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Gumboot Dancing: Morse Code Made From Wellies

Born within the gold mines of South Africa during Apartheid, gumboot dancing sprung from the basic need for enslaved miners to communicate in what was a harrowing environment, where they were forbidden to speak to one another. Workers decided to let their boots do the talking for them, and developed

13 Things I Found on the Internet Today (Vol. CCLXXI)

1. A Pink Scottish Castle Craigievar Castle, from

Escape to Sarah Bernhardt’s Seaside Fortress

Fort Bernhardt

Back to the Borscht Belt: Exploring the Ruins of the Doomed Pines Resort Hotel

The Borscht Belt in the Catskill Mountains was once one of the New York’s premiere holiday destinations.

He Spent 20 Years in the Desert Carving a Village of Dolls

Welcome to Possum Trot, California. Human population: 2. Doll population:

The Little Paris Beekeeping School


Remember when you could Mail Order an Entire House in a Giant DIY Kit?

© James C. Massey via OldHousesOnline Sears was once the largest and most powerful retailer in the United States of America before Walmart stole the title in 1989.

Why Paris’ Greatest Art Nouveau Metro Stop Is No More

No one does nostalgia better than Parisians, who just seem to have a real knack for sprinkling eccentric, liveable history into their everyday routine.

The Accidental Time Travel Incident with Marie Antoinette

Charlotte Anne Moberly (left) and Eleanor Jourdain. Everyone can relate to taking a wrong turn on vacation – but few can boast taking a turn back in time to hang with Marie-Antoinette.

The Mystery of Coney Island’s Abandoned Submarine

Today’s New York adventure takes place at one of its favourite, and most nostalgic, vacation destinations: Coney Island. Home to one of the world’s oldest ferris wheels, a hundred year old roller coaster, and the famous Nathan’s deli, serving hotdogs since 1916.

He Smuggled a Sandwich into Space

John W. Young (right) with “Gus” Grissom John Young was a true pioneer of space exploration: he walked on the moon, orbited it alone, and commanded the very first space shuttle mission.

13 Things I Found on the Internet Today (Vol. CCLXX)

1. On the Set Jennifer Jones on the set of “Love is a Many Splendored Thing”.    2. Colombia’s Casa en el Agua:

Napoleon’s Heirs include a Wall Street Banker, Founder of the FBI and a Star Trek Actor

So I started my day off by learning that Napoleon Bonaparte, a man who conquered virtually the whole of what is modern continental Europe, has a 32 year-old living heir who works as an investment banker, went to Harvard Business School and is generally giving us major Patrick Bateman vibes.

Steve Jobs’ Nerdy Dating Show with Bill Gates

A large part of Steve Jobs’ genius was the way in which he made new technologies not only exciting, but relatable.

They Put What, Where? Weird Beauty Hacks of Yesteryear

According to fashion legend Diana Vreeland, “the only real elegance is in the mind; if you’ve got that, the rest really comes from it,” and we tend to agree.

Now You can Eat Gucci Too


So Anaïs Nin Was Also An Electro DJ

Anaïs Nin Anaïs Nin is our favorite breed of artist: the kind who just can’t be bound to a single era, movement, or category.

Invasion of the Cross-Stitcher

Remember the artist who revived an abandoned corner shop and filled it with over 4,000 hand-sewn grocery products?

Saving China’s Memories from the Trash, One Kodak at a Time

©BeijingSilvermine What do giant sharks, gymnastics, and a banana-eating competition have in common?

The Ruins of King Zog’s New York Mansion

©Luke J Spencer Long Island, New York is home to a legion of stately mansions that in the early 20th century, would provide the inspiration and backdrop for The Great Gatsby.