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Jimmy Kimmel Pranks Fans With Fake YEEZY Boost 1150

As Kanye is gearing up to release his new YEEZY Boost 350 “Infant,” Jimmy Kimmel decided to take it upon himself to provide an exclusive look at Ye’s next adidas sneaker, the YEEZY Boost 1150.

Erykah Badu Compares Young Thug To Andre 3000 And She Has A Point

iTunes When Young Thug boasted “Every time I dress myself, it goes mothaf***in’ viral” on his 2015 track “Halftime,” it felt like a typical rapper braggadocio but a year later it’s clear that not only was he right, he might have been on to something.

Editing Photos on an iPhone, a Step-by-Step Walkthrough

There’s something special and so satisfying about shooting, editing, and publishing photos all on one device.

Close all mosques & ban the Koran: Poll-topping Geert Wilders launches ‘de-Islamization’ manifesto

Geert Wilders, the wild-haired head of the right-wing Dutch Freedom Party (PVV), launched a new manifesto that calls for the “de-Islamization" of the Netherlands as he leads in the polls to become the next prime minister.

See Popular Magazines Reimagined As Dog Magazines

ChromAnimals enlisted graphic designer John Francis Try to reimagine popular magazines as dog magazines.

Trailer for Miss Hokusai Follows a Young Female Artist’s Coming of Age in 1814 Edo, Japan

Miss Hokusai, an animated film that opened in Japan last summer, is making its way to the United States this fall.

A Fan Got What He Deserved After Asking Marshawn Lynch To Sign His Patriots Shirt

Marshawn Lynch signed this dude's @Patriots tee "Seahawks. Beast Mode U Bitch." — NFL (@AllNFL_) August 26, 2016 Marshawn Lynch is one of the funniest NFL players in recent memory.

Nike Air Max 96 SE Returning in an OG Colorway

Visit the original post to see all 5 images from this gallery. While the Air Max 96 recently returned via a remastered iteration, the SE edition of the Air Max sneaker is also set to make a comeback.

Woman Hits Back At Swimmers Who Claimed That Her Colostomy Bag Was Scaring Their Children

A woman has taken to social media to epically respond to shamers who said that her colostomy back was scaring children at a swimming pool.

A history of how the burqa and bikini became the burkini

Several French seaside towns have in recent weeks banned women from wearing the burkini—a full-body swimsuit design—on its beaches.

Report Suggests NX Controllers Will Finally Phase Out the Wii Remote by Replicating Its Functionality - Wii'll miss you, Wiimote.

The Wii Remote was the selling point of the console that brought Nintendo back to dominance after the GameCube floundered, so it’s no surprise that Nintendo kept it around for a second console generation despite introducing a new gimmick with the Wii U.

Fall Fitness Goal: Turn Your Walking Into Running

Fall is arguably the best time to start running. And I might be a little biased - I fell in love with running on a cool October morning in San Francisco's picturesque Golden Gate Park, while running (and walking!

Tough As Shit Nail Salon Owner Pushes Would-Be Robber and Stuffs His Own Gun Down His Pants 

A nail salon owner in Manhattan responded to a robbery attempt by pushing the robber, shoving his gun down his pants, and chasing him out the door and down the street.

Travel Style: Tom Rubin

Want to know how to travel in style, just like the pros? We check in with frequent fliers to find out how often they fly, their favorite destinations and what they never leave home without.

Dad of Deceased ISIS Hostage Says Obama Promised Donation to Daughter’s Foundation — but Never Followed Through

WASHINGTON (TheBlaze/AP) — The White House says President Barack Obama plans to donate to the foundation honoring Kayla Mueller, an American killed by Islamic State militants last year.

The One Thing You Can Do That Will Expand Your World

Y’all want to hear about a big breakthrough I’ve recently had? C’mon, you know you do. Whatddya say? Perhaps I should explain what a breakthrough is.

City-Owned Airport Can’t Reject Ads Just Because They Aren’t Selling A Product

If a city-owned facility is going to sell advertising space to bring in revenue, to what extent can the city restrict the content of those ads before crossing the line into government-ordered censorship?

Here's Everything Leaving Netflix In September

September is coming, and it's official: We've got the end-of-summer blues. Soon, school will start, work will pick up, and days will get shorter.

The Kitchn's Guide to Drinking with Spicy Foods — Drinking While Sweating

(Image credit: Samantha Bolton) "Beat the heat" takes on a whole new meaning when it comes to alleviating the burn of spicy food.