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New Evidence Reveals Just How Fast Coal Use Is Declining in Europe

A Practical Choice In what is part of a growing trend, Europe is accelerating its shift away from coal and to more renewable alternatives.

China and Europe May Build A “Moon Village” in the 2020s

In recent years, multiple space agencies have shared their plans to return astronauts to the Moon, not to mention establishing an outpost there.

A columnist makes asinine arguments on climate change, prompting scientists to cut their noses, spiting our faces

The cure for false speech is more truth telling — not less speech. In his first piece as an op ed columnist for the N.Y.

Dive Into This Week's Spoilery Doctor Who Discussion Thread

This week’s Doctor Who took us back to Regency London, complete with a frozen River Thames and some wonderfully questionable accents.

Virtual Reality Gets A Little More Intense

Researchers at the Hasso Plattner Institute in Germany are now testing electric shocks the Hasso Plattner Institute in Germany are now testing electric shocks.

Genetically Modified Food Is a Great Advancement

Despite what you might have heard, genetically modified organisms are not harmful for your health, and in fact represent a major step forward for the human race.

Oh God, Disney's Avatar Ride Sings Now

Ever wondered what sailing down the River Styx would be like? Taking a boat into a scary and unknown world, only to be greeted by a terrifying figure signaling your impending fate?

John Boyega Got Dumped After Date Found Out He Was in Star Wars

Star Wars might bring people from across the world together, but sadly it couldn’t get John Boyega a date.

Surveillance Sat Set for Sunday Sunrise SpaceX Blastoff and Landing Apr. 30 – Watch Live

SpaceX Falcon 9 recycled rocket carrying SES-10 telecomsat raised erect atop Launch Complex 39A at the Kennedy Space Center as seen from inside the pad ahead of liftoff on 30 Mar 2017 on world’s first reflight of an orbit class rocket, in this file photo.

LEGO Apollo Saturn V: Tallest LEGO Ideas Set Ever Made

LEGO Saturn V in launch configuration. Credit: LEGO Yesterday LEGO announced that their new LEGO Apollo Saturn V set will be available to buy on June 1, 2017.

The Magic in Sleight Makes Up for an Otherwise Familiar Tale

The marketing for Sleight includes a quote calling the film “Chronicle meets Iron Man.” Watching it, that comparison kind of makes sense, but it also sets up an unrealistic expectation versus what Sleight actually is.

A New Quantum Probe Lets Us See Electron Flow

Seeing Electrons Miniaturization seems to be the constant trend in the development of electronics. These can now be made from ultra-thin materials, such as two-dimensional graphene.

Cryogenically Frozen Brains Will Be ‘Woken up’ and Transplanted in Donor Bodies Within Three Years, Neurosurgeon Claims

One World’s First After Another Given the remarkable advances that have been made in medicine in recent years, it’s hard to believe anything is still truly impossible.

European Trials of the Seabin Have Begun

The Seabin is a filtering ocean trash can for harbors, marinas, and ports. It will be commercially available following current European trials.

Star Trek Fan Forced to Surrender 'ASIMIL8' License Plate for Being Offensive

A Star Trek fan in Canada has been forced to turn over his personalized license plate after people complained its message, ASIMIL8, was insulting to indigenous people.

Astronauts Answer All of Your Questions About Bodily Function in Space

It’s a new era for space travel. And if there’s one thing that sets it apart from the previous one, it is the spirit of collaboration that exists between space agencies and between the public and private sector.

Saturday's Best Deals: Black + Decker, Nest Candles, Minimalist Wallets, and More

One of your favorite minimalist wallets, Black + Decker lawn care tools, Nest candles and oil reed diffusers, and more lead Saturday’s best deals.

The Force Awakens Goes ElizaBB-8than with Latest Star Wars Shakespeare Cover

BB-8 is already one of the cutest parts of the new Star Wars franchise, but give him a floppy hat and flowing cape and I’m over the freaking forest moon of Endor.

Watch: This man’s unique blood has saved over 2 million lives and counting

James Harrison’s rare plasma composition can be used to treat Rhesus disease. The post Watch: This man’s unique blood has saved over 2 million lives and counting appeared first on Futurism.

AI With Human-Level Intelligence Will Be Walking the Streets by 2040

What happens when computers achieve a human level of artificial intelligence (AI)? Ben Ross, MYOB’s User Experience and Product Management leader, believes that because of advances in hardware and software, it’s not a matter of if, it’s a matter of when.