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How your brain singles out 1 sound among many

Researchers have developed a new way to find out how the brain singles out specific sounds in distracting settings, non-invasively mapping sustained auditory selective attention in the human brain.

To boost baby’s learning, read these books together

Books that clearly name people and label objects help infants learn more and retain information, a new study suggests.

Earth's most mysterious hums, ranked

Science Our planet makes a lot of sounds, and some of them are spooky. When all else is quiet, the Earth still hums.

A little zap can bypass senses to prompt motion

Very low levels of electrical stimulation delivered directly to an area of the brain responsible for motor function can instruct an appropriate response or action—essentially replacing the signals we would normally receive from the parts of the brain that process what we hear, see, and feel.

Breakthrough Listen is Going to Scan ‘Oumuamua, You Know, Just to be Sure it’s Just an Asteroid and Not a Spaceship.

On October 19th, 2017, the Panoramic Survey Telescope and Rapid Response System-1 (Pan-STARRS-1) in Hawaii announced the first-ever detection of an interstellar asteroid, named 1I/2017 U1 (aka.

Transfusions for leukemia can preclude hospice

Toward the end of their life, some leukemia patients depend on blood transfusions to ease their suffering.

Test aims to match cystic fibrosis patients with treatment

A simple test aims to predict which treatment for cystic fibrosis is most likely to work for each patient, an approach called personalized, or precision, medicine, researchers report.

What Do the Last Words of Death Row Inmates Tell Us?

Any last words? It's a question prisoners on death row hear before their execution begins. Along with last meals and long cell block walks, the opportunity to give a final statement has become deeply ingrained in the highly ritualized process of executing prisoners.

Trump Just Signed a Directive to Send US Astronauts to the Moon

“Dreaming Big” President Donald Trump has just signed a major new directive at a ceremony in the White House prioritizing the administration’s efforts to advance space exploration, chiefly by sending US astronauts back to the Moon and beyond to Mars.

What to buy the most boring people you know

Gift Guides Even dullards deserve some holiday cheer. Being dull doesn’t mean they shouldn’t get a gift they love…

Astronomers Are Gearing Up to Listen for Evidence of Aliens from a Mysterious Interstellar Object

Listening In Our solar system was recently introduced to the first interstellar object in late November.

An Inside Look at the First Nation With a State Minister for Artificial Intelligence

Prioritizing the Future From robots that can flawlessly perform backflips to electric cars that can go over 950 km (600 miles) on a single charge, it is becoming increasingly apparent that the future is far closer than we may have previously thought.

New CAR-T Cancer Studies Aim to Treat Those With No Other Options

Using T-Cells to Fight Back One of the first line treatments for cancer is chemotherapy, which can be a long, stressful process.

New trials show cancer immunotherapy can be incredibly effective—and incredibly dangerous

Health CAR T continues to show promise for otherwise incurable cancers. Two studies out this week in the New England Journal of Medicine report high success rates for a new type of immunotherapy cancer treatment that genetically modifies…

ur Sense of Smell Provides a New Way to Battle Spinal Cord Injuries

Two Treatments Combined Researchers from the University of Bristol have just shared the promising results of a new treatment for spinal cord injuries that could help regenerate nerves and potentially improve patients’ quality of life.

Immunotherapy Drug Proven Remarkably Successful Against Serious Stem Cell Transplant Complication

Breakthrough Immunotherapy Graft-versus-host disease (GvHD) is a condition that can develop in response to an allogeneic stem cell transplant or a reduced-intensity allogeneic transplant.

Air Pollution Has a Massive Impact on Early Brain Development

Air Scare We already know that air pollution kills, with thousands of people in the US succumbing to conditions caused by poor air quality every year.

The Solution to Our Education Crisis Might be AI

Tomorrow’s Teachers Robots will replace teachers by 2027. That’s the bold claim that Anthony Seldon, a British education expert, made at the British Science Festival in September.

Flexible, Foldable Robot Muscles are More Powerful Than Ever Before

New soft robots are stronger and appear more organic than previous versions, thanks to origami-inspired robot muscles.

These Glass Bricks Double as Solar Panels, Providing Form and Function to Buildings

Imagine glass blocks capable of enabling entire buildings to produce solar power. The post These Glass Bricks Double as Solar Panels, Providing Form and Function to Buildings appeared first on Futurism.