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My 6-Month CrossFit Transformation Isn't What I Thought It'd Be

I wasn't going to write this post. I didn't want to share these photos. I felt too embarrassed. But it was for that reason that I felt compelled to.

I Made These 3 Changes at Breakfast and Finally Started Losing Weight

Despite eating (what I thought was) a wholesome breakfast every morning, the pounds weren't dropping.

Report: Over 700 People Were Detained During the First Weekend of the Travel Ban 

A list of 746 names of the people “processed or detained” during the first weekend of President Donald Trump’s xenophobic nightmare of a travel ban was released for the first time Thursday.

Man Who Allegedly Yelled 'Get out of My Country' Before Shooting Three Investigated for Hate Crime

The Wednesday night shooting of three men in a Kansas City sports bar is now being investigated as a possible hate crime after witnesses say the shooter yelled “get out of my country” before opening fire on two Indian men.

Caitlyn Jenner Is, Somehow, Disappointed With Trump For Failing to 'Protect the LGBTQ Community'

Caitlyn Jenner, a steadfast Republican, is disappointed. She’s upset that Donald Trump, a man who apparently promised her that he’d “protect the LGBTQ community,” has failed to do so.

Gabby Giffords to Texas GOP Rep Louie Gohmert Who Refused to Hold a Town Hall: 'Have Some Courage'

Across this great nation of ours, members of Congress are holding town hall meetings during the recess as a way of connecting with their constituents.

Paula Patton and Robin Thicke's Custody Battle is Getting Messier by the Minute

In a deeply unpleasant turn for Paula Patton and Robin Thicke’s custody battle, documents filed in court Thursday allege that Robin took the social worker assigned to their case to dinner in an attempt to curry favor.

'I Just Finished My First Month Of Weight Watchers—Here's What It Was Like'

Hint: The girl lost five pounds!

6 Signs You’ve Got A Serious Problem With Your Stomach

Start paying attention to your poop.

Jalopnik Here’s What Those Little Shapes On Car Bumpers Are For | Lifehacker All the Best Movies Com

Jalopnik Here’s What Those Little Shapes On Car Bumpers Are For | Lifehacker All the Best Movies Coming to and Leaving Netflix in March 2017 | Kotaku Early Impressions Of My Very Own Nintendo Switch | io9 Here’s the Latest on All 17 (and Counting) Possible Upcoming DC Movies | Read more...

Whose House Is This 😂

Katy Perry performed her very catchy and very woke song “Chained to the Rhythm” at the Brit Awards last night, reprising that sad house motif she introduced during her Grammy’s performance earlier this month.

The Best Leggings Under $50

Your workouts don’t have to strain your wallet.

No Surprise, Kellyanne Conway Defines Feminism as “Pro-Abortion” and “Anti-Male”

Kellyanne Conway spoke at the Conservative Political Action Conference Thursday, so prepare yourselves for a whole boatload of WTF quotes.

Jackie Evancho Wants to Talk Trans Rights With Trump—If Only She Hadn’t Performed At His Inauguration

. @realDonaldTrump u gave me the honor 2 sing at your inauguration. Pls give me & my sis the honor 2 meet with u 2 talk #transgender rghts ❤ — jackie evancho (@jackieevancho) February 23, 2017 I’m trying to keep in mind that Jackie Evancho is sixteen.

The Land of the Free: A Look Inside CPAC's Swag Room

NATIONAL HARBOR, M.D.—Deep in the bowels of the Gaylord Hotel and Convention Center in National Harbor, where CPAC is holding its annual conference, is a special room.

How To Tell If A Wellness Coach Is Legit

Because there's no org making sure they get proper training.

The Folks at SNL Seem to Think We Care About More Than 2 People On This List

NBC has announced the hosts and musical guests for the March 4 and March 11 episodes of SNL, but an image tweeted by the show Thursday afternoon mistakenly assumes we will care about more than two of them.

Things We Saw Today: Patrick Stewart Reads Some Excellent 1-Star Reviews About National Monuments

If the internet has loudly declared anything at all, it’s that we all love it when celebrities read ridiculous things for mass consumption.

While You're at Coachella, Pregnant Beyoncé Will Hopefully Be Resting With Her Feet Up

Beyoncé is no longer doing Coachella this summer, pushing back her performance dates to 2018, on account of the fact that she is freaking pregnant with twins.

Let's Look At the Truly Terrifying Presidential Order of Succession 

With every dreadful day that passes, I get closer and closer to actually believing Donald Trump won’t make it four years in office.