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Five Secrets For Making Your Logo Stand Out

By Flynn Matthews Some logos like that of Coca Cola’s or Apple’s are so successful and enduring that they immediately pop into mind upon mere mention.

Artist Creates Clever Illustrations By Mashing Up Pop-Culture References

By Archie Tinkerbell San Francisco-based artist Justin Hager creates funny illustrations by mashing up various pop-culture references.

Bizarre Living Art Sculptures Featuring Human Subjects In Surreal Settings

By Archie Tinkerbell Guda Koster is a Dutch artist who creates living sculptures and performances, and photographs them in a great harmony.

“I Love Summer” – Refreshing Waterslides By Krista Long

By Desmond Ignaz In her photo series ‘I Love Summer’, photographer Krista Long sent a group of people tumbling down a water slide.

“From The Streets” – Highly Realistic Wooden Images Of Crushed Trash by Tom Pfannerstill

By Desmond Ignaz These paintings are pure trash… but only on the surface. Beneath their rough exterior is a precisely carved basswood sculpture, and only the paint on the surface provides the exacting trompe l’oeil vision of reality.

Etched Leather Artwork by Mark Evans

By Archie Tinkerbell The artist Mark Evans creates portraits of famous faces, all hand-etched into leather hides.

NSA in da House – Light Projection onto US Embassy in Berlin

By Desmond Ignaz An image with the slogan ‘NSA in da House’ (National Security Agency in the house) and a stylized victory sign are projected, for several minutes, on the outside of the US embassy in Berlin, Germany, 19 July 2014, during an art event by German light artist Oliver Bienkowski.

Sarcastic Street Art by Mobstr

By Flynn Matthews Mobstr is a street artist who criticizes and plays with the idea of street art. His works are quite clever and funny.

“THIS CRAZY LIFE” – Figurative Paintings Of Gang Members by Michael Vasquez

By Desmond Ignaz Miami/Florida-based Artist Michael Vasquez paints passionate figurative pieces of gang members and friends that are bigger than life.

Polish Street Artist Brings Life to Boring Walls

By Flynn Matthews Polish graffiti artists Sainer and Bezt, abandoned or simply plain walls into life.

Stunning Minimalist Illustrations of Iconic Rock Bands

By Flynn Matthews Whether you prefer 60′s bands like The Doors or newer rock groups like the Red Hot Chili Peppers, the Spanish-based graphic design firm Tata&Friends put together a collection of clever minimalist posters depicting literal interpretations of the names of popular rock groups from multiple generations.

Beauty Photography by Thom Kerr

By crephoto Thom Kerr is an Australian photographer born on the Gold Coast in Queensland, now based in Sydney Australia.

Provocative Photography by Kostis Fokas

By crephoto Kostis Fokas is a talented Greek photographer who grew up in what he calls a ‘very religious environment’ seeks to convey his innermost fantasies through his art.

Editorial Photography by Meghan Boody

By crephoto Meghan Boody uses photography to create narrative scenes featuring young female protagonists, which are inspired by characters in fairy tales and classic novels.

House of the Infinite by Alberto Campo Baeza in Cádiz, Spain

By Desmond Ignaz On a marvelous place like a piece of earthly paradise, at Cádiz, Spanish architect Alberto Campo Baeza has built the ‘House of the Infinite‘.

Upcycled STAR WARS Busts Made Of Tech Junk by Gabriel Dishaw

By Desmond Ignaz Tired of watching that pile of old computer gear grow ever taller in the dark side of your loft but reluctant to bin it?

Still Diet – Celebrity Fad Diets As Still Lifes

By Desmond Ignaz Beyoncé – “Cleaning diet” For a series entitled Still Diet, Italian photographer Dan Bannino has combined the aesthetic of the Renaissance masters with modern day pop culture, turning the constantly publicised “fad diets” of the rich and famous into beautiful still lifes.

The “Do it yourself Doodler” Project by David Jablow

By Desmond Ignaz Artist David Jablow started the ‘do it yourself Doodler’ project when he was given a novelty notepad that had an incomplete outline of a seemingly nude woman on it.

High Speed Photography by Alan Sailer

By crephoto Alan Sailer is an engineer and talented self taught photographer, who shoot a lot of high speed photography.

Rafael Gómezbarros – “Casa Tomada”

By Desmond Ignaz The urban “Casa Tomada” interventions by Rafael Gómezbarros are meant to represent displacement of peasants in his native Columbia due to war and violence, themes that resonate in one form or another in any country his work is displayed in.