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Weekend Heller: What Fools These Artists Be

Did you know that 2016 marks the 4th century since Will Shakespeare’s death. I call him Will, but its William to you.

Must Haves for the Modern Field Photographer

Cameras are lighter, smaller, and less expensive than ever. Amateurs are now able to afflord the same rigs the pros use daily.

Back to the Future: Shock & Boredom for Big Tech Design

Tomorrow’s big tech may just be something we’ve already seen. But are we finally ready for it … and do we really need it?

Charts of the Week: Police Killings, Lion Population, Rape Statistics, and More

Each week, we visualize compelling data sets that give us more insight into what is happening in the world around us.

10 Beautiful Book Covers that Tell Their Own Story

There’s nothing like a good book. But a good book with a great cover? That’s two works of art in one. The best book design tells its own story, whether through simple text, powerful photography, or a simple graphic element.

4 Interactive Design Sessions from HIDC 2015

Here at Print, we often take the time to look back at the past—to learn from our creative predecessors and apply their successes and failure to shape the future of design.

Designer of the Week: Caleb Heisey

PRINT’s Summer 2015 Issue: Out Now! The New Visual Artists are here. In this issue, meet our 2015 class of 15 brilliant creatives under 30.

Shape the Future of Design at HIDC

Become a catalyst for creative innovation at the HOW Interactive Design Conference. Designers today thrive in the digital space.

80 Clever Negative Space Logo Designs

Negative space is an inspiring field in the design world, where designers use the alternative color in a graphic to make a dual imagery and representation of a product.

25 Wall Sign Mockups for Access All Areas Members

This week’s premium design resource for Access All Areas members is a brilliant collection of wall sign mockup templates courtesy of Madebyvadim.

Smokin’ Ladies

Women have come a long way from the pre-suffrage era when it was unladylike to smoke. Taken up as a cause célèbre, women’s right to cigarettes was a smokescreen in the struggle for more fundamental rights.

Strengthen Your Client Relationships with Strategic Services

Listen and learn from lively conversations about the business of creativity and creativity in business.

Charity: Water Shows Great Progress in Their Annual Report

Water is the most precious resource in the world. (At Visual News HQ in California, we’re facing a serious drought, so we are more aware of this than ever.) Less than 3% of the world’s water is drinkable, and most of that is in icecaps, deep underground, or trapped in soil.  Thanks to climate change, things are worse than ever.

#TBT: The First Photos From Space

Space travel has come a long way. From distances traveled to technology used, we are seeing our world—and many others—in detail we never could have imagined.

A Man is Illustrating All 100k Items in His Late Grandfather’s Tool Shed

Artist Lee John Phillips is in the midst of an impressive undertaking. The resident of Narberth (Arberth), Wales is illustrating every single object in his late grandfather’s toolshed.

How to Build a Brand with Character

From Planter’s Peanuts to Caterpillar, consumers connect with brands that have personalities they respect.

Colors’ Changing Hues

Cosimo Bizzarri is the executive editor of COLORS, a quarterly magazine published in six bilingual editions (English + Italian, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Korean and Chinese) and distributed in more than 20 countries.

Future Tech: When Sci-Fi Becomes Real

This is an online-exclusive sidebar to Jason Tselentis’ article “Back to the Future” in the Summer 2015 issue of Print.

How to Optimize Your Blog for Content Distribution

Good content is great to have, but it doesn’t mean much if no one sees it. You’re putting in all the work; you want all the shares, media pickup, and unique visitors you can get.

8 Tasty Examples of Perfect Cooking Graphics

Whether you use a recipe, or just throw it all together, cooking is a skill obtained over years of practiced effort.