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Finland confirms arrest of Russian citizen accused of crimes in the US

Finnish authorities have confirmed the detention of Maxim Senakh, a Russian citizen accused of committing malware crimes in the US.

Off The Menu

You might realize it, but In N' Out and Chipotle aren't the only places around with secret menus. Off The Menu can fill you in on otherwise unlisted menu items...

The Last Known Ebola Patient In Sierra Leone Literally Danced Out Of Treatment

Adama Sankoh’s release begins the countdown to the west African country being declared Ebola-free. Nearly 4,000 people died over the course of the Ebola outbreak in Sierra Leone.

Mutations after chemo signal deadly leukemia

Mutations may explain why some people with leukemia are more likely to relapse or die after chemotherapy.

Usain Bolt Gains Easy Victory And 10th Gold Medal In 200M At World Championship

After Usain Bolt won the 100m race in a close call on Saturday he put an end to questions of his regarding his fitness once and for all.

Naked Man Claiming To Be Jesus Christ Caught On Camera Asking Onlookers If They ‘Deserve To Live’ Before Smashing Windows With Bare Hands

A naked man of Long Beach, California was caught on camera claiming to be Jesus Christ himself and asking onlookers if they “deserve to live,” reported the Mirror.

Microsoft created an open-source browser using HTML, JavaScript, and CSS

Microsoft’s new browser, Edge, has a new rendering engine, EdgeHTML. Like Edge, the new rendering engine is only available in Windows 10, but it does more than just power the company’s new browser: It’s also readily available to developers.

Donald Trump Says He and ‘Friend’ Ted Cruz Are ‘Doing Something Very Big Over the Next Two Weeks in Washington’

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump announced on Thursday that he and Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas), also a GOP candidate, are joining forces to do “something very big over the next two weeks in Washington.” Speaking to reporters following a campaign rally in South Carolina, Trump said the event will essentially be a “protest” of the Obama administration’s “totally incompetent” nuclear deal with Iran.

Cathy Torrez, Samuel Agustin Lopez: Dateline NBC Repeats 20-Year Cold Case Of Placentia, California Murder, Episode ‘The Promise’

The Cathy Torrez, Placentia, California murder case is set to air tonight on Dateline NBC. Dateline frequently airs repeat episodes on Thursday nights.

Donald Trump Had A Woman Feel His Hair On Stage At A Campaign Rally

We’ve officially reached Peak Donald Trump, people. The reality television star/hotel mogul/author/apparently legitimate presidential candidate took the stage at a campaign rally in Greenville, S.C.

This Dad Makes The Most Incredible School Lunches For His Kids

Beau Coffron is pretty much a lunch sculptor. View Entire List ›

Latest Moto 360 2 leak: Here's what the smaller 'Moto 360S' supposedly looks like

Motorola's Moto 360 smartwatch is due to be refreshed, and the new version is thought to come in two different sizes.

An Optimus Prime Cake That REALLY Does Transform & Roll Out

Dad Russell Munro made this awesome Optimus Prime cake for his son’s Transformers-themed birthday party.

TV Journalists Killed Live: Could It Have Been Prevented?

In what was perhaps the most shocking act of gun violence in recent memory, two TV journalists were shot and killed live on the air Wednesday morning.

Google launches Desktop Head Unit to emulate Android Auto apps on developers’ workstations

Google has announced a new tool designed to help developers build apps for Android Auto. With Desktop Head Unit (DHU), Google is essentially letting devs emulate a car dashboard running Android Auto, thus making the testing process far more practical.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens' new clip is short, but the lightsabers are stunning

That disturbance in the force can only mean one thing: Star Wars: The Force Awakens has released new footage.

10 Times Nicki Minaj Lyrics Perfectly Described Famous Paintings

Because museum labels are boring AF. Number 8 —Jackson Pollock (1949) Jackson Pollock / Neuberger Museum / Via Composition VIII —Wassily Kandinsky (1923) Wassily Kandinsky / Solomon R.

Tanner Goods Hardwood Wall Frames

Photo: Tanner Goods You wouldn't put your prized artwork in just any 'ol frame would you? Tanner Goods has called upon their friends Eastside Woodworks in Portland to craft the perfect set of wooden frames for displaying your favorite artwork.

Condom packaging based on different vegetable girths to help choose the correct fit

Graduate shows 2015: Taiwan designer Guan-Hao Pan has created a set of condom packages modelled on phallic vegetables, which users can hold to determine the correct girth for their contraceptive sheath (+ slideshow).

I’m a Man With ‘Dad Bod’ and it Feels Great! Where’s the Love for ‘Mom Bod’?

After embracing the ‘Dad Bod’ craze and how it made him feel, Scotty Schrier explores the importance and necessity of a ‘Mom Bod’ craze.