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Are Your Personal Hygiene & Beauty Products Filled With Toxic Chemicals?

Whether you’re a male or a female, odds are that you’ve applied deodorant, shampoo, or other personal care products to your body.

Nutrition Tips for Beating Jet Lag

Whether you’re traveling for work or pleasure, jet lag can put a damper on things, especially if your travels take you across three or more time zones.  It takes a while for your body’s circadian rhythms to adjust to your new time zone.

Exploring Turkish Cuisine

Angie Brenner and Joy Stocke-Young, co-authors of Tree of Life: Turkish Home Cooking, join the Clever Cookstr to talk about their education in Turkish cuisine.

Confederate Statues Aren’t The Only Monuments At Risk Right Now

As the debate rages on over whether to remove or keep Confederate statues, the Trump administration is stealthily targeting monuments of a different sort: the public lands and parks that prevent America from becoming one giant parking lot.

New Poll Shows That 9% Of Americans Believe It’s Acceptable To Be A Neo-Nazi

On Saturday, a “free speech” rally in Boston, Massachusetts, organized by Act for America, a white supremacist group, didn’t last long.

The Long History Of Littlefinger's Many Game Of Thrones Schemes

If there's one thing you should know about Game Of Thrones, the number one rule is: You win or you die.

Forever 21 Launched Size-Inclusive Denim, But We Have Some Questions

This past summer alone, we've seen the plus-size industry take strides, with new affordable (and cute!

Millie Bobby Brown Just Shut Down This Major Stranger Things Theory

Think you have Stranger Things all figured out? According to star Millie Bobby Brown, you have no idea what this show has in store.

Drake Wears His Heart On His Socks

The world may be crazy, but we can always count on everyone’s favorite emo rapper Drake, to do what he does best: lean all the way into his feelings on Instagram with a glass of Moscato by his side.

Is This How To Kill The Night King On Game Of Thrones?

Things are looking pretty bleak for the heroes of Game Of Thrones. Jon Snow (Kit Harington) ended season 7’s penultimate episode "Beyond The Wall" with a bad case of post-battle hypothermia.

Twitter Knows That At-Home Haircuts Never Work Out

To cut, or not to cut, my own hair? It's a thought that has probably run through your mind at one point or another, for a myriad of reasons: Our schedules are too packed, the salon is booked for months, our stylist is out of town, our bangs are overgrown and we need to cut 'em now.

Crowdsourced Trump Forest aims to plant 10 billion trees to offset removal of Clean Power Plan

In a bid to mitigate the effects of the current US administration's anti-climate policies, this campaign is encouraging people to step up the carbon sequestration pace by planting billions of trees.

Arya Stark Has Been Playing Us This Whole Time & This Theory Proves It

It's no secret that Arya Stark (Maisie Williams) has started getting on some people's nerves. Her ruthless personality was crucial when she was out on her own, but it's causing a lot of problems now that she's back at Winterfell, especially between her and Sansa (Sophie Turner).

The Patriots Gave Donald Trump His Own Super Bowl Ring After Their White House Visit

In April, the Super Bowl champion New England Patriots became the first sports team to visit the Trump White House, and they really went above and beyond in showing their gratitude for the invitation.

Photo: Chipmunk shows its cute side

... as if there were a side that wasn't cute?

The Best Indie Movies You Might Have Missed

We all have that feeling once in a while — you realize there was a lot of pop culture you totally meant to experience but just didn't have time for.

Our Favorite Crime Shows Of All Time

A great crime show has a twisted and charming reliability: Who doesn't love the intrigue of a heinous fictional crime, with the promise that it will be neatly resolved within an hour?

Even Without Kaepernick, NFL Players Continue To Take A Knee

Before Monday night’s preseason game between the Cleveland Browns and the New York Giants, a dozen Browns players kneeled and raised a fist during the singing of the national anthem.

Protest Movement Growing In The NFL Even Without Kaepernick

Before Monday night’s preseason game between the Cleveland Browns and the New York Giants, a dozen Browns players kneeled and raised a fist during the singing of the national anthem.

These Shows Will Get You Through Game Of Thrones Withdrawal

Though the internet would have you believing otherwise, there actually are some people who aren't absolutely obsessed with Game of Thrones.