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‘Marlboro Boys': Startling Portraits of Young Children Addicted to Cigarettes

Dihan Muhamad, who used to smoke up to two packs of cigarettes a day before cutting down, smokes while his mother breast feeds his younger brother on February 10, 2014.

Father-to-Be Photographs the Intimate Realities of Pregnancy and Home Birth

São Paulo-based photographer Gustavo Gomes’s girlfriend Priscila went into labor late on a Sunday night, and about twenty hours later, he became a father.

Baltimore Photojournalist J.M. Giordano on the Most Important Photo He’s Ever Taken

© J.M. Giordano J.M. Giordano: The summer of 2013, I gave up fashion and advertising to commit fully to Photojournalism.

Exploring the Modern South with a Soundtrack: Road Trippin’ with Photographer Sam Jones

Who among us has not had the pleasure and privilege of driving along some great expanse of the wide open road, windows down and wind in our face, music blasting?

Portraits of a Community Living Off the Grid in a Remote Spanish Ecovillage

Photographer Kevin Faingnaert first heard about Matavenero, a remote ecovillage high up in the isolated mountainous region of Northwest Spain, from a friend who had cycled across Europe.

Inside the Homes and Lives of Papua’s Indigenous Kombai Peoples

Woman against a giant sago palm. The feathers Kombai women wear as a sign of beauty include those of chickens and cockatoos.

VII Co-Founder and Photographer Ron Haviv on the Most Important Photo He’s Ever Taken

© Ron Haviv / VII Ron Haviv: My most important photograph is probably from my first foreign trip, to the country of Panama.

Alec Soth and Stacey Baker Go Speed Dating

One of Minnesota-based photographer Alec Soth’s most recognizable images is his portrait of Stacey Baker standing solo amongst the sheep of South Plains, Texas.

Rio de Janeiro’s Sports Fields From Above

In Rio de Janeiro, say Italian photographers Gabriele Galimberti and Edoardo Delille, life is divided into social stratas, the urban slums separated from the affluent residents of the city’s South Zone in all but one arena: the sports field.

Hospitalized for Depression, Laura Hospes Documents Her Experience in a Series of Unflinching Self-Portraits

When Netherlands-based photographer Laura Hospes was hospitalized following a suicide attempt, she took her camera with her into unit UCP-UMCG, where she is still undergoing treatment.

Sexy, Poetic Portraits Feature the Delicate Fluff from Dandelions (NSFW)

As children, we’re told to blow away dandelion feathers, or seeds, and make a wish. Vegetal artist Duy Anh Nhan Duc calls these silky stands “egrets,” like the snow-white bird; for Dandelion, he teamed up with Paris-based photographer Isabelle Chapuis to transform two women into dandelion-human hybrids, each adorned with egrets plucked one by one from the head of the flower.

A Mother Captures Timeless Images of Her Children Playing in the Ocean

After the birth of her first daughter in 2010, photographer Natalie Grono reentered the world of playgrounds and familiar landscapes from her own childhood.

Portraits of ‘Vision Questers’ in a Small Eco Village in Colombia

In February of 2015, London based photographer Baker traveled to a small eco-village in southern Colombia to take part in a Vision Quest.

Photographer Makes Landscapes of Contaminated Areas, Treats Film with the Same Harsh Chemicals

Photographer Brandon Seilder remembers well the chemical spill that took place alongside Route 287 in northern New Jersey, when six hundred gallons of toxic methyl methacrylate were dumped into the surrounding environment.

While Living with an Elderly Community in Miami, a Young Photographer Becomes Their Surrogate Granddaughter

Marie and Sonja by the pool, 2000 Dick and his dirty photo, 2000 Leigh, 1999 Los Angeles-based photographer Naomi Harris describes herself as an “old soul,” noting that even in her twenties, when she went to live with the senior residents of Miami’s Haddon Hall hotel, she coveted the company of those who had lived long, fruitful lives.

Intimate Portraits Give Voice to Transgender Youth

Three years ago, Belgian photographer Farida Lemeatrag embarked on a journey that would lead her to tell the stories of twenty-five transgender adolescents and youngsters through a series of intimate and vulnerable portraits born of mutual trust and collaboration.

We Asked 19 Photographers: ‘Would You Ever Work For Free?’

Nancy Borowick for The Touch A Life Foundation Nancy Borowick: I’ve certainly snapped a few friends’ head shots for a bottle of wine here and there, but generally, no, I would not work for free.

Touching Portraits of Dogs Taken Years Apart, from Puppyhood to Old Age

Lily, 8 months Lily, 15 years Although Massachusetts-based portrait photographer Amanda Jones has been working with dogs for two decades, the first canine she could call her own was a longhaired Dachshund named Lily.

45 Astonishing, Abstract Aerial Images Found on Google Earth

Grand Canyon Village, United States Iran Rikaze, China In the fourteen years since Google Earth has redefined the map, using satellite and drone imagery, aerial photography, and government archived shots to chart and catalogue the world.

Photographer Comes Out to Her Parents, Documents the Process in Raw, Emotional Images

Throughout her life, London-based photographer Paola Paredes has on a few occasions found herself on the precipice of coming out to her parents, but it was only recently that she sat down with her sisters to tell her mother and father, “I’m gay” as three cameras captured the entire experience and discussion, which lasted three hours.