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Meet Tiffany Sorya, the Private Tutor of Kylie & Kendall Jenner

Visit the original post to see all 3 images from this gallery. Wavy Women highlights various industry professionals currently leading the game with their brazen creativity and forward-thinking style.

4-Ingredient Flourless Banana-Nut Pancakes

EASY, good-for-you pancakes, loaded with heart-healthy nuts, banana and oats, plus a whole egg – a powerhouse of nutrition.

Am I Man Enough for an Open Relationship? Are You?

— “If you can’t be in an open relationship, you shouldn’t be in a relationship.” That provocative quote caught my eye on Facebook last month.

Google Home Review and Giveaway

Google Home is a personal assistant smart speaker, and it comes from a company that literally knows everything (about you). Like the Amazon Echo, the $130 Google device answers questions, turns on smart home devices, plays music, listens to your problems, and informs the FBI of your plans to become the next Walter White (we’re kidding on the last one… we think).

Alexa could come to a whole host of Bluetooth devices, thanks to Qualcomm

Qualcomm has confirmed that it's taking steps to enable the Alexa wake word on Bluetooth devices, thanks to software support in some of the latest Qualcomm Bluetooth Audio chips. For those wanting the technical details, it's the CSR8670 and CSR8675 chipsets...

Spies on the rise: Swedish intel claims foreign covert agents found snooping at key sites

Foreign powers are taking greater risks to carry out espionage activity in Sweden as the country’s military intelligence agency says they have identified an increasing number of spies at “sensitive sites”.

They Duet Different, Pop Icons Sing In Another Language / WORLDCRUNCH Please continue reading on - They Duet Different, Pop Icons Sing In Another Language

Listen to Stormzy’s Brilliant Debut Album ‘Gang Signs & Prayer’

Stormzy’s debut album Gang Signs & Prayer is finally here. It’s an ambitiously brilliant and diverse debut full-length from Big Mike, packed with grime anthems and R&B slow jams aplenty.

President Trump to address CPAC on the theme of 'appreciation'

President Trump is set to take the stage at the Conservative Political Action Conference on Friday. While Trump pulled out of speaking at the conference in 2016 at the last minute, he addressed the group in 2011, only to be booed for claiming Sen.

“Diversity is beauty”: A Somali refugee-turned-model has worn the hijab on fashion’s top runways

After US president Donald Trump’s electoral victory in November, some Muslim women in America reported feeling scared to wear a hijab in public.

Menswear Experts on Why Guys Should Still Wear Suits

Mid-way through 2016, the Wall Street Journal got its hands on an internal memo from J.P. Morgan Chase & Co, detailing how employees were no longer required to wear suits to work.

LG claims its latest phone packs enough battery to last all weekend

LG’s upcoming flagship, the G6, will be the company’s big news at Mobile World Congress this month, but the South Korean company will also be showing off a few other new mobile devices.

“My two great loves are physics and New Mexico. It’s a pity they can’t be combined.”                                 —J.R.

Lufthansa makes further video glasses trials at Frankfurt Airport

Lufthansa Airlines has brought Avegant Glyph video glasses to its Business Lounge in Terminal 1 at Frankfurt Airport, near Gate A26.

Beyoncé Has Dropped Out of Coachella 2017

For the festival-goers among us, the fact that Beyoncé was headlining Coachella was the most exciting act of the season.

Wolf Blitzer grills Rep. Martha Blackburn on her claim that outsiders flooded her town hall

Those Republicans who dutifully opted to meet with their constituents this week have gotten an earful from people angry about President Trump, his tax returns, the push to repeal ObamaCare and other issues.

Meet the Supreme Model Who Collaborated With Frank Ocean

The name Sage Elsesser might not roll off your tongue just yet, but with friends like Supreme founder James Jebbia, skateboarding legend Jason Dill, and even Frank Ocean, that could all be about to change.

My 6-Month CrossFit Transformation Isn't What I Thought It'd Be

I wasn't going to write this post. I didn't want to share these photos. I felt too embarrassed. But it was for that reason that I felt compelled to.

Actual Old Man Logan

Wolverine will be a badass until the day he dies, and he'll probably spend his golden years slashing and slaying his foes like he did when he was a pup, but the Old Man Logan storyline tells a different story.

New Google VR short takes a look at racial identity

There’s been a lot of talk in recent years about using virtual reality to foster empathy, so it’s appropriate that Google’s latest VR venture focuses on racism and racial identity.