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Kylo Ren Is Going To Cry When He Finds Out Which Color Of Lightsaber Is The Weakest

LucasFilm Kylo Ren actor Adam Driver may not know what emo is, but Kylo Ren definitely does. The space edgelord is bound to go full emo if he sees the results of a new study ranking theoretical lightsaber strengths by color.

Disney put out an image of 'Incredibles 2' because they know how darn needy we are

After the long awaited return of the Incredibles, Disney knows they have fans pretty much on tenterhooks.

Before Hollywood Ruins Them: 16 Sci-Fi And Supernatural Scripts On The 2017 Black List

Warner Franklin Leonard and Dino Simone have released this year’s Black List, a collection of “most liked” (not “best of”) unproduced screenplays as voted on by over 275 film executives who could choose up to 10 scripts each.

Celebrity Picks: Ron Chernow's Favorite Reads of 2017

Grant is the second massive biography of Ulysses Grant to be published in just over a year. How many writers could make such a thing a must-read?

Ken Follett "Enchants" Us With Another Book in the Kingsbridge Series

It's a brick. You know the sort of book I'm referring to. And, as much as we love to read, when one of these doorstops hits our desks with a palpable ca-thunk, it can sometimes elicit a groan.

How Star Wars was Saved in the Edit

George Lucas made a little movie back in 1976. You may have heard of it. Star Wars was unwatchable to the few filmmakers who got to see it.

VORTEX – A mesmerizing wandering in New York

Here is VORTEX, a beautiful contemplative walk through the streets of New York, mixing ethereal music and mesmerizing images.

Made of Love – A weird and psychedelic music video

Made of Love is a strange, surreal and psychedelic music video directed by Moritz Reichartz for the band OY… Read the original post Made of Love – A weird and psychedelic music video on UFUNK

Oscar Pistorius Got Beaten Up In Prison Because He Takes Too Long On The Phone

Fair enough really.

For 15 years, this family has sent the worst possible Christmas cards

For 15 years, this couple has decided to send the worst possible Christmas cards to their family and friends, using kitsch and bad taste with a lot of humor!

Jad Abumrad Reads an Ode to the Glory of Tiny Creatures and Celebrates His Mother’s Scientific Persistence

In praise of the invisible heroisms and unglamorous triumphs of nature and the human spirit. The Universe in Verse was a highlight of my year — a beautiful evening celebrating the improbable yet wondrous intersection of science and poetry, raising funds for the defense of science and the arts from political assault.

How to Check if Your Phone Can Stream HD Video from Netflix, Amazon Prime Video & Other Services

It recently came to light that a number of Android phones are unable to stream HD video through services like Netflix, Google Play Movies, and Amazon Prime Video.

Meet Merlin, The World’s Angriest Cat Who Has Had Enough Of Your BS

Holidays got you down? Well, you’ve got a friend in Merlin, the cranky Canadian Ragdoll cat whose angry face has surpassed the level of ‘resting’ – it’s just permanent.

Gas Station Installs Blue Lights in Its Bathroom to Prevent Overdoses

How can we deal with the issues of the opioid epidemic? Perhaps the blue light strategy could make a dent.

Flying a Drone While Drunk Could Soon Become Illegal in New Jersey

The U.S. state of New Jersey has proposed a bill making it an offense to be drunk and operate a drone.

This 6-Year-Old Makes $11 Million Per Year Reviewing Toys On YouTube, And Here’s His Top 5 Most Viewed Videos

Most people don’t enjoy their jobs, and most people don’t get paid very much either, but Ryan isn’t most people.

A Hans Moleman Deleted Scene From The Simpsons Has Emerged

The Simpsons obviously has one of the greatest ensemble casts in modern television history, and although we can probably all agree that the show is nowhere near as good as it used to be, there’s no denying that you’re instantly going to know about 80% of the characters when you see them.

How to Filter Fake Amazon Reviews When Shopping Online

It’s that time of the year when your interest veers towards Amazon, but it’s also that time of year where you can get befuddled by fake Amazon reviews.

Ugly Bitcoin – Crypto-currencies are getting their own ugly sweatshirts

Bitcoin, Ethereum or Litecoin, crypto-currencies are now getting their own ugly sweatshirts! While interest in Bitcoin has exploded in recent months, driving its value soaring, the general public is slowly discovering the strange world of crypto-currencies.