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Alexa could come to a whole host of Bluetooth devices, thanks to Qualcomm

Qualcomm has confirmed that it's taking steps to enable the Alexa wake word on Bluetooth devices, thanks to software support in some of the latest Qualcomm Bluetooth Audio chips. For those wanting the technical details, it's the CSR8670 and CSR8675 chipsets...

LG claims its latest phone packs enough battery to last all weekend

LG’s upcoming flagship, the G6, will be the company’s big news at Mobile World Congress this month, but the South Korean company will also be showing off a few other new mobile devices.

New Google VR short takes a look at racial identity

There’s been a lot of talk in recent years about using virtual reality to foster empathy, so it’s appropriate that Google’s latest VR venture focuses on racism and racial identity.

Bragi The Headphone review: The One?

It could be argued that Bragi is the company that started off the whole revolution of completely wire-free earphones.

Motorola VerveOnes+ review: Bittersweet symphony

Now that completely wire-free headphones are a realistic product, many companies have jumped on board the bandwagon.


Kidfund is an iOS social savings app that helps parents build a fund for their child's future. Through the Kidfund app, parents can open a savings account for their kid, move money into it (one-time and recurring), share photo updates with friends and family, who can also send gifts directly into the account.

Nintendo Switch: Release date, price, specs and everything you need to know

Nintendo is entering its next phase, with its new games machine mere days away from release.The Nintendo Switch is a games console comprised of a portable tablet-like device and a docking station for home play. It is different, interesting and we've...

Hayao Miyazaki is out of retirement and working on a new film, says Studio Ghibli producer

Hayao Miyazaki is back at it again. After announcing his retirement in 2013 (not for the first time), it was rumored last year that he was working on a new feature film, based on a CG short named Boro the Caterpillar.

Huawei Watch 2: Release date, specs and everything you need to know

Remember the Huawei Watch? We wouldn't blame you if you didn't - considering it first launched nearly two years ago.

Google’s mission to replace SMS with RCS messaging just took a major step forward globally

Google is doubling down on its efforts to expedite the rollout of Rich Communication Services (RCS) with the news that it’s launching with 27 carriers and device manufacturers globally.

Apple is expanding its Seattle offices to focus on AI and machine learning

In many ways, the tech world’s AI arms race is really a fight for talent. Skilled engineers are in short supply, and Silicon Valley’s biggest companies are competing to nab the best minds from academia and rival firms.

Content delivery network CloudFlare leaked sensitive data across the internet for months

CloudFlare, a multibillion-dollar startup that runs a popular content delivery network used by more than 5.5 million sites, accidentally leaked customers’ sensitive information for months, the company said Thursday.

Petition calls on Obama to run for president in France

Amid a presidential campaign that has been marred by scandal, conspiracy theories, and the spectre of a new far-right leader, disillusioned French voters have called for an outsider to join the race: Barack Obama.

Apple is investigating this footage of an exploding iPhone 7 Plus

Apple says it’s “looking into” an incident involving an iPhone 7 Plus setting on fire. Footage of the device emitting a stream of smoke was posted on Twitter by an Arizona teen, identified by Mashable as 18-year-old Brianna Olivas.

Female Uber employees tell Travis Kalanick to recognize the company has a “systemic problem”

A group of female Uber employees told CEO Travis Kalanick Thursday night that the company has a “systemic problem” follow reports of workplace toxicity and sexual harassment.

IPad Pro 2 not expected until May or even June, says report

It has long been rumoured that Apple will refresh its iPad line this spring. Several reports have suggested that the Cupertino firm could even announce iPad Pro 2 - in 12.9 and all-new 10.5-inch sizes - this March, alongside a new 9.7-inch iPad Air and...

LG X Power2 has a mammoth 4,500mAh battery for media heavy users

One of the main problems that plagues smartphones, even still today, is battery life. If you leave your phone alone it could potentially last two days, but start watching videos, playing games or surfing the web and you'll soon see that diminish.

Shine pivots from network-level ad blocking, rebrands as Rainbow to focus on verifying quality ads

Nobody likes ads, right? Well, not many people like ads. This is why ad-blocking tools are so popular among internet users, as it gives them access to their usual services, sans the hassle of viewing pesky promotions.

Google apologizes for issue that reset some Wifi and OnHub routers

Following reports that some Google Wifi mesh network routers and compatible Google OnHub routers would not broadcast a signal and needed a factory reset in order to work again, today Google issued an apology for the issues.

Folding electric fat bike promises "moar" features

One look at the all-new Moar e-bike and you can tell this isn't your average pedelec. The bike greets the eye with fat tires, thickly sheathed wires and a battery compartment that shoots off the back of the seat post to double as a cargo rack.