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Science and Beauty Collide in Stunning Portraits of Migratory Birds

VL590595 MUS.Z.HKI.FI, 2015 Carduelis flammea, 2015 Local Vernacular is a project to which Finnish photographer Sanna Kannisto has devoted herself for the past two years.

Retracing a 1,300 Mile Escape from a Prisoner-Of-War Camp in Russia

In 1945, Cardiff-based photographer Michal Iwanowski’s grandfather and his brother escaped from a prisoner-of-war camp in Kaluga, Russia.

Capturing the Dignity of the Accused Gambaga Witches from Ghana

“Hearing the story over again growing up probably pushed me to find something else other than condemned women,” says Ghana-born photographer Eric Gyamfi of the Gambaga witches’ camp, where more than one hundred women, aged late teens to ninety-something, live sequestered from the rest of the population of the country’s East Mamprusi district.

Call for Submissions: Photos of Childhood

bathtime. © Kate T. Parker Nan Goldin once said of children, “They’re closer to whatever it is—where we come from and where we go.” Photographing childhood for her book Eden and After was her way of returning to that essential purity of spirit and understanding that’s gradually lost as we age.

Capturing the Private World of Two Deaf-Blind Twins

Jorg pushes Rolf through the water during the weekly swim therapy. “I instantaneously knew that I wanted them to be my protagonists,” says Berlin-based photographer Marlena Waldthausen of Jorg and Rolf, twin brothers living at the Deutsches Taubblindenwerk Fischbeck, a village of about 120 people living with deaf-blindness.

Photographs of the Isolated Mundari Tribe and Their Precious Cattle

A Mundari woman with the ritual facial scarring, typical of their tribe, and covered in ash, a natural antiseptic which also protects the skin from insects and the sun.

Barbie Emulates 60 Years of Iconic Fashion Photography

Reference image: Richard Avedon, Dovima with Elephants, 1955 Reference image: Guy Bourdin, Charles Jourdan Spring, 1979 The striking images of Barbie in different postures and shooting locations that constitute Iconic B may seem strangely familiar.

Return to Photography’s Roots with 19th Century Processes (Sponsored)

© Christian Hogue When you hear the words “salted paper print,” your mind probably travels back in time to the 1840s, to Henry Fox Talbot and the archives of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, where the world’s best art historians and conservators pore over delicate prints.

Nightlife in Uganda Chronicled in Photo Book ‘Fuck It’

Kampala has been described as “the city that (really) never sleeps” by Condé Nast Traveler, and it’s easy to see why.

Sweat, Mud, and Confederate Flags at ‘The Redneck Yacht Club’

As the sun bore down hot and heavy over the Redneck Mud Park in Southwest Florida, ATVs hissed past, their engines screeching as confederate flags flapped in the wind.

Celestial Photos Make Planet Earth Look Like the Moon

Flattop Mountain, Alaska “It’s almost like the environment knows you’re there but doesn’t care,” says Anchorage-based photographer Kerry Tasker of the Alaskan terrain.

Photographing the Mysteries of the New Forest

Ellie Davies’ latest body of work, Half Light, is a new direction for the artist. Though all her work concerns the space of the forest – “a boundary or threshold between what we consider to be ‘fact’ and ‘fiction’” – in earlier projects her intervention as photographer has been more obvious: smoke, stars, mossy sculptures or paths of coloured leaves appear, inviting a near-fantastical reading of each scene.

Beyond the Olympics and Carnival, Photos Take You to the Real Brazil (Sponsored)

The town of Ouro Preto and Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church in the Mina Gerais State in Brazil © Yadid Levy / Offset People line up wearing animal masks in Northeast Bahia © Gabriel Boieras / SambaPhoto / Offset The cultural diversity of Brazil, cultivated over 500 years of recorded history, has given rise to some of the most distinctive travel experiences in the world, from the five days of elaborate parade floats, cross-dressers, stolen kisses, and laughter that fills the streets during Carnival to the sleepy days spent sunbathing on 5,000 miles white sand beaches.

A Painful, Tender Look at the Life of Stray Dogs in Puerto Rico and Mexico

Daryl Wolly and Onyx the dogs lived together on the streets of San Felipe, Mexico. When they were rescued and by necessity kept caged inside kennels, they somehow escaped every day to play with one another.

Intimate Portraits Unfold Inside One Small Room in Belarus (NSFW)

“It is not easy to take a picture of a person. For me it is an exciting and unpredictable undertaking for which I am rarely 100% prepared.

Meet the Fabulous Drag Clowns of London

“It’s not just an act,” says photographer Poem Baker of Tuttii Fruittii and Toni Tits, a pair of drag clown performance artists living in Southeast London.

The Unseen Collection at the National Museum of Natural History

USNM Bird Collection, Department of Vertebrate Zoology, National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institution © Chip Clark, 1992 “All the pretty, cushy places on earth have already been studied,” said photographer Chip Clark with a laugh in conversation with Smithsonian’s National Museum of Natural History, where he worked from 1973 until his death in the summer of 2010.

‘Aggressive’ Street Photographer Captures Angry People in Beijing

“No Photos! What are you doing? You have no rights! You scared me! Do you know how to respect others!

Drab Berlin Buildings Get a Makeover

Bored of the “monotonous, colorless architecture” of the city where he was born and raised, Berlin-based photographer Paul Eis started to apply new colors to the buildings, a project inspired by the colorful houses of the architects and fellow Berliners Le Corbusier and Bruno Taut.

One Woman’s Intensely Intimate Photos of Motherhood (NSFW)

Nursing and peeing, Cincinnati, Ohio, 2014 © Anna Ogier-Bloomer Scratches from breastfeeding at nine months, 2014 © Anna Ogier-Bloome “She’s the flesh of my flesh,” says New York City-based photographer Anna Ogier-Bloomer of her daughter Violet, whose first two and a half years she’s feverishly chronicled between breast-feedings, catnaps, and sleepy revelations.