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Everything you need to know about new moon rituals

You’ve seen them referenced on Instagram. You may have even been invited to one. But what, exactly, is a new moon ritual—and why should you try one?

Here’s how to help a friend living with a chronic illness

The tenets of friendship are pretty basic: Be down for any and all Netflix sessions, watch her cat when she’s out of town, and always show up for workout-buddy duties.

This crystal cocktail recipe takes your buzz to the next level

Welcome to Well Done, Well+Good’s seriously tasty food (and drink!) video series, featuring easy-healthy-gorgeous recipes from the wellness scene’s buzziest chefs, nutritionists, and Instagram foodies.

This is the easiest way to make your post-workout hair instantly chic

Post-workout primping is stressful. A crowded locker room gets so hot that even after a shower, you’re typically struggling to apply makeup to a still-sweaty face.

The reason why more people are cutting ties with soda—for good

When faced with trying to decide between going for a bottle of soda or Kevita kombucha (which is now owned by PepsiCo, by the way), it turns out more goes into the decision than what’s touted on the label.

The one wellness trend Emma Watson can’t get enough of

Emma Watson is good at a lot of things: doling out advice, dominating the feminist game, and dressing stylishly with an attention to eco-friendly fashion—not to mention her day job, acting.

This 7-minute workout might be the best thing that’s ever happened to your mornings

Want to change your life? Switch up your morning routine, says Patricia Moreno, the founder of cult-favorite mind-body workout IntenSati.

Here’s how to get a head start on your spring detox goals

Hearty, warming recipes are pretty much a necessity in February (bring on the cauliflower mac and cheese!

The Benefits of Becoming a Foster Parent

Fostering is often associated with adoption, but although both involve looking after a child, there is a clear distinction between the two.

Nom Nom Paleo's Michelle Tam Shares Her 8 Favorite Paleo-Friendly Recipes

You gave up bread, you skipped the cheese platter, and you're making your own almond flour desserts. You're officially Paleo.

How to Tell If Your Friendship Has Expired

We don’t celebrate our true girlfriends enough. I’m talking about those most treasured, ride-or-die gal pals, the ones who smuggle a tube of slice-and-bake cookie dough into a showing of Dirty Dancing 2: Havana Nights when that boy you are in love with sends you an email telling you that the thing he will regret most in his entire life is hooking up with you.

How to find the right cleanse for you

Maybe your Netflix binges have also veered into “three kinds of goat cheese” binges. Maybe you’re feeling chained to your coffee habit.

Why this MD believes that exercise alone won’t cause weight loss

Of the many myths about what will or won’t cause weight loss, functional medicine pioneer and Wellness Council member Frank Lipman, MD, says there are two—exercise and calorie counting—that are just plain busted. If you’re looking to separate the facts from the claims, here’s the holistic approach he recommends instead.

What you need to know about the difference between serums, oils, moisturizers, and balms

Real talk: Skin care is complicated. There are balms, oils, serums, and moisturizers, which on paper all seem to do the same thing—that is, get your complexion looking its best.

The genius (and vegan-approved) hack for making your creamy pastas a bit healthier

Photo: Isa Chandra Moskowitz No matter what’s stressing you out—a fight with your best friend, an angry email from your boss, or simply the day’s news—it often leads to the same impulse: parking it on the couch and eating a big bowl of mac and cheese.

5 natural beauty products Drew Barrymore swears by

Stars typically have an army of makeup artists to attend to all their primping needs, so they can sit back and get pretty.

This is the crazy holistic beauty routine that glowy celebs follow to get red-carpet ready

Naturopathic doctor Nigma Talib is like a super-skilled Photoshop artist—except her complexion-correcting toolbox is filled with foods and supplements.

The fresh looks you need to get moving this winter

This time of year, exiting your blanket fort to hit up the studio (and separating your hand from a steamy mug of matcha) can feel like it takes Herculean effort.

The 5 yoga poses you’re probably doing wrong (and how to fix them)

Warrior I, warrior II, cobra: If you’re a longtime yogi, these poses may be so familiar that you basically flow through them on autopilot—and feel pretty darn good about it, to be honest.

The buzzy sneaker trend that Carrie Bradshaw would definitely be into

You turn to Instagram for the coolest street style inspo, dreamy hygge decor ideas, and even the latest genius avocado innovation. But the constant search?