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House I by Stephan Maria Lang Architects

House I is a classic Bauhaus Villa designed by Stephan Maria Lang Architects in 2009 and is located in Munich, Germany.

artsnacks – july box!

Oooh, the “July” mystery box from ArtSnacks just showed up in my mailbox! Now, normally I only write about artwork, but I’ve decided to team up with these guys once a month to share the artsy goodness in these little boxes… because the more supplies you have, the more art you’ll make, and the more artwork I’ll have to write about.

Vintage movie and fashion posters by Raymond Gid

Raymond Gid is a French graphic designer who specialized in posters and typography. He started working as early as the 1930s, but his most prominent work was done in the 60s and 70s.

GEOMETRIC VARIANTS Photographic project by  Erika Zolli Known...

GEOMETRIC VARIANTS Photographic project by  Erika Zolli Known for its surreal and dreamlike vision, Erika Zolli’s photography combines the compositional force of abstraction with the emotional power of magical realism, leading those who look to a very particular and completely new aesthetic.

"Peace, Will You Play With Me?" is a wordless...

"Peace, Will You Play With Me?" is a wordless picture book by Josef Lee about Wall (War) and Please (Peace), in retaliation to Trump's call to build a wall.

Free Premium Photo Frame Mockup PSD

Who does not like easy things? We always find a shortcut to success which is hardly attained, because the most peaceful attainment comes to the person who has tried hard enough for it.

Typewriter Guns By Éric Nado

Words can have a bigger impact than weapons and violence. The Typewriter Guns series by... The post Typewriter Guns By Éric Nado appeared first on Gessato Blog.

The Top 10 Camera Films Preferred by Photographers

When a new film photographer asks the photography community which films are the best, most voices tend to agree on Porta, Tri-X, and HP5… but are these the most popular?

Northern Ireland Game of Thrones Tapestry - an...

Northern Ireland Game of Thrones Tapestry - an epic 77 meter tapestry to scroll through the last 6 seasons with added info and Irish shooting locations.

Korean artist’s uncompleted sculptures explore human melancholia, existentialism

Park Ki Pyung, a Seoul-based sculptor, and student, creates haphazardly finished sculptures that are heavily inspired by his personal reflections about existentialism.

Godox Made an Off-Camera Flash and Transmitter for Smartphones

Have you ever dreamed of using an off-camera flash with your smartphone? Godox wants to make it happen.

Photos Of The Artists And Hustlers of Jamaica’s Dancehall Scene

Young Love is a point-and-shoot portrait of Jamaica’s dancehall tradition shot by London-based photographer Ivar Wigan.

Nicolas Barrome’s Illustrations Toy With Texture, Expectation

French artist Nicolas Barrome’s wild, cartoonish scenes play with texture and expectation. He does this both on the canvas and on walls, with each piece tethered by Barrome’s rendering of cutesy characters and objects alongside darker elements.

Loupedeck vs PFixer: Editing Wedding Photos in Lightroom

As a professional documentary wedding photographer, actually taking photographs is a small (but essential!

Artist Daniel Lismore Expresses His Vigorous Personality in Fashionable Sculptures

For a lot of people, getting dressed may be a regular chore. However, for London-based artist Daniel Lismore, picking clothes and layering accessories enables one to express his bright, multidimensional character.

How to Create Light Painting Trails in Video with Adobe Premiere

Light painting photography is increasingly popular these days. Applying the concepts to video, however, isn’t as straightforward.

Realistic Paintings by Josep CisquellaJosep Cisquella is a mixed...

Realistic Paintings by Josep Cisquella Josep Cisquella is a mixed media artist born in Barcelona, Spain in 1955.  Josep Cisquella’s work is concerned with the illusory properties of painting.

This is How Chinese Models Get Photo Shoots Done Fast

If you’re a fashion model in Chinese who needs to pose for over a hundred outfits every day, you learn to work fast.

Two Spain-Based Photographers Playfully Interact With Geometry Of Architecture In These Images

Daniel Rueda and Anna Devís Benet are two young Valencia-based architects and photographers. Their architecture photography artistically deviates from typicality by introducing the human factor in a fun and creative way.