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Kamea Hadar and Defer

Kamea Hadar and Defer are collaborating on a series of work entitled “Paradise Lost”. The on-going project will see the two artists create murals and gallery shows together in several different cities.

Tim Richmond

Photos by Tim Richmond. See more below. View the whole post: Tim Richmond over on BOOOOOOOM!.

Stop-motion Animations by Simon Gerbaud

Animator Simon Gerbaud creates stop-motion animations of objects slowly disappearing into dust. Watch the video below!

Bertien van Manen

“Moonshine”, photos by Bertien van Manen. More below. View the whole post: Bertien van Manen over on BOOOOOOOM!

Drawing On The Past: Interview with Ian Durkin

  This drawing above is a submission to our Drawing On The Past project, by filmmaker/photographer Ian Durkin.

Short Film: “A Truncated Story of Infinity” by Paul Trillo

Lots of great editing in this story of Subject X and his pursuit of a woman on the street. Watch “A Truncated Story of Infinity”, directed by Paul Trillo below!

Animation: “Marilyn Myller” by Mikey Please

You can now watch animator Mikey Please’s stunning stop-motion film “Marilyn Myller” in its entirety!

Drawing On The Past: Caroline Krajenbrink

Another submission to our “Drawing On The Past” project with Herschel Supply. Thank you to Caroline Krajenbrink for submitting.

Ania Vouloudi

“Wild Beasts & Sea Monsters”, photos by Ania Vouloudi. More below View the whole post: Ania Vouloudi over on BOOOOOOOM!

Caleb Hahne

Drawings by artist Caleb Hahne. Found via July Submissions. More below. View the whole post: Caleb Hahne over on BOOOOOOOM!

Music Video: Hannah Georgas “Enemies”

Love the way director John Patton Ford interpreted Hannah Georgas’ song “Enemies” here. Round of applause for whoever the DP was on this; beautiful work.

Harriet Lee-Merrion

Drawings by Harriet Lee-Merrion. More below. View the whole post: Harriet Lee-Merrion over on BOOOOOOOM!

Brendan Monroe

Sculptures by artist Brendan Monroe. More below. View the whole post: Brendan Monroe over on BOOOOOOOM!

Sian Davey

“Finding Alice” is a series of photos by Sian Davey of her daughter Alice, who was born with Downs Syndrome.

Antoine Bruy

“Scrublands”, photos by Antoine Bruy. More below. View the whole post: Antoine Bruy over on BOOOOOOOM!

Tatiana Vinogradova

“Days of Melancholy”, stunning portraits by photographer Tatiana Vinogradova focused on the life of gay people in Russia.

Irina Rozovsky

Photos by Irina Rozovsky. More below. View the whole post: Irina Rozovsky over on BOOOOOOOM!.

Martina Matencio

Photos by Martina Matencio aka Lovenenoso. More below. View the whole post: Martina Matencio over on BOOOOOOOM!

Neels Castillon

“Black Patagonia”, photos by Neels Castillon. More below. View the whole post: Neels Castillon over on BOOOOOOOM!

Music Video: M+A “When”

Love the vibes in this video for M+A’s song “When”. Watch below. View the whole post: Music Video: M+A “When” over on BOOOOOOOM!