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Why we don’t get sick of listening to our favorite song

People enjoy replaying a favorite song many times even after the novelty and surprise are gone, according to new research.

How ‘mental rehearsal’ preps us for action

Neuroscientists have discovered how the brain learns physical tasks, even in the absence of real-world movement.

2D crystals may enable future super-thin electronics

A new process for growing wafer-scale 2D crystals could enable future super-thin electronics. Since the discovery of the remarkable properties of graphene, scientists have increasingly focused research on the many other two-dimensional materials possible, both those found in nature and those concocted in the lab.

Baby skull binding common among ancient Peru elite

The idea of binding and reshaping a baby’s head may make parents today cringe, but for families in the Andes between 1100-1450, cranial modification was all the rage, according to a new study.

Cooler, cheaper method preps nanomaterials for thin films

Engineers are developing a new method of processing nanomaterials that could lead to faster and cheaper manufacturing of flexible, thin film devices, such as touch screens and window coatings.

Opossums don’t like snow but have invaded N. Dakota

New research documents ongoing northward range expansion of the common Virginia opossum—and one unlucky opossum in particular.

Tying target genes to autism could lead to better treatment

A new computational method has connected several target genes to autism, according to new research. The findings, along with other recent discoveries, could lead to screening tools for young children—and help doctors choose the best intervention when making a diagnosis.

Cool, weird, and gross stuff we played with at Toy Fair 2018

Gadgets Robots, coding toys, Marvel stuff, and an odd amount of poop-themed toys. Check out all the new playthings from this massive toy trade show.

Russia and China Are Working on Space and Counterspace Weapons

Every year, the Department of National Intelligence (DNI) releases its Worldwide Threat Assessment of the US Intelligence Community.

Prehistoric lizards could sprint on two legs

Animals Fossilized footprints provide new insight on ancient lizard behavior Fossilized lizard footprints dating back to the Cretaceous indicate the little scaly beasts could get up and run on two legs.

Why Partisanship Is Such a Worthy Foe of Objective Truth

The truth is out there, but if it doesn’t come from “my side” who cares? In an era of “fake news” our relationship status with factual knowledge, and a shared reality has changed to “it’s complicated”.

Mr. Steven, a Netted Claw-Boat, Could Save SpaceX Millions

Mr. Steven is expected to save SpaceX millions of dollars. Mr. Steven, by the way, is a giant boat with a net.

Athletes with asthma tend to do better at the Winter Olympics

Health But it's not really clear where the advantage comes from. Up to one in four winter Olympians have asthma—and they actually tend to do better than competitors without the condition.

An Adorable Dumbo Octopus Stretches Its 'Wings'

See this little guy? He's just emerged into the world, but the appropriately-named Dumbo octopus is already taking his first flaps.

These neon-lit acrylic tipis will make you realize tradition is place, change and conversation

“Manifestipi,” (installation detail) 2016 by ITWÉ Collective. Courtesy of ITWÉ and Collection Majudia.

Astronomers Observe the Rotating Accretion Disk Around the Supermassive Black Hole in M77

During the 1970s, scientists confirmed that radio emissions coming from the center of our galaxy were due to the presence of a Supermassive Black Hole (SMBH).

China is building the world's largest facility for robot ship research

Eastern Arsenal Wanshan covers over 225 square miles of ocean. Moving on from drone taxis and armed robots, China is now looking to take a lead in building unmanned ships.

You might be inhaling bits of toxic algae

Environment Breaking waves can send algal blooms airborne. The mischief caused by algal blooms does not end at the water’s edge.

Microbots could deliver drugs by flip-flopping through your body

A new type of all-terrain microbot that moves by tumbling could help usher in tiny machines for various applications, including super-focused drug delivery, researchers report.

How to test your smartphone's speed

DIY And improve its performance. Is your phone performing as well as it can? These tools and apps will help you check your device's speed.