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Klaus Enrique’s Photographs of Stunning Faces Made from Food

Klaus Enrique is a New York based photographer whose work parallels Italian painter Giuseppe Arcimboldo and has come to adopt the term "Arcimboldist" for his expression.

Tobias Kroeger – Abstract Portraits

Eyes on German artist Tobias Kroeger and his abstract portraits. Tobias Kroeger is a German artist who lives and works in his birth town of Bremen, Germany.

Enrico Castellani “Interior Space” at Dominique Lévy, New York

Dominique Lévy is pleased to announce a solo exhibition in New York by Enrico Castellani, with whom the gallery has worked since its inception in 2012.

An Old Italian Barn Renewed as a Striking Home

In the beautiful countryside of Bomporto, Italy, an unfortunate event turned into a great opportunity.

Ben Tolman via World Experience.

Ben Tolman via World Experience.

cctvnews: Fingers on a skateboardHave you heard of finger...

cctvnews: Fingers on a skateboard Have you heard of finger skateboarding? If not, then here it is. Students at the School of Physical Education of Liaocheng University in east China’s Shandong Province let their fingers skate on miniature skateboards.

loladupre: a B C D project on Behance,

loladupre: a B C D project on Behance,

Delicate Women Oil Paintings

Julia Santa Olalla est une jeune artiste peintre basée en Espagne. Après avoir vécu et travaillé dans des villes comme Athènes, Madrid et Milan, riche de son expérience, elle s’installe à Grenade d’où elle présente cette série sensible et mélancolique de peintures à l’huile, portraits de femmes dans des couleurs pâles et plutôt sombres.

The Earin Wireless Earbuds

Swedish company Earin has found a solution to make the sight of tangled earphone cords a thing of the past with an ultra-compact design.

“On Directing Air” at amt_project, Milan

Epistemology, as well as biology, both recognize irrationality. In biology it is predominantly a reaction, assuming there is stress for time, which often leads to revolutionary solutions.

[85 pictures] The Week End Selection n°190

The Week End Selection n°190 is here! As every week, here is a selection of WTF, retro cosplay, vintage advertising, trashy illustrations, strange pictures, surreal photographs and so on, without context or explanation, gleaned from the endless meanders of the Internet… If you need some more, you will find all the previous Week end Selections here.

Amazing Book Sculptures by Jacqueline Rush Lee

L’artiste Jacqueline Rush Lee crée d’incroyables sculptures de livres. A partir de vieux bouquins dont les pages ont jauni et aux couvertures oxydées, elle imagine des formes organiques ou abstraites.

Destiny’s Child are destined for fame

Taken from the August 1999 edition of Dazed: Nobody does teen sensations better than US MTV culture. And nobody does sweet-assed junior R&B better than Destiny's Child.

Sweet Paintings of Imaginary Adventures

Kirsten Sims est une artiste illustratrice basé à Cape Town, en Afrique du Sud. You Are Here est une quête visuelle d’un désir de se lancer dans de nouvelles aventures, explorer de nouveaux endroits entourés des gens qui nous sont chers.

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“defiance is my favorite motivator”

When I emailed Toronto based artist/designer Amanda Happé to ask if she’d do the podcast, she wrote me back and said “Oooh, sounds scary – so yes!

Tango with Cows: cubo-futurist art by Vasily Kamenski

In the early 20th century Europe, art movements were popping all over the place. Cubism, that started in France, and Futurism, from proto-fascist Italy, were two of the most famous movements.

Sabine Marcelis and Brit van Nerven's Hue mirrors feature gradients of colour

New York 2016: New Zealand and Dutch design duo Sabine Marcelis and Brit van Nerven have created a range of mirrors from layers of coloured glass that create ombré effects across the surfaces (+ slideshow).

archatlas: Jeremy Mann This photoset includes a series of new...

archatlas: Jeremy Mann This photoset includes a series of new Cityscapes by the amazing Jeremy Mann. We have previously featured his series Compositions and Cityscapes.

archatlas: Two Houses at Nichada Alkhemist Architects

archatlas: Two Houses at Nichada Alkhemist Architects