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How To Cut Rope In An Emergency Without The Use Of A Sharp Object

[Click here to view the video in this article] YouTuber Dave Hax—who previously taught us how to draw a perfect circle freehand—is back with another amazing life hack, this time demonstrating how to cut a piece of rope or string in an emergency without the use of a sharp object.

Note to self: Brace for more bubble talk as secret messaging app Yik Yak raises $62 million

Some things are all too easy to predict. Every day, the sun rises and you wake up. And every time some app most of the world has never heard about raises what seems like an insane amount of money, the hand wringing begins and thousands of blog posts are spawned to discuss whether tech is in a bubble.

23 Things People Who Hate Being Interviewed Understand

Job interview? More like interrogation. You know you have an early morning interview. Fox / Via So you try to prepare for your interview the day before.

Rumer Willis Gets the Most Adorable New Puppy Delilah

Rumer Willis heads back to her car after visiting Nine Zero One salon on Saturday afternoon (November 22) in West Hollywood, Calif.

This Golden Retriever Dominating A Spaghetti-Eating Contest Proves They're Living Garbage Disposals

That German shepherd never stood a chance. Though the video is from last year, it's been trending online today.

Everything You Missed From the American Music Awards

The American Music Awards took over LA's Nokia Theater on Sunday night, putting many of the music world's top entertainers under one roof.

You Can Now Download The Custom Typeface Used In ‘Moonrise Kingdom’

The films of director Wes Anderson are known for their striking visual elements—if you are familiar with his work, you would probably be able to identify the various movies by their signature graphic design.

An App That Rewards You For Putting Your Phone Away When You’re With Others

Image via The Straits Times A team of three students from Singapore’s Republic Polytechnic has created ‘Apple Tree’, an app that rewards you for putting your phone away when you’re with others.

Chicago Building Collapse: Two Women And A Dog Pulled Out From Rubble

Two people and a dog that were trapped under the rubble following a Chicago building collapse were rescued by crew from the Chicago Fire Department, reports Reuters.

The Fast Jump Rope Workout to Burn Fat and Boost Agility

Jumping rope can burn as many calories as running (and build some killer muscles), but perhaps the biggest benefit of double dutch is improving agility. That’s why so many martial artists, boxers, and tennis players incorporate rope jumping into their training. Plus, a jump rope is the ideal size for travel (Anyone heading home for Thanksgiving?

The Pollies' Christmas Tree Launch Was Incredibly Ill-Timed And Crazy Awkward

The Grinches who stole the ABC and Christmas. The Prime Ministerial Christmas Tree launch coincided with exactly the moment ABC Managing Director Mark Scott apologised to employees who would be out of a job at Christmas.

10 Perfect Thanksgiving Menu Recipes

Thanksgiving week is here!! Let the eating frenzy begin! I’ve put together some of my very favorite Thanksgiving Menu Recipes that everyone loves!

‘Constantine’ Is Halting Production, But It’s Not Dead Yet

NBC Things were really looking up for Constantine. (Note the past tense.) The show was up 38% in the ratings last Friday among adults aged 18 to 49 in live viewing and same-day streaming.

LEGO Was Already Saying No To Gender Stereotypes In The 1970s

Click on image to enlarge Click on image to enlarge Late last week, a letter of “egalitarian instructions”—dating back to the early 1970s—from LEGO to parents surfaced and has been making rapid rounds on the internet ever since.

Sting headed to Broadway to save his musical

It's Sting to the rescue: In an attempt to boost ticket sales, the singer is joining the cast of the Broadway musical The Last Ship, starting Dec.

How Well Do You Know "The Avengers"?

“I still believe in heroes.”

Russian military ‘unofficially’ bans iPhones during service – report

New conscripts in Russia’s mandatory military service are reportedly not being allowed to bring iPhones with them for the duration of the service over concerns that the closed operating system might contain spying backdoors, Izvestia reports.

Samantha Barks Brings Her Boyfriend Richard Fleeshman to the BAFTA Awards

Samantha Barks and her boyfriend Richard Fleeshman to the 2014 BAFTA Academy Children’s Awards held at the Roundhouse on Sunday (November 23) in London, England.

The Dirtiest Things In Your Life Right Now

You’d rather kiss a toilet seat than another person after seeing this. Guaranteed.

Snow-pummeled Buffalo, NY, is now preparing for disastrous flooding

Being buried under 7 feet of snow was bad enough for Buffalo, New York, but warmer weather and rain coming through is expected to bring its own problem: 7 feet of melted snow flooding the city.