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Dominik Schmitt’s Multi-Layered Narratives

Dominik Schmitt’s oil and acrylic paintings carry flashes of dark surrealism, clinical diagrams, and a provocative, humorous sensibility.

The New, Off-Kilter Multimedia Pieces of John Casey

Whether it’s drawing, acrylic paintings, or ceramic sculptures, the work of John Casey is a strange, often-humorous assault on the viewer.

Andrew Schoultz’s New Works Navigate Realities, Political Discourse

Andrew Schoultz’s mixed-media explorations of political discourse, cyberspace, and reality itself is part of an exhibition closing these weekend at Hosfelt Gallery in San Francisco.

Juan Travieso’s Surreal, Mixed-Media Scenes and Portraits

Cuba-born artist Juan Travieso blends nature and abstraction in his oil and acrylic paintings. From endangered animals to cultural icons, Travieso’s explorations track the changing world by both capturing its beauty and relaying the bleakness of its treatment.

The Unsettling, Enthralling Illustrations of Cezar Berje

The work of Cezar Berje straddles that difficult line between utterly absorbing and repulsive. In his illustrations, he uses his immense talents with color and detail to create portraits that warrant study.

David Mesguich’s Faceted, Dramatic Public Sculptures

There’s a tradition in the faceted approach to depicting figures that goes further back than than the pop designs of Tim Biskup or the vibrant multimedia works of Okuda.

The Flamboyant Digital Work of Kota Yamaji

The flamboyant, eye-popping works of digital artist Kota Yamaji carry touches of psychedelia and surrealism.

James Reka’s Recent, Vibrant Murals and Gallery Work

Whether on a wall or canvas, you can feel the influences of pop, graffiti culture, advertising, and both high- and low-brow art in James Reka’s work.

The ‘Woven’ Paintings of Alexi Torres

Cuban artist Alexi Torres crafts oil paintings that appear as though they're woven, tethering both contemporary iconography and human subjects.

Emma Hopkins Crafts Oil Paintings Exploring Real-Life Narratives

The intimate paintings of London-based artist Emma Hopkins carry both vulnerability and absorbing detail, as rendered in oil in the artist’s visceral style.

Pip & Pop’s U.S. Exhibition Debut at Corey Helford Gallery

Tanya Schultz creates vibrant, immersive installation art under the moniker Pip & Pop. This month, the artist unveils her U.S.

David Fullarton’s Enthralling ‘Pictures With Words on Them’

David Fullarton, simply, makes "pictures with words on them." Yet, despite that simple tagline adorning his site, examination of his mixed-media works yields much more than that.

Jamiyla Lowe’s Unsettling, Otherworldly Creatures

Jamiyla Lowe’s fantastical, mixed-media illustrations contain both an absorbing morbidity and humor. Her creatures are often unsettling in their ambiguity, often stemming from fictional worlds or plucked from nightmares.

Vampires Vs. Unicorns Game in the Hi-Fructose Store

The Vampires Vs. Unicorns (Floor War) Game brings that age-old battle between the the fierce blood snob VAMPIRES and heards of obnoxious UNICORNS to your home.

Mazatl’s Eye-Popping Murals Across Mexico

Mexico City artist Mazatl crafts murals that both implement and emulate the artist's talents in woodcut imagery.

Carl Dobsky’s Realistic Narratives Contain Flashes of Magic

Figurative painter Carl Dobsky creates oil paintings that acknowledge both the history of the form and the contemporary.

Daniela Gallego’s Intimate Illustrations

Colombia-born illustrator Daniela Gallego crafts intimate, whimsical illustrations that move between the fantastic and the deeply human.

Martin C. Herbst’s Transfigurative ‘Sphere’ Sculptures

Martin C. Herbst's “Spheres” are transforming, painted faces on stainless steel spheres, seemingly shifting expressions as viewers move the sphere or their perspectives.

Q&A: Anthony Ausgang on Low Brow’s Evolution, His Own Path, and More

Los Angeles artist Anthony Ausgang has long brought both humor, wit, and vibrancy to Lowbrow, moving between a fine art practice and commercial work.

Amanda Greive’s Oil Paintings Confront Gender, Art History

Amanda Grieve's oil paintings contain both conversations about gender and the history of art itself. Using feminine iconography and abstraction, she injects intrigue into her realistic works while maintaining a consistent elegance and absorbing quality.