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Bank of America unveils an AI-powered bot to help customers with their personal finances

Bank of America debuted a virtual assistant bot today at Money2020, a fintech conference being held this week in Las Vegas.

Here Come the Flowers Again

Moment by moment the flanks of stone and earth don the green mantle of sheer livingness. The seed is cracked open now and the furnace summer has burnt away so much that was no longer needed.

18 Women Reveal How They Initiate Hot Sex In A Way Their Man LOVES

@NickBulanovv 1. Touching and kissing. Usually we’re in bed, and he’s the little spoon, so I just let my hand wander south of the equator while kissing his neck.

Former Uruguay president Jorge Batlle dead at 88

Former President Jorge Batlle, an extroverted and irreverent politician who dominated Uruguayan politics for decades and led it during one of its worst economic recessions, died on Monday.

Uber Taunts Drivers Stuck In Traffic With Ad-Toting Drones

Stuck in traffic in Mexico City? Shame on you for not carpooling! UberPOOL has been going on the offensive in Latin America, sending out drones that taunt drivers stuck in traffic with Spanish placards.

And you thought secular, progressive Europeans were liberal in their abortion laws

Europe and classic liberalism. They go together like the France and a warm buttered dish of clafoutis.

'The Bachelor' contestants find love on the show, but with each other

The Bachelor's premise is tried and tested. Women compete for one man and at the end two people live happily ever after.  But for two contestants from the 2016 Australian iteration of the show have looked beyond the rose ceremonies, and found a deep love with each other.

Harvard researchers 3D print a heart-on-a-chip

Microphysiological systems, or organs-on-chips, are emerging as a way for scientists to study the effect that drugs, cosmetics and diseases may have on the human body, without needing to test on animals.

O'Reilly: Did Anybody Hear Trump's Gettysburg Address? Here's an Overview

Watch the latest video at Fox Nation: Bill O'Reilly in his "Talking Points Memo" discusses Donald Trump's contract with American voters, which was seen by very few Americans, as O'Reilly says, because it was given on a Saturday and covered up by the mainstream media's reporting on Trump suing his accusers.  Watch the "Talking Points" above and sound off below!

At least 59 police cadets were killed and over 110 injured after a terrorist attack in Pakistan

At least 59 police cadets were killed and an estimated 116 injured after a handful of militants attacked a police training center in Quetta, Pakistan on the evening of Oct.

Zooey Deschanel On Traveling With A Baby

Zooey Deschanel has some beef with an airline whose name rhymes with "Bamerican," she told Ellen DeGeneres.

Bishop: Christians 'Will Be Persecuted' Under a Clinton WH

By ANNA GIARITELLI | Washington Examiner An African-American minister who ran for lieutenant governor in Virginia in 2013 released a video over the weekend denouncing blacks and Christians who would vote for a Democrat on Nov.

Trump Demands Probe Into Clinton Allies’ Donations to Campaign of FBI Official's Wife

By Ben Wolfgang and Seth McLaughlin | The Washington Time Donald Trump demanded an investigation Monday after revelations that Hillary Clinton’s allies invested heavily in the state Senate campaign of a Democrat at a time when her husband oversaw part of the FBI’s investigation into Mrs.

48 women & children flee rebel-held Aleppo as Damascus, Moscow cease airstrikes

Russian and Syrian aircraft have not flown near Aleppo for the past seven days, Russia's defense ministry says, reiterating that six humanitarian corridors are open for civilians to flee.

15 Alternatives To Expensive Products That Will Save You So Much Money

These brands will do the same job as the more expensive ones…and help you save your hard-earned money.

Comment of the Day: ‘Within reason, it shouldn’t matter how a problem is communicated’

Embed from Getty Images This comment was by Axaybachey in reference to the post – Ignore This Advice: It’s Ruining Your Relationship Within reason, it shouldn’t matter how a problem is communicated.

Choosing work over love in your 20s is a great way to have awful relationships for the rest of your life

Are you in your 20s? Are you an entrepreneur? Have you been told by your friends, your advisors, and your professional peers that now is your time to build your own life and not worry about things like settling down and having children — especially if you’re a female entrepreneur?

I Was Accused Of Embezzlement And My Only Way Out Was Becoming A Submissive At The Chateau

@NickBulanovv Carla Lewis was waiting patiently in the red leather armchair in front of his desk. She stood immediately when he entered the room putting down her china cup and saucer on his desk as he made his apologies.

The Walking Dead Director Kind Of Enjoyed Trolling You Last Night

Gene Page/AMC The Walking Dead killed a pair of beloved characters in last night's season premiere. When Negan killed first Abraham and then Glenn, we asked ourselves if they had gone too far.

Report: Breitbart coordinated with liberal activist to take down Rubio, Cruz

The right-wing news site Breitbart, which has long been a safe haven for Donald Trump, teamed up with a liberal activist during the Republican primaries to take down candidates like Sens.