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Artist Spotlight: Sam Wolfe Connelly

Paintings by New York-based artist Sam Wolfe Connelly. Found via our July Reader Submissions. More images below.

What Happens When Time-lapse Photos Are Digitally Stacked Together

Canadian photographer Matt Molloy had the brilliant idea of taking a bunch of time-lapsed photos and digitally stacking them together.

Artist Spotlight: Karen Gunderson

Beautiful, all-black oil paintings by Karen Gunderson. Her works are only visible when the light hits them and change as the viewers move.

Dance of the Day: Fred Astaire with a stomach full of Corn Chips and Valium

If this is what happens when two (extremely talented) people get up in the wee hours of the morning and decide to create something, then everyone needs to be doing this.

99 Balloons, 1 Brick of Gold, 7 Thousand Thumbtacks

Peruvian artist Iván Sikic addresses the growing income gap through an installation involving 99 balloons, one gilded brick, and 7000 thumbtacks. While events like Occupy Wallstreet brought the fact that 1% of the population controls the majority of the world’s wealth into the mainstream, Sikic aims to keep that conversation going. “It’s My Party and I Do What I Want To” is cheeky but it’s the kind of poking fun that draws attention to the sheer ridiculousness of that reality and what it means for the rest of the 99%.

Video of the Day: Horizon

“Horizon” draws attention to our limited perspectives but also the importance of overcoming limitations and expanding our worldview.

Instagram Show & Tell: Jennilee Marigomen shares her favourite image by Nguan

“Show & Tell” is an ongoing series where we invite talented people to highlight a work by someone they admire on Instagram.

Feel Good Video of the Day: Take a Beat

New York-based beatboxer and improvisational comedian Chris “Shockwave” takes to the streets to offer passersby a free beat to brighten their day.

Artist Spotlight: Luke Rudolf

A selection of work by London-based artist Luke Rudolf. More images below. View the whole post: Artist Spotlight: Luke Rudolf over on BOOOOOOOM!

Music Video: Thundercat “Them Changes”

You can’t go wrong with samurai moving to a funk-infused beat. Check out Thundercat’s “Them Changes,” featuring Flying Lotus and Kamasi Washington, and directed by Carlos Lopez Estrada below!

Artist Spotlight: Philip Taaffe

Mixed media works by American artist Philip Taaffe. He was born in New Jersey and went to school at Cooper Union in New York.

Music Video: Kurt Vile “Pretty Pimpin”

Great song, great vibe, and great video by director/photographer Daniel Henry. Check out Kurt Vile’s “Pretty Pimpin” below!

Artist Spotlight: Sam Octigan

Lovely work by Melbourne-based artist Sam Octigan. His recent solo exhibition, “No Place Like Home,” explores themes of departure and the accompanying desire for comfort and familiarity when settling down in a new place.

Trippy Animation of the Day: Azel Phara “Green”

Pretty cool particle effect in this video for Azel Phara, directed by bif. Watch “Green” below. View the whole post: Trippy Animation of the Day: Azel Phara “Green” over on BOOOOOOOM!

Photographer Chris Round

Wonderful photographs from Sydney, Australia based Photographer, Chris Round. Take a look at his body of work titled “In Two Places!

Clara Aranovich’s Whimsical Tale of Blindness For Matthew E. White’s “Vision”

Another playful video from director-to-keep-your-eye-on Clara Aranovich (she also directed this) featuring Caitlin Stasey and Edi Gathegi as a pair of blind people who face off with some bullies.

Photographer Wouter Van de Voorde

Australia-based Landscape Photographer Wouter Van de Voorde shares some images from a new series titled “Tropicale.” Take a look at more of these wonderful landscapes below!

Best of Kickstarter: Mr Bingo’s Hate Mail

In 2011, London-based illustrator Mr Bingo took to Twitter, offering to post personalized hate mail to the first person to respond to his tweet.

Artist Spotlight: Kit King

Paintings by Ontario-based artist Kit King who often collaborates with her husband Oda. Take a look at more of her work below.

Insane Video of the Day: Pro Surfer Mick Fanning Attacked by Shark During Surfing Final in South Africa

THIS IS CRAZY. Just as the final of the J-Bay Open at South Africa’s Jeffreys Bay was getting underway on Sunday, surfer Mick Fanning was attacked by a shark on live television.