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Cassini's Grand Finale

Digital artist Erik Wernquist created this animated short for none other than NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) about the spectacular ending of the Cassini/Huygens mission to Saturn.

Have a Look

Animator and film-maker William Garratt calls these his bits and bobs which he usually posts on his Instagram account.

The Gun Guitar: A Fully Functional Three-String Shotgun You Play & Shoot

If you really want to end your next big guitar solo with a bang, consider giving this shotgun guitar a try.

Meeting American River People

In 2014, Wes Modes and friends built a floating house, a #shantyboat made of reclaimed junk, and set off down the river.

Ep. 172: A Popular Photographer Catches Flack for Entering and Winning His Own Competition – and more

Episode 172 of the PetaPixel Photography Podcast. Download MP3 –  Subscribe via iTunes, Google Play, email or RSS!

allan holdsworth (1946 - 2017)

Cuba Gooding Sr. (1944 - 2017)

robert pirsig (1928 - 2017)

Gaming: Play 'Futurama: Worlds of Tomorrow' on Your Android Before Its Official Release

Futurama: Worlds of Tomorrow has finally touched down as a soft launch for Android. Join Fry and his lovable band of interstellar misfits on a quest to rebuild New New York, traveling the stars, fighting aliens, and delivering packages while doing so.

Physicists Determine That Time Travel Is Mathematically Possible

Time travel and time machines have taken on various forms in pop culture. From Doc Brown’s Delorean to Doctor Who’s TARDIS, they can take any shape or style.

Adidas Turns Plastic Ocean Waste Into Awesome UltraBoost Trainers

The latest initiative by the sportswear company, Adidas, takes them to the blue edge of the world as they teamed up with Parley to design high-performance footwears made out of ocean debris.


This guy is going places -and we can clearly see where. But I suppose inventing the wheel would take a lot out of you.

Here Are 3 Easy Ways Software Engineers Make $100K Salary

Software Engineers are often referred to as Computer Programmers or Software Developers, and although there are a lot of Software Engineers in companies nowadays, only a few of them have university engineering degrees.

The Wurlitzer Electric Piano

Pre-digital, this device worked by striking steel reeds.

Mom Leaves Hilariously Wrong Note For Babysitter

I'm sure most babysitters roll their eyes when they see that list of rules or emergency numbers sitting on the counter when they show up, and many don't even bother to read the note.

Dog Finds the Best Stick

Dogs love sticks, for some reason. This dog found what he considers the perfect stick, and he won't settle for any less.

People Loved Samantha Bee’s Raunchy ‘Not The White House Correspondents Dinner’ — Twitter TV (@TwitterTV) April 28, 2017 Samantha Bee took destiny into her own hands by hosting her own vitriol-filled roast of President Donald Trump at her Not the White House Correspondents Dinner, and the internet absolutely loved it.

Hasan Minhaj Of ‘The Daily Show’ Mocks ‘The Elephant Not In The Room’ At The White House Correspondents Dinner

.@HasanMinhaj: “No one wanted to do this so of course it lands in the hands of an immigrant.” #WHCD2017 #WHCD #NerdProm — CSPAN (@cspan) April 30, 2017 The Daily Show correspondent Hasan Minhaj took up the tough job of hosting a President-less dinner for Washington’s journalistic movers and shakers and it was full of cringeworthy jokes, despite Minhaj saying he’d refrain from roasting Trump in absentia (while Trump held a rally in Pennsylvania).

Artist Finds Photos Of Random People Online And Turns Them Into Toons

Most illustrators use some sort of photo reference for their drawings, and the internet is a treasure trove of reference material for amateurs and pros alike.

The White House Correspondents’ Dinner Took Dead Aim At Donald Trump’s Anti-Press Remarks

dcexaminer #WHCA President Jeff Mason: “In fact, press access under President Trump has been very good.” #WHCD… — (((T W))) (@timgw37) April 30, 2017 With President Donald Trump skipping the White House Correspondents Dinner for another self-promoting rally, the dinner opened with a video montage of presidents, from Nixon to Obama, articulating the fact that the relationship between the press and the White House is an important one, and without it, our democracy would be severely damaged.