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‘West exploits Africa’: Man breaks minute of silence in Berlin over migrant deaths

Germany’s Protestant Church's minute of silence in memory of thousands of migrants who perished trying to cross the Mediterranean to Europe has been interrupted by a man who shouted that people are forced to flee because the West “exploits Africa.” Read Full Article at

3 Homemade Summer Sauces to Put on Everything

[caption id="attachment_183736" align="alignnone" width="620" caption="Chowhound"][/caption] Secret's in the sauce, and we're not talking about the felony-warranting Fried Green Tomatoes kind.

Chinese Fighter Jets Buzz US Navy Surveillance Plane Outside Hong Kong

By Lucas Tomlinson, FOX NEWS Two Chinese J-10 fighter jets flew within 200 yards of a U.S. Navy P-3 surveillance plane approximately 150 miles southeast of Hong Kong in international airspace this week, a U.S.

Too hot to sleep? Get ready for more sleepless nights thanks to climate change

I can’t sleep when it’s hot out. I just lie there, wide awake and growing increasingly irritated by any bird, bug, car, or human that makes even the slightest noise.

CNN: James Comey Knew A ‘Bad’ Russian Intel Report On Hillary’s Emails Was Fake When He Acted On It

Getty Image Earlier this week, the Washington Post reported that former FBI Director James Comey relied on a “bad” Russian intel report while conducting the probe into Hillary Clinton’s private email server.

Underpaid & Overstressed: 4 Things Starbucks Baristas Say Is Wrong With The Company

Millions of people count on Starbucks baristas to provide them with a jolt of caffeine each day, but those employees might be the ones truly in need of a little help: Baristas around the country are spilling the coffee beans on their employer, claiming they are overworked and strained thanks in part to the chain’s endless stream of pilot programs and new services.  Business Insider reports that those behind the counter say they are feeling the pressure from the company’s attempts to bring in more customers via mobile ordering, testing new initiatives, increased food offerings, and limited-time drinks.

Reporter who was ‘body-slammed’ says he was ‘flabbergasted’ by GOP congressman-elect’s statement

The Guardian reporter Ben Jacobs said Thursday night that Montana Republican Rep.-elect Greg Gianforte’s initial response to the allegation that he “body-slammed” Jacobs was “worse than the assault.” “I’m still sort of flabbergasted, not just by the assault, but by the statement that was put out last night, which was in some ways far worse than the assault,” Jacobs said during an interview with CNN’s Don Lemon.

Kudos to Olson Vacuum in Madison

"They don't make 'em like they used to." That dictum is often applied to products like small appliances, and it was the mindset we had when our 35-year-old Hoover vacuum cleaner gave up the ghost.  We researched replacements, but this one had worked so well for so long that we agreed that if it could be repaired for less than $100 it would be worth it.

America now has a street corner to commemorate the shame of its juvenile-justice system

On the day Kalief Browder would’ve turned 24, a street corner in New York City’s Bronx was renamed in his honor, highlighting the multiple injustices that led to his suicide in 2015.

9 women arrested after gathering for 'burkini party' in Cannes

Nine women attempting to stage a 'burkini party' have been arrested in Cannes, days after a decree was issued banning public demonstrations during the city's film festival.

Patty Jenkins Has Been Dying to Show Wonder Woman and Disprove “Discombobulated Mess” Rumors

Movie rumors are a weird thing. Sometimes, they’re just a whisper in the wind and have little-to-no impact, but other times, especially when you’re a film under as much scrutiny as Wonder Woman, they can be extremely frustrating and harmful.

Mark Zuckerberg Just Voiced His Support for Universal Basic Income

Meaningful Roles In Society This week Mark Zuckerberg spoke to the latest class of Harvard graduates, offering advice about the future and inspiration to grow on.

Advances in Robotics and 3D Printing Could Make Life-Saving Artificial Hearts a Reality

Heart Surgery, Now And Then Currently, on the cutting edge of heart surgery is a small implant called the transcatheter aortic valve implantation (TAVI), one version of which is made of bovine pericardium (a tough membrane that surrounds the heart of a cow) encased in a collapsible metal stent.

The week in 60 seconds

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Eye on the World: South Africa and Mozambique

In mid-May, Recommend contributor Lane Nieset jetted off to Durban, South Africa for the annual INDABA conference, heralded as Africa’s largest travel trade show.

The choices we're given in games are still ultimately meaningless

Video games are a fun way to pass time. They're engaging and distracting. They're an opportunity to socialize, and they can even be educational.

Hillary Clinton’s Wellesley commencement speech was a scathing Trump roast

Hillary Clinton didn’t have to say his name. Addressing the graduating class at Wellesley College Friday, Clinton’s commencement speech delivered punch after punch at the man who robbed her of her presidency: Donald Trump.

Bookmark It

In this edition, a book that will make you nostalgic for your banana seat bike, a memoir by the late great Carrie Fisher, and a novel about a family of psychics...

Get hyped for this year’s total solar eclipse by watching a partial one seen from space

On August 21st, the United States will have an epic front row seat to a total solar eclipse — one that can be seen from the coasts of South Carolina to Oregon.

Still Star-Crossed Showrunner on Renaissance Europe: “This was not a white world, really”

When we first heard that Shondaland would take on Shakespeare with an adaptation of Melinda Taub’s young adult novel, Still Star-Crossed, we knew the casting would be racially diverse.