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Incredible Levitation Photography by Mike Dempsey

By crephoto   Mike Dempsey is a talented photographer, creative director and artist currently based in Los Angeles, CA.

Photographer Becomes Homeless So He Could Take Portraits Of People Living In The Streets

By Flynn Matthews Homelessness appears to be a never-ending problem. For Lee Jeffries, that means his photo project will never end.

Soft Multiple Exposure Photographs By Luke Gram

By Archie Tinkerbell Canadian photographer Luke Gram creates still images by blending landscape imagery with silhouettes.

Handmade Polymer Flower Sculptures by Angela Schwer

By Flynn Matthews California-based artist Angela Schwer is the artist behind this series of wall sculptures, handmade from her living room using a custom combination of polymer clays.

Cleverly Placed Miniature Artworks by Artist Isaac Cordal

By Archie Tinkerbell For his first solo exhibition named ‘Urban Inertia’, artist Isaac Cordal created a new series of miniature underground works featuring little figures made of resin.

Chilean Designer Created Sideboard Inspired by a Boxing Ring

By Seth Sebastian Chilean designer Emmanuel Gonzalez Guzman has designed and made Cuerda (in English it translates to rope or string), a wooden sideboard that was inspired by the ropes of a boxing ring.

Beautiful and Mysterious HYT Skull Maori Watch

By Seth Sebastian HYT has decided to surprise us once again with a new version of one of their excellent watches, called the HYT Skull Maori.

Asymmetric Nature Houses Along The Danish Archipelago by LUMO Architects

By Seth Sebastian Along the coast of Denmark in the South Fyn archipelago, there are islands known for their natural and nature-abundant landscape.

Shift: Comfortable Watch Band for Avid Athletes

By Seth Sebastian Eager athletes always need gear that enables them to evolve and improve their performance.

2015 Alfa Romeo 4C Spider

By Seth Sebastian The Alfa Romeo 4C Spider presents a design evocative of the marque’s 33 Stradale from the late 1960s – a V-8-powered car that could cross a kilometer faster than any other production car; not even the V-12-powered Lamborghini Miura or Ferrari Daytona could catch it.

Vivid Shadow Figures Show the Superhero within Every Child’s Imagination

By Archie Tinkerbell Artist Jason Ratliff shows the power of imagination through shadow. His whimsical works feature children posing, as their big silhouettes take on the fantastical vision of superheroes like Batman, Catwoman, and Spider-Man.

Everything We Touch In a Single Day by Paula Zuccotti

By crephoto   Paula Zuccotti is a talented self taught photographer, industrial designer, strategist, trends forecaster, ethnographer turned author and filmmaker craving new lenses, filters and stories.

The Museum’s Ghosts by Andres Wertheim

By crephoto Andres Wertheim is a talented photographer who in 1962 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He began taking pictures as a child, and went on to study photography with the filmmaker Horacio Coppola.

Architecture Photography by Daniel Everett

By crephoto Daniel Everett is a talented 32 years old photographer and artist from Hudson, Ohio and currently based in Provo, Utah.

Portraits Illustrated on Maps and Star Charts by Ed Fairburn

By Archie Tinkerbell English artist Ed Fairburn uses vintage road maps and star charts as canvases for drawn portraits.

Origami Artist Creates a New Paper Crane Daily for 365 Days

By Flynn Matthews At the start of 2015, origami artist Cristian Marianciuc dared himself to create a new origami crane daily for 365 days.

Mark Ryden Presents New Paintings and Bronze Sculpture in “Dodecahedron”

By Archie Tinkerbell Pop Surrealist Mark Ryden has long combined alchemy and numerology in his fairytale-like world, filled with symbols and strange letters.

Minimalistic Animal Tattoos by Nouvelle Rita

By Archie Tinkerbell Portuguese tattoo artist Nouvelle Rita flawlessly converts animals into an assemblage of geometric shapes and clean lines.

Polish Photographer Imagines Darth Vader with a Daily Routine like the Rest of Us

By Archie Tinkerbell Polish photographer Pawel Kadysz imagines that Darth Vader is more like us than we might realize.

Azerbaijani Artist Creates Glitched-Out Rugs from Traditional Textiles

By Flynn Matthews Faig Ahmed twists the patterns of traditional Azerbaijani rugs, dismantling their structure to build structures that trick the eye by looking to melt off the wall.