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Redd’s Introduces Black Cherry Ale For A Limited Time

Fall is here and that means just about every brewery will be rolling out pumpkin beers despite the fact we all had our fill about five years ago.

Reebok x J.J. Watt Agility Pack Pays Homage To Houston’s Annual ‘White Out’ Game

Each year, the Houston Texans play a “white out” game where the players don all-white uniforms while the fans wear white t-shirts in the stand.

The Latest Trailer For ‘Red Dead Redemption II’ Is Intense [Video]

It has been seven years since the initial release of Red Dead Redemption, the open-world Western action-adventure that has gone down as one of the greatest multiplayer games in vide game history.

Wear Your Love Of Taco Bell On Your Sleeve With This Forever 21 Collection

Beloved Taco Bell super fans Brittany Creech and Andrew McBurnie first defined the title super fan with iconic Taco Bell senior portraits and will model the collection along with a diverse set of fans and influencers.

Envisioning 7 ‘Star Wars’ Podracers Made By Real Car Manufacturers

I think just about the whole world can agree that Star Wars: Episode I was one of the biggest disappointments in movie history.

Hillary Clinton’s Favorite Hot Sauce Is Truly Delicious

No matter where you fall on the political spectrum, you have to admit that Hillary Clinton knows her hot sauce.

Watch Larry David Completely Fail As A Staff Writer For ‘Late Night With Seth Meyers’

It has been six years since Curb Your Enthusiasm wrapped up its last season on HBO, but on October 1, the long-awaited ninth season will finally premiere.

21 Ridiculously Sexual Video Game Ads From The ’80s And ’90s

They say sex sells and that’s a mantra that video game advertisers took to heart in the ’80s and ’90s.

The First Trailer For ‘Annihilation’ Is Trippy AF

Jeff VanderMeer’s 2014 sci-fi novel, Annihilation, was a hue git in the literary world, winning the Nebula Award for Best Novel that year.

An Infographic Look At The Troops Of The ‘Star Wars’ Empire

Since the release of the first Star Wars film way back in 1977, the characters from a “galaxy far, far away” have proved to be popular Halloween costumes.

The Preview For The BBC’s ‘Blue Planet II’ Is Absolutely Stunning [Video]

The BBC and Sir David Attenborough have teamed up again for another epic nature documentary, Blue Planet II, a sequel to the 8-part history of the world’s oceans that originally premiered in 2001.

This Frank Zappa Halloween Costume Comes With A USB Loaded With 6 Live Sets

Have you always wanted to dress up as guitar god Frank Zappa for Halloween but lacked the requisite hirsuteness?

John Travolta Is Mob Boss John Gotti In The Trailer For ‘Gotti’

I am a huge fan of mafia movies which should come as no surprise seeing as how I am a New Jersey Italian.

Suzuki Brings The Samurai Into The 21st Century With E-Survivor Concept

In the ’80s and early ’90s, 4WD enthusiasts went crazy for the Suzuki Samurai. Although small, the Samurai delivered with good performance and reliability — something not easy to find in the 4WD world.

Addison Russell Spilled A Fans Nachos — And Totally Made Up For It

On Monday night, the Chicago Cubs faced the Cardinals in St. Louis and it was a bloodbath. No doubt Cardinals fans were already hating the Cubs by the second inning, when they were already leading 5-0, but the hatred really intensified when Cubs shortstop Addison Russell dove into the stands for a foul ball and knocked some poor fella’s nachos to the ground.

An Arkansas Dentist Made A Delightfully Bizarre ‘Star Wars’ Parody [Video]

The ease of editing digital video has made it possible for anyone to insert themselves into a classic film and release the short on YouTube for the world to see.

Latest Reason To Hate Mankind: Pumpkin Spice Pizza Is Now A Thing

Remember when pumpkin spice was just a fall flavor at Starbucks? We were fine with that. Then came the pumpkin spice donuts.

Celebrities Read More Hilariously Mean Tweets About Themselves On Jimmy Kimmel [Video]

You would think that after so many years, the Jimmy Kimmel Live bit with actors and athletes reading mean tweets about themselves would get stale.

Watch Batman Take On Pennywise The Clown In This Awesome Fan-Made Trailer

The new cinematic adaptation of Stephen King’s It has already become the highest-grossing horror film on a domestic basis while Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice was not only one of the biggest disappointments of last year, but also in movie history.

Artist Transforms Iconic Brand Logos Into Deadly Weapons

New York-based artist Tom Galle, who previously made headlines with a Netflix and chill Airbnb room, is again winning internet accolades with his work.