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Try it: This kind of brain training boosts memory best

“Dual n-back,” one of the two brain-training methods most scientists use in research, is significantly better at improving memory and attention, findings show.

Worms, mice, and people share ‘wasabi receptor’

Researchers have discovered how scalding heat and tissue injury activate an ancient “pain” receptor in simple animals like worms—and in humans.

Science decor that will actually look good in your house

Science Nerdy art doesn't have to look dorky. These prints don't just say "I'm a nerd," they also say "I have good taste in art."…

How the Smithsonian moves space history

Here’s how the Smithsonian Institution is prepping the 9,000-pound capsule used during Apollo 11 for a two-year road trip.

Statistical diversity in US newsrooms

If a news organization wants to talk about the world in a fair way, it needs points of view from a group of people who are representative of said world.

This Material Could Allow NASA Planes to Cross the Country in Under an Hour

Going Hypersonic Within the next decade, planes could be capable of traveling across the country by hypersonic flight in less than an hour—all it would take is some boron nitride.

The U.K. Just Installed Its First “Seabin” to Clean Plastic-Polluted Waters

Polluted Waters Every year, 8 million metric tons of discarded plastic find their way into Earth’s oceans.

Scientists Just Unlocked the Catalyst for Cancerous Relapse

Cancer Relapse New research has shown that cancer cells that survive treatment may effectively wake themselves up and resume growing by tapping into the body’s immune system as a power source.

Moons work together to hold Saturn’s largest ring in place

After examining data from NASA’s Cassini mission, astronomers have concluded that the teamwork of seven moons keeps the planet’s A ring—the largest and farthest of the visible rings—corralled.

Flowing water could have carved valleys on ‘icy’ ancient Mars

New research may bridge the gap between two ideas about the climate of ancient Mars—the “warm and wet” story of Martian geology and the “cold and icy” past of atmospheric models.

‘Skin’ sensor gives robots better sense of touch

Engineers have developed a flexible sensor “skin” that can stretch over any part of a robot’s body or prosthetic to accurately convey information about shear forces and vibration—information critical to grasping and manipulating objects.

How Volcanoes Starved Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egypt was the most powerful civilization in the world for a time. The monuments built by laborers to honor pharaohs stand to this day, testament to the vast resources at their command.

Flowing Water on Mars Likely Cold and Frosty, Says New Study

Thanks to decades of exploration using robotic orbiter missions, landers and rovers, scientists are certain that billions of years ago, liquid water flowed on the surface of Mars.

Dangerous hurricanes come in all shapes and sizes (literally)

Environment Here's how size matters. Hurricanes come in all different sizes and shapes, and these differences mean each storm poses a different threat to folks in its path.

How Gravitational Waves Led Us Into A New Era of Astronomy

This discovery is the kind of groundbreaking achievement that only happens a few times in science.

What Is the Probability That There’s Alien Life in Outer Space?

In this video, Neil deGrasse Tyson and Richard Dawkins tackle one of the most pressing and important questions that humanity ever asked—Are we alone in the universe?

Crowdsourced Morality Could Determine the Ethics of Artificial Intelligence

A Moral Machine? As artificial intelligence (AI) development progresses, experts have begun considering how best to give an AI system an ethical or moral backbone.

Microsoft and Amazon Have Partnered to Bring AI to the Masses

Microsoft and Amazon Team Up for AI Artificial intelligence (AI) has become the center of today’s biggest tech companies, including Google, Microsoft and Amazon, as well as social-networking giant Facebook, and even Apple.

Ancient Viruses May be Our Only Defense Against a Threat That Can Kill 10 Million Annually

Antibiotic Resistance Antibiotic resistance — the phenomenon in which bacteria stop responding to certain antibiotics — is a growing threat around the world.

Remarkable Images of London Show the City’s Evolution Over Nearly 2,000 Years

Like all living things, cities have lifespans. London started as a small Roman settlement along the Thames River.