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Developers Explore Wearable Technology with Circuit Board Tattoos

Software company Chaotic Moon is currently exploring the world of wearable technology. They're specifically looking at what they call Tech Tats, which are made of conductive tattoo paint and circuits that fully integrate a user's life.

Syrian Refugee Gives Thanks to Welcoming Germans by Feeding Berlin's Homeless

Alex Assali is a Syrian refugee who believes in the beauty of paying it forward. After criticizing Syrian President Bashar al-Assad online in 2007, Assali fled Damascus without a passport.

Couple's Dog Is the Cameraman on Their Enchanting Wedding Day

Addie and Marshall Burnette decided not to use a traditional videographer when they eloped a few weeks ago.

Artist Quits Day Job to Pursue Passion for Rustic Wood Art Capturing the Magic of Nature

Kimera Wachna of Westchester, New York is the co-founder of Gracemere Woods—an Etsy shop where she designs and sells hand-painted and burned wood slices that are adorably rustic.

1,400-Year-Old Gingko Tree Sheds a Spectacular Ocean of Golden Leaves

Once a year, this towering 1,400-year-old tree showcases a transition into fall in a spectacular way—its thousands of leaves change into a radiant shade of gold.

“Grasslamp” Desktop Garden Grows Healthy Microgreens and Doubles as a Lamp

The Grasslamp is a modern desktop garden that provides fresh microgreens and tranquil LED lighting all in one sleek device.

Husband Honors Hardworking Nurse Wife with Touching Story

To show the world that his wife is a true hero, Bobby Wesson posted an incredibly touching story on Facebook.

Woman Buys Entire Toy Store and Donates Everything to Homeless Children

Venture capitalist Carol Suchman was casually walking around her West Village neighborhood when she passed a toy store going out of business.

Bride Spends 8 Months Crocheting Her Own $70 Wedding Dress

Abbey Ramirez-Bodley decided to get crafty when she couldn't find a wedding dress that was both affordable and perfect for her big day.

Brilliant Four-Story-Tall Star Lights Up Malaysian Skyline

A four-story star has landed in a run-down building in Butterworth, a city off mainland Penang, Malaysia.

Museum “Bans” Cameras and Encourages Visitors to Experience the Artwork by Drawing It

The Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam wants visitors to enjoy its collection of artwork the way it was appreciated in a pre-cellphone era, by leaving their devices and cameras at home.

Mysterious Poodle Moth Looks Like a Real-Life Fairy

This fuzzy creature is equal parts adorable and puzzling, making you question the line between reality and science fiction.

1950s Grain Silo Transformed into a Sleek and Cozy Home for Two

Architect Christoph Kaiser has repurposed a 1950s-era grain silo, transforming it into a cozy home he shares with his wife.

Couple Cancels Lavish Wedding to Donate the Money to Syrian Refugees

Samantha Jackson and Farzin Yousefian decided to cancel their lavish wedding after hearing some devastating news.

Young Woman Twirls and Dances While Riding a Longboard in Mesmerizing Video

Ko Hyojoo combined the graceful finesse of dancing and the balanced skill of longboarding to produce an impressive video sequence.

Snugly Sleeping Bag Looks Like a Life-Sized Bear

Japanese artist Eiko Ishizawa believes that every product has the potential to be both fun and functional—even when it comes to your average sleeping bag.

Snugly Sleeping Bag Looks Like a Life-Sized Bear Has Eaten a Human

Japanese artist Eiko Ishizawa believes that every product has the potential to be both fun and functional—even when it comes to your average sleeping bag.

Woman Knits Tiny Wool Sweaters to Keep Chickens Warm

25-year-old Nicola Congdon has been working on an unusual winter project for a great reason. Six months ago, the Cornwall-based woman decided to start knitting sweaters to keep her chickens warm amidst the winter season's freezing temperatures.

Redditors Reimagine Photo of a Flexible Cat in Hilarious Photoshop Battle

Photoshop Battles (aka PSBattle) never ceases to delight us with the hilarious creations rendered by skilled participants, all inspired by a single photograph.

New Yorkers Capture Magnificent Sunset From All Across the City

Last evening, a magnificent sunset took over New York City, painting the city's famous skyline in a blaze of colors.