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Food for thought from one of the greatest living writers, Tori...

Food for thought from one of the greatest living writers, Tori Morrison. 

21 Sporcle Quizzes That Definitely Took Over Your Life

It’s not fair, who can type that fast?! U.S. Presidents They're called the Forgettable Presidents FOR A REASON.

Doomed From The Start: An Oral History Of The Birth, Charming Life, And Fast Death Of ‘Andy Barker, P.I.’

NBC Not every show gets seven seasons and a satisfying feel-good send-off that ties up nearly every loose end.

Beyond The Lens: Game of Shadows

Professional photographer, Vincent Pugliese, shares his love of sports, one picture and one memory at a time.

American students might be better at math than you think

American students aren't good at math compared to students around the world. But it's still possible to overstate just how bad they are — as Nicholas Kristof did this week in the New York Times.

Bulldog Loves his Pool

(YouTube link) Gus the bulldog is so happy to have a pool that he wants to take it inside with him! That way, he can enjoy it anytime he wants.

Vox Sentences: The horrific damage of Nepal's earthquake

1. Quake Bhutanese Prime Minister Tshering Tobgay walks by one of the collapsed temples at Basantapur Durbar Square on April 27, 2015 in Kathmandu, Nepal.

Bruce Jenner Slammed: Blogger Matt Walsh Rips Bruce, Calls Reality Star A ‘Mentally Ill Crossdresser’

Bruce Jenner has been slammed by blogger Matt Walsh following the former Olympian’s interview with Diane Sawyer which aired on Friday night.

Mormon, Childless, And Constantly Condescended To

Jenny Chang/BuzzFeed I arrived to a sea of twisted blue ribbons plastered on the walls and “It’s a Boy” confetti splashed across a dining table.

How Richard Branson likes to prank guests on his private island

From dancing in a parade a la Ferris Bueller to making fake announcements about moving company headquarters, Virgin Group chairman Richard Branson never misses out on an opportunity to make a joke.  Branson especially likes to play pranks on guests at Necker Island, his 74-acre private retreat in the Caribbean.  In a blog post Monday, he shared the prank he likes best.

American Apparel Says Founder Unfit To Work Here Or Anywhere

The company’s chairperson explained why founder and ex-CEO Dov Charney will not be returning to American Apparel through an April 24 memo to employees obtained by BuzzFeed News.

Time Warner Cable is reportedly open to being acquired by Charter

The body of the failed Comcast-Time Warner Cable merger isn't even cold yet, and executives are already exploring new options.

‘The Voice’ Top 8: Which Singers Should Already Be Eliminated?

We’ve arrived at that pivotal part of The Voice and pretty much all singing competitions. You know, where that one person is blatantly mediocre but manages to stay way past when they should have been been booted?

Monster Husband Mercilessly Batters Wife, Texted Demonic Messages, Pours Bleach On Wife [Warning: Graphic Images]

Lorraine Lorimer, 45, married a childhood sweetheart. They had briefly dated as teenagers and, three years ago, again struck up a romance.

How Many iPhones Did Apple Sell Last Quarter? The Answer Might Shock You

It’s no secret that Apple’s quarterly financial reports are the stuff of corporate legend, and this most recently completed quarter was nothing different.

This Photo Sums Up The Life Of Every Australian '00s Girl

Featuring DOLLY, Supre and that Roxy Nokia you dreamt about. If you ever thought a single photo couldn't possibly sum up an entire generation of teen girls, you're about to be proven very, very wrong.

How to Use Siri on Your Apple Watch

If you have an Apple Watch, it's easier than ever to ask Siri for directions, send a quick text, or locate the nearest Chipotle—because you don't need to pull out your iPhone anymore.

Facebook quietly dumped Skype

Social media can make a relationship a lot more complicated. Take, for example, Facebook and Microsoft's Skype.

X-Wing Launched Into Space In Bid For ‘Star Wars’ Tickets

Two Star Wars fans have taken their love of the franchise to the next level, launching an X-Wing fighter into space in a bid to score tickets to the premiere of The Force Awakens.

Baltimore Rioters Light Police Car On Fire (Video)

Baltimore Rioters Light Police Car On Fire (Video) Baltimore Rioters Light Police Car On Fire (Video) Legal riot, baltimore, maryland, emergency, police, fire, video Has Been Optimized A police car was set on fire in Baltimore on Monday following protests carried out after Freddie Gray’s funeral.