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Sky Sports Rebrands Itself With Bespoke Typeface And New Logo

Sky Sports has revealed the biggest change to its branding in its 26-year history, as the sports broadcaster expands its offering for customers.

Beauty Blogger Slammed For Her Tone-Deaf ‘Chocolate Challenge’ Makeup Tutorial

[Click here to view the video in this article] Beauty blogger Vika Shapel is facing some serious online backlash after sharing a makeup tutorial game with racially insensitive undertones.

Infographic: Six Types Of Bosses And How To Manage Them Better

Are you dealing with a boss who’s democratic? Or is your leader one who’s more like a commander? Quick Quid suggests ways on how to manage and work with six different types of bosses via the infographic below.

The Buchan Group — “The Landing” Stage Two — Christchurch, New Zealand

Construction of two new buildings in Stage two of “The Landing”, designed by Australasian design firm The Buchan Group, have recently been completed at the new retail and mixed-use centre in Christchurch’s Wigram Skies community.

Watch: Apple & ‘The Rock’ Create An Epic iPhone 7 ‘Movie’, Co-Starring Siri

[Click here to view the video in this article] Composite image by DesignTAXI. Apple logo via Wikimedia Commons, background video screenshot via Apple Dwayne Johnson dropped a teaser yesterday on Twitter, announcing that he had collaborated with Apple “to make the biggest, coolest, sexiest, funnest (is that a word?

AL1H by Sirotov Architects

AL1H is a project designed by Sirotov Architects covers an area of 192.3 m2 and is located located in the center of Kiev for a young woman.

Sprint Trolls Verizon By Opening Pop-Up Charging ‘Twice The Price’ Next Door

[Click here to view the video in this article] “Why pay less when you can pay more?” On 21 July, communication services company Sprint trolled Verizon via a one-day pop-up store that poked fun at the latter’s exorbitant prices for unlimited data.

When the Future Was Not Bleak

In the 1950s we were all (those of us young and alive) too innocent to know what could go wrong with planet Earth.

Brand Identity for Moon Dream Recording

Brand Identity for Moon Dream Recording abduzeedo Jul 24, 2017 Moon Dream Recording is a brand identity and graphic design project created and shared by Erik Musin and Timofey Popandopulo.

Bent Show Brewery

Creative Agency: Satellite Office Art Direction & Design: Kevin Cantrell Brand Strategy & Copy Writing: Erik Attkisson Photography: Eric Ryan Anderson Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work Packaging Content: Beer Location: USA It’s hot, smokey and dry.

KFC Designs US$20,000 Inedible ‘Zinger’ Burger, Ends Up Selling It Off To Vegans

Image via KFC Ltd. Earlier this month, KFC went down the inedible route by launching its own line of apparel, accessories, and home goods—all bound to whet a graphic designer’s appetite.

Learn Adobe Illustrator For Free Through This 19-Episode Course

[Click here to view the video in this article] From the same creator who brought you this free 33-episode Adobe Photoshop course comes a beginners guide to Adobe Illustrator.

Stratum desk mat warms or cools workers to their personal preference

Loughborough University graduate Tony Elkington has designed a desk accessory that warms or cools individual workers to avoid intra-office wars over the thermostat.

Vegan Cannabis Chocolate (Concept)

Designer: Urszula Krasny Project Type: Concept Location: Poland Packaging Contents: Chocolate Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper LET’S BE FRIENDS brand encourages you to chill out, meet people and make new friends.

core (Student Project)

Designer: Elena Donets Project Type: Student Project School: HSE Art and Design School Course: 2 Tutor: Pavel Borisovsky Location: Moscow, Russia Packaging Contents: Makeup primer This is a concept of premium-class makeup primers.

Yorkshire Tea (Student Project)

Designer: Lee Bartlett Project Type: Student Project School: Norwich University of the Arts Course: BA (Hons) Graphic Design Tutor: Lucy Blazey Location: Chelmsford, United Kingdom Packaging Contents: Tea Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper Printing Process: Digital printing, Foiling The people of God's County believe that there is only one brand of tea that is truly worthy of their praise.

Cardinal Meals & Noodles

Creative Agency: AG Design Designer, Creative Director: Alexandros Gavrilakis Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work Client: Cardinal, The Food Company Location: Athens.

EXIT9 (Student Project)

Designer: Kim Jeongmin Project Type: Student Project School: Chung-Ang University Course: Visual Communication Design Tutor: Se Ra Yoon Location: Seoul, Korea Packaging Contents: Survival kit EXIT9 is a brand that naturally stamps the way to cope with disasters.

Kopi Luwak - Oquendo

Creative Agency: Mara Rodríguez - Design Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work Client: Cafés Oquendo Location: Gijón, Asturias, Spain Packaging Contents: Coffee Capsules Packaging Substrate / Materials: Cardboard Printing Process: Foil Stamping, Gloss ink Packaging Design for new Oquendo’s coffee capsules.

Marjane Olive Oil

Art director: Mohammed Benomar Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work Location: Morocco Packaging Contents: Oil Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass bottle Extra virgin olive oil of Moroccan origin comes from the 100% pure Atlas, fruity and tasty olive oil.