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6 Exquisite Design Book Covers

I’m a sucker for a nice looking book cover design. If you share my passion, you might enjoy perusing this roundup of some of the best book covers from

The Office of Craig Oldham: Interview

I caught up with Craig Oldham to discuss his recent work for D&AD‘s New Blood Awards, which draws together the organisation’s previous Student Awards, Graduate Academy, and New Blood Exhibition, aiming to create a simpler structure that encourages more young people to enter the scheme.  You can see some his picks from the 700+ portfolios represented here.

Real People Remake the Major Arcana Cards of the Tarot Deck

Dating back to the mid-15th century and still used today, tarot cards began as a card game and progressed to map mental and spiritual pathways for mystics and psychics.

Oreo Cream Art by Tisha Cherry

One of the most popular processed cookies of all time, Oreos have been milk’s best friend for awhile now and just about everyone has a signature Oreo-eating style.

New Open Source Font Family: Source Han Sans

If you’re a typeface enthusiast or a designer who creates work for international audiences, you don’t want this news to fly under your radar.

This Week in Design: July 25, 2014

The word this week in design is “new.” From a new survey about new and young designers to a new typography experiment and a new “smellable” magazine cover, the hope is that you learn something new this week.

Interview: Dave Gouveia on Great Logo Design

When it comes to great logo design, HOW Logo Design Competition & Awards judge Dave Gouveia knows what’s up.

Interview: Dave Gouveia on Great Logo Design

When it comes to great logo design, HOW Logo Design Competition & Awards judge Dave Gouveia knows what’s up.

Get Swept Away in Interactive Wonder at HIDC

When is the last time you were swept away in interactive wonder? As designers, we’re commonly appointed the masters of inspiration, right?

Harry Potter and the Unfortunate Reality of Growing Up and Being Middle-Aged

Growing up isn’t always easy. We’ve seen Harry Potter go from a young boy (played by an equally young Daniel Radcliffe) to a grown man over more than a decade of books and movies.

Retro Party Invitation Design Templates for Members

I’ve teamed up with Wing’s Art and Design Studio to add some awesome new resources to the Access All Areas section.

50 Shades of Yellow Journalism

Lyle Stuart was a radical publisher, a thorn in the side of the ruling elite. He was also a savvy businessman.

Silhouettes Play on the Streets of Padua

The streets of Padua Italy are filled with playful silhouettes by local street artist Kenny Random. Kenny, whose real name is Andrea Coppo has been practicing the art form since the eighties, and over the years his style has ranged from anthropomorphic figures, stenciled silhouettes and a myriad of cartoon characters which interact with each other.

Which New York City Cyclist Would You Be?

If you’ve been to New York City – or any metropolitan area for that matter – you’ve probably spotted a few of these cyclists.

34 Brilliant Graphic Design and Paper Ads From the ’60s

We want to see your advertising designs. Don’t miss your chance to enter Print’s Legends in Advertising Awards!

Puffy Paint is Not Just for 80′s T-Shirts. Check Out These Designer Sunglasses by Puffdotty.

A few days ago I was on the beach in Santa Monica and I saw a guy wearing the most amazing sunglasses.

Shutterstock Palette: Explore Images by Color

Color in design matters. Designers know the power that lives in those deep blues and striking greens, and every other color for that matter, and Shutterstock has created yet another innovative way for users to tap that power. Meet Palette, your new best friend when it comes to exploring images by color palette.

There is nothing outside the text

.shrink img { width: 500px; height: auto; }Typographic posters by Ambroos Stoffels Title: Derrida Folkert

Video Reveals Surprising Life Stories From the Homeless

It’s easy to think that homeless people are far different than ourselves – but just a short conversation can quickly reveal how easy it is to lose your footing in society.

Advanced Responsive Web Design Techniques

Ready to explore the latest tools and tech for just for interactive designers? Register for the HOW Interactive Design Conference today!