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More Than 40,000 Applicants for High-Skill Visas Are Denied Each Year

It’s an immigration question that has less to do with borders, and more to do with advanced degrees. Tens of thousands of doctors, scientists, engineers and more are turned down from legally entering the United States each year simply because the numbers don’t work out.

Global Attacks On Christians On The Rise

Watch the latest video at Islamic militants strike in Nigeria, Egypt Turn off Comment:  Article Image:  Big Top:  No Breaking News:  No Make Sticky:  No Attribution:  catch 'The Five' Weekdays at 5pm on FNC Image Credit:  AP Video:  Yes

Pelosi: Passing Amnesty Will Reduce Deficit By $1 Trillion

SF Gate To "honor the dignity and work of immigrants," Democratic House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi helps Bishop Marc Andrus wash the feet of two children Thursday at Saint John the Evangelist Episcopal Church in San Francisco.

Software is eating the world, and venture capital is feasting on older software

Image Credit: ~Aphrodite Marc Andreesen once said that “software is eating the world,” and this past quarter of venture capital investment sure seems to back that statement up.

In Defense Of Low-Stakes Storytelling

Just when did saving the world get so boring? We're living through an age of big movies with big plots, that throw the fate of the world into the mix about as regularly as most people mop their floors — and sometimes it seems just as dull.

Chief Keef Honors Blood Money By Releasing Slain Rapper’s Music

Chief Keef plans to drop some unreleased music from slain rapper Blood Money in the very near future.

Watch the Official Trailer for Season 2 of ‘Orange is the New Black’

Netflix continues to keep their original content momentum steaming forward following House of Cards ending their sophomore campaign with a new season of prison dramedy Orange is the New Black.

Adrianne Wadewitz, an important and rare figure in the world of Wikipedia editors and a scholar of 1

Adrianne Wadewitz, an important and rare figure in the world of Wikipedia editors and a scholar of 18th-century British literature, died earlier this month from head injuries sustained during a rock climbing fall.

Aaron Paul & Kellan Lutz Photobomb a Couple at Coachella in Hilarous New Pic!

Aaron Paul and his wife Lauren Parsekian leave the Chateau Marmont after a night out on Wednesday evening (April 16) in West Hollywood, Calif.

Indian Man Swallows $16K Worth Of Gold Bars

Watch Video ​ For a couple days, one Indian businessman was worth his weight in gold. Well, at least a little bit.

Former Blue Angels Commander Slapped Down By Navy In ‘Misconduct’ Probe

A former Blue Angels commander has been disciplined by the U.S. Navy as part of an ongoing probe into what the Navy simply calls “misconduct” going back to his period as top officer at the elite aerial unit known for putting on spectacular air shows and showing off the flying prowess of Navy pilots.

These Scientists Used Fire To Accompany Their Music, And It's Beautiful

Yay for science. A Rubens' tube is a pipe with holes in it. You put a flammable gas through the pipe, and then light it on fire.

ABC News Touts Chelsea Clinton’s Pregnancy As America’s ‘Royal’ Baby

By Scott Whitlock, Newsbusters According to the liberal network journalists, being part of a Democratic family makes you "royalty." Reporters on ABC, CBS and NBC gushed over the announcement that Chelsea Clinton is pregnant.

Victoria Beckham Diet Keeps Her Looking Fit As She Turns 40

Victoria Beckham turned 40-years-old on Friday and thanks to her diet and exercise regimen she keeps looking young and super fit.

New shocking research proves that rich people control American politics

A fascinating piece of research confirming that what we all suspected is actually true. American politics is entirely bought and paid for by the economic elite and this democracy thing just isn’t working out.

White-Washing White Terrorism

PIC: Frazier Glenn Miller (Booking Photo -PD) Ajamu Baraka writes at CounterPunch: Overland Park, a city of fewer than 200,000 in the heartland of the U.S.

Wendy Davis’ Past Questioned in FBI Probe

FILE – This March 4, 2014 file photo shows Texas Democratic gubernatorial candidate, State Sen. Wendy Davis visiting with volunteers at her campaign headquarters in Fort Worth, Texas (AP) Texas gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis’ previous work as an attorney is being questioned in an FBI investigation of the North Texas Tollway Authority, state authorities said.

Calling All Stoners: The Weed Supercut You've Been Waiting For Is Here Just In Time For 420

Essentially, there’s a lot of pot in movies. Happy 420!

Star Trek: The Next Generation Easter Eggs

(Image: unknown) The senior officers of the Enterprise-D are ready for the annual Easter egg hunt. Everyone looks happy about it, except for Worf.

Astronauts leave little memorabilia of fallen comrades on the moon during their trips up there! This is touching

Astronauts leave little memorabilia of fallen comrades on the moon during their trips up there! This is touching Talk about staking your territory.