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Kevin Lyons - POW! WOW! Worldwide.

Kevin Lyons - POW! WOW! Worldwide.

GAB Artist.Etsy Shop.

GAB Artist. Etsy Shop.

Brewers Font Collection from Hustle Supply Co.

The Brewers font collection – 8 vintage inspired display fonts designed by Jeremy Vessey of Hustle Supply Co.

What’s happening at the next gal-dem V&A takeover?

Watching a group of black women cavort through the grand halls of the V&A adorned with gold hooped earrings and denim embellished with Missy Elliot’s face felt like a huge moment, and it was.

candiceroger:They think they can fly

candiceroger: They think they can fly

10 Comics Showing That You Never Really Become An Adult

‘I’m allowed to drive a car, I can legally drink, I even rent my own house but I still haven’t figured out this thing ‘adulthood’,’ says Dutch illustrator and writer Marloes De Vries, who is trying to figure out the whole ‘being adult’ thing through her chuckle-inducing comics.

Minimal Interior Design Inspiration | 88

'Minimal Interior Design Inspiration' is a weekly showcase of some of the most perfectly minimal interior design examples that we've found around the web - all for you to use as inspiration.Previous post in the series: Minimal Interior Design Inspiration | 87Want some exclusive content?

Art Movements

Kota Ezawa, “Chez Tortoni” (2015), part of a series inspired by the artworks stolen from the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in 1990 (courtesy Murray Guy Gallery) Art Movements is a weekly collection of news, developments, and stirrings in the art world.

Lana Del Rey ‘to cast ritual binding spell on Donald Trump’

Lana Del Rey has dropped heavy hints about her plans to take part in a magic mass “binding” ritual against Donald Trump today.

A Forever Bike

No single cyclist uses their bike in the same way! This is especially true for commuters. Designed with this in mind, Modefi allows users to create their own bicycle tailored to their specific lifestyle.

Prieto Estudio

Developing projects in Mexico and the United States, interior design firm Prieto Estudio contacted Mexico City-based studio Bala to design its identity with the objective of creating a simple, timeless and flexible narrative that could relate to any of its projects.

Moschino turns trash to couture... literally

Jeremy Scott has made a career from turning low brow pop references into high fashion, but last night’s Moschino show was probably the most literal example of this.

Arca releases haunting video for ‘Anoche’

Just days after announcing his third, self-titled album, Arca has revealed a brand new music video for “Anoche”.

Calabash — StarKist Tuna & Salmon Creations (0:15)

TVCs for StarKist’s new line of Tuna & Salmon Creations® single-serve pouches and feature legendary brand icon Charlie the Tuna, alongside actress Candace Cameron Bure.

An Odd-Looking Spoon That Is Designed To Make Food Taste Better

Can the way we eat something make it taste better? According to Andreas Fabian���who has a PhD in spoons���it can.

LOL: The Internet Is Nuts For This Video Of Two Men Doing Yoga In Kilts

[Click here to view the video in this article] A few days ago, YouTube channel BBC The Social uploaded a cheeky video that took the internet by storm.

Best César Awards Pictures Ever

La cérémonie des César célèbre et récompense chaque année le cinéma français. Né en 1976, ce prix, à l’instar des Victoires de la musique et du Molière pour le théâtre, met en avant les plus grands talents du septième art en France.

These Headphones Could Be The Perfect Airpod Alternative

We personally haven't had a chance to test out a pair of Apple Airpods at the UltraLinx office yet, however, we're certainly aware of what their downfalls are.

Space Cup lets astronauts drink coffee in low gravity

A team of researchers at Portland State University has developed a coffee cup that gives astronauts in space an earth-like drinking experience by driving liquid towards the mouth.

Watch: Kids Interview Emma Watson About ���Beauty And The Beast���, ���Harry Potter���

While some of us grew up with Harry Potter, this generation of kids will remember Emma Watson as Belle in Disney���s Beauty and the Beast.