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REK coffee table

The REK coffee table by Reinier de Jong can be extended in different directions to adjust to one’s wishes.

Planters for your wallThese geometric shaped wall planters are...

Planters for your wall These geometric shaped wall planters are designed to bring the beauty of outdoors into your homes.

e-Raw Electric Bike Features Elastic Wooden Seat with Steel Frame

e-Raw Electric Bike features gorgeous floating wood laminated seat, bringing harmony between mechanics and electronics.

Loco for Bogo!

Anyone remember Bogobrush from three years ago? The company changed the dental hygiene game with a toothbrush that was completely biodegradable.

A road rage ender?

From red light to red light, you never quite know how long you’ll be waiting for the green! This concept by Alexander Sheremeta proposes a countdown so drivers know exactly how long they’ve got whether they’re moving or stopped.

JAQ Gran Turismo Concept Car by Jorge Anaguano Quijia

Submitted by Jorge Anaguano Quijia, this concept car is dedicated for Gran Turismo video game. This is my project JAQ Gran Turismo.


You remember Samsung’s Serif TV? What a design nightmare that was, eh? (Yes, I really found it hideous.) Luckily not all of Samsung’s TVs will look like that.

Tribute to Adrian Frutiger

On 10 September 2015, Swiss typeface designer Adrian Frutiger sadly passed away. Creator of some of the most used typefaces ever, such as Univers, Frutiger and Avenir, he influenced the direction of digital typography in the second half of the 20th century and into the 21st.

When scissors just won’t cut it…

For making precision cuts, a straight edge, cutting mat, and small fixed-blade knife will usually get the job done.

A Kettle with Longevity

Loaded with glued parts and clip fittings, the average kettle is nearly impossible to repair, giving them relatively short lifespan.


CR&S is a Italian boutique manufacturer that produces high quality motorcycles. Their spectacular Duu Motorcycle is built with sophisticated materials and tailored with a wide range of options according to the customers?


The world?s largest drone manufacturer, DJI, have just announced a different kind of product. Say hello to the DJI Osmo, a Handheld 12MP/4K camera with a brushless gimbal (designed to keep the camera flat no matter how you move it), for gorgeous, silky-smooth cinematic shots.


Another Escape is a beautifully illustrated magazine about adventure, outdoor lifestyle, and sustainable living.


The Floyd Leg has always been one of our favorites here at the office, but technically it?s never been equipped for heavy use.

Goobag Fully Collapsible Luggage Bag for Frequent Travelers

For frequent travelers, Goobag would be a practical bag to carry around as it’s been designed as fully-collapsible luggage bag.

The Most Versatile Scooter Ever?

Tripod is a scooter that functions as more than just a tool for personal mobility and leisure… it also works as a portable platform for transporting objects!

Divine Design!

This happens to be my first post about Interior Design, and I’m most certainly stoked, because this stuff is just fabulous!

INU Folding Scooter Features Automatic Folding Mechanism and Elegant Design

In less than 5 seconds, INU can fold itself up. It’s an elegant scooter with remote-controlled automatic folding system.

Project M

Project M is a pavilion with an undefined function. Completed in 2014 by Toulouse based architecture studio PPA, the structure was designed to hold a variety of programs.

Chair beyond compare

You don’t see too many seriously comfortable wooden chairs. For starters, forget the soft bum-surface, the least I could use is an adjustable backrest.