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Thousands Protest In Malaysia, Demand Prime Minister Resign

Tens of thousands of people took to the streets of Kuala Lumpur to try and force Prime Minister Najib Razak out of office.

Edward Weaver: Guy Calls For Help Because Of ‘Car Trouble’ – And The Body Inside His Trunk

Edward Weaver did like most people do when they’re having car trouble – he phoned a friend. However, he openly admitted that car trouble wasn’t the only problem he was facing.

Fifth Harmony Says ‘True Beauty Is What’s Within’

In an editorial done by Teen Vogue, the ladies of Fifth Harmony have proven that they’re “worth it”, expressing their views on what beauty really is all about.

Kobe Bryant NBA 2K16 Rating: LA Lakers Star Fades In Player Rankings

Kobe Bryant’s NBA 2K16 rating is a career low for the LA Lakers star. For NBA 2K16, Bryant is rated as an 85 overall player, putting it four points lower than the 89 ratings he received last year.

A Third Of Millennials Identify As Bisexual Says New Study

Whether it’s cell phones, social media or swiping right on Tinder, millennials have drastically different lifestyles than their parents or grandparents, but now there’s one more difference.

Engagement Off Again: Ben Foster And Robin Wright Call Off Engagement For The Second Time

It’s an on-again off-again relationship for Ben Foster and Robin Wright. According to news outlets, the couple has called off their engagement yet again.

Ronda Rousey Vs Holly Holm Fight Moved To Melbourne In November: Whose Winning Streak Will End?

The highly anticipated match up between Ronday Rousey and Holly Holm has been moved up two months to November in Melbourne, Australia from its originally scheduled January 2 bout date.

21 Times Willow Smith Mystified Your Life

*Mystic managed* When she channeled her inner Einstein. When was an ethereal desert goddess.

Life Sucks Regardless of How Much Privilege You Have

No life is devoid of struggle and pain. Life sucks regardless of how much privilege you have. But it usually sucks less if you’re privileged.

Explore images of imaginative art and design studios on our updated Pinterest board

Artists and designers often chose the most dramatic locations to build their workspaces. We've updated our dedicated Pinterest board with some of the most interesting and beautiful recent examples, including a studio submerged into the side of a cliff and a cabin perched above a babbling stream.

Street Brawl Ends in Hugs

(Video Link) On the mean streets of the City of Brotherly Love, you'd better come prepared to handle yourself in any rough situation.

WWE News: Chris Jericho Reveals Why He Hasn’t Returned To WWE Television

For the past year, Chris Jericho has only been wrestling on some live events for WWE, as he’s made his rock band Fozzy his number one priority in terms of his career, and, at 44 years old, Jericho has more years behind him as an active wrestler than he does in front of him.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Dead? How One Fake News Site Fooled The Internet Into Thinking The Terminator Died

Arnold Schwarzenegger is not dead, but countless people were fooled into thinking the Terminator star had passed away this weekend thanks to a fake news site.

Tiwi Islands’ Sistergirls: Remote Island Community With Highest Population Of Transgender People In Australia

A remote island community called the Tiwi Islands off the northern coast of Australia is home to the highest population of transgender people in all of Australia.

Illegal Indonesian Baby Cloning Goes Horribly Wrong. WTF

A black market cloning facility was shut down on Saturday, August 29th by the Indonesian government after video leaked online of a failed cloning attempt that resulted in a abnormal human mutation.

Journalist Admits Getting Rid Of Dogs Who Stop Being Cute Puppies: Animal Welfare Followers Are Outraged

Shona Sibary is a journalist for the Daily Mail who recently published an article about her habit of getting cute puppies and giving them away when they get older or pose problems to her.

Randall Cobb Injury Update: Did Green Bay Packers Lose Another Receiver?

Randall Cobb injury news has come in from the Green Bay Packers late Saturday (August 29). Losing Cobb to an injury would be pretty devastating to a Packers team that just lost Jordy Nelson for the season.

Same-Sex Marriage: Gay Couple Said “They’d Rather Burn The Earth And Not Let Straight People Get Married Either”

William Smith Jr. and James Yates a gay couple, who were denied a marriage license after their third attempt by a deputy clerk in Rowan County vowed never to give up and said “They’d rather burn the earth and not let straight people in Rowan country get married either.” According to the Associated Press, the day before this incident, a federal appeal court held a ruling ordering the clerk to issue marriage licenses to gay couples.

Lance Storm Slams The Young Bucks Over Segment With Young Fan, Says Spot ‘Disrespectful’ To Pro Wrestling

Lance Storm, who wrestled in the original ECW, as well as WCW and WWE, recently appeared on The Jim Cornette Experience podcast on MLW Radio (Episode #91) and discussed a number of aspects of his career and shared his opinions on the current state of the wrestling business.