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Why hotels have nothing to fear from robots or AI

Androids may one day dream of electric sheep, but hotels shouldn’t lose sleep over it—so long as they have their data ducks all in a row.

Best travel apps

Those who travel frequently know the frustration of keeping on top of work, itineraries, and personal stuff while on the go.

The Best Credit Card to Use for Hilton Hotel Purchases

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climate analogues to Australia

If life in Australia is known for one thing, it’s that everything there is trying to kill you. There are deadly jellyfish in the ocean, brown snakes in the brush, fennel spiders under your pillow, and magpies that spend an entire season dive-bombing pedestrians.

american license plate quiz

I Still Fucking Hate Koh Phi Phi

Yeah, I used the F word. That’s how much I hate Ko Phi Phi. I was supposed to visit Ko Phi Phi in 2005, but the deadly 2004 tsunami destroyed the island.

8 ways to save money in Toronto

Toronto is a popular travel destination in Canada but most of the tourist attractions and the hotels in the city center are not cheap, and eating a meal at a central restaurant can easily cost between $15 and $30 per person.

Can awful airline customer service be overridden with AI and analytics?

This is a viewpoint from Scott Kendrick, VP of Marketing at CallMiner. After the debacles that occurred within domestic air travel in 2017, it’s clear airlines need to look carefully at their customer service tactics.

Don’t Let Your Bag Get Taken

Make sure your checked bag stands out! You could use a colorful bag like the one above, or tie a tie to it, attach a loofa to...

12 Kansas expressions

Sometimes, living in Kansas feels like we are in our own separate country. We are proud of our unique food, tradition, history, and culture.

33 signs you're back in New Mexico

You call it the Land of Enchantment, we call it the land of entrapment. New Mexico has its talons in us and every time we think we want to move elsewhere or even go away for a small vacation, it pulls us back in.

The problem with programmatic advertising in an age of disinformation

The media landscape is changing and media buying needs to adapt. From the handling of disinformation campaigns by social platforms, to YouTubers behaving badly, to social media advocates pushing brands to end associations with publishers or other brands which have fallen afoul, brand managers and media buyers need to stay alert to keep their messaging on-message.

How to swim with Florida's manatees

Midway through squeezing into our wetsuits, I remember my wife pausing mid-laugh to reflect, “It’s going to be cold.” If we were looking for a sand-between-our-toes, poolside-daiquiris type of Florida vacation, this wasn’t going to be it.

14 dirtiest expressions in German

Germans might come off as reserved and quiet at first, but they sure do know how to swear and use dirty language!

Putting faith in artificial intelligence to help with marketing campaigns

Saul Lopes, Virgin Holidays customer lifecycle lead, took a leap of faith on artificial intelligence as a tool to improve the brand’s email marketing efforts by working with UK AI start-up Phrasee, and has seen that faith rewarded with over the past three years.

Photo Moments of Morocco

Many many moons ago I went to Morocco with a girlfriend from Australia who I was on a student exchange with in Denmark.

How Europeans say i love you map

Learning to say “I love you“ in as many languages as possible might seem like a party trick, but it could be more useful than you think.

7 places to check out in South Korea

Whether you’re coming to the Pyeongchang 2018 Winter Olympics to support your country, to snag your own long down-padded jacket, or to cheerlead curling, exploring South Korea beyond the congested Olympics facilities is a must.

Disney announces Toy Story Land

After much promising, Disney finally announced that it will be opening the doors to the new Toy Story Land on June 30th.

Enjoy travel without social media

Did you know that if a tree falls in the woods and you don’t post the video to your Instagram story, it still actually happened?