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He’s About to Crash on His Skateboard at About 60 MPH — and It’s All Caught on Video: ‘Wow, Just Wow’

A new video posted online by Arbor Skateboards shows the moment a man crashed on his board while zooming down a hill at about 60 mph.

Flight 370: Cameras Prepare To Search Seabed For Missing Boeing 777

The hunt for flight 370 is still very much on. Despite a break in the action, ships are set to head out to the vast area of the Indian Ocean beginning on Sunday, towing with them some underwater cameras that will search the seabed for wreckage.

Kate Winslet's 'A Little Chaos' Gets Release Date For Next Year!

Kate Winslet rocks a scarf while taking a stroll on the beach on Tuesday (September 1) in the south coast of England.

Why FIFA Needs to Move the 2022 World Cup From Qatar

Marco Cerino on why The 2022 World Cup in Qatar is a bad, bad move from FIFA.   _______ Four years ago, FIFA awarded the 2022 World Cup to the Middle East nation of Qatar… to the surprise and protest of many.

Baby Flexes Just Like Dad

YouTube Link Eight-month-old Hadley has hit the stage of development in which he mimics the behavior that he sees.

New Apple iOS 8 Bug Affects Bluetooth Connectivity

Just as the news that Apple had to pull the latest update to iOS 8 started to fade from the public eye, news of another bug in the programming has surfaced, and it’s leaving a lot of iPhone users scratching their heads.

Super Simple Chocolate Banana Pirate Ships

Banana boats are one of my favorite camping treats.  Just slice a banana down the center, stuff it with chocolate, wrap it in foil, and throw it into the fire for a few minutes and you’ll be rewarded with ooey gooey goodness.

‘If I Have Gay Children': Christian Pastor’s Touching Blog Post Goes Viral

A touching blog post written by a North Carolina pastor entitled “If I Have Gay Children: Four Promises From A Christian Pastor/Parent” has stirred controversy on the web, prompting thousands of Facebook and Twitter shares.

Bra Camera Video Proves Guys Really, Really Care About Breast Cancer Awareness Month

The bra camera either proves one of two things. Either guys are really, really concerned about breast cancer awareness month and they’re letting their eyes do the talking, or they are simply staring at the ladies way more than they should.

How To Break Your Own Heart In 10 Easy Steps

Step one: Decide to try dating again even though you know you aren’t ready. Step two: Meet a boy. Tell yourself he is just someone to hang out with, you won’t let it get serious.

Tesla prepares to unveil new car and 'something else'

The Paris Motor Show is taking place this month and we've already seen Volkswagen and Lamborghini introduce eye-catching new vehicles in preparation for it.

10 New Cookbooks We Love

Fall is upon us, and home cooks know what that means: a multitude of new cookbooks to flip through as inspiration for even better cooking.

Miller Time: 'We Have Turned Into Barney Fife Nation'

Watch the latest video at This week, comedian Dennis Miller opined with Bill O'Reilly on the topics of Secret Service accountability, an NFL player flagged for a religious celebration after a pick-six, and the new O'Reilly Factor music.

Netanyahu, Obama are old allies navigating new challenges

President Barack Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu briefly met today, renewing their famously frosty, and occasionally tendentious relationship after a seven-month hiatus.

The Fantasy Football Support Group Week 5: Larry Donnell Benched Himself

Getty Image Sorry about the absence last week, at least to all five of the people who read this, but personal illness kept me from getting around to talking about how poorly my team was performing through the first four weeks of the season.

Dita Von Teese Takes Post-Birthday Stroll with Adam Rajcevich

Dita Von Teese holds hands with her boyfriend Adam Rajcevich while out for a romantic stroll together on Monday afternoon (September 29) in Los Feliz, Calif.

Sarah Lacy talks Vegas Downtown Project on NPR

As the unravelling of the Las Vegas Downtown Project continues, Pando’s Sarah Lacy appeared on KNPR’s State of Nevada this morning to discuss what went wrong.

13 Instagrams From The Marvel Universe

Because before you save the universe, you should probably take a selfie. Captain America Ian Carlos Crawford/Marvel Black Widow Ian Carlos Crawford/Marvel Rocket Raccoon Ian Carlos Crawford/Marvel Loki Ian Carlos Crawford/Marvel View Entire List ›

Not able to find sea ice, almost 35,000 walrus take over an Alaskan beach

An estimated 35,000 Pacific walrus who could not find sea ice to rest on have come ashore in Alaska. 35,000 Haul-out - Pacific Walrus usually rest on sea ice but will head to beaches if no ice— Colette (@lippyCN) October 1, 2014 The walrus have descended upon a beach five miles north of Point Lay, an Inupiat Eskimo village 700 miles northwest of Anchorage.

Mila Kunis And Ashton Kutcher Welcome Baby Girl

Jackie and Kelso start a family! The couple spotted at a basketball game in L.A. on March 22. GC Images Noel Vasquez The baby girl was delivered at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles.