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  How often does something come along that’s not only delicious, but nutritious as well?  Not very often, but Fairlife is defying those odds with their incredible, rich, and nutritious assortment of milk.

Salted Pretzel and Stout Brownies Recipe

Ever since I was a kid, I’ve always loved pretzels.  They’re still a snack of choice at my house.  From time-to-time, I’ll even work them into a dessert recipe like these Salted Pretzel and Stout Brownies, sponsored by Frito-Lay.

Cook Like Meera Sodha All Week with These 8 Recipes

If you haven’t yet wizened to the culinary talent that is Meera Sodha, it’s high time you do. The British author develops recipes, writes cookbooks, and contributes to The Guardian, where she pens a column on vegan cooking.

Eighties Music Quiz: Wednesday Night! by PW Fun & Learning

Quiz Begins In: Since the Grammys are this weekend, it’s gotten us thinking about our favorite era of music ever: THE EIGHTIES!

Classic Minestrone Soup

Finally! It’s about time this blog offered a traditional minestrone soup recipe. Minestrone is a hearty Italian vegetable soup made with tomato-y broth and pasta or rice.

Honey Cornbread Recipe

If you prefer your cornbread on the moister and slightly sweet side, this Honey Cornbread recipe is for you!

Grilled Cheese Goes to the Tropics (But Hangs Out With a Wintry Salad)

Seventeen years ago, when I set my sights on the United States to attend university, I welcomed all of the brash uncertainty attached to such a choice.

Pecan Chicken Salad Apple Slices

These Pecan Chicken Salad Apple Slices have become a new snacking staple at our house. You’ll never miss the bread with this crisp apple slice instead!

Dal Makhani and Murgh Masala

I love Indian dal with it’s varied lentils and spices, but my favorite is dal makhani which mixes urad dal (black lentil) with kidney beans.  The texture and spiciness makes me think of meatless chili.

Shrimp Pad Thai Salad

This Pad Thai Salad recipe features a healthy salad, fit as a main course. This recipe is courtesy of celebrity chef Bobby Flay’s new cookbook Bobby Flay Fit: 200 Recipes for a Healthy Lifestyle.

Butterkäse: The Best Cheese You’ve Never Tried

Butterkäse is an absurdly creamy, fatty German cheese that you need to seek out. Like now. Then put it in grilled cheese, pizzas, or a pot of fondue.

Why Roast Chicken is the Gift That Keeps on Giving

It’s almost impossible to count all the reasons why roasted chicken makes a winning weeknight main. It’s speedy, hands-free, and affordable (not to mention downright delicious).

Spice Rack Organization with Printable

Michaels challenged us this month to work on an organization project and the first thing that popped into my head was the pile of unorganized, maybe-expired, many-duplicate spices that were in my cupboards.

Crack Eggs on Curried, Stewy...Lentils? Why Not!

I’m always on the lookout for meals I can make from pantry staples. No matter how prepared I think I am, there are inevitably nights when my fridge is devoid of any produce or leftovers, and even a good fridge dive won’t result in anything I want to call dinner.

Watermelon Mint Agua Fresca

Read Watermelon Mint Agua Fresca on Magnolia Days. Refreshing Watermelon Mint Agua Fresca is the perfect spring or summer beverage.

3 Different Ways To Make Pasta Carbonara

We love it, you love it, the whole world loves pasta carbonara. Rather than whip up a pot of good old-fashioned Roman-style spaghetti alla carbonara, try these three fun spins on the classic.

Stuffed Delicata Squash with Quinoa and Mushrooms

I’m a card-carrying member of the Delicata Squash Club. When I see mounds of delicata squash at the market, I make a beeline.

9 Ways to Turn Ground Turkey Into a Speedy, Flavorful Weeknight Dinner

Ground turkey is often proffered as a low(er)-fat substitute to ground beef, pork, or veal. In January, when some of us are trying to eat a little healthier—yet still put satisfying, comforting meals on the table—ground turkey is our best friend.

Easy Garlic Knots

These soft, garlicky knots taste just like your favorite pizzeria’s garlic knots, but made from scratch using my easy yeast-free bagel dough recipe (just flour, Greek yogurt, baking powder and salt).

Adopt a Maple Syrup Tree For the Breakfast Lover in Your Life

If you ever wanted to adopt a child or a dog but thought it would be too much responsibility, here’s an opportunity that might interest you.