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How to get inspired to get moving (in a minute or less)

When your alarm goes off at 5 a.m. (the one labeled “wake up now or you’ll miss your workout”), what makes you stop from hitting the snooze button and rolling over?

Why your relationships may be key to your longevity

Next time you’re tempted to cancel dinner plans for some quality time with Netflix—again!—you may want to think twice.

7 celeb-tested workouts that got us seriously sweating this year

You might spot famous folks like Michelle Obama and Beyoncé at SoulCycle, and you can dupe a star-sanctioned workout by hitting a number of beloved (boxing-heavy) studios.

Shower plants will literally make your bathroom feel like a lush tropical garden

Turning your home into a full-on Zen space is one of the biggest wellness trends of 2018—think Himalayan salt lamps, meditation nooks, and healing crystal-inspired home decor.

De-puff your eyes by keeping these 6 tools in the fridge

As I sit shivering at my keyboard just after New York City’s first snowfall, advising you to remove (and then use) anything from the refrigerator as a beauty treatment seems ill-advised.

Could too much kale cause thyroid issues?

There’s a rumor being whispered in certain health circles—have you heard it? It’s that a scary connection between kale and your thyroid can supposedly throw your whole body out of whack.

Are ‘meat taxes’ the next ‘soda tax’?

Soda taxes have proven to be successful in getting people to buy fewer sugary drinks. (All the cool kids are drinking kombucha now anyway.) Now, investors are pushing a controversial new “meat tax,” hoping it will have the same effect and ultimately lower greenhouse gas emissions—14.5 percent of emissions worldwide come from livestock—that negatively impact the environment.

Tampons in the tundra: What we can learn from the first woman to ski across Antarctica

Not only did Felicity Aston set a world record by becoming the first woman to ski across Antarctica totally solo, but the polar explorer also backed up a widely known sentiment: Badass boss babes don’t let obstacles stand in the way of them achieving goals.

How to pull off a bold holiday look, according to a makeup pro

One of the best things about the holiday season—aside from gifts and vacations, of course—is the cause to celebrate with friends and family at holiday parties galore.

The scientific reason smiling might make your workout more powerful

Getting through the most intense peak of your workout is hard, sometimes painful, and the seconds seem to crawl while you’re pushing through it.

Considering a career pivot? 5 ways to breathe new life into your work

If you spend most of your day staring at your computer screen dreaming of doing, oh, anything else, it’s probably time for a career pivot.

Airbnb’s 10 most-booked cities add up to a global, urban wanderlusting bucket list

If traveling tops your list of goals for 2018, you’re in luck: Airbnb just released its 10 most-booked cities, which you can co-opt into a wanderlusting hit list.

What’s more important for a healthy lifestyle: sleep or exercise?

Raise your hand if you’ve found yourself in this predicament many times: You stayed up too late, and after only getting a handful of hours of sleep, you woke up and groggily got yourself to a workout class.

Make these (better-for-you) holiday desserts ASAP

When you realize you’ve eaten as many sugar cookies as there are Hallmark holiday movies (read: too many too count), it’s time to rethink the ingredients in your go-to desserts.

Indigenous People are Deploying Drones to Preserve Land and Traditions

Indigenous tribes from the Pacific Northwest to the Amazon Basin face a similar set of challenges: How to manage their lands, defend against corporate encroachment and document historic and religious sites for future generations.

How one healthy chef got her meat-loving husband to eat vegan

Photo: Robert Rose Trying to get a carnivore to eat vegan isn’t easy. Just ask Candice Hutchings, the creator of The Edgy Veg, an irreverent blog and YouTube cooking series that’s now also a cookbook brimming with plant-based recipes for traditional comfort foods like fried chicken, spaghetti and meatballs, and New York-style cheesecake.

6 pairs of winterized sneakers that’ll keep your feet dry and warm until spring

So far, this season’s been mild in most areas of the country. But winter is coming, and with it all of the weather that makes it difficult to rock sneakers, e.g.

This is the protein-packed smoothie Jessica Alba—and her daughters—drink in the morning

Like your first supercharged cup of coffee, it can be easy (and satisfying) to DIY your own breakfast smoothie for an early a.m.

Your itinerary for the Well+Good Retreat in Palm Springs

Well+Good Retreats are designed to be a different kind of wellness getaway, led by fitness and wellness luminaries who are tapped by Well+Good editors.

Explore the Avalon Hotel, your home-base for the Well+Good Retreat in Palm Springs

We designed Well+Good Retreats to be a new generation of wellness getaways, starting with the debut Well+Good Retreat at the Avalon Palm Springs.