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This Treehouse Apartment Building Will Make You Want to Move to Italy

It looks like Peter Pan’s Lost Boys got ahold of a city block in Turin (after becoming eco-driven architects and engineers, of course).

Weekend Heller: Operator Fonts, The Movie

Jonathan Hoefler released his first video this week promoting his latest collaborative type family, “Operator.” It is the result of Hoefler & Co. Senior Designer Andy Clymer’s proposal to design “a monospace typeface.

Tutorial: How to Create a 3D Animated GIF for Valentine’s Day

Renowned fine art photographer Flora Borsi partnered with Adobe to create this handy step-by-step tutorial to help others lear how to create a 3D animated GIF for Valentine’s Day.

NASA Just Released This Beautiful Map of Pluto’s “Heart”

Pluto has been the subject of much discussion since it was deemed a dwarf planet in 2006. Despite its new classification, interest in the planet has not waned.

Best Deadpool Comics Artists: A Designer’s Guide

The Deadpool reviews are in. Thumbs up for the meta-commentary mixed with lowbrow humor, not-so-up for substantive plot and narrative.

6 Charts That Show How Non-Diverse Hollywood Is

The lack of diversity in Hollywood has come under fire in the wake of this year’s Oscars nominations, which included all-white nominees.

Designer of the Week: Jacob Escobedo

Atlanta-based Designer of the Week Jacob Escobedo has been with Cartoon Network & Adult Swim since 1999—nearly half his life—and as VP of creative design has played a lead role in each brand’s ever-changing visual aesthetic.

Who Invented the Selfie? Here’s the History of Photography in 5 Minutes

While today everyone seems to be a photographer, that was hardly the case even 100 years ago. COOPH (The Cooperative of Photography) walks us through the storied history of photography, from the discovery of the camera obscura principle in antiquity, to the mostly unappreciated invention of the digital camera.

Valentine’s Vector Doodle Set for Access All Areas Members

This new set of vector doodles for Access All Areas members comes just in time to create your own card or promo images for clients and loved ones on Valentine’s Day!

‘Ok Go’ Shoots Insane Music Video in Zero Gravity, With No Wires or Green Screen

Ok Go is one surprising team. Just when you think they can’t take their video making skills to higher heights, they come along with something like this.

Fear of White Space

Once advertisements were introduced to newspapers, the challenge was to distinguish them from editorial content.

How to Turn Your Passion Project into a Business

HOW Design Live is more than a professional conference. It’s an inspiration-packed, global creative gathering guaranteed to open your mind, fuel your soul and power your career. The dynamic city of Atlanta hosts HOW Design Live, May 19 – 23, 2016.

How the Oxford Rule Led to Rolling Stone

The Oxford rule sounds like article of law, but in reality it is something more mundane: a thick and thin line that sits side by side.

Here’s What Expectant Mothers Worldwide Pack in Their Hospital Bag

Giving birth is no easy feat for any woman, but the conditions in which a woman delivers drastically affect the health of mother and child.

Promotion & Marketing Design Awards Judges Revealed

See Promotion & Marketing Design Awards judge Douglas Davis in person at HOW Design Live 2016, where he’ll be delivering a session that demonstrates simple creative tactics that will help you turn research into insights and turn insights into a variety of creative business solutions.

#TBT: 5 Favorite Old-School Love Letters from Famous People

We’re on the countdown to Valentine’s Day and feeling a little sentimental. Last week we looked at the ancient art of letterlocking, the unique way of sealing letters so that their contents stay locked, and there’s nothing worth protecting more than a solid love letter.

Learn UX Basics: What, Why, and How?

Before you can become a User Experience (UX) designer, you need to understand the importance of UX, the reason it exists, what the goal of the UX designer is and how they think.

Copyright-Free Evil

The copyright restrictions for Adolf Hitler’s incendiary Mein Kampf, the rant that foretold the Holocaust, were lifted this year.

4 Ways Communities Are Using Old Plastic Bottles to Make Their Lives Better

Old plastic bottles might seem pretty useless, but communities living in poverty are using them to make their everyday lives much better.

Location, Location: For Designers, Downtown is L.A.’s New West Side

In the 1980s, April Greiman, Deborah Sussman, Saul Bass and the rest of the design community regularly congregated in West Hollywood’s Pacific Design Center and nearby areas for all sorts of star-studded events.