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Here Are 4 Totally Affordable 2018 Interior Design Resolutions Worth Trying This Year

Try out some of these 2018 interior design resolutions in your home. Image: Peter Eskuche, AIA “New year, new you” doesn’t only have to pertain to gym memberships and budgeting resolutions.

Santen Pharmaceutical Offices – Emeryville

Kava Massih Architects design the offices for Santen Pharmaceutical located in Emeryville, California.

VANS Headquarters – Costa Mesa

Rapt Studio designed the new headquarters for skateboarding brand and shoe manufacturer Vans, located in Costa Mesa, California.

40 Modern Minimalist Style Bathrooms

The minimalist aesthetic is very pleasing and calming on the eye and is therefore a great style by which to design a bathroom scheme.

Kraft Standing Weekly Planner

Still needing some scheduling help? Perhaps revert to the old paper/pen method and use this weekly scheduler to keep track of important events.

CA Technologies Offices – Prague

Kaplan Architekti & Horalik Atelier have collaborated to design the offices for software company CA Technologies, located in Prague, Czech Republic.

Modern vs. Contemporary Design: What’s the Difference?

Many people think modern and contemporary design are the same. But there’s a world of difference. They may be synonyms when describing many things, but in design, modern vs.

Top Taupe Paints for Your Kitchen Cabinets

The color you select for your cabinetry sets the tone for the décor you will be using in your kitchen space.

Blueys Beach House 4 by Bourne Blue Architecture

Blueys Beach House 4 is a project designed by Bourne Blue Architecture in 2015 covers an area of 119.0 m2 and is located in Blueys Beach, Australia.

Product Of The Week: A Minimalist Doorstopper For The Design-Conscious

Doorstoppers have always been one of those things that you use not out of want but out of need. Here is one great version of it that puts these things where they really should be – out of sight.

Martello Tower Home by Luigi Rosselli

Martello Tower Home is a project designed in 2014 by Luigi Rosselli and is located in Clontarf, Australia.

Voltaire by SABO project

Voltaire is a project designed in 2017 by SABO project, covers an area of 81 m2 and is located in Paris, France.

H&H Group Offices – Hong Kong

Joe Ho Associates designed the offices for health product company H&H Group, located in Hong Kong, China.

Fender Offices – Tokyo

Berthier Associates designed the offices for musical instrument manufacturer Fender located in Tokyo, Japan.

Everything You Need to Know About Saturated Colors, the New Year’s Trend

Get ready to see saturated colors popping up everywhere. Image: Kati Curtis Design If you’ve been following our reporting on 2018 interior design trends, you know that stark, minimalist spaces are a thing of the past.

UOOYAA Offices – Shanghai

X&Collective Design designed the new offices for apparel brand UOOYAA, located in Shanghai China. UOOYAA is a rising fashion brand of ladies apparels.

Offset Coffee Table and Stool

Take a look at the three skewed, off-kilter legs of this table. They’re just a bit off-center, which gives a playful feel to the heavy, solid form.

Unique Ways to Use Christmas Lights All Year Round

Christmas lights are essentially one of the best parts of the holiday season. Many will argue that having Christmas lights as part of your décor is a must.

Open Plan Home Decor With Interesting Layers

Open plan home layouts can appear boxy and lacking in structural design features, so how can visual interest be added?

How to Put Together the Perfect Kid’s Room (That Your Little Ones Will Love)

Kid’s rooms need to meet both the parent’s and child’s needs. Image: Fastighetsbyrån Designing a kid’s room can seem like a daunting task at first glance.