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Back once again, it's Best of the Web!

Here in the UK, Storm Doris has been tearing a path of destruction through our streets, train lines and day-to-day lives.

Women Who teams up with illustrator Kelly Anna for International Women's Day event

Women Who is joining forces with artist and print designer Kelly Anna for an International Women’s Day event.

A Forever Bike

No single cyclist uses their bike in the same way! This is especially true for commuters. Designed with this in mind, Modefi allows users to create their own bicycle tailored to their specific lifestyle.

An Odd-Looking Spoon That Is Designed To Make Food Taste Better

Can the way we eat something make it taste better? According to Andreas Fabian���who has a PhD in spoons���it can.

Photographers Kelia Anne MacCluskey and Luca Venter explore the limits of reality

When we stumbled across Kelia Anne MacCluskey’s photographs, we were hooked by her intuitive approach to soft lighting coupled tightly with a throwback aesthetic.

LOL: The Internet Is Nuts For This Video Of Two Men Doing Yoga In Kilts

[Click here to view the video in this article] A few days ago, YouTube channel BBC The Social uploaded a cheeky video that took the internet by storm.

Space Cup lets astronauts drink coffee in low gravity

A team of researchers at Portland State University has developed a coffee cup that gives astronauts in space an earth-like drinking experience by driving liquid towards the mouth.

Watch: Kids Interview Emma Watson About ���Beauty And The Beast���, ���Harry Potter���

While some of us grew up with Harry Potter, this generation of kids will remember Emma Watson as Belle in Disney���s Beauty and the Beast.

An Animated Look At The Artistic Process That Many Creatives Can Relate To

[Click here to view the video in this article] Even though this stop-motion clip created by director Salman Sajun was inspired by his film craft, The Process highlights overlapping elements in the artistic process that many creatives���not just filmmakers, directors, producers and animators���can easily relate to.

Watch: Do You Think You Can Solve The Three Gods Puzzle?

[Click here to view the video in this article] Imagine landing on a planet and going face-to-face with three frightening alien overlords.

Byron’s new illustrated website features Alec Doherty, Andrew Rae and Alice Bowsher

Clubhouse Studios has redesigned burger chain Byron’s website with a strong focus on illustration, including work by Alec Doherty, Andrew Rae and Alice Bowsher.

Design Indaba 2017: meet ten keynote speakers

For the fourth consecutive year, It’s Nice That has media partnered with Design Indaba. We will be delivering news, highlights, interviews and reaction direct from each day of the three-day conference from Cape Town.

Coca-Cola Ad Reminds Drivers That It���s Safe To ���Drink And Drive��� With Coke

Conceptualized by art director Debanjan Kundu, the following Coca-Cola ad playfully reminds drivers that it���s safe to ���drink and drive��� with Coke.

Watch: Patrick Stewart Comically Reads Absurdly Bad Reviews Of Famous Landmarks

[Click here to view the video in this article] In a new clip for GQ, actor Patrick Stewart reads ridiculous one-star reviews of world-renowned landmarks including Stonehenge, the Statue of Liberty, Mount Rushmore and the Eiffel Tower.

The Stages All Designers Go Through When Asked To Work For Free

���Exposure������the one word all designers and illustrators avoid like Voldemort. Your creativity and time aren���t free, and it takes a real client to realize that.

Gabriella Boyd’s paintings capture fleeting moments of intimacy

London-based artist Gabriella Boyd mainly works with oil paints on canvas and often creates imagined locations using only colour and line as her guidance.

Watch: Slow-Motion Video Of Batteries Exploding After Being Heated By Blowtorch

[Click here to view the video in this article] Warning: Do not attempt to do this at home. Gavin and Daniel from The Slow Mo Guys are no strangers to explosions, however, their latest slow-motion video really pushes the envelope of danger.

Friday Mixtape: Because Music's Jane Third creates a lo-fi electronic mix

Looking through the roster of Paris/London record label, Because, is like unearthing hidden gems from your past on top of a wealth of hits.

Magic Party Place: CJ Clarke photographs Basildon, Essex over ten years

Basildon, located 25 miles east of London in Essex is a town compromised of a white working class community.

Diane Fox distorts the “illusion of the diorama” with beguiling images of museum exhibits

Photographer and senior lecturer at the University of Tennessee Diane Fox addresses our objectification of nature and aims to “distort the illusion of the diorama” in her series UnNatural History, where she’s captured exhibition displays in over 27 museums and galleries.