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How Do You Use A Jar of Peanut Butter?

BesidesPDX posted this picture of a peanut butter jar at reddit and said, "I know I'm not the only one." I must have missed that Calvin and Hobbes strip, although I read it most days.

Halloween Black Spider Ear Stud Earrings Jewelry

Buy this 1 Pair Hot Fashion Women Halloween Black Spider Charm Ear Stud Earrings Jewelry for this Halloween and rock the world, this spider charm ear stud earring looks like a real spider who has bitten your ear and is enjoying.

Funny Halloween Costume Ideas For Best Friends

(Image Link) Teaming up with a buddy on Halloween is not only advisable- it's a great way to motivate each other to get dressed up, leave the house and have fun being someone, or something, else for a night.

Halloween Scary Head in the Jar

Head in Plastic Jar? might look scary isn’t it? Yes indeed, the Head in Plastic Jar for this Halloween can surely scare anyone in your party.

A List Of Xbox One’s Backwards Compatible Xbox Games Has Reportedly Leaked, And Some Good Games Are Missing Original Xbox games are starting to appear on the Xbox One’s marketplace for some users, and as expected, there are some classics that are about to drop just in time for the holiday season when newer, shinier games are available.

Mark Hamill And Carrie Fisher’s Dog Led A Chorus Of Celebrity ‘Happy Birthdays’ To The Late Actress With Star Wars: The Last Jedi just a few weeks away and Carrie Fisher’s stern look as Princess Leia all over trailers, it’s becoming a near-constant reminder that the world lost one of the best and most outspoken celebrities of the last four decades.

Canine Turbo Button

The cat and the dog encounter each other on the stairs. It's a common occurrence, but this time, the cat accidentally hit the dog's turbo button and activated his "room zoom."   Kitty accidentally pressed the turbo button— Nature is Amazing (@AMAZlNGNATURE) October 6, 2017 (Twitter link) Cats have one, too, but for them it only lasts long enough to circle the room or get to the other end of the house.

The Rage From This Pro ‘Madden’ Player Could Melt A Thousand Suns

I AM FUCKING CRYING BRUH OHMYGAHHHD — Vic (@VictionaryHD) October 20, 2017 The Madden Classic is underway this weekend, with the winner netting nearly $100,000 and an official entry into next year’s Ultimate League.

Mall Stores From The 90s We Loved But Never Really Bought Anything From

The 1990s were the highest and lowest point for American shopping malls, and by the end of the 90s many stores we knew and liked had closed up shop for good in malls across the U.S., leaving us looking for new places to loiter.

You’ve Probably Never Heard of America’s Most Popular Playwright

Daniel Pollack-Pelzner in The New Yorker: On a six-hour drive from San Francisco to the Oregon Shakespeare Festival a few years ago, the playwright Lauren Gunderson raised a question: What does American theatre need?

The Meanings Behind 19 Classic Sailor Tattoos

Those who travel the world in ships, whether for the military or commercial cargo, often have souvenirs inked in their skin to show where they've been, what they have done, and their hopes for survival.

Horror Legend Robert Englund Says He’s Too Old To Play Freddy Krueger Again

New Line If horror legend Robert Englund is going to terrorize people in their dreams armed with a razor glove, it’ll be for his own personal reasons and not for a future Nightmare on Elm Street outing.

How a Quarter of Cow DNA Came From Reptiles

Ed Yong in The Atlantic: Imagine if a word in a book—say, bubble—had the ability to magically copy itself, and paste those copies elsewhere in the text.

The Catalan crisis is not just about nationalism

Santiago Zabala in Al Jazeera: This is a difficult year for Spain. First, the prime minister, Mariano Rajoy, had to appear in courtbecause of corruption charges levelled against his party; then Barcelona suffered a bloody terrorist attack; and now a referendum for the independence of Catalonia has plunged the nation into a political crisis that led to Spanish police beating up voters and Madrid threatening to revoke Catalonia's autonomy.

A Partial View of Robert Lowell

Meg Schoerke at the Hudson Review: Although Lowell was justly celebrated throughout his life as one of the most innovative poets of his generation, his reputation took a nosedive five years after his death, with the 1982 publication of Ian Hamilton’s demonizing biography, in which Lowell comes off not as subject to biochemical forces, but as crazy and cruel, imperious and arrogant—oblivious to how terribly his words and actions lacerated everyone unfortunate enough to be drawn into his orbit during his manic phases.


Sebastiaan Faber at Public Books: La gran ilusión is an original and penetrating take on the last decade of mounting tensions between Catalonia and Spain, tensions that have now culminated in Spain’s deepest political crisis since the late 1970s.


Jeffrey Zuckerman at The Quarterly Conversation: Sentences that soar and sink, that resemble journeys, that hint at being “nowhere near here”: this is the strange magic that Yuri Herrera’s three short novels—Signs Preceding the End of the World, The Transmigration of Bodies, and now Kingdom Cons—offers his readers as they wend through realms of dispossessed peoples, where law and order have been disordered and every character is seemingly at the mercy of all the others.

Sometimes To Live A Normal Life You Have To Step Out Of Bounds

Flushing dead pet fish down the toilet has always seemed like a cold-hearted way to send that little fishy off to its aquatic afterlife, but that's not to say everyone who flushes a dead fish is a mean person.

David Fincher Reveals He Could’ve Directed ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens,’ Lays Out His Reasons Why He Didn’t

Disney The very idea of David Fincher helming a Star Wars motion picture seems like the stuff of Wizard devotee fever dreams, but according to the Zodiac filmmaker, he was in contention to direct the franchise’s bring Episode XII return.

Will Ferrell Plays A Terrible Father In These PSAs That Are Out To Aid Families Distracted By Technology

Will Ferrell would like you to put your phone down and talk to your loved ones, please. (Possibly about your Dodge Stratus and ability to do 100 push-ups in 20 minutes.) The beloved comedian/unlikely MLB journeyman is the star of a new set of PSAs for non-profit organization Common Sense Media.