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Emails: Hillary Sought State Dept. Donations From Big Banks

By Sarah Westwood, Washington Examiner Hillary Clinton was concerned about what banks were donating to a State Department project she pushed as secretary of state, emails show.

Here's Proof That Leonardo DiCaprio Literally Does Not Age

He may not have an Oscar, but he does have immortality. In case you didn't know, tonight is the night of the BAFTAs in London, and Leonardo DiCaprio is nominated for Best Actor for his role in The Revenant.

Oscar Pistorius: Third Anniversary Of Reeva Steenkamp’s Death And A Movie

It was three years ago today that South African Paralympic Oscar Pistorius fatally shot his girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp.

Hack Like a Pro: How to Hack Web Apps, Part 7 (Finding Hidden Objects with DIRB)

Welcome back, my hacker novitiates! Often, to hack a website, we need to connect to and exploit a particular object within said website.

O.J. Simpson: Kris Jenner Remembers Last Vacation With Nicole Brown Simpson

Kris Jenner, who was a close friend of O.J. and Nicole Brown Simpson with her former, deceased husband Robert Kardashian, remembers her last moments with Nicole with fondness.

Indonesia Imposes A Ban On ‘Gay’ Emojis – Muslim-Majority Country Claims Emoticons In Instant Messaging Could Cause ‘Public Unrest’

Indonesia has imposed a ban on “gay” emojis in instant messaging apps. The Muslim majority country claims the same-sex emoticons may cause “public unrest”.

David Axelrod: A Surprising Message From Justice Scalia Prior To His Death

David Axelrod, a former senior adviser to President Obama and strategist for his 2008 and 2012 campaigns, was seated with Justice Antonin Scalia back in 2008 during the White House Correspondents Dinner.

New iPhone 5 Goes On Sale March 18, Reports Say

There is a lot of talk about the new iPhone 7 expected in September 2016, but reports indicate a new iPhone 5 model will go on sale March 18.

Intelligent assistant landscape shows slow growth but huge potential

GUEST: Ever since Apple’s Siri heralded the age of intelligent assistants (IAs) four years ago — followed by Microsoft, Google, Microsoft, and Facebook — pundits have complained that intelligent assistant technology isn’t living up to its promise.

Ryan Reynolds Treated a Young Cancer Patient to an Early Screening of Deadpool

Okay, so Deadpool has been out for a couple days now. You’re not too inundated with news, right? Because this latest–from the film’s star himself–is definitely tugging at something in the depths of my chest somewhere.

Martin Shkreli ‏Alleges Someone Stole $15 Million From Him After He Tries To Buy Kanye West’s Latest

Getty Image PharmaBro douche Martin Shkreli may want to pop a couple of chill pills following a Twitter meltdown.

Air Not Fit to Breathe, Water Not Fit to Drink: America’s Pollution Problem

Embed from Getty Images An Erin Brockovich sequal has real potential as America’s pollution problems escalate.

These Photos of the Vietnam War Reveal Rarely-Seen Perspectives from the Other Side

The Vietnam War was a long and gruesome battle with a huge cost accumulated on both sides, in terms of human fatalities.

Heat Trade Rumors: Hassan Whiteside Getting Shopped Aggressively By Miami Heat Before NBA Trade Deadline

Heat trade rumors include Hassan Whiteside in a big way now. A report on current Miami Heat trade rumors states that the organization is gauging the interest of other clubs in possibly acquiring center Hassan Whiteside.

Soft-Core Porn Actress Responds To Cancelled Ted Cruz Campaign Ad

The soft-core porn actress who starred in the now debunked Ted Cruz campaign ad defended her role in the Texas senator’s commercial this week saying she was just trying to work.

WWE News: Former TNA Knockout Awesome Kong Teasing Return To WWE

Former TNA Knockout Awesome Kong made a huge impact on the world of pro-wrestling in TNA for years. Eventually this caught the attention of WWE who hired her back, changing her name to Kharma.

Guess Who Hate-Filled Libs Want To Replace Antonin Scalia?

Liberals celebrate Scalia’s death on Twitter By Ryan Girdusky | Red Alert Politics Justice Antonin Scalia passed away on Saturday at the age of 79-years old, leaving behind a wife, nine children, 28 grandchildren, and millions of liberals celebrating.

How to declutter every room in your home, the Marie Kondo way

In the last year, Marie Kondo mania swept through Japan, then basically everywhere else in the world (thanks to her defining tome, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up), inspiring clutter-free, happier homes everywhere.

23 Valentine's Day streaming options for singles, couples, and everything in between

No matter what your relationship status, Valentine's Day can be an emotional minefield. But whether you find yourself alone or coupled up — or somewhere in between — there will always be movies and television shows to get you through.

Air Pollution: 5.5 Million Premature Deaths Caused By Air Pollution Each Year [Video]

Air pollution is a killer. At the annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, it was revealed that 5.5 million people die annually from the effects that it has on the human body.