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Warming Semolina Porridge

I took a trip down memory lane this morning and made semolina porridge. Semolina, for those unfamiliar with it, is the hard grains left over from milling durum wheat flour.

Couscous Salad #FrenchFridayswithDorie

A Moroccan Inspired Couscous Salad I fell for Israeli couscous with my first bite. Pasta pearls provided a chewy bite unlike its grainier cousin called for in this recipe.

Easy Chocolate Caramel-Stuffed Cookies

Tomorrow, we’re ringing in the third month with our daughter. Three months. Ninety-ish days. Not a long time, I know, but I think that deserves a cookie. And not just any cookie.

Citrus Fruit and Berry Punch

Try this berry punch recipe with citrus fruits, refreshing and perfect drink for a summer party: here is the recipe to prepare at home this non alcoholic punch.

(Trip Recap) Taste: Unearthing the Art and Science of Food

Last month I had the pleasure of being invited on the inaugural blogger press trip hosted by Best Food Facts and the Center for Food Integrity.

Passion Fruit Ice Cream

Have you ever had passion fruit?  I love passion fruit juice... it's one of my all time favorite fruit juices in the whole world.  I remember drinking a lot of passion fruit juice when was in Sri Lanka.  It's well loved there and you find it readily available.  Unfortunately,  I don't get the chance to have passion fruit very much these days so I was really surprised to find fresh passion fruit at my local grocery store.  I decided that I needed to make something special with it so I created this easy (no ice cream maker needed, egg free) ice cream.

Q & A: Why Urban Farming? {South Circle Farm}

As part of our Healthy + Whole series, we are thrilled to bring you this interview with farmer Amy Matthews and Program Coordinator Sarah Mullin of South Circle Farm.

Early 80′s Music (and MTV!) Quiz: Answers and Winners!

Great job on the quiz, everyone! Here are the stats, answers, and winners!   STATS 18,335 people took the quiz 2,984 players scored 100%!

recipe reciprocity

So of course I’m behind with the posting once again. Major life changes will do that to a person (if you haven’t already, read about my engagement story here).

Canning 101: Can You Safely Can on a Glass Top Stove?

Obviously, this is not a flat top stove. I didn’t have a picture a picture of one, so this is standing in.

holy hippy yummm bowl

I love veggie bowls and yet I don’t make them as much as I’d like. I think I just forget about them so this post is a reminder to myself to make up a veggie bowl on a weekly basis.

Texas Caviar Bean Dip

  Texas Caviar with black-eyed peas, black beans, corn, red bell pepper, and red onion can be eaten as a dip or as a side salad.

The Art Of Shredding Kale

This past weekend was filled with tons of great food not only from our Inland Empire Food Bloggers August Meeting, but I also had a birthday party to go to the same day that had the normal party fare, burgers, … Read more >> The post The Art Of Shredding Kale appeared first on The Devil Wears Parsle

Baby Beef

My husband loves the old fashioned American diners that you can still find on the East coast.  Nothing like the hamburger joint in Pulp Fiction, way too upscale, but he likes the ones with meat loaf, roast beef specials and enormous breakfasts that include pancakes with eggs, bacon, home fries, buttered (margarine) toast and jam.

Roasted Garden Tomato Sauce

Tomatoes, tomatoes.  August is when I typically have them going absolutely bonkers in the garden, but I’m also so busy with back to school stuff that I just don’t have time to do a giant canning project.  I like to do something with them so they don’t go bad so I often turn to roasting or freezing because it’s fairly quick and easy and it gives me lots of ways to use it a few days, weeks, or months down the road.  Since I know you will ask, no this is not a canning recipe.  It’s great to stock up on and store in the freezer, but if you want a recipe that has been tested for home canning, you’ll find my favorite, here.  For this recipe, I slow-roast tomatoes along with onions, garlic, and carrots.  All of those vegetables do magical things in the oven and the flavors intensify and sweeten into the most amazing sauce blend.

Gluten Free Passionfruit Mini Almond Cakes

Having friends over for tea this weekend? Try these little beauties, but be warned they are slightly ADDICTIVE.

My Cookbook

I wrote a book! The Idiot's Guide to Slow Cooker Cooking will  be available in stores beginning September 2, 2014.

Fish fillet in Creamy Sauce

Fish fillet  in a creamy sauce . Great weeknight meal in 30 minutes , easy and absolutely delicious! Are you a fan of quick and easy meals?

Our Days, Lately

These are my favorite kind of posts to read! I’m super nosy and love to know how everyone else fills their days.

Caramel Butter Pecan Cake Batter Dip

I love the rich, decadent, buttery flavors of a butter pecan dessert. Although Butter Pecan doesn’t get a lot of time in the spotlight (it seems like Chocolate Peanut Butter and Funfetti hog it all), I think it’s really the ultimate in comfort food desserts.