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The Crew 2 hands-on: Flying, boating, and driving through NYC

Ubisoft unveiled The Crew 2 earlier this summer, and now it has unveiled hands-on demos of the gameplay that takes you into the skies, the waters, and the roads of New York city.

Social VR is evolving, and AltspaceVR paid the price

GUEST: Last month, AltspaceVR, one of the most beloved startups in the burgeoning, albeit struggling, VR consumer industry announced it was shutting its doors due to what they described as “unforeseen financial difficulty”.

Camping rough: The best off-road campers from the Australian 4x4 Outdoors Expo

Australia is a rugged place, and that makes for some of the most rugged camping conditions you'll find anywhere in the world.

How yeast will let astronauts 3D print plastic parts from pee

Overpacking isn't exactly an option for trips into space, even for longer trips like an eventual manned mission to Mars.

Walmart taps Google to challenge Amazon’s hold on voice-assisted shopping

(Reuters) — Walmart is teaming up with Google to enter the nascent voice-shopping market, currently dominated by Amazon, adding another front to the giant retailer’s battle with the online megastore.

SprayPrinter's latest graffiti robot hits new heights

SprayPrinter hit the scene in early 2016 with its innovative app-controlled device that can sit on the head of any can of spray paint and allow even the most inept artist to create wall-sized works of art.

Western Digital goes big with 20 TB external desktop HDD

When it comes to hard drive storage capacity, too much is never enough. But Western Digital's latest My Book Duo should be enough to tide most users over – for a while at least.

IBM blockchain project adds Nestle, Tyson, and other food companies

(Reuters) — Nestle, Unilever, Tyson Foods, and other large food and retail companies have joined IBM’s project to explore how blockchain technology can help track food supply chains and improve safety, the companies said in a joint statement today.

AI-generated pop song puts human composers on notice

At the rate AI-generated music is progressing, it could be old-fashioned to manually compose songs in as little as a decade.

Gunther Werks refines the 993 911 with stunning 400R

Classic cars like the Porsche 911 have been rising in value recently, but that hasn't deterred enthusiastic tuners from stripping them out, cranking up the power and subtly refining the styling for well-heeled connoisseurs.

Suzuki GSX-250R review: Humble commuter rocks Superbike style

The GSX-250R is Suzuki's first fully faired small-capacity sportsbike in ages, and it's a very snappy dresser; a beautifully put together bike for beginner riders.

HP's Omen X laptop overclocks on-the-go gaming

When it comes to cramming powerful components into a gaming laptop, space isn't the only thing to consider: in those close confines heat can be a major problem too.


GoTrackApp is a real-time, GPS Based Pickup and Delivery management solution designed to maximize employee productivity, improve customer service, and promote efficiencies.

The story of how discarded orange peels turbocharged a Costa Rican forest

Sixteen years after a controversial biodegradation plan allowed 1,000 truckloads of orange peels to be unloaded onto a barren, deforested area of Costa Rican land, a team of Princeton researchers has discovered unexpectedly positive results.

Apple may be building a self-driving shuttle for employees with the unfortunate name ‘PAIL’

Dreams of an autonomous Apple car maybe be dead, but it seems the company is at least trying to resurrect some of its self-driving work.

Heatable electric fabric could keep soldiers warm and dry

Keeping safe and comfortable in arctic conditions is a precarious balancing act between protecting one's self against the cold without overheating.

Cat Sorter VR transforms your HTC Vive into a chaotic feline assembly line

If you can’t get enough of cats in actual reality, you can now obsess over kitties in virtual reality, too.

Xbox Live is down — Microsoft is working on a fix

Microsoft knows that Xbox Live is not working for a ton of people right now, and it has engineers investigating the problem.

Porsche Design's GT3-inspired speaker plays a different exhaust note

The roar of a Porsche 911 GT3 is music to motoring enthusiasts' ears, but you can't really dance to it.

Apple reportedly working on self-driving employee shuttle for its campuses

We’ve heard for some time now that Apple had decided to get out of the game of trying to build an entire self-driving car itself and was instead focusing on the software side of autonomous driving.