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Anti-mascot professor arrested after allegedly videotaping mascot supporter in public restroom

A University of Illinois professor who made a documentary about the negative effects of Native American imagery in sports was arrested Monday night after allegedly videotaping a supporter of the school’s former mascot in a public restroom, the News-Gazette reported.

Oscar nominations 2018: why Logan’s Best Adapted Screenplay nod is such a surprise

It’s rare that the Academy recognizes comic book or superhero movies beyond technical categories. The 2018 Academy Award nominations were announced on Tuesday morning, and one of the biggest surprises was the recognition of an X-Man.

What It's Like to Have Drawers Instead of Cabinets, According to People Who Know — Kitchen Design

A few weeks ago, we made a big stink about why you should replace all of your lower kitchen cabinets with drawers.

The Academy Is Trying To Reshape Its Image With (Most) Of The 2018 Best Picture Nominees

Fox Searchlight / Universal / A24 This year’s Oscar nominations are, at once, entirely predictable and utterly incredible.

You Can Now Insure Your NYC Marathon Registration Fee With Allianz

Last week, we shared details of their new sleepaway and day camp insurance. Today, we bring you the news of Allianz Global Assistance‘s new long-distance running...

"I scream, you scream..."

Via the Funny subreddit.

Apple will release its HomePod on February 9

Apple will take your money (please and thank you) starting this Friday, Jan. 26 if you are so inclined to preorder its $349 speaker.

Jake Paul’s school for social media stars will teach you all the wrong lessons

Save your $64 Continue reading…

Unmeltable Ice Cream Is Real, Thanks To Strawberries

Kanazawa Ice It looks, at first, like either a brilliant demonstration of food styling, or perhaps just some really good Photoshop work.

Link About It: "Mudbound" Cinematographer Rachel Morrison Makes Oscar History

The first female director of photography to receive an Oscar nomination, Rachel Morrison has shattered another glass ceiling in the film industry—one that's held for 90 years.

How to Take Great Portraits with Only One Studio Light

If you’re into shooting high-quality portraits with minimal studio equipment, here’s a 6-minute video from photographer Manny Ortiz that explains how you can take great, dramatic portraits with just a single studio light.

A lunar eclipse is coming January 31. Here’s how to watch the moon turn blood red in the sky.

Total lunar eclipses, explained. On Wednesday, January 31, the full moon will pass through the shadow of the Earth.

Americans Reportedly Killed In Kabul Hotel Attack

Watch Video Multiple Americans were reportedly among the 22 people killed in an attack on a hotel in Kabul, Afghanistan, over the weekend.

Uber has hired its first chief diversity officer

Bo Young Lee will be filling a role the Holder Report recommended that Uber create Continue reading…

LIke THIS !!

Via the Eyebleach subreddit (lots of soothing pix there).

‘The View’ Rakes Megyn Kelly Over The Coals For Escalating Her Feud With Jane Fonda

Megyn Kelly started off her week on Monday morning by adding fuel to the fire in her months-long feud with Jane Fonda.

Let’s Hang With Jason Segel And The Prince Of Sundance, Lakeith Stanfield

Getty Image So, yes, on the surface, doing an interview with  Jason Segel and Lakeith Stanfield at the same time is a bit of an odd paring, because I hadn’t really thought about them as a pair of any kind before.

FBI agents’ text messages reveal they discussed forming a ‘secret society’ after Trump’s election

Newly released text messages from an anti-Trump FBI agent and his mistress, an FBI lawyer, revealed that the two had discussed the creation or meeting of a “secret society.” The text’s ambiguous meaning has congressional investigators, like Rep.

Very challenging cryptic puzzle

This was the cryptic in this month's issue of Harper's.  Each of the numbered clues contains two cryptic clues, with no indication of where one ends and the other starts, and with no guidance as to whether the answer goes on the right or left side of the grid.

Amazon Go store swaps cashiers for sensors to remove queues

Long checkout queues are a thing of the past at Amazon's new app-enabled store, which allows shoppers to simply walk out with their groceries.