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IKEA Flirts With Balenciaga In Cheeky Ad On How To Identify Original FRAKTA

Image via ACNE As if IKEA’s brilliant and witty social media responses to Balenciaga’s pricey tote that looks uncannily similar to IKEA’s FRAKTA bag wasn’t enough, the retail giant has debuted a hilarious, tongue-in-cheek ad that schools people on ‘How to identify an original IKEA FRAKTA bag’.

Stephen Colbert makes Sean Spicer the star of his own Trump soap opera

Last month, President Trump dismissed speculation that White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer's job is in jeopardy, telling a small working lunch that he's "not firing Sean Spicer" because "that guy gets great ratings.

The 4-1-1 on Crystal Symphony’s and Crystal Serenity’s Redesigns

Crystal Cruises has unveiled the complete plans for Crystal Symphony’s and Crystal Serenity’s dry dock transformations.

The Cassini spacecraft’s dive in between Saturn’s rings, explained

The spacecraft begins its “grand finale” before crashing into the gas giant later this year. The Cassini spacecraft is going where no ship has gone before: On Wednesday, it begins a series of dives into the space between Saturn and its magnificent rings.

80% of voluntary Fukushima evacuees unwilling to return home – survey

A vast majority of Fukushima voluntary evacuees are not planning to move back to their homes out of fear of radiation despite the government declaring living conditions in the prefecture to be “good”, a new government survey has discovered.

The Plural Form Of The Word "Beef" Is "Beeves" & The Internet Can't Handle It

Somewhere between bemoaning the human condition and chatting about celebrity gossip, the internet grabs ahold of a humdrum fact and goes a bit crazy.

A favourite Indian textbook publisher may have all the ingredients for stock market success

For nearly eight decades, New Delhi-based book publisher S Chand has been a mainstay in the Indian education system.

Our robotic overlords: The talks of Session 2 of TED2017

Are machines going to save or destroy us? It’s a question we’ve been grappling with since we first put 1s and 0s together to create computer code.

Chobani sues provocateur Alex Jones for spreading sex assault, migrant claims

Greek yogurt giant Chobani filed a lawsuit Monday against right-wing radio host Alex Jones, accusing the conspiracy theorist of publishing false information about the company.

How we’ll get health care to the billion people who lack it: Raj Panjabi reveals his TED Prize wish

2017 TED Prize winner Raj Panjabi tells the story of how community health workers in Liberia faced down fear and stopped the Ebola epidemic in its tracks.

United Airlines Is Feeling The Heat Again After One Of The World’s Biggest Bunnies Dies Mid-Flight

Shutterstock It’s been a rough month for United Airlines. Just when the embattled airline thought it was distancing itself from any additional bad PR after the viral incident in which a passenger was forcibly dragged off an airliner and bloodied, one of the world’s largest bunnies dies on a flight.

Like It Or Not, All Of The Best Teams Are Hand Made

What makes a good team? One of the greatest mistakes that inexperienced business owners make is to believe that an ideal team is made of their favorite employee, times four.

One move ahead: The talks of Session 1 of TED2017

TED2017 begins with a manifesto: “We will not sleepwalk into a future of dread. Instead we will pursue: courage, deep human connection, imagination, thrilling possibility, understanding.

The Trump Administration Is Coming For Our National Monuments

Under the guise of giving the American people what they want, Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke has been given authority by President Trump to review any national monument created since January 1, 1996 that spans at least 100,000 acres with the intent of either rescinding them or resizing them.

This University Will Ban Athletes With Sexual Assault Histories

Sadly, the rampant culture of sexual violence on college campuses is not uncommon. In fact, statistics regarding students being attacked on campus are staggering; in some widely publicized cases we even know the criminal's name by heart.

SpaceX to Launch 1st NRO SpySat Sunday after Static Fire Success

SpaceX conducts successful static hot fire test of Falcon 9 booster atop Launch Complex 39A at the Kennedy Space Center on 25 Apr.

Andy Cohen Can't Stop Comparing Donald Trump To A Real Housewife

Andy Cohen is back at it again with the comparisons between Donald Trump and the Real Housewives. Cohen tweeted that Trump is using the Real Housewives playbook in manipulating the media.

The Americans Season 5, Episode 8 Recap: "Immersion"

Dad is gone, mom is back, and everyone is in trouble. This week, it’s all about parents and children (and parents behaving like children).

Brazil arrests 8 suspects after explosive, ultra-violent heist in Paraguay

Brazil’s Federal police have arrested at least 8 men following a spectacular multi-million dollar heist in Paraguay which was carried out with military precision, leaving one officer and three attackers dead.

The Americans season 5, episode 8: “Immersion” has us asking if this season will ever get to the point

Is the show building necessary tension — or tossing out a lot of go-nowhere plot lines? Every week, some of Vox’s writers will gather to discuss the latest episode of FX’s spy drama The Americans.