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GazeBox Garage

The Gazebox is a uniquely designed structure that can act as a garage, a gazebo or a shelter for outdoor dining.

Rimowa F13 Private Plane

The Rimowa F13 is an interestingly designed airplane that sports the look of planes you'd only see in black and white movies, with all of the latest technologies you'd expect in a modern plane.

Zoku Loft Micro Apartments

The Zoku Loft Micro Apartments are uniquely designed living quarters that come with a ton of space saving features.

Thermaid : 24hours Tracking Thermometer to Take Care a Baby

Submitted by Yoonkyum Kim, Thermaid is a concept healthcare thermometer that checks and record body as well as atmosphere temperature.

SandStand Portable Table for The Beach

Enjoying a glass of wine on the beach won’t be a problem with SandStand. It’s a portable table especially designed to be used on the beach where you can keep bottles, glasses, or cans out of sand.

Strollever Futuristic Baby Carriage by Kim Hyeonseok

Kim Hyeonseok has designed a futuristic baby carriage with wheels that act like gyroscopes to help stabilize the carriage.


The graduate collection of Kingston University fashion design alumnus Shaun Harris, 0,1,2,3,4 is the result of the designer’s in-depth investigation into how to give fashion a fourth dimensional perspective.


Amok Equipment have announced the third generation of their award winning Amok Draumr Hammock, an innovative side-roped hammock that sleeps you flat and lets you sit up.


Stary is the latest electric skateboard to hit the market. Its differentiating factor? its lightweight (a mere 8.6 lbs), ensured by three key materials, fiber glass to bear most of the weight; bamboo in the middle and Canadian Maple to increase rigidity.


Hillstreet Leatherworks was created with the simple notion that quality should trump quantity every time.


Sandisk Connect Wireless Stick is a new and interesting storage device that you can use to manage all of your data from several devices, wirelessly, this means you don?

WTC Transportation Hub

The long expected World Trade Center transportation hub by the Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava is due to open later this year in New York.

Muy Bueno: The 13 Best Tequilas To Drink

Premium tequila is becoming increasingly popular, and we've got you covered with our favorite picks.

Cut, Print: The 8 Best iPhone Photo Editing Apps

Whether a an old pro at the photography game or just a selfie taker who wants a little more, getting the perfect iPhone photo editing app is a necessity.

Everyday Messenger Bag by Peak Design

The Everyday Messenger Bag is a highly adaptable carry-all that uses a unique magnetic latching system for opening and closing.

GoPro 360° Camera Array

The GoPro 360° Camera Array has 16 GoPros that are all synced up and recorded with simultaneously.

AV House by BAK Architects

This impressively designed house sits in the forest with an open design and many glass windows for a unique living experience.

SanDisk Connect Wireless Stick

Wirelessly access your media from SanDisk's new flash drive.

Canon ME20F-SH Camera

Canon's newest video camera will run you a pretty penny, as it is capable of shooting video in nearly complete darkness.

Blanket for Airlines : A Wearable Blanket by Gal Bulka and Idan Noyberg

This is a cozy and comfy blanket to wear when you are on a plane. Blanket for airlines is a project to bring passengers with easy to wear blanket.