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Here's What Really Happened In The Armenian Genocide That Obama Refuses To Acknowledge

For the sixth year in a row, President Obama has failed to acknowledge the Armenian genocide — a promise he made as both a senator and presidential candidate.

Mt. Gox, once king of Bitcoins, crumbles into liquidation

“I hate gold,” investment firm Belpoint’s chief strategist David Nelson told VentureBeat today. “But right now I’d rather own gold than Bitcoins.” His sentiment follows news that Mt.

Alexandra Hedison: Jodie Foster’s New Wife Has History With Ellen DeGeneres

Alexandra Hedison and Jodie Foster were quietly married this weekend, and though they’ve chosen to remain quiet about their relationship it was actually one of Hedison’s exes that paved the way for their Hollywood union.

The University of South Florida Is Banning Selfies During Graduation Commencement Ceremonies

Getty Image On May 2, The University of South Florida will award 6,431 degrees to graduates. But because this is where we are as a society now, the university has had to threaten graduating students with disciplinary action and a possible withholding of their degree if they engage in taking seflies with USF president Judy Genshaft on the commencement stage.

How Sketchy Streaming Sites Really Work — And Why Some Are Legal

You don't need HBO to watch "Game Of Thrones." All you need to watch the most pirated show ever, or almost anything, is either to download it from a torrent site or Google "Game of Thrones streaming" and click one of the first links that comes up to watch it online.

ABM Actions Giveaway!

(Image edited with ABM Actions via Along Abbey Road.)  Have you been eyeing our new Photoshop actions?

This Supercut Of Prison Rape Threats Is Perfect For Pretty Boys Like You

Warner Bros Have you ever noticed how often people get threatened with prison rape in movies? Supercut editor Oliver Noble sure has.

Here's How Many People Really Use Sketchy Streaming Sites — And Why

There's very little data about how many people use sketchy online streaming sites, but we know quite a few people who do.

Can a tiny Pacific island nation stop nuclear powers?

The tiny Pacific republic of the Marshall Islands has filed suit against the United States and the eight other nuclear-armed countries, alleging that they haven't met their obligations in working toward global nuclear disarmament.

The Time 100 offers many TED connections

Time has given its annual list of the 100 Most Influential People of the Year a twist again for 2014 – each person on the list was written about by someone who could just as easily have appeared on it themselves.

Bryan Singer Addresses Sexual Abuse Allegations: They Are 'Outrageous' & 'Completely False'

Bryan Singer has opened up about the sexual abuse allegations made against him by Michael Egan. “The allegations against me are outrageous, vicious and completely false.

Keystone XL protesters get wet, but not arrested, in D.C.

Members of the Cowboy and Indian Alliance managed to pull off an anti-Keystone XL pipeline protest in the reflecting pool that lies in front of the famous Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C., on Thursday without getting arrested.

Sirrus Unveils First New Chemistry Platform for Adhesives, Coatings and Inks in Decades

SPONSORED POST Check out our press release hub, powered by Business Wire. It's a one stop shop for industry announcements to help you stay on top of the latest technology and investment trends.

Exquisite Macro Photos Reveal the Miniature World of Insects

Like Vyacheslav Mishchenko, who captures whimsical images of snails, Indonesia-based photographer Nordin Seruyan uses photography to unveil a tiny world that often goes unnoticed by human eyes.

Take a Fly-by Of All the Known Exoplanets

Here’s a fun trip through the galaxy, put together by PhD student Tom Hands at the University of Leicester: In the above video, you can fly to of all the known exoplanets (around single stars only), ordered roughly by semi-major axis of largest orbit.

115-Year-Old Woman’s Blood Reveals Limits on Longevity

Discovering the secret to a long and healthy life has always intrigued humanity — you need look no further than the nearest magazine rack to see that that fascination is today alive and well.

Dudes Nast

by Alex Balk I guess my question in response to this expose of male undergarment deportment is once again why on earth women let us do sex to them when we are clearly disgusting.

Anti-Forever Alone Cafe Provides Stuffed Animal Dining Companions

Do you often go to restaurants with a book instead of a date and pretend to read it? Do you own this anti-loneliness ramen bowl?

I Can't Stop Watching This Insect Having an Existential Crisis

According to YouTube videographer Zain the Pain, this bug played with this piece of popcorn in exactly this way for over three hours.

Toronto: Where the Interactive 'Game of Thrones' Exhibit is Heading Next

Game of Thrones fans are getting a chance to immerse themselves into the world of Westeros through a new touring exhibit.