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Things We Saw Today: The Legends of Tomorrow Writers Have A Reminder About Trump and Sexual Assault

Legends never forget the important moments in history. @realDonaldTrump — LoT Writers Room (@LoTWritersRoom) October 21, 2017 The Legends of Tomorrow writers’ room recently tweeted the above reminder that Donald Trump is unfit for any office.

Happy Birthday to Carrie Fisher, Our Once and Future Princess, Rebel, and General

Today would have been Carrie Fisher’s 61st birthday, had she not passed away at the end of 2016. To celebrate her life, I thought I’d round up some of the amazing stories, speeches, anecdotes, and interviews we’ve published from and about her over the years.

The Trump Administration Is Holding An Immigrant Girl Prisoner Because She Asked For an Abortion

The Trump administration is trying to use court delays to force a young woman to either continue her pregnancy – or leave the United States.

Come Watch Taika Waititi Read and Respond to Internet Comments About Thor: Ragnarok

IGN has, to use their own descriptor, “one of the most active comments sections on the internet.” And so, fittingly, they had the highly animated Taika Waititi over to respond to some of their commenters.

“We are tired of relying on whisper networks”: Women and GNC Animators Demand Concrete Changes to Stop Sexual Harassment

In the wake of the Harvey Weinstein scandal, more than 200 women and gender non-conforming animators sent an open letter to the animation community at-large, in which they laid out their demands to address sexual harassment and assault in the industry.

Irony Is The First Tribute to Die in Dubai’s Hunger Games Theme Park

Irony has taken many blows in the marketing for Lionsgate’s adaptation of The Hunger Games, Suzanne Collins’ young adult trilogy about a society which transforms suffering and death into reality-show entertainment – but this one might be the death blow.

Things We Saw Today: Reviews for The Snowman Are So Bad They Almost Make Me Want to See It

The thriller starring Michael Fassbender as a person named Detective Harry Hole, chasing a killer who loves making snowmen or something is getting scorchingly critical reviews.

Chelsea Handler Quits Her Netflix Show, Because She’s Got Activism to Do

If it can be said that there’s a silver lining about the election of the Trump administration, it’s that it has gotten people for whom politics was a mere afterthought to bring the state of our country and the world front and center in their minds.

Lupita Nyong’o Speaks Up About Harvey Weinstein to End “the Conspiracy of Silence”

The parade of testimony against Hollywood predator Harvey Weinstein, sadly, doesn’t seem to have an end yet.

We Need More STIs on Our Sex Shows

During the second season of the hit HBO television show Insecure, there was a big discussion about condoms being depicted on-screen.

Hate Your Guy's Signature Sex Move? Here's How To Tell Him

We asked three dudes for advice on how to break the news.

Rian Johnson Is Happy to Keep Us All Guessing About The Last Jedi

Star Wars is a franchise that’s no stranger to big twists. The Empire Strikes Back even pulled a little fake-out with Yoda before dropping one of the most famous movie twists of all time, and Return of the Jedi returned to that same well when it revealed that Luke and Leia were siblings. The Force Awakens, pulled a similar trick in the reveal of Kylo Ren’s true identity, and Rian Johnson, director of The Last Jedi, is enjoying the fan anticipation of future surprises.

'I Lost 144 Pounds And Kept It Off—Here's How I Did It'

"Being healthy is a mental game. You have to believe in yourself."

These 5 Big Carbohydrate Myths Might Be Standing In The Way Of Your Weight Loss

Carbs are not the enemy.

Harvey Weinstein Is Apparently Being Awful At “Sex Rehab”

The Hollywood mogul at the center of the widespread sexual harassment and assault allegations is reportedly falling asleep in therapy sessions, claiming conspiracies against him, and “barking” into a mobile phone he isn’t supposed to have.

The Trump Administration Chose a Pregnant, Undocumented Minor as the Latest Target of Its Bullying

Welcome to The Week in Reproductive Justice, a weekly recap of all news related to the hot-button issue of what lawmakers are allowing women to do with their bodies!

Autumn Reading List 2017

I love to read all year round, but there is certainly something to be said for the fall and winter months.

Does The Walking Dead Have a Big Negan Problem?

I haven’t watched The Walking Dead since its first season (if you read my articles, you’ll have seen my many confessions to being easily frightened and generally avoiding horror).

The #WhyIWrite Tag Is a (Mostly) Positive and Awesome Tribute to the Written Word

A lot of the hashtags out there right now are addressing important issues like sexual assault (#MeToo), representation in the media (#SWRepMatters) and politics (#IBelieveFrederica).

Scarlett Johansson Assembles the Avengers (and Other Celebrity Friends) to Benefit Puerto Rico Disaster Relief

Imagine Captain America as the narrator of Our Town. It’s kinda perfect, right? Well, I don’t know if that’s the role Chris Evans will be reading, but what I do know is that Scarlett Johansson is gathering her Avengers buddies, as well as some other celebrity friends, for a staged reading of Our Town, which will benefit Puerto Rico’s disaster relief effort.