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Rare Albino Animals Prove You Don’t Need Color to Look Spectacular

Photo Credit: Considering the myriad of beautiful colors we see in the animal kingdom, seeing a purely white animal is practically a surreal experience.

11 Of The Best Game Of Thrones Memes You’ve Ever Seen

Game of Thrones is not just a show… it’s a complete cult following. Fans have read all the books, watched all of the episodes, and marked their calendars for the new season months in advance.

David Oliveira Creates Wire Animal Sculptures That Look Like Scribbled Pencil Drawings

Some of the most intriguing art looks like something else entirely, causing the brain and body to do a double take.

Photographer Removes Phones From Photos To Highlight Our Terrible Addiction

How addicted are you to your cell phone? The real answer may surprise you. “Removed” is an awesome photo project by American photographer Eric Pickergill that highlights our horrible addiction to smartphones in a whole new way.

Artist Transforms Parents’ Home Into What May Be the Coolest Haunted House Ever

Photo Credit: Christine McConnell/Facebook You’ve probably heard it before, but serious, this has to be the coolest haunted house ever created.

Floral Designers Transform Condemned Detroit Duplex With Thousands of Flowers

Photo Credit: Heather Saunders,  Flower House This past weekend, Lisa Waud’s vision of a long-abandoned house re-imagined and dressed in thousands of blooms was realized to fantastic effect.

Mysterious Floating City in China Reported By Hundreds of Shocked Residents

Photo Credit: The Internet is abuzz with talk of newly released videos that show a massive and mysterious floating city in the skies above the city of Foshan in the Guangdong province of China.

Artist Draws Disney Animals As Humans While Keeping Their Unique Personalities In Tact

Ever wondered what Lady from Lady And The Tramp would look like if she were human? Maybe, maybe not, but artist s0alaina has given it a lot of thought.

Photos From Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards Prove Animals Are Funnier Than Humans

Humans are funny and all but animals are clearly funnier. One thing is for certain, whenever I hang out with animals I constantly laugh at all of the funny and odd things they do.

This Guy Roams The Streets At Night Pimping Random Cars With Cardboard

What would you do if you walked out of your house in the morning to see your car had been pimped out… with cardboard?

Meet The Icelandic Horse Through These Magical Photos

Photo Credit: The Icelandic horse is a unique breed of smallish horses that came to Iceland with the first settlers from Norway 1100 years ago.

Stunning Fantasy Worlds Created From Laser Cut Wood

Photo Credit: Martin Tomsky/Etsy, Bored Panda Freelance illustrator and graphic artist Martin Tomsky is gifted in the art of laser cutting wood.

400-Year-Old Colonial Church Emerges From Mexican Reservoir as Water Levels Drop

Photo Credit: Associated Press As water levels dropped from a Mexican reservoir, something rather surprising occurred.

Couple Documents How Quickly Their German Shepherd Puppy Grows In Only 8 Months

There are two things that are true about every puppy on planet Earth, they are adorable and they grow REALLY fast.

Stunning One Continuous Line Tattoos By Iranian-German Artist Mo Ganji

Mo Ganji masterfully creates one continuous line tattoos that are unlike anything else. The Iran-born and Berlin-based artist says it’s easier to “add and add” than to work with limited tools and create something basic.

18 Dogs That Instantly Regretted Their Poor Life Choices

MOST humans are pretty good at thinking over consequences before partaking in a certain action, but that doesn’t mean we always think things through.

Husband And Wife Travel To Croatia To Find Game Of Thrones Filming Locations

Asta Skujytė-Razmienė and her husband are HUGE Game Of Thrones fans and so they decided to do something so totally cool.

19 Things Every Fox Lover Needs Right Now

If you’re obsessed with foxes you’re not alone, the adorable bushy-tailed creatures have stolen hearts near and far.

Rescue Kitten Adopted By Five Ferrets Now Thinks She’s A Ferret Too!

Komari the kitten was found abandoned at only 5-months-old, lucky for her there was a family excited to take her in as one of their own.

How To Make Creepy Red Velvet Brain Cake For Halloween

Gross everyone out and simultaneously delight taste buds with this awesome red velvet Brain Cake. If I take the time to bake something I don’t usually want people shouting, “GROSS!