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“Only time tells the truth.” BRANSCH artist Joerg Reichardt’s images are encounters that describe brief moments, short takes out of time. All the images in his recent series from Cuba were taken in a short period of four weeks.  They range in subject, but share the ephemeral – sometimes, random inspirational encounters, sometimes people he has sought out.

A Fast Anonymous Browser Fingerprinting JS Library

Fingerprinting is a technique, outlined in the research by Electronic Frontier Foundation, of anonymously identifying a web browser with accuracy of up to 94%.

Benefits and Challenges of Ruby on Rails

Over the last decade, Ruby on Rails has become an increasingly popular solution for building web applications through a fast and cost-efficient development process.

14 jQuery Accordion Plugins For Developers & Designers

Looking for some jQuery Accordion plugins? Then, here is the ultimate collection of 14 jQuery Accordion plugins that can be very helpful for you in developing menus, slideshows, content sliders, sidebars and many more.

622 Killer Free Web Resources You Need to Get Today!

This is a sponsored post. Designing cool websites has never been so easy. Floundering for web resources just ends here.

A Special Announcement: Trello is now part of Trello, Inc.

  We have some exciting news! Starting today Trello is its own company. So far over 4.5 million people have signed up for Trello.

Draw a Cute Badger Scene Step by Step

What You'll Be Creating About two months ago, I'd written a tutorial about drawing badgers (and some other animals of their family).

Notification Styles with CSS Animations for Inspirations

There are some simple ideas and effects for unobtrusive website notifications. There are a lot of ways to show an unobtrusive message to a user: from the classic growl-like notification to a bar at the top of the viewport.

7 Free Mobile App Testing Framework

This time we are presenting a collection of 7 free mobile applications for testing frameworks. This post is useful for the developers and designers who need to check their framework.

Medialoot Giveaway: 5 x 1 year Unlimited Membership Plan

Design resources are everywhere on the market, whether it's free or premium. We know that our readers will not get sick of new useful resources, that is why we are glad to partner with Medialoot to offer a one year subscription to the Medialoot unlimited membership plan, worth $99 to 5 of our lucky winners.

Notification Styles Inspiration

View demo Download source Today we’d like to share a couple of simple styles and effects for website notifications.

3 Ways to Retouch Fly-Away Hair

What You'll Be Creating Introduction I really enjoy portraiture. When it's done well, it is very satisfying and tells a lot about the person in the photo.

6 Myths Preventing Developers from Using Git

Nowadays, you’ll have a hard time finding a professional developer who doesn’t use a version control system (VCS) such as Git.

How to Create a Seamless Vintage Nautical Life Pattern in Adobe Illustrator

What You'll Be Creating It's summertime—the time to hit the beach or take a sail. What better time to decorate with a nautical pattern that'll repeat perfectly?

Free Download: iOS 7 Wireframe Toolkit for Prototyping

André Revin was creating an app flow in illustrator and he made an Ai file iOS7 iPhone 5 mockup for prototyping.

A JavaScript Powerful CSV Parser for Web Browsers

There’s a thousand CSV libraries for Javascript. Papa Parse is different. It’s written with correctness and performance in mind.

How to Create a Promotional Flyer in Photoshop

What You'll Be Creating Photoshop is great tool for graphics design, especially digital graphics that only are displayed on screens, in addition to its namesake tasks of tweaking photographs.

C’mon & Play Me Like a Game: Playful Elements in Web Design

Are you a serious person in real life? Maybe you are a backslapper feeling at ease in any company. Sometimes you need to tell a joke or two to become the heart of the party.

How to Draw Calligraphy Flourishes

What You'll Be Creating Mastering calligraphic letters is one thing, but how do you make those fancy flourishes that appear so often on wedding invitations?

Bereit wie nie by Levon Biss

In a prescient move, BRANSCH artist Levon Biss was commissioned by Mercedes and Jung Von Matt to shoot the entire German national team.