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Things We Saw Today: A Regal Cinema Screened Fifty Shades Freed Instead of Black Panther

Apparently, someone didn’t get the memo at a Regal Cinema in Atlanta that now is the time for Black Panther, so you can put those copies of Fifty Shades Freed to the side.

Trump Supporters’ New Version of Patriotism Involves Mocking Olympic Athletes

There was a lot of hype around downhill skier Lindsey Vonn going into this year’s Olympic games. A championed athlete, she covered the 2014 Olympics as a correspondent due to injuries, so this year marked her return to the games after eight years away.

Parkland Students Lead the Way on Gun Control, Showing Up Our Supposedly “Adult” Elected Officials

 It would be nice if our government actually took care of its people the way it should.

Spider-Man Dancing to “Take on Me” Is the Best Thing You’ll See Today

There are so many great things about this video of a YouTuber, dressed as Spider-Man, dancing to a-ha’s 1985 hit “Take on Me.” I don’t know if it’s because the song is from right in the middle of the heyday of John Hughes movies, and Spider-Man: Homecoming was basically pitched to the public as John Hughes meets Spider-Man, or if it’s because the original “Take on Me” music video prominently featured comic books, or possibly both, but this just feels too perfect.

What Should the “Big Idea” of the Black Widow Movie Be?

Marvel has finally commissioned a script for a solo Black Widow movie. And while it’s not yet in production, and we can’t be sure if it ever will be, it’s exciting to think about how the movie might turn out.

How to Sew on a Curve

Sewing a round pillow isn’t very tricky if you’re consistent with the spacing between your stitches and the edge of your circular fabric.

All the Presidents’ Slaves: Bondage Within the White House

Happy Black History Month! For each of the 28 days of February, we at The Mary Sue will have a post about a black woman you should know about—some you may have heard of, some a little bit more obscure, and some fictional who still deserve a lot of love.  George Washington (1732 – 1799), Day Nineteen: President’s Day Edition + Ona Judge  Today is Presidents’ Day in which all collectively pretend that we know the accomplishments and failures of the men who’ve been elected to the highest office in our country.

A Rundown of the Black Panther Easter Eggs You Might Have Missed

[Spoilers for Black Panther] From Oakland, CA to Ulysses Klaue’s necklace, there was a lot more happening in the background and aesthetics of Black Panther than you may have seen the first time through.

Yeah, Black Panther‘s Post-Credits Scene Was Fine, but the Mid-Credits Scene is Where It’s At

As with other Marvel movies, Black Panther features both a mid-credits scene and a post-credits scene.

Beauty Vlogger Sailor J Offers a “Thoughts & Prayers” Makeup Tutorial Because Politicians Aren’t the Only Ones Who Can Pretend Like That Does Something

YouTuber Sailor J’s makeup tutorials first caught most of our attention back in October of 2017 when she released a series of hilarious and fiercely feminist videos.

Helping GALS Grow Into Leaders

When people ask Sheryl Chen how to spell her first name, she answers, “S-H-E-R-Y-L, like Sheryl Sandberg.” From Sandberg to Sophia Amoruso, Chen idolizes women who lead their own businesses.

Fanart Imagines the Face-Off Between Marvel’s Two Best Movie Villains

[Minor spoilers for Black Panther] It’s generally agreed that Marvel’s reigning villain since his debut in Thor and rise in The Avengers is Thor’s erstwhile brother Loki.

Ryan Coogler Breaks Down Nakia and Okoye’s Distinct Fighting Styles in Black Panther

In this “Notes on a Scene” video from Vanity Fair, Black Panther director Ryan Coogler breaks down the movie’s South Korean casino fight scene.

Black Panther‘s M’Baku is Our Man Crush Monday—All Hail The Great Gorilla

For those who finally got to see Black Panther this weekend, which according to the box office looks like everybody and their momma, they universally walked out with two surprise faves: Shuri and M’Baku.

“The Cell Block Mansplaingo”: A New Catchy Anthem for Women Tired of Being Interrupted

Sketch team Tiny Muscles have done their own take on the Chicago classic “Cell Block Tango” to warn mansplainers about what’ll happen the next time they try to explain periods to their girlfriends.

WATCH: Dolores Huerta Talks #MeToo, DREAMers and the Women on the Front Lines

In a conversation spanning topics like sexual harassment, abortion, immigrant rights and women’s leadership in progressive movements, United Farm Workers co-founder and Presidential Medal of Freedom recipient Dolores Huerta supplied plenty of optimism and inspiration—and uncovered some new history—in an interview with Rachel Rosenbloom, a professor at Northeastern University School of Law, for the feminist journal SIGNS.  As a life-long activist who has shaped movements for labor rights, immigration rights and women’s rights, Huerta comes to this current moment in feminist history with a unique vantage point. You can read a transcript of her interview on the SIGNS website and in their Autumn 2018 issue and listen to it by subscribing to the SIGNS podcast “Ask a Feminist“—but before you dig in, here are some of our favorite takeaways.

Black Panther Destroys Box Office Records, Preconceptions

Black Panther is not just another successful Marvel movie in a variety of ways. Not only did it have their biggest opening weekend totals for any movie that isn’t The Avengers, but that success is a milestone of representation for people of color that the Hollywood machine would do well to remember.

HPV Vaccination Rates Are Still Upsettingly Low

HPV, or human papillomavirus, can lead to cervical cancer, penile cancer, oral cancer, genital warts, and other cancers in both men and women.

In BAFTA Acceptance Speech, Guillermo del Toro Thanks Mary Shelley for Showing Us How to Talk About Monsters

At last night’s British Academy Film Awards, more commonly known as the BAFTAs, Guillermo del Toro won Best Director for his work on The Shape of Water.

5 Tips for Hosting a Multi-Course Dinner Party

Hi friends, it’s Emma. This post is a little random maybe, but last week I was preparing to host what is now becoming an annual Valentine’s wine-pairing dinner party at our house and as I was thinking through all the logistics, and grocery lists, and prep I needed to do, I realized that over the years, hosting a coursed dinner has gotten a lot easier for me.