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Louis Tomlinson: One Direction Fans Trend ‘Fake’ Relationship Hashtag

One Direction star Louis Tomlinson is mooted to become the first of the fab-four to become a father. Back in July rumors began to circulate that Louis was set to have a child with L.A.

Detachable cabins: How Airbus wants to take the hassle out of boarding a plane

What if the long and arduous task of boarding a plane were made a little less miserable? Airbus, which brought us distinctive airplane travel ideas such as stacking passengers on top of each other and placing them in a hexagonal arrangement, is rethinking the boarding process entirely.

Bizarre Buzz: A Jeep Turns Pole Into A Cross, South African UFO — And Cars Seem To Crash Into Nothing [Videos] [Photos]

File these three events gaining buzz online into the strange news category. First off, a photo showing the aftermath of an accident of a Jeep that rolled into a pole is getting plenty of views on Imgur and Reddit.

Michael Biehn Shares Some Plot Details For Neill Blomkamp’s Possibly Canceled ‘Alien’ Sequel

20th Century Fox So the bad news is that Neill Blomkamp’s Alien film — the one featuring the concept art that generated enough excitement online to will it into existence — might never see the light of day.

College Football: Florida Loses To Florida State, No Chance At Playoffs

When the No. 14 Florida State Seminoles football team beat the No. 10 Florida Gators 27-2 on Saturday, they effectively ended whatever chance their in-state rivals had at making this year’s College Football Playoffs.

Tear gas, scuffles at banned Global march for climate in Paris (VIDEO)

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This Week in Science: Nov 22nd – 29th 2015

The post This Week in Science: Nov 22nd – 29th 2015 appeared first on Futurism.

"TRANSES" de d'Ahmed El Maanouni 1981

Greek sex workers’ rates fall to record low – study

Greece’s debt crisis has affected each and every area of the country’s economic activity, including the sex industry, resulting in young Greek women selling their services for the lowest price in Europe.

Muhammad Ali On The Tonight Show

MLB News: Detroit Tigers In ‘Serious Talks’ With Jordan Zimmerman

The Detroit Tigers have engaged in “serious talks” with top free agent and longtime Washington Nationals pitcher Jordan Zimmerman, according to Jon Morosi of FOX Sports.

Man Arrested For Dragging Teen Girl From School, Hitting Her For Not Wearing Hijab

A Columbia University assistant professor was arrested for allegedly grabbing a 14-year-old relative by the hair and dragging her to a car, before slapping her across the face for not wearing a hijab.

After meeting Syrian refugees, Ben Carson still doesn't want the U.S. to take them in

After meeting Syrian refugees in Jordan on Saturday, Republican presidential hopeful Ben Carson said he still does not want the U.S.

The Most-Messaged Woman On OkCupid’s ‘Realistic’ Photos May Convince You Of Her Advice

The vivacious Lauren Urasek didn’t set out (entirely) for fame, but she sort of landed upon it when confronted with an interview prospect from NY Mag.

Justin Bieber Unwinds, Performs At The Chainsmokers’ L.A. Show In Surprise Appearance

Justin Bieber was an invited guest, but a surprise crasher as far as The Chainsmokers’ audience at their Los Angeles show were concerned.

How YPlan is building a $1B business on helping you have fun

FEATURE: Many companies have tried, and are trying, to remove the friction from the event discovery process.

The Stealth Corporate Takeover of the Supreme Court

Let’s face it, 21st century America is run for the benefit of corporations, so a corporate takeover of the Supreme Court shouldn’t be surprising.

How to Make MO Friends as a Grown Man

View image | How can we keep men healthy? Make sure they have a good group of friends.  — Movember started off in 2003 in my hometown of Melbourne, Australia.

Gore Vidal vs William Buckley

College Football Playoff: A Look At Who’s In, Who Else Has A Chance

The college football playoff committee has only eight days remaining before naming their top four teams in 2015, but Oklahoma made that decision significantly easier after their performance Saturday night.