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The imaginative work of Achraf Baznani

Moroccan photographer and filmmaker Achraf Baznani didn’t know he was an artist until he was a fully-fledged teenager.

Forty Years of Carolee Schneemann’s “Interior Scroll”

Carolee Schneemann, “‘Interior Scroll” (1975) (Photo by Anthony McCall) Forty years ago on August 29, 1975, the thirty-six-year-old artist Carolee Schneemann pulled a scroll from her vagina.

It’s Only Rock’n’Roll, But They Like It: New Books from Robert Christgau and Jessica Hopper

Jessica Hopper, senior editor of the online music magazine Pitchfork (photo by David Sampson) Recently, Time Out New York’s “Word on the Street” column offered this overheard snippet: “She’s never had sex and she doesn’t do drugs but she really loves rock’n’roll.” Besides that chaste music fan, does anybody listen to “rock’n’roll” anymore — in a conscious manner, that is, with awareness of the genre per se?

Romanian Artist Creates Miniature Food Art Using Spoons As Canvases

Don’t play with your food, unless you’re a food artist. Better yet, an artist that makes tiny food art on spoons.

The ABC of Art Criticism: Some Recent How To’s

It has often been said that writing about art is like dancing about architecture. Nearly as often, it has also then been said: But I’m going to do it anyway.

Japanese Artist Shinji Nakaba Carves Miniature Skulls From Pearls

By Flynn Matthews Producing work since 1974, the Japanese artist and jeweler Shinji Nakaba makes all matter of anatomical forms, skulls, and flowers into what he calls as “wearable sculptures.” The sculptures come in all shapes and sizes, but his most productive series includes human and animal skul

Experimental Fashion Photographer Dana Trippe

By Seth Sebastian 20-year-old San Diego-based mixed media artist and photographer Dana Trippe uses a fishbowl to explore changing perspectives in her photographs.

A Suspended Cloud of 100,000 Illuminated Balloons Hanging Inside Covent Garden by Charles Pétillion

By Flynn Matthews French artist and photographer Charles Pétillion has revealed a cumulus cloud made of 100,000 white balloons decorated from the inside at London’s Covent Garden.

Ancient Rock Art in Utah Is Being Destroyed by Target Shooters

Utah has been known for its rock art. This drawing is located in Canyonlands National Park. (Image via Wikimedia) Rock art is one of the most fragile cultural treasures in the United States.

LOL of the Day: Guy Plays Music to the Exact Tune of Angry Grandpa Yelling and Destroying PS4

After I shared this EPIC VIDEO, a member of our Facebook group Pedro Piccinini (thank you sir!) pointed me to this glorious Instagram account: @theMonoNeon.

Art Movements

A fountain attraction at the heart of Banksy’s Dismaland (image courtesy Christopher Jobson of Colossal) Art Movements is a weekly collection of news, developments, and stirrings in the art world.


Picked by Andrew

Why the ‘Daily News’ Cover of the VA Journalist Murders Is Exploitative

(screenshot via YouTube) Last night, a tweet from writer Stassa Edwards led me to a post on Gawker about yesterday’s New York Daily News cover.

line as a climax

Picked by Andrew

Dan Quintana “Diffused” @ Hashimoto Contemporary, SF

Dan Quintana is a great follow on Instagram. He just has a fantastic, detailed process that he documents, and you can watch as his paintings take on a life.

A Redesign of Chess that Sets Us Up to Lose

Installation view of “Les Mauvais Joueurs” (all photos by the author for Hyperallergic unless otherwise noted) In 1924, competitive chess players in Paris founded the World Chess Federation, the first international governing chess organization.

iPhone 6S Camera Will Shoot 12MP Photos and 4K Videos, Report Says

The iPhone may be set for a significant upgrade in the camera department when the next model is announced.

Sat­lapse: Aerial Time-Lapses from a Bird’s Eye View

UK-based photographer Jamie Brightmore tells us that he has been working on a new style of filmmaking: a “a bird’s-eye aerial timelapse cinematography technique” that he calls the Satlapse.

Video: Creating a Star Wars Wedding Photo with 12 Hours of Photoshop

Photographer Tanya Musgrave shoots weddings professionally, but she also dabbles with photo manipulation on the side as a hobby.

PSA: Flying Your Drone Too Close to Killer Whales Can Land You a Hefty Fine

We’ve written a number of times recently about how flying your camera drone near wildfires is both dangerous and illegal, but this week two men also discovered that getting too close to killer whales can also get you in trouble with the law.