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Celebrity and Fashion Photographer Max Montgomery Talks Inspiration, Travel, and Heidi Klum (Sponsored)

From the Squarespace website of Max Montgomery For New York-based fashion and portrait photographer Max Montgomery, image-making is second-nature.

Photographer Seeks Out Havana’s Cool Kids in ‘Cuban Millennials’

Cristobal (22) has graduated with a degree in Fine Arts and is now working as a tattoo artist in Pinar del Río.

Photographer Transforms His Kitchen Into a Skatepark for Fruits and Vegetables

Since childhood, Paris-based photographer Benoit Jammes has held a passion for skateboarding and extreme sports; although throughout the years he has turned his attention towards his artistic pursuits, he has found a way to marry his boyhood passion and his current everyday life with Skitchen, a photographic investigation into the unknown and clandestine adventures of foods.

A Collection of Bruce Gilden’s Up Close and Personal Portraits

West Bromwich, Peter Las Vegas, Nevada, Donna “They’re my friends for twenty minutes,” says New York City-based photographer Bruce Gilden of the personalities that together make up his newest book Face.

Photographer Diana Markosian on the Most Important Photo She’s Ever Taken

Roza Yevloyeva, mother of 20-year-old suicide bomber Magomed Yevloyev, sits on her son’s bed during an interview at her house in the town of Ali-Yurt, southeast of Ingushetia’s biggest city Nazran, February 16, 2011.

Inside the Austere Lifestyle of Religious Community in Siberia who Follow a ‘Messiah’ as their Spiritual Leader

Julia Sellmann’s documentary photo project, Ecopolis Tiberkul explores a religion born after the dissolvent of the Soviet Union called The Church of the Last Testament (CLT).

Your Art Gallery Teams Up with Artist Spencer Tunick to Present Previously Unseen Images (Sponsored) 

Spencer Tunick American Morning 1 (125th Street, NYC) 1998, 2015 Archival Pigment Print In the last decade, photography has become more accessible than ever, and with Your Art Gallery, the art buying experience has never been more democratic.

Gripping Photos Document the Uncertainty of Families Living Out of a Florida Motel

Tyrone Washington holds his 3-month-old daughter Ritcheousness in the motel room that he shared with his family in Orlando.

Photographer Relishes the Messiness of Childhood in Raw, Emotional Images of Her Family

New York-based photographer Andi Schreiber first began photographing her family, she suggests, out of some innate feeling of urgency and desperation.

Photographer Travels Throughout the EU Documenting Picturesque Borderlines between Countries

Nationality can play a large role in personal identity and sense of belonging, but what happens when the bounds of nationality become ambiguous?

Photographer Larry Fink on Malcolm X, Human Rights, and Charleston, SC

On June 26th, Feature Shoot hosted the second edition of The BlowUp, a new quarterly event in which we ask a selected group of NYC photographers to each tell the stories behind one of their favorite images.

Meet the Kids of LGBTQ Parents

Hope, raised in New York City by her two dads: “I knew that there was other structures of families because I would see my friends’ families and my aunts and uncles and I knew that people had something called a mother that I didn’t necessarily have, but I didn’t really think that I was so much in the minority.

How (Not) to Get Into Berghain, Europe’s Most Exclusive Club

Lievwkje wonders why she didn’t get in and is determined to try again next time. Being turned away has only stoked her curiosity about Berghain.

Humorous Photos Reveal the Way a Veterinarian Sees the Animal World

Afish a Fish (the title is a word play between English and Romanian, ‘afish’ means poster in Romanian and the man in the photo is the ex-president of the country, Traian Basescu).

The Story of Former Mexican Gang Members Who Now Pursue Their Passion for Art and Tattooing

In the desert landscape of Indio, California, eight young men cast off their involvements within the Mexican gang system in hopes of forging non-violent lives as a brotherhood of tattoo artists.

‘Technically Intimate’ Offers a Revealing Portrait of the ‘Sexting’ Phenomenon (NSFW)

When Chicago-based photographer Evan Baden first embarked on Technically Intimate seven years ago, homemade pornography and sexting were just beginning to gain momentum.

We Asked 18 Photographers: Do You Always Get Permission From People That You Photograph?

© Ayesha Malik Ayesha Malik: It depends on the situation. If I am walking around with a small camera or my iPhone, I do not necessarily ask.

Photographer Salvages Expired Photographic Paper for ‘The After Life of Things’

San Francisco-based photographer David Wolf has no interest in discovering the next big thing; instead, he’s drawn to the forsaken, to the has-beens and the rejects of decades past.

The Story of One Photographer Who Tracked Down Her Birth Mom After 22 Years Apart

“My whole life, I have been curious,” says Massachusetts-based photographer Ashley Comer of her birth mother Sheila, to whom she reached out this winter after twenty-two years apart.

Beautiful Photos Document the Daily Life of a Little Girl with Down Syndrome Living in the Denmark Countryside

Emmy loves meeting new people, says German photographer Mario Wezel of the five-year-old girl whom he documented every other day throughout her kindergarden school year.