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Wood, leather straps and a mirror make Le Valet.

Details: On one side, an elegant mirror with a solid wood shelf for jewelry, cosmetics or to lighten pockets and on the other, rungs for hanging clothes, linens and accessories.


Oh!led is a contemporary, minimalist, pendant light designed by the Belgian Bart Lens, founder of Lens°Ass Architecten, for Eden Design.

The Jacks scented candlesA team of students at the Hongik...

The Jacks scented candles A team of students at the Hongik University in Seoul created a 3D printed ash-trey in the shape of a scull.

A Hidden Wind

Hidden Wind is a solar-powered air conditioning concept with an intelligent interface that makes cooling your place a cinch with minimal impact to your aesthetic.

Futuristic ORB Scuba Diving Helmet Allows You to Breath Underwater Without Heavy Equipment

ORB Scuba Diving Helmet is a conceptual oxygen re-breather, a 3rd year final project at Staffordshire University.

Totally Tubular Scooter

The No. 5065 Scooter folds down into a compact and portable tube, making it a convenient vehicle for ‘last mile’ transportation in the city.

On the Case: 21 Best Macbook Cases & Sleeves

The Crib Micro-House

The Wishbones by Deus Ex Machina

The Leveraxe

Stop cutting wood the way the ancestors of your ancestors did it and use the Leveraxe. It's a better way to chop and split that uses brains, not brawn,

U-Boat Worx C-Researcher 3 Submersible

SmartHalo Advanced Bike Computer

Hole in one!

I imagine if drills were guns, this one would be a Sniper Rifle. The Safety Drill (a little generic but what can you do, right?

Save the Beach, Sieve the Beach

It infuriates me that people dirty the beach just expecting the tide to come in and clean the mess up.

Worry-free Headphone Wire

Nothing can keep you from your tunes quite like an annoying headphone tangle! The Self-Folding Wire solves this problem with an innovative spring-loaded system that organizes the wire into layers that won’t intertwine or bunch.

En yu-An

En yu-An is a minimalist and multi-purpose installation designed by the Japanese studio Fumihiko Sano for Maruwakaya, a company working on Japanese contemporary culture, specialising in monozukuri, which can be loosely translated as the art of making things.


SmartHalo is a new device that turns your bike into a smart one, it?s a device that you place on your handlebar, and has loads of features.


We continue our curation of the massive and sometimes overwhelming Amazon catalog this week with another list of products that caught our attention, either for their great discount price, for their great customer ratings, or simply because they are pretty goddamn awesome.


Included in Taylor Stitch?s new Moto Collection is this stylish Moto Boot, handmade in Maine by shoe specialists Rancourt & Co.


TarDisk seamlessly integrates into your MacBook, doubling or tripling your onboard HD with blazing fast flash storage!