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Did Panera just go Paleo?

If you have certain dietary restrictions, it can feel like there’s nothing fast about your food options.

4 times Gal Gadot really was Wonder Woman

Following Wonder Woman’s record-smashing success (its $100-million opening weekend was the highest ever for a female director), the film’s star, Gal Gadot, has reached major #wcw status.

You need this sugar-free rosé cocktail in your life this summer

What goes great with pink wine? If you answered everything, you’re not wrong. But in particular, it turns out rosé might have met its match with mezcal, a majorly trending Mexican spirit that’s been dubbed the healthier tequila.

Could having a “mind coach” on demand be the key to a healthier pregnancy?

As a Pilates instructor, fitness model, and founder of the buzzy Australian-inspired cafe chain Bluestone Lane, Alexandra Kate Knight keeps busy—even more so now that she’s 25-weeks pregnant.

7 Classic Summer Salads That Will Stand Out at Any Party

Summer parties are ramping up, and that means your host and/or guest duties are too. It doesn't matter which category you fall into because both require you to make some bangin' food that will have everyone saying, "Omigosh this is SO good, how did you make it?

This 11-Minute Yoga-Inspired Workout Will Blast Your Core Into Serious Shape

What happens when you mix yoga-inspired moves with the intensity of interval training? You get a super-short and powerful workout like this 11-minute core class.

How to develop a rejuvenating bathroom ritual like a clean-beauty guru

As the head of a brand that wants to introduce you to the best of Australia’s clean-beauty boom, Onda founder Larissa Thomson does a lot of product testing.

The beach essentials Lauren Conrad always packs—cute bikini included

As a true Laguna Beach girl (who still hangs out there on the reg), Lauren Conrad has her healthy beach routine down—and no, it doesn’t require lugging around a heavy tote.

It’s official: Meditation booths are the new phone booths

Spotting an old-school phone booth is about as rare as meeting someone with a pager. (Now those wifi hot-spots where you can charge your phone?

News to know! Why Well+Good is switching to @iamwellandgood on social media

When Well+Good started the #iamwellandgood hashtag on social media in January 2015, we encouraged totally honest sharing of what wellness really looks like, in all its sweaty, unfiltered imperfections.

4 mistakes you’re probably making with your crunches

Photo: Stocksy/Studio Firma When it comes to functional strength, you can’t beat core conditioning. Not only do fit, fired-up abs, obliques, and back muscles improve your posture (and even your confidence), they also support the muscles along your spine, lessening your risk of injury.

The secret to making the creamiest chocolate pudding ever? Sweet potatoes and coffee

Photo: Da Capo Lifelong Books You could say that Pamela Salzman‘s upgraded healthy chocolate pudding recipe was a happy accident.

4 things Courteney Cox does daily to bring out her beauty, naturally

On Friends, Courteney Cox was easily the most high-maintenance of the six-member crew. In spite of her insistence that “I’m breezy!

12 weekend wellness retreats for a midsummer mind-body reboot

Between weddings, music festivals, family reunions, and BBQs, your summer calendar can fill up pretty quickly—and if you’re particularly social, you may find yourself sending out a self-care SOS after several weeks of nonstop party hopping.

You just need these 5 things to create a dreamy backyard oasis this summer

Hygge season may be a distant memory now that the sun’s no longer setting at 4 p.m., but that doesn’t mean you’ve got to give up your staying-in ethos entirely.

Emmy Rossum followed this food protocol to majorly boost her energy (and balance her hormones)

Kelly LeVeque. Photo: Braedon Photography Working with health coach Kelly LeVeque is like having a super-smart BFF on speed dial—only, she happens to be ridiculously brainy about all things holistic nutrition.

23 Pressure Cooker Recipes for Quick and Easy Meals

Thanks to the Instant Pot charming the aprons off home cooks everywhere (and for good reason), the humble pressure cooker is finally getting its moment in the limelight.

9 Makeup Products That Make It Look Like You’re Not Wearing Any

Summer is in full swing, which means it’s prime time for laid-back, carefree beauty. The goal: sheer, fuss-free, and easy-to-apply makeup that not only looks like you've got nothing on but also feels like you've got nothing on.

Dream team alert: Onda natural beauty joins forces with Malia Mills

From Gwyneth Paltrow joining forces with Tracy Anderson to build a workout studio in a former movie theater to Hannah Bronfman curating natural beauty boxes with CAP Beauty, there’s a definite future-is-female thing happening in the wellness world.

These are the most flattering black swimsuits—no matter your body shape

Just like a solid pair of opaque leggings, a black one-piece bathing suit is a wardrobe staple for any healthy gal—especially if your ideal beach day involves a workout (or at least actually getting in the water) in addition to the requisite towel time.