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Researchers have shown that politicians don’t let facts get in the way of their beliefs

Researchers tested to see whether politicians changed their prior beliefs in the face of overwhelming evidence, and the results were pretty depressing.

6 Age Milestones That Impact Your Retirement

Legally significant ages seem to cluster early in life — you can drive at 16, vote, smoke, and enlist at 18, and drink at 21.

The 5 Best Cold Brew Coffee Makers

There’s nothing better on a hot day than an ice-cold coffee. With a cold brew coffee maker, you can make all your favorite hot or iced coffeehouse drinks from the comfort of your own home, at a fraction of the cost.

Why do Indians hate going to the gym?

Even as gyms and fitness centres proliferate across urban India, hardly any has figured out how to get users to show up after their first few sessions.

Another once high-flying Japanese cellphone maker is calling it quits

The sun is setting on Japan’s consumer electronics industry, as yet another world-renowned brand tries to shed off an important business unit.

What exactly a bestseller book means in India

If you’re a reader, you’ll have noticed that, in India, there isn’t a clear definition of what a bestselling book means.

The fate of smartphones in India depends on festivals and feature phones

The world’s second-largest smartphone market hasn’t had it easy over the past few months. After last year’s demonetisation prompted a cash crunch that hit sales, the complications following the recent implementation of the goods & services tax (GST) only made things worse, prompting a slowdown in smartphone shipments to India.

The internet is loving CNN anchor Don Lemon’s calm, frank response to Trump’s Phoenix rally

In a minute and a half, CNN anchor Don Lemon was able to clearly and calmly articulate just what was wrong with president Donald Trump’s Aug.

Kenya’s newest tech hubs are sprouting outside its “Silicon Savannah” in Nairobi

For years, Nairobi has been the cradle of technological innovation in Kenya, and the center of the country’s thriving tech ecosystem, famously known as Silicon Savannah.

It’s too early to write an obituary for bank branches and ATMs in India: Axis Bank

The death of physical banks in India over the next five or six years is something that was predicted by many experts.

GST prompts India’s iconic biscuit maker to look for a forgotten childhood favourite: toffees

It’s a kind of homecoming for India’s most popular biscuit maker—but after a long time and, interestingly, away from its mainstay.

Best Deals for Wednesday 08/23

Link for teaser title: RFID Blocking Genuine Leather Wallets for Mens Bifold, 86% OFF, and more...

The Mayweather-McGregor fight is a battle of the brands

Las Vegas is soon to host one of the most lucrative boxing matches of all time. Dubbed “The Money Fight” it features UFC (which stands for the Ultimate Fighting Championship) star Connor Mcgregor making his boxing debut against undefeated boxer Floyd Mayweather.

DJI will hold its customers’ drones hostage until they update their software

Owners of DJI’s latest consumer drone, the Spark, have until September 1 to update the firmware of their drone and batteries or they will not be able to fly them, the company announced Aug.

Internet monopolies, eclipse beats the Super Bowl, and eight other stories you might have missed

1. Code of conduct “The poor are far more likely to get stuck in jail, which makes them far more likely to get fired from jobs, lose custody of children, plead guilty to something they didn’t do, serve time in prison, and suffer the lifelong consequences of a criminal conviction.” What’s the key element that drives these factors?

War in Afghanistan: The sharp rise and steep fall of US troops over the past decade

US president Donald Trump’s speech on Aug. 21 about his plans in Afghanistan was light on details, but suggested that the US could go into open-ended war in the country in order to achieve an “everlasting peace.” It echoed promises by his predecessors, Barack Obama and George W.

Mapped: Where in the world the US still has a military presence

In a speech delivered last night (Aug. 21) in Fort Meyer, Virginia, Donald Trump confirmed what was expected: he is walking back opposition to military involvement in Afghanistan, and instead sending more troops to a war that’s already cost the US some $800 billion and over 2,400 troops’ lives.

Artificial intelligence has opened up a whole new way to steal pictures online

In June, Google told stock photography website Shutterstock that its researchers had found a weakness that could destroy the site’s entire business.

What Americans—and one very responsible dog—looked like staring at the solar eclipse

As the great solar eclipse of 2017 moved across the United States yesterday, crowds congregated below to watch it happen.

Mexican tourists are skipping Trump’s America

US president Donald Trump’s harsh rhetoric against Mexicans appears to be keeping undocumented immigrants away—and dollar-toting tourists with visas as well.