascinating Dance Photography On The Historic Streets of Prague by Omar Z. Robles

Photographer Omar Z. Robles is back with a lot of his ongoing dance photography collection, which reflects ballet dancers moving across the streets of cities around the world.

Robotically Assembled ‘Mickey Matter’ Furniture Created from Multiple LEGO-like pieces

A new generation of research started by the Bartlett School of architecture’s layout computation laboratory looks into robotically built furniture, a procedure which is basically lego-like building blocks which may be configured to complex forms.

This Guy Photoshops Life-Sized Plastic Godzilla into His Travel Photos

Photographer Kieran Murray photoshopped Godzilla figurine to make it look life-sized. According to the photographer: “You’ve heard of the traveling gnome, now I present a travel Godzilla figurine I have photoshopped to look life-sized.

Illustrations of Imaginary Creatures that Come Out at Night by Martynas Pavilonis

Drawing inspiration from deep, dense woods and the darkness of the night, Lithuanian illustrator Martynas Pavilonis, aka White White Dog, dreams up characters and creatures that reveal his wild and fantastic imagination.

Why Haven’t You Found Your Dream Home?

We all have a concept of what our dream home is and what it could be. Some of us would love to own a property that has a beautiful infinity pool in the back garden.

A Russian Artist Reproduces Botticelli’s Venus As An Porcelain Doll

Inspired by Botticelli’s Venus, Russian artist Anya Kozlova recreated the timeless beauty as an intricate porcelain doll.

A Photographer Frames Ordinary People in Stunning and Vibrant Patterns

Photographer Helena Georgiou captures subjects that are often overlooked as we all go about our everyday lives.

An Artist Creates Ceramic Sculptures That Mimic Machine Methods

Melbourne-based artist Rose Wei aka Zhu Ohmu — uses art to explore the connection between human and nature.

New Majestic Photos of Massive Waves by Warren Keelan

Australian photographer Warren Keelan completely immerses himself into his subject matter, wading alongside massive waves to catch the ideal rest.

Custom Hand-Knit Sweaters Blend Subjects into Urban Environments

Over the previous four years, photographer Joseph Ford has collaborated with buddy and knitter Nina Dodd to produce a job that blends versions in their environments instead of having them stand outside.

These Photos Show The Entire 1979 Victoria’s Secret Catalog

Founded by Roy Raymond, along with his wife Gaye, at San Francisco, California, on June 12, 1977, Victoria’s Secret is an American designer, manufacturer, and marketer of women’s high heeled lingerie, womenswear, and beauty products.

Photographer Florian Beaudenon Gives Bird’s Eye into People’s Life

What do you do when no one is looking? How about your friends or family? Photographer Florian Beaudenon’s new series Instant Life takes a look at these questions, allowing us intimate views into people‘s lives as they go about their daily activities.

The B&W Photography of Augusto De Luca

Augusto De Luca, graduated in law, then became a professional photographer in the mid-1970s, working along the boundary line between traditional and experimental photography.

3 Ways to Optimize the Flow of Your Kitchen

Whether you’re a new homeowner, flipper or a contractor, you know that having a multi-purpose kitchen space differentiates between having an OK kitchen and an amazing one.

3D Fashion Illustrations Use Found Objects to Create Beautiful Gowns

Armenian illustrator Edgar Artis playfully blends his pencil-drawn fashion illustrations with real life, mixed objects.

New Vintage Surreal Paintings by Paco Pomet

Artist Paco Pomet proceeds to channel old classic photographs and historical signs in his delightfully surreal oil paintings.

Upholstery Animal Head Wall Decor By Kelly Jelinek

These are a few of the upholstered faux taxidermy animal mounts created by artist Kelly Jelinek. Prices range from $800 — $3,500 depending on the animal chosen and materials utilized.

Vivid Portraits of Adoptable Dogs by Paul Octavious

Photographer Paul Octavious casts fresh light on Chicago’s adoptable dogs through cooperation with PAWS, the city’s greatest no-kill animal refuge.

Dubai Just Built The Biggest Picture Frame in the World From A Stolen Design

Dubai‘s skyline evolves at a breakneck pace. And with theories like drone taxis being analyzed plus a floating replica of Venice on hand, the city has rightfully earned a reputation as a playground for cutting-edge architecture and technology.

Before and After: A Group Professional Artists Transformed Kids’ Monster Doodles into 3D Art

The Monster Project is a fascinating project that pairs kids with professional artists to polish up creature drawings that the kids create.