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4-Ingredient Flourless Banana-Nut Pancakes

EASY, good-for-you pancakes, loaded with heart-healthy nuts, banana and oats, plus a whole egg – a powerhouse of nutrition.

How to Make Fruit & Nut Energy Bites by Natalie

I’m a huge fan of fruit and nut energy bites. They’re similar to the Larabar brand energy bars, but (in my opinion) taste better and are much more affordable.

Low-Carb Recipe Love: The BEST Low-Carb Zucchini Noodle Soups

Every Friday we spotlight low-carb recipes you might want to try over the weekend, and this week we're focusing on The BEST Low-Carb Zucchini Noodle Soups!

4-Ingredient Instant Pot Chicken Chile Verde

4-Ingredient Instant Pot Chicken Chile Verde-you only need four ingredients and a pressure cooker to make this easy chicken chile verde.

Chit Chat Disney Edition

Sharing some fun Disney related posts over the last couple weeks you might have missed! Some of you know that I attended the Disney Social Media Moms Celebration a couple weeks ago.

Low-Carb Recipe Love: Ten Low-Carb Stuffed Peppers Recipes

Every Friday we spotlight low-carb recipes you might want to try over the weekend, and this week we're focusing on Low-Carb Stuffed Peppers Recipes!

Oxford Dictionary Adds These Food Words

If you're a food nerd like us, you might also light up when you hear the news: Oxford Dictionaries released a feast of new food words.

Would You Put Your Kitchen on the Second Floor? — Kitchen Crush

When homeowners Judy and Don sat down with their architect, Gary Tran of Tran Architecture, to redesign their Houston abode, they made one huge (and surprising) decision: to flip the layout.

10 Tiny Ways to Make Chex Mix Even More Awesome — 10 Tiny Recipes

(Image credit: Lauren Volo) Chex Mix is sometimes referred to as party mix, which honestly might be the most obvious name for any food ever, given it pretty much feels like a party whenever you dig into some.

The Best Foods to Eat with the Movie You're Watching Tonight — Movie Night

The power of suggestion is so very strong. Whenever I watch a movie with food in it, whether it's truly appetizing or just evocative, chances are I will be craving it in a major way.

How To Make Dried Pineapple Flowers — Cooking Lessons from The Kitchn

Open Slideshow Does the toughest part of making a cake come at the end, just when you think you're done?

Are Granite Countertops Almost Over? This Report Says Yes. — Kitchen Design

Once we all seemed to get over Formica, granite took over as the ever-present top pick for kitchen counters.

Everything I Know About Birthday Parties I Learned from My Mother — Birthday of the Month

My mom was the Queen of Birthday Parties. I'm not sure it was ever her intention to secure that title but, as an innately creative and exceptionally loving person, her natural inclination is to honor each of life's occasions with the flair and fanfare it deserves — sometimes even more than it deserves.

Mexican Quinoa Stew

Sometimes I get really excited about a recipe because it sounds delicious, but it almost seems too easy—do you know what I mean?

How Wearing an Apron Transformed My Cooking — Personal Essay

I wish I could say it was Julia Child who inspired me to don my first apron, but it was spaghetti sauce.

10 No-Heat, No-Cook Meals That Still Fill You Up — Recipes from The Kitchn

Before we get started on a subject dear to our hearts, let's define the term "no-cook," since it can be interpreted in many ways.

World Loses Roughly 20% of Food to Waste and Overeating — Food News

Chowing down on that extra hot dog despite being full or tossing out some veggies that are on the verge of going bad may seem pretty harmless, but that habit is contributing to a global food problem.

Watch Mac DeMarco Take on the Hot Ones Challenge

Mac DeMarco eats extra-spicy chicken wings while taking on the Hot Ones challenge.

How To Make Classic Hummingbird Cake — Baking Lessons from The Kitchn

Open Slideshow Hummingbird cake tastes like it could be the love child of banana bread and pineapple upside-down cake.

The Best Way to Remove Butter Stains from Anything — Cleaning Tips from the Kitchn

The only problem with buttery movie-style popcorn at home? The fact that it has a tendency to lead to greasy fingerprints on the sofa.