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Study Shows How Dancing Can Reverse Signs Of Aging In The Brain

According to a study published in the open-access journal Frontiers in Human Neuroscience, dancing can reverse signs of aging in the brain.

Texts From SuperheroesFacebook | Twitter | Patreon

Texts From Superheroes Facebook | Twitter | Patreon

Dolly Said No To Elvis

Dolly Parton is an acclaimed singer, yet few outside the country music world know her as a songwriter.

Marketers Need Structured Innovation to Achieve Real Progress

Innovation is a powerful force for business success, but big companies can sometimes be too slow to adapt.

How These 4 Brands Are Using Their Apps to Personalize Customer Experience

In mobile Darwinism, every app fights for a consumer's undivided attention and home screen, but the reality is they tend to stick with their go-to apps.

Lawmakers Brand Some Gaming Loot Boxes “Ridiculously Exploitive” And Call For Change

Dice/EA Gaming loot boxes have evolved from a supplementary and unnecessary part of a game to a near-mandatory money-sink for consumers if they hope to get the most out of their usually full-price purchase.

Can You Name These Cartoon Characters?

People can select from hundreds of channels of TV, but only a small fraction of those show cartoons, and the major channels only have one or two animated series at a time.

NBC Olympics Weekend Ratings Declined From 2014

Saturday and Sunday were the two lowest-rated days for NBC's Pyeongchang Olympics coverage to date. Sunday's prime-time coverage of the 2018 Winter Games posted a Total Audience Delivery of 18.2 million total viewers, per Nielsen live-plus-same-day data and digital data from Adobe Analytics.

Study Finds Police Shootings Reflect Structural Racism

“Part of the resistance to openly discussing this issue is that many people feel offended by criticism of people who are risking their lives to protect all of us.

Microsoft Makes Sure Windows Phone Really Is Dead

Microsoft is hammering another nail in the coffin of Windows Phone by discontinuing support for several parts of the operating system.

Toblerone ice creams are being trialled and we’re losing our freaking minds

BIG NEWS! Toblerone, the tried and tested choccy treat that EVERYONE buys as a last minute purchase when going through duty free at the airport, has announced a new spin ...

Heroic Cow Escapes Slaughterhouse, Breaks Worker’s Arm, and Swims to Her Freedom

In Poland, there is a cow living alone on an island, who is prepared to attack anyone who comes near her.

SPOILERS FOR BLACK PANTHERDiana: Jumping to the end of the...

SPOILERS FOR BLACK PANTHER Diana: Jumping to the end of the movie, I feel kind of bad for T’Challa because he goes to the UN and says, “Wakanda is going to become part of this world and start helping people” and then a week later Thanos is gonna show up and the world’s gonna be like, “You said you were gonna help us so get out there and fight this purple guy” and T’Challa’s gotta be like “Fuck, why did I say that?

iOS 11.2.6 Released for iPhones with Patch for 'Telugu' Character Bug

Apple released the official iOS 11.2.6 update Monday for iPhones, which comes just under four weeks after Apple pushed iOS 11.2.5 to users.

Pixel Art Game Scenes Based On Popular Movies And TV Shows

It's funny how much cooler scenes from movies and TV shows look when we picture them in our minds, because our imagination and memory fill in the blanks and put characters together even if they don't appear in the scene.

Joseph J. Jones to play first Lost at E Minor Session of 2018

Raised by jazz, swing and soul, Joseph J. Jones is set to go LIVE at the very first Lost at E Minor Session for 2018 this Sunday!

This article from The Onion sadly applies to every mass shooting in the US

Whenever there’s a mass shooting in America (which is, you know, often), The Onion posts a recurring article with the headline: “‘No Way To Prevent This,’ Says Only Nation Where ...

That AI-generated Harry Potter fan fic is now an animated short film

Last year, a Harry Potter story written by a bot went viral. Now, Botnik Studios, the startup behind the bot has produced a short animated film based on the story.

This restored 1972 Airstream is sheer vintage beauty

Los Angeles-based studio Silver Buddha Design’s renovated vintage Airstream looks great on Instagram as it does in the great outdoors.

‘Black Panther’ Wasn’t The Only Movie To Break Box Office Records This Weekend

Edko Films After only three days of release, Marvel’s Black Panther is already the 129th highest-grossing movie in cinematic history; it also had the fifth best opening weekend ever, behind only The Force Awakens, The Last Jedi, Jurassic World, and The Avengers, and the biggest February opening of all-time.