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Watch Pakistan Vs. Sri Lanka Cricket Live Online: 3rd Test Decides Series, Streaming From Pallekele

Watch live online as the Sri Lanka cricket team enters a new era while at the same time trying to win its Test series with touring Pakistan, without living legend Kumar Sangakkara who left the team to return to English County Cricket, leaving his national side to overcome their rivals in the Third Test without him.

WWE News: Vince McMahon Finalizes ‘Wrestlemania 32’ Card?

There is still over half a year remaining until the WWE’s biggest event of the year, Wrestlemania 32.

21 Reasons Your Cuban Mom Is The Very Best

Your partner-in-chisme. She truly has a way with words. It's like poetry, the things she says. (At least she's the most gran of the gran, tho.

Are You More Grace Or Frankie?

“We need people who know what we need, because we don’t.”

New York Knicks Rumors: All-Star Free Agent Not Interested In Knicks After All?

New York Knicks rumors in regard to David West were just contradicted in a big way. The Knicks were linked to West in previous rumors that indicated he was opting out of his deal with the Indiana Pacers in order to head to New York.

4 Ways To Prevent People From Manipulating You

I think at some point in our lives we all have a friend or family member who tries to control who we are and what we do.

Weird Crop Patterns Appear In England (Video)

A video (below) filmed by a drone shows two strange designs carved into crop areas located in Wiltshire, England.

This irrigation pump needs no fuel to run, Find out how!

This irrigation pump needs no fuel to run. It also does not run on electricity. It was invented by a Dutch startup company called aQysta and won Europe’s best clean-technology innovation of 2014. It is called the Barsha irrigation pump.

UFC Fighter Felice Herrig Attempts American Ninja Warrior – Did She Conquer Like The Elite Or Fail Like Many?

One of the most dominant female strawweight fighters in UFC, or any MMA promotion for that matter, if Felice Herrig.

$2.3 million Vulcan hypercar may be next Aston Martin for Bond

A new vehicle from Aston Martin has been dubbed the Vulcan hypercar and the $2.3 million dollar car could be heading for an appearance in the next James Bond movie.

Palestinian man designs DIY solar ovens to beat energy cuts in Gaza

One man living in Gaza turned his hand to helping out the community beat the energy shortages as he has designed DIY solar ovens that are affordable.

Pregnant Mom And Her First Born Dance To The Tune of ‘Nae Nae’ And It So Cute And Entertaining!

When mothers become pregnant with their second child, it is hard to balance the duties and responsibilities they have for their first born and the upcoming baby.

12 Unbelievably Rad "Mean Girls" Nail Art Designs

Get in, loser. The smoke detail on this Burn Book motif really makes this mani Plastic-worthy. That backwards "K" really takes the cake tho.

Thousands Of People Could Have Been Exposed To HIV And Hepatitis In Sydney Dental Clinics

12 dentists in four practices have been suspended following a NSW Health investigation. There has been a major dental hygiene scare in Sydney after an investigation into infection control standards at four dental clinics.

Finding the Pause in the Cycling Hoop of Life

The wheel continues to turn as the shy muted earth tones of summer slowly emerge from the exuberance of spring.

Raise your juice boxes for Girl Scouts of Western Washington,...

Raise your juice boxes for Girl Scouts of Western Washington, the real MVPs.  When they received $100,000 from a donor with a caveat: Don’t use the money to support transgender girls, they declined the donation.

Harvard’s Lung-on-a-chip wins Design of the Year

Lung-on-a-chip is what they call it – Harvard’s new innovation that won Design of the Year from London’s Design Museum.

Hannibal Buress Spares All Expense To Promote His Show During ‘Shark Week’

It isn’t hard to find something funny when Hannibal Buress starts talking, unless he’s delivering bad news or something.

The Ice Cream Juggler

(Video Link) Visit this Cold Stone Creamery in Doha, Qatar, and you’ll get a tasty treat and a show! Watch the server flick a scoop of ice cream around like he’s telekinetic.

Manson Family Is Now Getting the Lifetime Movie Treatment

Lifetime recently blessed us with the Will Ferrell and Kristen Wiig-fronted Deadly Adoption and has been churning out campy, behind-the-scenes biopics like the upcoming Beverly Hills, 90210 and Full House movies, but now the network is turning its attention to something a bit darker—the Manson Family murders.