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16 Funny Versions of Normal Animals that Prove Mother Nature Is Probably Drunk

Despite the fact we live in a world that’s filled with selfie sticks, cars that park themselves, Kanye West,  and pop stars that wear dresses made out of meat, Mother Nature continues to prove that nothing humans attempt to create can possibly top what she dishes out.

Cute & Whimsical Food Art Puts Your Paper Bag Lunch To Shame

Hong Kong-based cook SimC puts together cute, vegetarian food art. Here are some pictures of what she’s done so far.

The End of Sheet Music at Frank Music Company

Inside New York's last sheet music store on its penultimate day of business. ... Read More »

Mix and Match Furnishings for a Personalized Room

Bandas Space is a new concept by Spanish designer Patricia Urquiola that lets you create the perfect setup in your home.

Bang & Olufsen Beolit 15

The classic boxy design remains, the sound and performance has been magnified thanks to True390 technology.

A White Dad Wonders Why His Biracial Son’s Race Is An Issue

Although Alex Barnett knows his son is Biracial, when he looks at him, he doesn’t see race. - My wife and I are an interracial couple.

The Best Response to a Classmate’s Insult

(YouTube link) A boy at school called her ugly, and she gave him what for. This 4-year-old girl has the right attitude, and her comeback -whether it really happened that way or not- is priceless.

A Man Successfully Posted Himself From UK To Australia In This Box

A man named Reg Spiers spent three days in the box you can see above being transported from the UK to Australia via plane.

Fake Drake Tour: Promoter Scams Fans, Schedules Bogus Arena Dates

A fake Drake promoter has looked to take advantage of eager fans by selling tickets to a handful of show across the US that haven’t actually being scheduled.

How Long Can You Stay Sad For?

“You can’t stay sad for ever, you know?”

Nick Gordon In Rehab After Dr. Phil Intervention Show Taping [Video]

Nick Gordon has checked into rehab after filming a taping of the Dr. Phil Show that will reportedly air on March 11.

Prince pulls a ‘Hit and Run,’ announcing series of spontaneous concerts across the U.S.

  Next Saturday His Royal Badness himself, Prince, will be playing a concert in Louisville, Kentucky, but fascinatingly, the venue has not yet been disclosed.

The Only Video You Need to See After Hearing About Harrison Ford’s Airplane Crash

As you’ve probably seen in the headlines, Harrison Ford was involved in a solo airplane crash yesterday.

I want to spend an eternal summer in this sailboat

This is Salt, the newest yacht concept by Lujac Desautel. It is a sailboat. It has a clean design. It is very pretty.

Death By Slapstick: Will The DARPA Robotics Challenge Kill The Humanoid Bot?

By removing safety tethers, and making falls inevitable, the Pentagon's $2M robotics competition could expose humanoid robots as too risky to continue pursuing.

Shaq’s Best TV Acting Appearances You Probably Erased From Your Memory

Getty Image You’ve got to hand it to Shaquille O’Neal. He basically took the “Yes And” approach to acting in the mid 1990s through early 2000s.

China’s wind farms can now produce more energy than all of America’s nuclear plants

China is building more than a third of the world’s nuclear reactors currently under construction, and has plans to triple its nuclear power capacity by 2020.

Ferguson fires 3 employees for 'egregious racial bias' amid U.S. Justice probe

The Missouri city of Ferguson has fired three city employees and is pursuing a range of other reforms in an effort to negotiate a settlement with the U.S.

Your Dog Isn't Dumb, It Just Has A Very Selective Short-Term Memory

Dogs may be capable of human-like emotions and consciousness , but their short-term memories are pretty terrible, particularly when the event in question is something relatively trivial and not survival-oriented.

Kansas Governor Considering Expansion of Obamacare To Cover Budget Gap

Kansas Governor Considering Expansion of Obamacare To Cover Budget Gap Has Been Optimized Kansas Governor Sam Brownback (R) recently suggested that he may consider expanding Medicaid in his home state to cover the cost of his unsuccessful tax cuts, which have now put the state millions of dollars in debt.