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Now is a peak time for flight delays in the US

Don’t be fooled by the beautiful weather in the US during summer: It wreaks havoc on air travel. Just this past week, there have been delays in New York City from thunderstorms, cancelations in Phoenix from heat, and a power outage at a terminal in Detroit due to weather.

Extreme weather has driven hordes of boys and men to embrace skirts as a form of protest

A ferocious heat wave has swept through Europe, with temperatures reaching 38°C (100°F). To beat the heat, some men and boys are leaving their trousers behind.

World Taekwondo Federation is changing its name because the internet has the sense of humor of a 12-year-old

The new branding. Are you pleased with yourselves? The World Taekwondo Federation has gone by that name since its founding in 1973.

The US government says you shouldn’t be forced use special characters in your passwords

It might be getting easier to remember all of your passwords. The standards organization of the United States, NIST, has concluded that many common requirements for passwords, like forcing you to use special characters, are misguided.

Mark Zuckerberg just sold $42.5 million of Facebook stock

Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook’s chief executive, sold $42.5 million worth of his company’s stock this week.

Under Trump, US foreign policy is increasingly being left to the generals

Qatar is home to the US’s largest military base in the Middle East and a long-time US ally. Since its Gulf neighbors, led by Saudi Arabia, imposed a blockade two weeks ago, president Donald Trump has enthusiastically praised the blockade and attacked Qatar—contradicting the messages from his own Defense Department, State Department, and Senate Republicans.

Spicy food really does keep you cooler in the summer

As the weather turns warmer, you may feel the urge to reach for something cool to eat. But you’d be doing yourself a favor by swapping that frozen yogurt for some Buffalo wings.

Keeping your hat on in Johannesburg: The tale of an Indian migrant milliner

Nothing brings together style, history and social organization more than a hat. When the Europeans began commerce with India in the 16th century, they were known by the fact that they never went about with their heads uncovered.

“Wonder Woman” is on track to make more than the movie that launched the whole Marvel universe

In 2008, three years after Marvel reacquired the film rights to genius-billionaire-playboy-turned-superhero Tony Stark, Marvel Studios premiered Iron Man—its first self-financed film.

Africa is now the world’s testing ground for commercial drones

Muhanga, Rwanda The world’s first commercial drone delivery service operates from a hill almost smack dab in the middle of Rwanda.

Wikileaks: The CIA can remotely hack into computers that aren’t even connected to the internet

When firewalls, network-monitoring services, and antivirus software aren’t enough, there’s always been one surefire way to protect computers that control sensitive operations like power grids and water pumps: cut them off from the internet entirely.

The complete guide to grilling without a grill in your sad apartment kitchen

For many of us, the start of summer in the US conjures up nostalgic thoughts of a great American pastime: backyard barbecues.

MIT and Google researchers have made AI that can link sound, sight, and text to understand the world

If we ever want future robots to do our bidding, they’ll have to understand the world around them in a complete way—if a robot hears a barking noise, what’s making it?

Meteorologists are running out of colors to map extreme heat

Global warning is upending weather maps. With temperatures reaching a near-record high of 119°F (48°C) in Arizona earlier this week, meteorologists ran out of colors to indicate extreme temperatures in southwestern regions of the US.

Egyptians still can’t agree if they own two key Red Sea islands or if Saudi Arabia does

The wrangle over two uninhabited islands in the Red Sea is shaping up to be the latest quandary facing Egypt’s government, threatening to pit its courts against its legislature, touching off a regional predicament, and possibly sparking a constitutional crisis.

Forensic dogs aim to solve the mystery of missing aviator Amelia Earhart

The most famous female pilot of all time is likely Amelia Earhart. In July 1937, she flew around the world with navigator Fred Noonan and almost completed the journey.

Disability rights activists protesting the US Senate health care bill explain what’s at stake

The US Senate could vote as soon as this coming week on its controversial healthcare reform bill, which cuts taxes for the rich, and reduces benefits for the poor, elderly, and disabled.

In the name of all that is holy, please don’t let Sheryl Sandberg become the next CEO of Uber

If anyone in this world deserves to be a CEO somewhere, it’s Facebook chief operating officer and Lean In author Sheryl Sandberg.

Even unicorns need a moral compass: Uber and the ultimate toxicity of sexism

Evidence grows that sexism stands as the gateway drug to the worst of corporate behavior, with Uber and its recently departed chief Travis Kalanick just the most recent egregious example.

South Africa’s political spats are clogging up the courts

Once again, South Africa’s courts have been dragged into a political spat. This time, it’s a constitutional court ruling on whether members of parliament can use a secret ballot to vote in a motion of no confidence against president Jacob Zuma.