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MIT Invents ‘Breakthrough’ 3D Printer That Prints 10 Materials Simultaneously & Costs Just $7,000

“Right now, 3D printers are focused on printing form and objects for prototype, but the Holy Grail would be to print out things that are fully functional right out of the printer, combining multiple materials with many properties,” says Javier Ramos.

These Monsters Have Problems Too

Being a monster ain’t easy… at least that’s what these charming illustrations from artist and designer Teo Zirinis would have us believe.

This Librarian Bicycles Around San Francisco Towing a Miniature Library With Free Books

School librarian Alicia Tapia is on a mission to spread the love of reading. Knowing the important influence books can have on literacy and learning she started towing a miniature library around San Francisco in 2013.

Weekend Heller: Harlem On My Mind Revisited

Last week, Holland Carter in The New York Times wrote a recollection of the famously and harshly criticized Metropolitan Museum of Art 1969 exhibit “Harlem On My Mind: Cultural Capital of Black America.” Curated by Allon Schoener, cultural historian and organizer of exhibitions that focus on topics such as African Americans, Italian Americans, Jewish Americans and the history of the Lower East Side, it was a courageous yet politically charged, and criticized, attempt to represent the black experience in the citadel of art.

9 Inspiring Examples of Creative Logo Design & Branding

Before beginning a project, logo designers must consider their objective from a multifaceted perspective. Indeed, a creative logo design takes more than aesthetic appeal.

Instagram Lets You Publish Landscape and Portrait Images

After years of cropping photos or trying to properly frame your photos to keep within Instagram’s square dimensions, the photo-sharing app has finally broadened its horizons.

Scrum Propoganda Posters to Fuel Your Sprint

If you’re not familiar with Scrum, it’s a project-management process usually used for software development. It’s highly structured, including its own sort of language and traditions.

5 Ways to Know If You Have a Good Idea

Whether you’re a freelance designer, visual artist, or creative working on a brand campaign, coming up with good ideas is tough.

Designer of the Week: Andrezza Valentin

Register for HIDC by Sept. 3 to save $200! Designer of the Week Andrezza Valentin is the founding partner and creative director at Bossa, an integrated production company that strives to push the boundaries of digital storytelling.

Google’s Joel Beukelman: “I’m Just a Guy”

Joel Beukelman may have one of the hottest design jobs in the U.S.—mobile UX designer for Android at Google—along with a resume boasting stints at Netflix and AppStack, but his good career fortune hasn’t gone to his head.

6 Poster & Flyer Templates for Premium Members

Access All Areas members have more design templates to download this week courtesy of FlyerHeroes. Members already have access to 5 food & drink themed templates and 12 illustrated flyer templates from previous donations that can be added to this brand new collection of 6 music themed posters and flyer designs.

Bert And Harry On Tap

From 1955 through 1960, the Piels brewery (in the East New York section of Brooklyn) employed the Young & Rubicam ad agency to create new commercials for their beer, which was competing with national brands.

10 Showstopping Leaflet Examples

We all know the power of well-designed leaflets. Leaflets, pamphlets, flyers and other printed media provide marketers a versatile approach to a wide variety of audiences—even in the digital age.

How to Generate Attention-Grabbing Package Design Ideas

From big-box retailers to corner stores, arresting package design has always had its place. Package design that connects with the audience can be an incredibly rewarding experience for designers.

Slow-Down for Impact: 5 Campaigns Show Why Slow-Motion is Powerful

Slow-motion ads are everywhere, and while some are better than others, most work hypnotically well at getting their message across.

#TBT: A Mini-Doc on the Disney Animators Behind “Sleeping Beauty”

Last week, we found vintage 3D renderings from Pixar’s founders that showcased their early attempts. This inspired us to explore what vintage art we might find in the wonderful world of Walt Disney.

Video Shows How to Add Bike Lanes Without Messing Up Traffic Flow

As bike lanes get added to streets around the US one common concern keeps arising: how will this affect congestion?

10 Ways Designers Solve Problems

Designers, by nature, are problem-solvers. Every project is a problem or challenge that involves helping other people understand something.

Recalling W.A. Dwiggins’ Studio

It was mecca for a rarefied type and design connoisseur. W.A. Dwiggins’ studio across from his colonial-styled home at 30 Leavitt St. in Hingham, Mass., was the citadel of Dwiggania, and the home of Dorothy Abbe, long-time Dwiggins colleague and keeper of the WAD flame.

Well, This is Unsettling… 22 Brand Logos With Their Colors Swapped

It’s no secret that color is one of the most important factors in branding, and no series of images drives that point home better than these.