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The Dance of Zalongo

Above the village of Kamarina, near Preveza, Greece, is the historic cliffs of Mount Zalongo. It was here in 1803, during the Souliote War, some fifty to sixty Souliot women, along with their children committed mass suicide in order to avoid being captured and enslaved by the soldiers of the Ottoman ruler Ali Pasha.

US Kunduz inquiry lacks transparency, no deterrent against similar potential attacks – MSF to RT

Disciplinary measures against select individuals, whom the US army’s own probe held responsible for the deadly airstrike on MSF hospital in Kunduz, serve as little reassurance such blunders won’t happen again, the NGO’s UK Executive Director Vickie Hawkins told RT.

Murud-Janjira Fort, India

The Murud-Janjira Fort is situated on an oval-shaped rocky island in the Arabian Sea, near the coastal town of Murud, 165 km south of Mumbai, India.

Submerged Russian nuclear sub fires Kalibr cruise missile in Arctic drills (VIDEO)

A Russian nuclear submarine, Severodvinsk, has carried out firing drills in the Barents Sea, successfully striking a coastal target in the Arctic with the latest Kalibr cruise missile from a submerged position.

From the Club to the Classroom: All That Jazz is Good for the Kids

Embed from Getty Images Jazz in the classroom not only teaches children to play instruments; they may also learn a range of essential life skills.

Be the Belle of the Cosplay Ball With This Pokemon Gown

We've seen a litteral Poke Ball Gown before, but if you want to cosplay in full formal style while actually appearing as a character, be sure to head over to RageCostumes' store where you can get your hands on this incredible Venusaur Ball Gown that's sure to turn heads whether worn at a convention, a ball or an upcoming prom.

Photo Essay: Bike Polo in Seattle

Bike messengers are a rough lot. And their sport of choice, cycle polo, isn't any exception. ... Read More »

The 10 biggest European tech stories this week

This week, tracked 11 technology M&A transactions and 63 funding deals (totalling €500 million, about $573 million) in Europe, Turkey and Israel.

David Ortiz’s Game-Winning Home Run Sparked An Adorable Video From A Young Child

It may be David Ortiz’s last MLB season, but the Red Sox slugger still has the clutch gene that made him a legend in Boston.

15 Things You'll Only Experience If You've Done Historical Reenacting

DON’T BE SUCH A FARB. Feeling like a baller when you get to fire the cannon. BOOM, BITCHES. Via Watching someone get in trouble for breaking impersonation.

This Week in Gear: April 25-29

A look back at an entire week's worth of gear. ... Read More »

5 Fantastic Video Tools for Virtual Travel Around the World

After years of watching Discovery and Lonely Planet, can you really see something in a travel video that you haven’t already watched?

That Escalated Quickly

The movie Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy includes a surreal battle scene between rival news crews.

Your Horoscope For The Day Is Here

Welcome, stargazers, to your daily horoscope! Click ahead to see what the stars have in store for you today.

Uber proposes $225,000 and other changes to settle guide dog lawsuit

Uber announced today that it has proposed a settlement with the National Federation of the Blind California chapter.

21 Ways You And Your BFF Are Just Like Abbi And Ilana From "Broad City"

Because you’re the only person I can really stand. You've had good times... Comedy Central / Via ...

This Former Gang Member Was Bound for a Life of Crime — Until One Security Guard Changed Her Life

In and out of jail and constantly in trouble. That was the life one former South Carolina gang member was living until one security guard — who constantly arrested her — changed her life.

Extreme heat wave kills 300 across South Asia with hottest month still ahead (PHOTOS)

South Asia has been setting temperature records: A roasting heat wave has been ripping through much of the region since early April.

The Obamas And Prince Harry Fake-Feud Over Invictus Games

Watch Video The U.K. and the U.S. are allies, sure, but that doesn't mean their leaders can't engage in a little friendly competition.

These Japanese Stockings Give You An Instant Pedicure

These Japanese Stockings Give You An Instant Pedicure These clever stockings from the Japanese company Belle Maison offer an instant pedicure for your toes.