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Powerful Portraits of People Revealing Their "Invisible" Illnesses

Allie Cashel and Erica Lupinacci have started an impactful photo project that helps to give others a voice.

Journalist Spends Four Years Documenting India's Crumbling Subterranean Stepwells Before They Disappear

Tucked away on quiet streets far from the hustle and bustle of popular tourist attractions, in between the spectacular palaces, temples, and tombs that appear on the covers of guidebooks, an entire category of Indian architecture has faded into obscurity and historical obsolescence.

One Woman's Thought-Provoking Tattoo Sparks an Important Conversation About Mental Illness

20-year-old Bekah Miles is using a simple tattoo to make an important statement about mental illness.

My Modern Met is Searching for Contributing Writers

If you've been a fan of My Modern Met and want to go from a casual reader to an actual contributor, guess what, you're in luck.

Cocoon-Like Bookshelf Provides a Tranquil Space for Readers to Get Lost in Great Stories

Mexico City-based studio Anagrama has recently completed a beautifully unique library interior in Monterrey that celebrates the joys of reading a book.

Adorable Photos Showcase Loving Bond Between 3-Year-Old and Her Doberman

It’s no secret that dogs are some of the best friends that we’ll ever have, and three-year-old Siena and her canine pal Buddha show us just how sweet and adorable this bond can be.

Father-Son Duo Complete All 50 States in Their Pun-Fueled Food Map of the U.S.

Just a little over a year ago, Chris Durso (creator of Foodiggity) and his then-8-year-old son Cameron embarked on a fun, visual collaboration known as Foodnited States of America.

Countless Meticulously-Stippled Dots Form Fantastical Drawings

Los Angeles-based artist Kyle Leonard (aka K.A.L) creates meticulously-detailed drawings with the help of extremely fine-tipped pens.

Space-Inspired Paintings Explore Mankind's Journey to the Final Frontier

Focusing on iconic images like astronauts, rockets blasting off, and the cockpit of a shuttle, Brooklyn, NY-based artist Michael Kagan illustrates split-second moments of risk and triumph in his space-inspired oil paintings.

Elevated Getaway Home Offers Undisturbed Views of Chilean Seaside

Both land and sea are visible from Mirador, an elevated home perched on a steep cliff that’s located off the coast of Tunquén, Chile.

Winners of's 2015 It's Amazing Out There Photo Contest

The winners of the 2015 It's Amazing Out There Photo Contest have just been announced! Hosted by, the second annual competition received over 40,000 submissions from amateur and professional photographers around the world.

Strangers around the World Unite to Give a Syrian Refugee and His Children a New Life

After a heartbreaking photo of a Syrian refugee selling pens in the streets of Beirut while holding his sleeping daughter went viral last week, strangers all over the world banded together to help the man and his family start a new life.

Dad Builds 3-Seat Rocking Chair for Reading with Three Kids

Craftsman Hal Taylor has designed an uncommon rocking chair that's a perfect fit for the whole family.

95-Year-Old Yogi Believes We Can All Live to Be 130 Years Old

95-year-old yoga master Kazım Gürbüz believes we can all live to be 130 years old and has some solid advice to help us achieve this.

Prismatic Sheets of Glass Change Color When Layered Over Each Other

Crystal prisms are dazzling spectacles that refract light, slowing it down into different wavelengths that produce a variety of rainbow hues.

Dynamic Rainbow Installation Is Carefully Crafted from Hidden Shapes Addressing Gun Violence

Paper sculptor Li Hongbo is using his most recent colorful installation to make an important statement. Irons for the Ages, Flowers for the Day is a rainbow of paper art that examines the conflict surrounding war and weapons.

Drone Footage Captures Breathtaking Aerial Tour of Iceland's Dramatic Landscape

Countless photos have shown us the incredible beauty of Iceland, but this amazing video (below) by Blue Racer Productions is just another reminder of the Nordic country's allure.

3D Sidewalk Murals Invite Pedestrians to Interact with the Illusive Art

Artist Nikolaj Arndt continues to dazzle pedestrians with his remarkable sidewalk chalk abilities. Since 2009, the designer has created 3D works of sidewalk art that transform flat, grey pavement into a dynamically colorful canvas.

Secluded Timber Cabin on Stilts is a Creative Escape for Writers

For writers, it’s important that they sometimes escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life and focus on their craft.

Can You Spot the Nude Models Camouflaged in These Landscapes?

Artist Filippo Ioco travels the world to produce his spectacular body painting series called Landscapes.