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Pompeo Can’t be Any Worse Than Tillerson, Social Sez

> Source: – Mike%20Pompeo-and-Secretary%20of%20State On Tuesday, the President fired Rex Tillerson, a decision the Secretary of State was made aware of though a Trump tweet.

My Kid Came Out, Now What?

Embed from Getty Images — Understanding what LGBTQ is does not necessarily mean one understands their LGBTQ child.

Losing Your Cult

Embed from Getty Images My wife and I had a short, two-year bout with infertility. We tried making babies the old-fashioned way, hit a few speed bumps, and got tested.

What to do When His Mom Doesn’t Like You From day One

Embed from Getty Images — My boyfriend and I dated for about two years before I met his mom. Typically, meeting the parents is no problem for me.

A Child’s Death: A Father’s Lesson About Being a Warrior

— “Is it dead?” My daughter spotted a butterfly in the school parking lot. Its wings were flat against the asphalt.

The 10 Best Sneaker Photos on Instagram This Week

We’re back with a selection of highlights from our series showcasing some of the best sneaker photos we came across on Instagram this week.

mastermind JAPAN’s Next Collaboration Will Be With ‘Mobile Suit Gundam’

mastermind JAPAN took to Instagram to tease its next collaboration, which will be with popular anime Mobile Suit Gundam.

Dan Harmon Confirms ‘Rick and Morty’ Has Not Been Renewed for Season 4

Rick and Morty co-creator Dan Harmon confirmed on Twitter that Cartoon Network has not renewed the show for a fourth season.

A Black Guy and a White Guy Walk into a Bar

Embed from Getty Images — I’ve known Josh for almost ten years. We met in San Diego through mutual friends and bonded over our love of hip-hop.

This 3D-Printed Cabin Is Any Nature Lovers Dream

Visit the original post to see all 3 images from this gallery. 3D printing can be pretty cool, especially when you can build an entire house in less than 24 hours or a cabin that’s completely covered in living plants, like the one above from Emerging Objects.

The Best Fitness Watches You Can Buy In 2018

Few things are tracked as fastidiously as fitness. From beats-per-minute to miles-per-minute, winning, it seems, is all in metrics these days.

Men Going Their Own Way

Embed from Getty Images — This week Andy Grant is visited by writer and speaker, Anthony Simeone, to discuss the MGTOW movement, toxic masculinity, and the notion that women are evil.

Takashi Murakami & Virgil Abloh Come Together On New Artwork

Takashi Murakami posted what he called a “new colabo with Virgil Abloh” on his Instagram today. The duo had been working on their co-exhibition recently, which coincided with London Fashion Week 2018.

Down’s Syndrome: A Different Perspective

— My wife Charlotte and I recently attended the National Down Syndrome Conference. Each year, people in the Down syndrome community across the country gather in a different city in the United States.

Flex Your Math Knowledge With This Luxurious Pi Bike

Visit the original post to see all 3 images from this gallery. Pi Day (March 14, for those of you not in the know) has come and gone and if all we’re left with is this incredible Pi bike, it was totally worth it.


“Give me five,” called out a voice from across the main road leading into Nkhata Bay, a beautiful little slice of paradise on the beaches of Lake Malawi.

Every Photographer Needs a 50mm Lens. Today, the Classic 50 Is On Sale for Over 35% Off

Snag this classic "Nifty Fifty" 50mm lens direct from Canon for cheap.

Bill Murray & More Discuss the Meaning of Doghood in ‘Isle of Dogs’ Cast Interviews

Wes Anderson’s latest creation, Isle of Dogs, is a stop-motion animated film starring the voices of Bryan Cranston, Jeff Goldblum, Ed Norton, Scarlett Johansson, Bill Murray, Liev Schreiber, Bob Balaban, and Tilda Swinton.

Social Mildly Bubbly Over Kudlow Joining Trump

> Source: – Larry%20Kudlow Kudlow does have policy experience, having served as Associate Director for Economics and Planning in the Office of Management & Budget under President Ronald Reagan and on the New York State Tax Commission under Governor George Pataki in 2005.

Top 10 Comments of the Week: Shia Labeouf & Kanye West, Nike Air Max 97 & Calvin Klein

It’s been a busy seven days for the culture. Not only were we (effectively) given confirmation that Shia Labeouf is indeed the living source of contemporary menswear, but new developments suggest that YEEZY season has approached.