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Compassionate Portraits Capture the Dignity and Grace of Farm Animals

As the global farming industry expands, mankind, suggests New Zealand-based photographer Cally Whitham, has in many ways failed to recognize the inherent dignity and grace that lies within the breasts of farm animals.

11 Photographers On Why Squarespace Was the Perfect Way to Build an Online Presence

From the Squarespace website of Tytia Habing Over the past few years, we have talked to literally dozens of photographers about how Squarespace has helped them to build an online presence, connect with clients, and make a name for themselves in what can be a very competitive industry.

An Underground World in Bucharest, Romania Where Homeless Individuals are Barely Surviving

Bruce Lee lives on the streets, says Bucharest-based photographer Dani Gherca, hopping from one place to the next in search of shelter and caring for a close-knit group of homeless individuals who have claimed him as their surrogate father.

Meet Charth Vader, A Little Boy Who’s Mastered the Force

To the unknowing passerby, Charlie might seem like a regular little boy, without any special abilities; his mother, Los Angeles-based photographer Ashly Stohl knows better.

Dark and Disturbing Photos Illustrate Stories of ‘Feral Children’

Oxana Malaya, Ukraine, 1991: Oxana was found living with dogs in a kennel in 1991. She was eight years old and had lived with the dogs for six years.

From Pawnshops to Funeral Homes, Photographer Documents The Fate of the Last Remaining Pizza Huts

The Great Wall, Glendale Heights, IL, USA Copycat, California, PA, USA Ho Hai Tran and his partner Chloe Cahill have traveled over 14,000 kilometers between Australia, New Zealand, and the USA on a very special road trip of sorts, dedicated not to the landscape of these majestic lands nor in an ode to Robert Frank (refreshing!

Call for Submissions: Photos That Are Totally ‘Off the Wall’

Thanksgiving, New York, NY © Jessica Pettway From performance artists to Wall Street tycoons, everyone has a bit of quirk lingering inside; it’s just a matter of how much we’re willing to show in public.

Tiger Attacks, Child Marriage and Rising Sea Levels: A Glimpse Inside the Lives of Bangladesh’s Most Marginalized

A flood-affected man stands on high land waits for a boat Rizia’s husband Mazed was killed by tiger attack in 2012.

Welcome to the Future: 23 Photos of Vertical Living Around the World

Ultra Doux, 2015 © Ange Ong Uniformity and Individuality © Julian Li Untitled No. 63, 2014 © Kai Caemmerer For our latest group show, to be exhibited in person at PIX 2015 in Seattle this October 6-7 as well as online at DPReview, we asked to see your photographs on the theme of “Vertical Living.” Alison Zavos, Editor-in-Chief at Feature Shoot, considered well over 10,000 submissions, and our final collection features twenty-three images that elicit everything from delight to anxiety about the ways in which we live… and the possibilities of upwards expansion.

London Photographer Jenny Lewis on the Most Important Photo She’s Ever Taken

Joti and Kiran © Jenny Lewis Jenny Lewis: One of the most important in the One Day Young series was one of Joti and Kiran.

Portrait Project Looks at the Carbon Footprints of People Living Around the UK

[17.2 tonnes CO2e] Bev is an Environment Protection Officer with the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA).

The Humanizing Story Behind One Woman’s Life as a Spanish Porn Star

Marta’s ex-boyfriend accepted her job as part of her life, but had difficulty dealing with it. He watched her videos and saw her posts and pictures on social media.

A Glimpse Into the Lives of Children Homeschooled in Upstate New York

Hula Hoop, 2012 Morgan as Thor, 2011 Berlin-based photographer Rachel Papo’s latest project focuses on the everyday lives of homeschooled children in the Catskills of Upstate New York.

John MacLean Pays Homage to His Favorite Artists by Photographing their Hometowns All Over the World

Hometown of William Eggleston, Sumner, Mississippi Hometown of Robert Cumming, Mattapan, Massachusetts For Hometowns, London-based photographer John MacLean traces the origins of his most beloved artists by visiting the neighborhoods in which they were raised.

Behold the Beauty of Vitiligo

Ticya Jade Warsaw-based photographer Julia Kaczorowska first developed spots of white on the skin around her knees and elbows at the age of four when she was celebrating the holidays.

New Photo Book Celebrates the Unusual Architecture of Soviet-era Bus Stops

Gagra, Disputed Region of Abkhazia Aralsk, Kazakhstan From Eastern Europe, passing though the Caucasus and all the way to Central Asia, American photographer Christopher Herwig documented bus stops built during the USSR period.

A Look Inside the Arctic’s Controversial Fur Trapping Industry

Draped over the shoulders of a well-to-do woman on the Upper East Side, say, a fox pelt and fur hat read differently than in the hands of a man or woman who needs to trap to survive.

Jaw-Dropping Aerial Photographs Capture the Earth’s Water from Above

Skeidarar, Iceland River Koesseine, Germany For German photographer Bernhard Edmaier, water is both immortal and living, shifting from ice to liquid to vapor and back again.

Extraordinary Images Capture the Spirit of America’s ‘Dirt Meridian’

Pronghorn Antelope, Niobrara County, Wyoming, 2013. A herd of wild antelope, which in wintertime can number into the hundreds, roams the high plains that stretch towards the Big Horn Mountains in the background.

Hanoi at Night is Hauntingly Beautiful

When night descends on the streets of Hanoi, says French photographer Sebastien Laval, the city metamorphoses into another realm entirely.