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Gus* Modern: Mix And Match Furniture

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; I love to rearrange.  There is just something I love about being in new spaces, and Gus* Modern has come out with a unique Fall High Point 2015 collection called Mix that is just right for me.

Swimming Pool Table by Rain

Swimming Pool Table, as its name suggests, it looks like a miniature of swimming pool in your living room.

Style Over Stigma

For any individual with a serious health condition, the problem with wearable medical tech is feeling “marked” with a problem.

You think you know how to Chai?

For a massive percentage of Indians, chai (what we call tea) is just an absolute necessity. Some people are coffee people, me personally, I like my Assam tea with the tea masala and some ginger.

Rudolph with shiny antlers!

Wait, don’t go anywhere! You’re at the perfect place to be for the holiday season! Need to spice up your interiors with some of them Yuletide thingamuhjigs?

Stock Watches

Melbourne-based Stock Watches is one of those crews who prove that it’s not always about new and ever changing designs when it comes to pushing a brand forward.

An Egg-straordinary Beater

While this might look like another egg beater (albeit an ergonomic and stylish one), what sets it apart is an additional and unique functionality without the need for extra parts.

Do the Carlton… Chair!

With a sinuous profile, the Carlton chair is focused on elegance of form and material. Its distinct parts are outlined in wood veneered walnut, leather and burnished metal, each in perfect harmony with the others.


Zarooq Motors is a new car brand from the UAE (United Arab Emirates ), they have presented the spectacular Zarooq Sand Racer, a racing car specifically designed for the desert, yet it is street legal.


Porsche Design have recently debuted a new collection of sleek timepieces called the 1919 Collection.


Remember Tom Cruise?s Minority Report? The software system he had where he only used his hands to manage computer?


It is that time of year, holiday season can be stressful, especially if you?re buying for someone whom has everything.

BLOCKS: The Future-Proof, Modular Smartwatch

If you’re tired of shopping around for a smartwatch with the perfect features for your needs, you can stop doing all of that homework, and just grab a BLOCK instead!

Life Tips of the Week #122

#122-A: Use a spring from an old pen to keep your charger from bending and breaking. (via Life Hacks) #122-B: Make peg planters from cat food cans or small cans by simply clipping the pegs around the can until it’s covered.

Arnaud Lapierre’s Triangle Tables are graphic objects.

Details: Composed of geometric components, a circular table top and a triangular base made of squares, Arnaud Lapierre’s Triangle Tables are striking graphic objects that straddle visual art and function.

Ember: The Temperature Adjustable Travel Mug

Any caffeine lover knows how important a few cups of coffee or tea are to get through the day. One of the more frustrating parts of the beverage making process is actually drinking it.

Equip Hair Salon

The art of minimalism lies in its focus and attention to care. Equip, a hair salon in the city of Osaka might have mastered this art through a personalised experience.

A Lamp shrouded in Mist-ery

Design’s job isn’t always form follows function. Sometimes all design aims at doing is being captivating, forcing a second glance out of you, followed by absolute fixation and attachment on the product in question.

Never remember another password

The pen’s mightier than the sword, but guess what’s mightier than the pen… A pen with technologically awesome capabilities!

Birds for hangers & wall decorationThe name of these...

Birds for hangers & wall decoration The name of these concrete and ceramics made bird shapes is Ausflug, a design by Vienna based Thomas Poganitsch.