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How to stay motivated on a long run, according to a NYC fitness powerhouse

As part of our in-depth series United States of Running, we teamed up with Flow Water—the naturally alkaline Canadian spring water—to bring you a peek into how running superstars get motivated, maintain focus, and stay hydrated for every mile.

14 slipper shoes that allow you take your hygge game out on the town

We get it, when your home has been transformed into a Zen den full of soft materials, millennial pink hygge homewares, and comfortable loungewear, it’s tempting to stay cuddled up inside. There is, however, a fix that’ll help get you out the door.

High stress and a poor diet could wreak equal havoc on your body

Sorry to break it to you, but high stress levels might be just as bad for you as downing junk food. Yes, seriously.

Could the wrong lube cause your condom to break?

If you’ve got a pack of condoms in your goodie drawer, chances are they’re latex. They’re the most widely available—from you college’s health services center to your neighborhood pharmacy—and least expensive prophylactics on the market.

Are “depression naps” actually a good idea? A mental health expert weighs in

Social media has blessedly morphed from a place where users post photos of their (supposedly) nonstop-happy lives to a space for sharing how you’re actually feeling.

Cheers to Libra season with this astrologically crafted herbal cocktail

It’s no secret that Libras are among the most social of the signs. The type of girl who hits it off with just about everyone she meets, a Libra is exactly who you want at a party—if she isn’t already throwing it herself.

The easy way to clean your tub after using bath oils

Bathing has gone from frivolous pastime to necessary self-care ritual (just ask daily devotee Jenny Slate).

This scientific reason explains why defined eyebrows are so trendy

There’s a reason why (at least a subconscious one) thick, Cara Delevingne–esque brows are trendy as ever: According to a new study, the contrast of dramatic eyebrows against your skin actually make you appear more youthful.

How do your ACV and activewear purchases stack up against other Amazon Prime members?

Stocking up on avocados, apple cider vinegar, and activewear in a few clicks is enough to make you wonder how anyone lived without Amazon before.

This is the secret place to find deeply discounted athleisure

As someone who writes (and, in a way, exercises) for a living, athleisure is kind of my life. I’m always somewhere between working out, chilling out, or freelancing from my apartment—all activities that require comfort.

14 women on what Love Your Body Day *really* means to them

More and more women are coming out, loudly and proudly, in defiance of social norms which dictate that they should be ashamed of their bodies.

11 Lululemon leggings for fall that are on sale right now

When it comes to shopping at Lululemon, things move fast. Sometimes it’s hard enough just to grab the leggings you want before someone else scoops them up.

Why Lo Bosworth stopped doing high-intensity cardio

In the 10 years since The Hills debuted on MTV, Lo Bosworth’s embarked on a major wellness journey (not unlike her pals Lauren Conrad and Whitney Port): She’s opened up about her struggle with anxiety and depression, went to culinary school, and started her own line of feminine care products, for starters.

And the happiest city in America is…

There are countless benefits to being happy, and those who live in 25 special cities are reaping a whole bunch of ’em.

Should your skin care match your eating philosophy?

You’ve nixed gluten and dairy from your diet (awesome!). You have iron-clad willpower to fend off daily temptation as it arises (go, girl!

7 top-rated silk pillowcases on Amazon that give “beauty sleep” new meaning

There are an infinite number of micro-improvements you can make to your bedroom (hello, plants!) and sleep situation at any given time to create a space of complete and utter serenity.

Sleep loss is literally killing your dreams, study says

There’s nothing quite like spending time in dreamland. It is the only place where you can be BFFs with Beyoncé, take unlimited boutique fitness classes for free, and ensure PSL everything is totally healthy and nutrient rich. But unfortunately, dreaming is becoming a lot more scarce, according to what one doctor is calling a “dream deprivation” epidemic.

3 ways Sephora rises above gender bias to hire *all* the #bossbabes in tech

Silicon Valley—the hub of seemingly everything technology related—has a reputation for being somewhat of a boys club.

10 gorgeous US islands to visit—other than Hawaii

Hawaii’s archipelago may be the most famous islands in America, but there are plenty more picturesque ones to visit that don’t require a passport—for whatever kind of vacation you want to have.

Google home is about to get a hygge makeover

Technology has its pitfalls, but it also offers some pretty sweet bonuses. It can help you stay connected with your cross-country BFF and help you learn to nail that crow pose, for starters.