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Fresh Chunky Applesauce Cake

Your own homemade chunky applesauce is the key to this flavorful cake. That way, the cake is just as much (if not more) about the fruit than the batter.

9 Snacks You Can Make with an Apple

Nothing is better at this time of year than a crisp, juicy apple. And no one is hungrier at a certain time of day (say, when they come home from school) than kids.

Biscotti are Italy's Most Famous Cookies

And they come in many more varieties than you realize. Although we have a very clear understanding of "biscotti" in the English-speaking world, the word simply translates into biscuits or cookies in Italian.

7 Ridiculously Delicious Ways to Eat Pumpkin Bread

Come fall, you’re inundated with pumpkin baked goods. And that’s not a bad thing: We’ll happily eat pumpkin pie until spring.

Torcetti with Broccoli Rabe Pesto and Fresh Mozzarella

The past few weeks have been confusing. I mean, I know it’s fall, but I’m not really feeling it yet. The weather is partially to blame, as NYC Indian summer was in full force until late last week, but there are other factors in play.

Tricks for Throwing the Ultimate Treat-Filled Halloween Party

As Halloween draws near, I’ve been pulling out the pumpkins and making my list of tricks and treats. So whether you’re looking for festive recipes, some healthy alternatives (that won’t get your house toiletpapered), or spooky party ideas, I’ve got all the ideas here to create the ultimate Halloween party, for kids as well as adults.


It's all been all about the food round here recently, but I've been testing out lots of drinks (alcoholic and non-alcoholic) over the summer, and have got a round up for you today on what's hot in the liquid world.

Why Pasta Pie is the Make-Ahead Recipe (and Leftover) You've Been Seeking

The good place to put all the leftover pasta. When I worked at the CIA (meaning The Culinary Institute of America—though if not prompted, I will let strangers assume otherwise), I lived in a pretty average apartment.

Breakfast Bowl Diaries

It’s only fitting that I share an authentic glimpse of the daily grind: my morning breakfast bowl. Sometimes it’s two scrambled eggs with folded low-fat ricotta, or an avocado mashed on wheat toast.

Chicken-and-Squash Curry

Martha Stewart Living (October 2015) Even though we didn't write about it this year, we had a decent season in our little backyard garden.

Sante Fe Chef Channels Georgia O’Keeffe

While training under chef Jean Bertranou at Los Angeles’s legendary French hot spot L’Ermitage in the 1980s, chef John Sedlar learned an important lesson.

Why Yogurt Tartines Just Might Be the Perfect Lunch

Behold: Another way to work Greek yogurt into your diet. Last week's lunch was a beautiful marriage between Greek yogurt and Kendra Vaculin's Eggplant Miso Tahini Spread.

Guest Post: Rye, Prune and Pancetta Stuffing

Please tell me I’m not the only one who had total “ohcrap” moment and suddenly remembered that Thanksgiving is this weekend.

In the Mix with ICDC

We stopped by the very colorful and absolutely delicious ICDC to chat with co-owner and pastry chef, Mariah Swan!

Spooktacular Chocolate Glazed Orange Cheesecake

I’m more than a little obsessed with this orange cheesecake recipe!  The orange flavor in the cheesecake pairs perfectly with the Oreo crust and the dark chocolate ganache topping.

These Recipes Will Save Your Life

No they won’t. That’s ridiculous. But I was finding inspiration in the strangely portentous title of Ruth Reichl’s new cookbook.

recipe from sweet corn /sweet corn sundal(stirfry)

recipe from sweet corn /sweet corn sundal(stir fry) Hardly few days more for navarathri and most of the homes who have a custom(practice) to keep kolu(steps arranged in odd numbers to display various toys mainly god and goddesses)have to plan well in advance and naturally they are trained to do it perfectly with so much of do’s and don’t s that should be followed.Both in my dads place and my in-laws place they don’t have a practice to keep kollu in spite of the fact that i have a fondness towards this custom!

In J. Kenji López-Alt's The Food Lab, Nerbs Have Their Fun

A science-focused cookbook that’ll have you laughing.    J. Kenji Lopez-Alt starts his book The Food Lab: Better Home Cooking Through Science with a proclamation: “I’m a nerd, and I’m proud of it.”  “Nerd” is a word that’s generally not very positive.

MEXICAN PIZZA!What’s a Mexican pizza? my friends asked with...

MEXICAN PIZZA! What’s a Mexican pizza? my friends asked with dulcet wonderment in their eyes and bellies.