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Why Beer Does Not Spill

When you walk with a drink in your hand and suddenly stop, you spill your drink, whether it's soda or coffee.

The Long And Lonely Eyre Highway: World's Longest Straight Road

image credit: Chris Guy Imagine a drive, a thousand miles long with no turns or bends, across a vast featureless plain with repetitive landscape, and hundreds of kilometers between towns and service stations.


(via Bad Newspaper) The Presurfer

Where Fiction Meets Reality: London & New York

A handy infographic that focuses on restaurants, bars, shopping, culture and entertainment that have been featured in movies in London vs.

Birds Of Prey

Beautiful footage of birds of prey captured in Denver, Colorado. YouTube link (thanks Cora) The Presurfer

8 Dying Technologies That We No Longer Need In 2015

image credit We live in a technological world and we are practically surrounded by many technologies that help us simplify our life and the things we do.

How To Perfectly Make 38 Types Of Coffee

If you're bored of your usual milky latte or ristretto fix, feast your eyes on this infographic made by Follygraph.

Kirsten Dunst Makes Running Errands Look Stylish

Kirsten Dunst fits in a little solo shopping time on Tuesday afternoon (November 25) in West Hollywood.

RCA graduate Olivia Wright to convert vandalised bottle kilns into pottery preservation centre

Rows of irregularly shaped bricks will create patterns around these three towers that architecture graduate Olivia Wright has designed to transform a derelict and vandalised pottery factory in northern England into a conservation centre.

World's largest games collection up for auction again after $750,000 offer went sour

Although World record holder Michael Thomasson thought he was quids in when his videogame collection was sold on GameGavel for more than $750,000 earlier this year, that deal failed to materialise and so you can have another chance at owning the largest...

‘Clients From Hell’, Creatives Contribute Their Real-Life Encounters

Encountering a difficult client might be part and parcel of your job. But if the conflict is wearing you out, the following website is just for you.

Elegant, Well-Composed Photos Of Airplanes Flying Overhead Between Buildings

Italy-based photographer Gustav Willeit has a fun series featuring monochromatic photographs of airplanes flying over the New York City skyline.

If Guys Post Pictures And Selfies Like Girls On Instagram

Image via @tappdaddy If guys acted like girls on Instagram, the results would be unthinkable. Witty + Pretty sifted out some pictures of guys on Instagram poking fun at girls in their cliché poses.

9 PD James Quotes Every Writer Needs To Read

The British author died today aged 94 . Here are some words to remember her by.

Bird Enthusiast Creates Such Epic LEGO Birds That LEGO Themeselves Now Mass Produce Them

Tom Poulsom is a gardener and tree surgeon who also has a passion for bird watching, but he also has an incredibly creative side to him to which is why he’s turned his hobby into these amazing LEGO birds.

48 ways traveling is like sex

Photo: Darian Wong 1. Sometimes a free breakfast is involved. 2. No matter what, there’s usually some baggage.

This Brilliantly Unnecessary Lego Machine Will Roll Your Dice for You

If you’re asking Why? already, then this clearly isn’t for you. But for the rest of us…

The Illogical Fighting Style of James T. Kirk

Fighting sports analyst Jack Slack takes a look at the TV series Star Trek: TOS and the many fights of Captain James T.

Baby monitor maker says non-parent expert can't relate

A pediatrics lecturer who says there's no evidence wearable devices for infants make babies safer "can't relate" because he's not a parent, according to the maker of one of those devices.

Syrian Electronic Army: What is it and how is it hacking the media?

The Syrian Electronic Army launched a cyberattack on CBC and other media organizations this week. What is this group?