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Japanese, Canadian physicists receive Nobel Prize for pinning mysterious neutrino particles

The 2015 Nobel Prize for Physics has been awarded to two researchers working independently, in Canada and Japan, on the discovery of neutrino oscillations, proving that elusive subatomic particles known as neutrinos have mass.

Ben Carson: No shooting death is 'more devastating than taking the right to arm ourselves away'

Earlier this week on Facebook, Republican presidential candidate answered some questions from regular people.

Hate Working Out? There’s An “Exercise Pill” On Its Way…

Wouldn’t it be great to never have to work out again? Exercise buffs would totally disagree, but some people would rather not have to exercise at all.

Ex-Twitter CEO and ex-comedian Dick Costolo is contributing to HBO's Silicon Valley

In a previous life before becoming a high-flying tech exec, former Twitter CEO Dick Costolo was an improv comic in Chicago.

U.S. preparing for largest ever one-time release of prisoners

Thousands of federal inmates serving sentences for drug crimes are set for early release next month under a cost-cutting measure intended to reduce the U.S.

Prison debate team victorious over Harvard champs

The debate team from New York's Eastern Correctional Facility has major bragging rights, after beating the national debate championship team from Harvard.

Helping ‘economic migrants’ could help stop others becoming ‘refugees’

With the prevalence of reports documenting the worrying conditions faced by individuals within Eritrea, and the huge numbers leaving the country, one might ask: who remains in the country and why?

Do You Remember The First Word Of These Iconic Pop Music Videos?

Remembering the chorus to a song is easy. Remembering just the first word of the first verse? Not as much.

Making The Universe A Better Place - Let The Good Times Grow

Making The Universe A Better Place by Saqman The Tenth Doctor and Rose succeeded where so many before them had failed, and their actions truly made the universe a better place.

An Automated Umbrella Sharing System

You're about to leave the building when you realize that it's raining. You have an umbrella at home, but you didn't bring it with you.

Ski the Silk Road with 40 Tribes

Interested in hunting down the wildest, farthest-flung mountains in search of unexplored lines and fresh powder?

RT EXCLUSIVE: Mi-24 gunboats guarding Russia's hub of anti-ISIS ops in Syria

RT's Murad Gazdiev watches Mil Mi-24 helicopters patrolling the Russian air base in Latakia preventing possible militant raids.

A New Grant Wants To Send You To A Himalayan Monastery To Binge Watch Your Favorite TV Series

Getty Image / Shutterstock So Samsung is attempting to promote their new curved screen televisions in a very interesting and somewhat transcendent way.

Here's The Biggest Halloween Costume For Each Year Of The '90s

There’s a good chance that if you were a ’90s kid that you wore at least one of these costumes. Any kid growing up in the '90s probably remembers that there was always the one HOT COSTUME everyone wanted to wear each year.

LA Lakers Rumors: D’Angelo Russell Injured In Preseason Game

LA Lakers rumors about a D’Angelo Russell injury came as bad news for the team. Russell was injured as the Lakers played the Utah Jazz in an NBA preseason game Tuesday, October 6.

Chief explainer Bill Clinton clues us in on Donald Trump's political success

It's clear who Bill Clinton wants to win the 2016 presidential election: Val the singing bartender, a.k.a.

20 DIY Lady Dress are as Trendy as They are Simple

Amazingly Simply Lady Dress A extreme look doesn’t have to come at a extreme price whether it’s for Halloween or just a regular dress party.

Marco Rubio Overtakes Carly Fiorina In Polls, Becomes Target Of Jeb Bush Cracks, Donald Trump Water Prank

Most recent polls conducted by Public Policy Polling show that Marco Rubio has overtaken Carly Fiorina and is now running third in polling for the Republican Party presidential nomination, according to Real Clear Politics.

Modi may request all he wants, but India Inc. is just not ready to spend big

The Narendra Modi government has been imploring India’s private sector to spend. Everyone from the prime minister to the finance minister have made impassioned pleas.

These Badass Pugs Are Living The Thug Life And You'll Want To Join Their Squad

“I don’t know what you heard about me… but I’m a motherfuckin’ P.U.G.” Pugs are pretty awesome pooches but what if there was a way to make them EVEN BETTER?