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Cucumber Tartine

These easy and yummy tartines are one of my favorite appetizers, and summer lunches! They’re also perfect for parties and showers; quick to put together and the spread can be made ahead of time.

Here’s How To Make A Ranch Taco Salad Cone

In an effort to find a way to eat a salad without putting down our beer this Memorial Day weekend, we took the idea of a TACO SALAD and mashed it with a SEASONED TACO CONE.

Chile-Cumin Lamb Meatballs with Yogurt and Cucumber

Hi. Can we get on the same page about something? Sometimes I just want to post a recipe, with the implied imperative: you should make this!

Put PDT in Your Pocket with Jim Meehan’s New Cocktail App

Harness the power of technology for your home bar Read the full post on Food Republic »

Vegetarian Memorial Day Recipes

Over here the skies are gloomy and it hardly feels like the start of Memorial Day weekend – but I hope it’s sunnier where you are and that you have some fun outdoor party plans this weekend.

Creamy Honey Tangerine Bites

Today I am excited to share a recipe for Creamy Honey Tangerine Bites on Triscuit crackers. My whole family loves Triscuit crackers because Triscuit is more than just a cracker.


Do you like chococate...? Silly question!? I'm pretty sure most people like chocolate, and if not all types, then they at least have a favourite type.

What to Watch: Memorial Day Festivities and The Season Premiere of American Diner Revival

Jump-start your weekend with a special season premiere of American Diner Revival tonight at 10:30|9:30c.

Easy Cheesy Asparagus Spinach Dip

Guys, I have an announcement. WE’RE MOVING BACK TO FLORIDA! FLORIDA!!! I am so completely out-of-my-mind exited!

This Week’s Meatless Meal Plan | 05.25.15

On the menu this week: Cabernet Portabella Burgers; Spring Nourish Bowls; Beer-Battered Tofu Tacos; Spaghetti and Eggplant Spinach Meatballs; and Mexican Cauliflower Rice Salad.

Kale Caesar Salad with Creamy Parmesan Dressing

Everyone loves a good caesar salad. It’s all about the garlic, the parmesan, the crisp romaine lettuce, and crunchy garlicky croutons, right?

Grilling Geekery: The Science Behind Grilling With Charcoal, Gas And Wood

Is there really a difference in taste? And why? Read the full post on Food Republic »

Chateau Puech-Haut Le Prestige – Serious Business

A Bulk Buy rating on a big, dry and rich wine from the Languedoc! 55% Grenache from 60-75 year old vines and 45% Syrah from 40 year old vines.

Make this Memorial Day Menu While Sipping a Beer & Wearing a Speedo

Here at Food52, we love recipes—but do we always use them? Of course not. Because once you realize you don't always need a recipe, you'll make your favorite dishes a lot more often.

Kothu Paratha: A One-Pot Indian Dish for Rainy Nights

It's always more fun to DIY. Every week, we'll spare you a trip to the grocery store and show you how to make small batches of great foods at home.

The Silver Spoon's Comic Cookbook and All Its Images

We’ve been told not to judge a book by its cover, but what about its photography, layout, typefaces, paper—and how they all interact with each other?

Raw Jackfruit Biryani / Palakkai Biryani

Raw Jackfruit Biryani / Palakkai Biryani Raw Jackfruit Biryani / Kathal Biryani, today I'm sharing another version of Baby Jackfruit Biryani with homemade Biryani Masala Powder.

Gluten Free Ice Cream Cones

Not only are these Gluten Free Ice Cream Cones part of my sponsorship with Ancient Harvest using their quinoa flour but it is also an extension to my online allergen-friendly party full of sprinkles that I seemingly cannot stop.

Oven Roasted Crispy Pork Belly

Do you remember the lovely ladies that I introduced you to, Sonia and Krista, from Gunpowder Ranch and Roasting (They’re the urban California girls who now run a ranch here in Bend, Oregon.)?

how to make mango dessert /mango patholi/(ela(i)ada(i)

how to make mango dessert /mango patholi Patholi is a famous sweet dumpling done in konkan,goan regions and both these regions follow malvani cuisine.Konkani,Goan even kerala cuisines dominantly use coconut in great significance as all these parts lie on the coastal areas where coconut trees are grown in abundance.The very same patholi is called as ela ada in kerala and in some parts of TamilNadu it is called as elai adai.Folding “ada”(patholi) inside the banana leaf make the sweet subtle and locks all the flavour by allowing the steam to seep through and prevent it from drying out.I came to know about this recipe from one of my favourite cook book author mrs.MallikaBadrinaths video where she describes that she has learned this recipe from her grandma and its slightly different from usual patholi/ela ada,it is called mango patholi.I was very impressed with the twist from the regular patholi I wished to make it!