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Headless Horseman - Not Just A Figment Of Ichabod's Imagination

Headless Horseman by Chicoloco Designs There's a creepy chill in the fall air, and walking home alone at night is starting to feel like a bad idea, because horrible things are waiting for unwary travelers in the dark.

Trovants: The Growing Stones of Romania

In Romania’s Valcea County, there are boulders called trovants that grow. Really. They also multiply, by sprouting bulbs that form into rocks.

Check Out The Ways Got Much More Elegant Over Time

More than anything else, Apple is known for its meticulous focus on sleek, beautiful design. That's why it's interesting to see how the company slowly transformed its own homepage, from its ugly beginnings to its current minimalism.  Thanks to The Internet Archive, we can revisit those early days and see exactly what used to look like.

Zac Efron Suits Up with Jon Bernthal for 'We Are Your Friends'

Zac Efron plays it cool while exiting his trailer and heading to the set of his latest movie We Are Your Friends on Tuesday afternoon (September 2) in Pasadena, Calif.

17 Ways to Dress for Work Like a #GirlBoss

We're told to dress for the job we want, right ladies? So whether you clock in at a casual startup or spend your 9-to-5 in a more traditional office space, fall is the perfect season to turn up your work wardrobe.

Dali authored a cookbook in 1973 and it’s as surreal as it gets

Salvador Dalí was best known for the striking and bizarre images in his surrealist work, but did you know he was also the author of something as practical and down-to-earth as a cookbook?

Man Was Taken by Emergency Responders to the Hospital. When His Family Returned Home, This Note Was Waiting for Them.

A Texas fire department is attracting nationwide attention for actions they took after helping rush a man to the hospital last week for a heart attack.

McCain Slams Obama & Kerry: 'How Are You Going to Form 'Coalitions' With People Who Don't Trust You?'

On the Record: Watch the latest video at ON WHAT THE U.S. SHOULD DO ABOUT ISIS 19:03:17 Kill ‘em.

Halliburton will pay $1.1 billion to settle Deepwater Horizon oil disaster lawsuits

Halliburton has agreed to pay $1.1 billion to settle much of its part in 2010's Gulf of Mexico oil rig disaster. The incident killed 11 people, and resulted in the largest oil spill in this history of the US after offshore drilling rig Deepwater Horizon exploded.

It’s Not You, It’s Not Me — It’s Us

We didn’t meet in any of those romantic comedy, “it’s a funny story” kind of ways. We didn’t even find each other attractive until months into our dysfunctional relationship.

23 Problems Only People With IBS Will Understand

If you need me, I’ll be in the bathroom. You always know where the closest bathroom is. It's your No.

One Woman’s Response When She Learned Her Nephew Was Among 30 Teens Who Broke Out of Juvenile Detention Center

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) — Thirty teens “overwhelmed” their minders at a juvenile detention center by simultaneously breaking out of four dormitories and then crawling under a weak spot in a chain-link fence.

When You Just Need To Go Somewhere

I couldn’t be in my house. I needed to be alone. Somewhere outside. I wanted to sit outside as the sun set, completely left to my own thoughts and the hum of nature.

Mainframe veteran Compuware goes private for $2.5 billion

Above: Compuware's headquarters in Detroit Image Credit: Shutterstock/Susan Montgomery Compuware, a mainstay in the IT world of mainframes, has agreed to go private by way of a $2.5 billion buyout offer.

Why I Write – It’s Not Just a Guilty Pleasure Anymore

In allowing his creative writing to evolve from a guilty pleasure, practiced in secret, to something he needed to do, Shaky Shergill discovered that he had a gift, one that could serve the world.  — … creative writing became an indulgence, something to be put away as I was no longer a boy who had fun writing but was becoming a man with a job and responsibilities, a man who didn’t have time for such silliness.

Another Awesome Hero Cat Saves Man From Deadly House Fire

A cat in Australia is being hailed as a hero after she rescued her owner from a house fire. Read more...

The New World Disorder

By: Victor Davis Hanson (National Review) In just the last five or six years the world has been fundamentally transformed.

Netflix buys rights to 'Gotham' before show has even premiered

Netflix is getting very, very aggressive with its streaming deals. After picking up The Blacklist for a reported $2 million per episode, Netflix now has the rights to Gotham before the show has even aired.

On Rediscovering Yourself After A Breakup

We all go through it, we all understand that there is a time where you just lose yourself. Some people lose themselves in friendships, others in alcohol, parties, and, to put it plainly: Life.

Gun Store Owner Starts Facebook Page to List, Boycott Anti-Gun Businesses (Video)

Gun Store Owner Starts Facebook Page to List, Boycott Anti-Gun Businesses (Video) Gun Store Owner Starts Facebook Page to List, Boycott Anti-Gun Businesses (Video) Internet Local Steve Ellis Has Been Optimized A gun store owner in Terre Haute, Ind., has set up a Facebook page to list and boycott businesses that do not allow guns in their establishments.