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Burn Fat and Build Muscle With This Full-Body Cardio Workout

This 30-minute workout offers the best of both worlds, mixing fat-burning cardio with muscle-building strength training.

15 Steps to Becoming a Runner

Ever wanted to be a runner but didn't know how to start? We've rounded up 15 beginner running tips to help you start strong and stick with it.

Do These 3 Things in Your Living Room to Lose Weight

You're already binge watching the highly addictive 13 Reasons Why, or maybe the heartwarming This is Us is more your speed.

Saturday Night Social: Hosted by a Man Who Took Six Days to Finish the London Marathon Dressed as a Gorilla

I leave you with the story of a man who spent so much time dressed like a gorilla, he even began to smell like one.

Things We Saw Today: New Valerian Poster Has Us Even More Amped For This YA Fifth Element

I have zero experience with the European comic series Valerian and Laureline, but whenever I see any images from Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets I become even more here for it than I was before.

Mark Zuckerberg Invited Himself to Dinner With Random Strangers in Ohio

On a typical, bipartisan Friday night in Ohio, Mark Zuckerberg did a totally normal human thing that anyone definitely not awkwardly going about testing the waters for a major political run would: he had dinner with a family, who didn’t know him or that he was coming, at their house.

George R.R. Martin Shares His Adorable Childhood Marvel Geek Past In New Documentary

There’s something special about watching geek heroes geeking out about the nerdy things they love. A Game of Thrones author George R.R.

Milo Yiannopoulos Announces New Media Venture Dedicated to Bullying Feminists, Journalists, BLM Activists

Far-right, white supremacist troll and former Breitbart tech editor and book deal-haver, Milo Yiannopoulos, is making another ill-advised foray into the national spotlight he so desperately craves with a new media company called—what else—Milo Inc.

Groundbreaking, Female-Led 90s Sitcom Roseanne Is Getting the Revival Treatment

Revivals are a mixed bag. Sure, they provide a chance for us to reconnect with stories, characters, and actors we love.

Hackers Have Reportedly Leaked Season 5 Episodes of Netflix's OITNB

Variety reported on Saturday that an anonymous hacker or group of hackers, operating under the name The Dark Overlord, shared the first 10 episodes of Orange Is the New Black’s unreleased fifth season on file-sharing site the Pirate Bay after Netflix allegedly failed to respond to their extortionist demands.

This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things: Hacker Holds S5 of Orange Is the New Black Hostage For Netflix Ransom

Well, that’s one way to try and get ransom money. A hacker that calls themselves (no joke) The Dark Lord has stolen the upcoming fifth season of the Netflix drama Orange Is the New Black and is threatening to leak it online ahead of its premiere for money.

Event Organizer Billy McFarland Blames 'Bad Storm' for Fyre Festival Fuck-up

On Friday, Billy McFarland, the 25-year-old co-organizer of epic logistical and financial fuck-up the Fyre Festival, issued a repentant statement via Rolling Stone on what exactly went down (as in collapsed in on itself) Thursday night in the Bahamas.

This Fitness Blogger Proves That Self-Love Is So Much More Than Physical Changes


Elizabeth Warren Is On Fire and Has Zero Time For Bill Maher’s “Pocahontas” Rehash

Last night, Massachusetts senator (and few remaining voices of reason in government) Elizabeth Warren was a guest on Real Time With Bill Maher to promote her new book, This Fight Is Our Fight: The Battle to Save America’s Middle Class.

Aaron Rodgers Spotted on Golf Date With Kelly Rohrbach a Few Weeks After Split From Olivia Munn

According to the New York Post, Green Bay Packers QB Aaron Rodgers has already moved on from the dissolution of his three-year relationship with Olivia Munn earlier this month.

Metabolism-Boosting Rainbow Breakfast Bars

Turn your breakfast into a magical treat with these rainbow bars - a mix of protein-rich Greek yogurt, fiber-filled fruit, and gluten-free granola.

The State of Feminism in Young Adult Fantasy: Viewing Femininity as a Strength, Not a Weakness

Quick! Name a live action superhero female with a movie. I’ll wait. Supergirl: Spin-off of Superman, 1984 flop Catwoman: Spin-off of Batman, 2004 flop Elektra: 2005 Spin-off of Daredevil.

Saturday's Best Deals: Black + Decker, Nest Candles, Minimalist Wallets, and More

One of your favorite minimalist wallets, Black + Decker lawn care tools, Nest candles and oil reed diffusers, and more lead Saturday’s best deals.

Rainbow Roving Pillow DIY

Today is an exciting day for me because this is the first BABY project I’m sharing. Although, to be fair, I would have loved this pillow even before we had baby plans… just for myself.

This Metabolism-Boosting Smoothie Has Over 30 Grams of Protein

Eating breakfast is one way to get your metabolism fires burning strong, but what you eat can boost your metabolism even more.