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"Superhero Cyborgs" Workshops Let Kids Design Their Own Prosthetics

KIDmob and Autodesk are working together to help kids produce their own customized prosthetics, allowing them to get creative and learn valuable skills at the same time.

Rescue Piglet Forms an Inseparable Bond with Orphan Tabby Kitten

Before Laura the piglet and Marina the kitten met, they were both facing unfortunate obstacles. Marina had been abandoned on the street, was close to dying, and in need of nurturing.

Laser Embossed Rolling Pins Imprint Playful Patterns into Cookie Dough

For a baker, a rolling pin is a valuable piece of kitchenware, but thanks to the Etsy shop Mood for Wood, it’s also a quirky art tool.

New 3D Calligraphy Creations Look Like They're Popping Off the Page

Istanbul-based artist Tolga Girgin creates beautifully scripted calligraphy that seems to leap off the page.

Giant Dog-Sized Rabbit Is Looking for a Home with Plenty of Room to Grow In

Meet Atlas—a continental giant rabbit who's looking for a forever home (with plenty of space). At 7 months old, he's already the size of a small dog and he still has more growing to do.

Baby Polar Bear Born at Columbus Zoo Gets a Name Selected by a Public Vote

Last year, only two polars bears were born in human care and one of them finally received her name. The newly-named cub was born on November 6th, 2015 at the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium to parents Aurora and Nanuq.

Clever “Element” Crayons Help Kids Learn the Periodic Table as They Color

There’s more than one way to memorize the elements on the Periodic table. You can turn them into a rousing game of Battleship or brighten up the pages of your favorite coloring book with Calcium, Potassium, and Titanium.

Kids' Creative Drawings Become Real Inventions We Can Use

Designer Dominic Wilcox asked 450 kids to draw the most imaginative inventions they could think of and later, surprisingly, made their dreams a reality.

Elegant Planetary Jewelry Keeps the Cosmos Close to Your Heart

Thanks to BeautySpot, it’s now possible to wear the cosmos around your neck. The popular Etsy shop created a collection of accessories called Your Space that features the solar system in elegant pendants, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and more.

Adorable Baby Meerkats Adventure Outside Their Nest for the Very First Time

On January 7th, two adorable baby meerkats were born at Sydney's Taronga Zoo and they recently began to wander outside their nest box.

DIY Grass Bed Offers a Cozy Green Oasis

Many people love to relax by lying on the grass and taking in the warm sunshine. But what if your yard is made of concrete?

Radiant Photos of Sunrises and Sunsets Over Budapest's Skyline

Over the past 5 years, Mark Mervai has attempted to collect photographs that display the true beauty of his home town Budapest, Hungary.

Artist Delicately Cuts Paper to Look Like Whimsical Illustrations

Artist Parth Kothekar produces paper masterpieces with nothing more than a knife and a pair of steady hands.

100-Year-Old Hand-Colored Postcards Offer a Fascinating Glimpse of Pre-War Japan

Postcards can offer a fascinating glimpse into eras that have long since passed. The Digital Collections of the New York Public Library (NYPL) has released a selection of postcards from Japan in the early 20th century.

Secluded Mountain Cabins Offer Distraction-Free Studios to Fight Writer’s Block

Even the most talented people experience writer’s block from time to time. The Djerassi Resident Artists Program, located in the Santa Cruz Mountains, is a place where creatives can go to rejuvenate their spirit and get some serious work done.

Raw Tree Stump Seamlessly Extends into a Polished Wooden Table

French designer Thomas de Lussac highlights the beauty of a simple tree stump with his stunning furniture project.

Artists Collaborate with Children to Transform Their Imaginary Friends into Real-Life Toys

Having an imaginary friend is one of the best parts of childhood. Kids' fictitious companions help them cultivate their imagination and creativity.

Two Adorable "Baby Monks" Become Internet Sensations After Chinese Temple Visit

During a family holiday on January 1st, two friends decided to dress their sons up as young monks. They were visiting the Er Fo Temple in Hechuan, Chongqing and thought it would make for a brilliant photo opportunity.

Man Transforms His Bathroom Mirror into a Hi-Tech Device of the Future

Google engineer Max Braun wanted his ordinary bathroom mirror to look more like the futuristic fixtures you’d see in the movies—the kind that transmit information directly onto the mirror.

Fantastical Rainbow Clouds Dust the Skies at Sunset in the UK

Over Scotland and northern England on Tuesday night, residents witnessed an unusually colorful skyline.