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Julianne Hough Shows Some Skin in See-Through Lace Dress

Julianne isn’t afraid to flaunt some skin while hitting the red carpet at her pal Mark Ballas‘ Kicking Clouds EP Release Party held at Crustacean on Tuesday night (September 16) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

Jumping on a trampoline has never looked this cool

I should have never grown up. Or at least, I should have never stopped jumping on a trampoline because these guys, brothers Sean and Eric Kennedy of the troupe Flippenout, make jumping on a trampoline so damn cool.

The Greatest Advocates of Trade Aren't the Rich, But the Poor Countries

A Pew Research poll defies major economic models and social standards by finding that poorer countries were more likely to approve of trade than rich ones.

Stylish Smart-Locket Lets You View Social Media On A Tiny Round Touchscreen

While the Apple Watch may be hogging the limelight right now, wearable technology is not limited to watches—the same concepts and features can be applied to other daily-use products, such as clothes, as well.


The Diatomist

A short documentary by Matthew Killip, an English filmmaker now living in New York, about Klaus Kemp, one of the last practitioners of the Victorian art of Diatom arrangement.

Scotland decides

The background to today's Scottish independence referendum as depicted by the Taiwanese Animators. Comes complete with dodgy Scottish accent.

How does a sheep cross a cattle grid?

It's easy when you know how. YouTube link.

Pedicab driver arrested after being found passed out with snake wrapped around his neck

A pedicab driver was discovered in downtown San Diego early on Tuesday morning passed out with a live snake wrapped around his neck.

Woman charged with lit cigarette and spatula attack on buttocks

An woman from Easthampton, Massachusetts, was charged with assault and battery on Tuesday for allegedly burning a Westfield woman’s right buttock with a lit cigarette and striking her left buttock with a spatula.

Skunk with head stuck in beer can rescued

A skunk found with a beer can stuck on its head outside a fraternity house in Ohio has been rescued. Police in Oxford responded to the unusual call to find the mammal blindly banging into shrubs outside the house.

Health concerns after thieves steal 1.3 tonnes of potentially deadly cheese

Investigators in Liechtenstein are probing the theft of 1.3 tonnes of cheese that was set to be destroyed because it contained dangerous bacteria.

18 Wedding Photos That Were Vastly Improved By Photobombs

Everyone wants to make it their special day. This guy brought some Baywatch realness to this beach wedding.

People Keep Writing "Nice Meme" On Tony Abbott's Facebook Photos

Why? Yesterday, Tony Abbott posted this photo on Facebook from his visit to Arnhem Land: Facebook: TonyAbbottMP Bizarrely (although not for the internet) people have begun commenting "nice meme" on the photo.

Booby trap covered traffic officer in manure as he was trying to catch people speeding

A traffic officer in Austria got more than he bargained for after a booby trap covered him from head-to-toe in manure as he was trying to catch people speeding, police said on Tuesday.

Nir Meiri stacks Babilus Vases from rings of bamboo, chipboard and Corian

London Design Festival 2014: Tel Aviv designer Nir Meiri has created a collection of vases made from layers of materials stacked in different combinations (+ slideshow).

Giving up on wilderness means a barren future for the earth

Several years ago, I asked a biologist friend what she thought of a recently fashionable notion in environmentalist circles: that pristine nature was an illusion, and our beloved wilderness an outdated construct that didn’t actually exist.

Tweet a Short Story for a Chance to Win 'The Bone Clocks' by David Mitchell

"Fiction is a big, shimmering bubble. It's beautiful but it pops so easily." That's how David Mitchell, author of The Bone Clocks, this month's MashableReads official selection, described the process of writing to Mashable.

Amazing Drone Photo of Climbers Atop the Summit of a Mountain

Jungfrau is a mountain in the Bernese Alps of Switzerland. It rises 13,642 feet high. Nine climbers with the outfitting company Mammut reached the peak.

Stuck deer rescued from metal railings

A roe deer has been rescued after it got stuck between the metal railings of a fence in Inverness. A member of the public spotted the animal in distress at Cradlehall Meadows on Wednesday.