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Sian Davey

“Finding Alice” is a series of photos by Sian Davey of her daughter Alice, who was born with Downs Syndrome.

Antoine Bruy

“Scrublands”, photos by Antoine Bruy. More below. View the whole post: Antoine Bruy over on BOOOOOOOM!

Tatiana Vinogradova

“Days of Melancholy”, stunning portraits by photographer Tatiana Vinogradova focused on the life of gay people in Russia.

Irina Rozovsky

Photos by Irina Rozovsky. More below. View the whole post: Irina Rozovsky over on BOOOOOOOM!.

Martina Matencio

Photos by Martina Matencio aka Lovenenoso. More below. View the whole post: Martina Matencio over on BOOOOOOOM!

Neels Castillon

“Black Patagonia”, photos by Neels Castillon. More below. View the whole post: Neels Castillon over on BOOOOOOOM!

Music Video: M+A “When”

Love the vibes in this video for M+A’s song “When”. Watch below. View the whole post: Music Video: M+A “When” over on BOOOOOOOM!

Misha Taylor

Portraits by photographer Misha Taylor. View the whole post: Misha Taylor over on BOOOOOOOM!.

Dafne Tree

Paintings by artist Dafne Tree. Found via our July Submissions. More below. View the whole post: Dafne Tree over on BOOOOOOOM!

James Roper

Drawings by Manchester England-based artist James Roper. Found via our July Submissions post. View the whole post: James Roper over on BOOOOOOOM!

Jessica Stoller

Porcelain sculptures by artist Jessica Stoller. More below. View the whole post: Jessica Stoller over on BOOOOOOOM!

Colourful Giant Handmade Textile Butteflies and Moths by Artist Yumi Okita

Love these colourful moths and butterflies by North Carolina-based artist Yumi Okita. The pieces are made by hand using fabric, cotton, fake fur, fabric paint, embroidery thread, wire, and feathers.

Eamonn Doyle

Photos by Eamonn Doyle. More below. View the whole post: Eamonn Doyle over on BOOOOOOOM!.

Alexi Hobbs

Photos by Alexi Hobbs. More below. View the whole post: Alexi Hobbs over on BOOOOOOOM!.

Music Video: Paul McCartney “Early Days”

Vincent Haycock directs this beauty of a video for Paul McCartney’s song “Early Days”. A couple kids in Mississippi in the 50s form a band as McCartney sings about the early days, starting a band with John Lennon. One of my absolute favourites of the year so far.

Ultimate List of all the Best Art + Photo Tumblrs to Follow

    *Update July 21st – I am gonna update this entire list, get rid of Tumblrs that are no longer updated, and add a whole bunch more.

Video: Epic Japanese School Girl Chase

Love the idea for this video featuring Muneomi Senju, the drummer from the Japanese band, The Boredoms.

Kuvva: Royalty-Free Illustrations

A heads up for all you illustrators out there, Kuvva was a wallpaper app but they’ve transformed themselves into a pretty valuable tool for you folks.

Clayton V. Colvin

Paintings by artist Clayton V. Colvin. More below. View the whole post: Clayton V. Colvin over on BOOOOOOOM!

Leon Chew

“Sculpture for Hotels”, by photographer Leon Chew. Sculptures made of tape and tinfoil left behind for hotel staff to discover.