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Firecracker Fruit Kabobs

Keep your kids safe, healthy, and entertained this summer with these DIY Firecracker Fruit Kabobs! Perfect for a summer BBQ, simply place the already cut up fruit on a table and allow the little ones to create their very own edible firecracker.

Woman Suing Jelly Belly For ‘Deceptively Adding Sugar’ Could Actually Win, Here’s Why

Photo: Brandon Dilbeck (Wikimedia Commons) Some formerly used language on one of Jelly Belly’s products may have them in some trouble.

MIT Just Invented Pasta That Changes Its Shape In Water

Photo by Michael Indresano Production, courtesy of MIT Media Lab. The pieces of pasta pictured above were flat just minutes before these photos were taken.

Family Friday (vol. 49): Where’s June?

May hasn’t been all bad, but this week has been a doozie. Monday started with going home mid-day to fire the babysitter on the spot…then scrambling to find coverage for the rest of the day and the rest of the week.

The Scoop: Edibles & Essentials launches french fry food truck

  Edibles & Essentials is hitting the streets this summer with a new food truck, Essentially Fries. “I’ve always wanted to do a food truck,” said chef-owner Matt Borchardt.

Burgers, Allergies, Ice Cream: 10 Hot Topics On Food Republic

Black Tap’s all-American burger is a glorious one. Finally, we’re placing the top bun on our Burger Week burger and taking a bite.

4 Whip-Smart Recipes (& Tricks!) to Add to Your Go-To List

The results are in! Here are the recipes our community loved from the Your Best Recipe with a Smarty Pants Trick or Technique contest.

Grilled Red Wine Elk Steak

Grilled Red Wine Elk Steak is a flavorful marinade for elk or beef steak!  Grilled Red Wine Elk Steak         Grilled Red Wine Elk Steak   The post Grilled Red Wine Elk Steak appeared first on Cooking With Ruthie.

How on Earth Is Fried Chicken the Best First Date Food?

Earlier this week, Hinge, one of many dating apps that caters to lonely hearts in their mid-20s, released the findings of its survey regarding the best ways a first date can guarantee a second date.

Mexican Corn Salad Dip

Today I have a new summer-y dip for you a Mexican street corn inspired corn salad dip! This dip was inspired by the flavours of elote, aka Mexican street corn, which is a grilled corn on the cob slathered with butter, mayo, lime juice, cheese and chili powder for an amazing combo of sweet, salty, sour and spicy!

The Unexpected Seating Shape America Isn’t Ready For

New York design week is as thrilling as it is overwhelming, but the best things always are. It’s sort of like Brimfield, but also it’s the exact opposite: an addictive marketplace where, instead of shoppers and shopkeepers uncovering the past’s best work, designers put the present (and future) firmly on display—and up for sale.

Five Little Things

Happy Friday, dear friends, and more importantly, happy long weekend! I hope you are all ready for Memorial Day weekend.

• ROUND TOWER • . . . . 36 meters tall. A 209 meter walk to the...

• ROUND TOWER • . . . . 36 meters tall. A 209 meter walk to the top.

The Scoop: Taco Buddha to open in University City

  University City will soon be home to another taco spot. Taco Buddha is slated to open at 7405 Pershing Ave., this summer in the former home of short-lived Perjax American Kitchen.

Marvel Movie Quiz: Answers and Winners! by PW Fun & Learning

Nice job on Marvel, everyone! There were some toughies.   We also meant to ask about your favorite Marvel movies!


This season has been so strange.  The weather is erratic as ever which is making it feel neither like Spring nor Summer.

the red and black

For many Junes, this was my favorite cocktail. Yes, I realize that I sound particularly like a weird food writer person and not a person who lives among other people because most normal, sane people do not have a favorite cocktail for each month of the year, even if you agree with me — you do, right?

A Portland Burrito Cart Shutters After Being Accused of Cultural Appropriation

Kooks Burritos is closed after sharing how they came up with their idea Both critics and fans alike are talking about a Portland burrito cart after the owners revealed how they came up with their business idea.  Keep reading on    

The Rainbow Connection

The man behind the beloved rainbow bagel shares what it's really like to go viral From rainbow bagels to unicorn lattes, here's how a food trend really goes viral and what happens to the people behind the creations.

Ultra Fluffy Rolls vs. Garlicky Baked Home Fries: Which Will Win?

For our latest contest, we asked for your smartest, thriftiest, most head-turning tricks and techniques.