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The UN wants to buy a spaceship to launch poor countries into orbit

Guadalajara, Mexico A tension underlying any global gathering of astronautics geeks is that money talks and little else gets you to space.

Conflict of interest between White House & Pentagon is why Syrian ceasefire failed – Assad adviser

Internal disagreements in the US as well as Washington’s support for terrorist groups in Syria are hampering peace efforts, President Assad’s Political and Media Adviser Dr.

Sia announces deluxe edition of 'This Is Acting'

It's officially Sia season and the blessings are rolling in today. On top of announcing a 23-date-tour with support from Miguel and AlunaGeorge, the singer revealed that her seventh album, This Is Acting, will be rereleased as a deluxe edition, and include some new tracks and remixes.

Why I’m Careful About Admitting I’m a Strong Hillary Supporter

— The first debate is over. The general concensus is that while Hillary Clinton appeared calm and prepared, Donald Trump said things that made undecided voters “gasp”.

Panasonic's new flexible batteries could one day power a bendable phone

If we want truly flexible smartphones, we’re going to eventually need some flexible batteries to power them.

Homemade ‘Jurassic Park’ re-creates Jeff Goldblum’s sleaziest scene

Who doesn't love Jeff Goldblum impressions and scientific pickup lines? From Jurassic Park, that is. Our CineFix series, Homemade Movies, serves up creative DIY versions of your favorite trailers and movie scenes.

Altair House

Set above the pines in Canada's Charlevoix region, the Altair House uses its unique perpendicular deign to maximize views of the surrounding scenery.

Ubisoft CEO: NX will put Nintendo ‘back in the race’

Nintendo has clammed up about the Nintendo NX, but thankfully, the world has Yves Guillemot. Ubisoft held a call with its shareholders today to alleviate concerns about a hostile takeover by Vivendi, but this also provided the chief executive officer with another opportunity to hype what Nintendo is up to with its next-generation gaming hardware.

The Cost of Renewable Energy Is Plunging, and It’ll Change Everything

The Lowest Bidder Renewable energy is currently shaking up the power sector. All over the world, countries are running days, if not weeks or months, solely on solar, wind, or hydroelectric power.

Metals From Bird Feathers May Help Reconstruct Dinosaur Colors

Animals X-rays show link between several elements and colorful markings Metals left behind in dinosaur fossils might offer a clue to what colors graced their feathers.

Dunkin’ Donuts Planning To Sell Bottled Coffee Drinks Starting Next Year

Joining Starbucks bottled beverages on store shelves next year will be Dunkin’ Donuts, which says it’s teaming up with Coca-Cola to launch ready-to drink iced coffee products.

'Son of Zorn' tackles the art of self-defense in this sneak peek

Not everyone can be a gigantic, musclebound, animated warrior, which has become a recurring struggle for the hero known as Zorn, the Defender of Zephyria (voiced by Jason Sudeikis), in Fox's new comedy.

Director Andrea Arnold on the cross-country party that produced American Honey

Andrea Arnold’s new film American Honey is a fascinating, immersive trip across the American heartland with a crew of hard-partying 20-somethings, but it’s also one of those projects where the behind-the-scenes story is as compelling as the one on-screen.

Sign this petition to ban plastic packaging for organics

It's ridiculous that organic produce in the U.S. comes packaged in far more plastic than conventionally-grown foods.

Chocolate Peanut Butter Layered Fudge

Tis the season to break out the fat pants, or maybe just work harder on the treadmill. I still haven’t decided.

A 3-point response to the venture capitalist who says women should hide gender on their résumés

There is ample evidence of gender bias in the American workforce. Résumés submitted with female names, for example, are judged to be less competent than those with male names.

Reasons I’ve Gotta Have My Java, Ranked

National Coffee Day is one of the better fake food and drink holidays because businesses tend to celebrate by giving a free cup of it (usually hot, and usually the smallest size) to java-loving customers around the country.

There are now 1 million Americans who are worth $5 million each

America's millionaire class is expanding rapidly. In just five years, the number of households whose investable assets totaled more than $1 million jumped 41.5 percent, from 4,797,879 millionaires in 2010 to 6,789,666 millionaires in 2015.

Empire Of The Sun Outdo Themselves By Snagging A Fleetwood Mac Cameo For ‘To Her Door’

Astralwerks Earlier this year, Empire Of The Sun’s music was introduced to a much larger audience than ever before, as their 2009 single “Walking On A Dream” — from the album of the same name — was used in a Honda Civic commercial.

A Dietitian's Cheat Sheet For Eating Low-Carb

You're interested in eating low-carb to lose weight because you've seen other people's success eating this way, but you have tons of questions.