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Billy Eichner Told Keegan Michael Key To Name 10 Gay Celebs, But He Only Named 4 (Including Billy)

In a segment from Wednesday night’s episode of Billy On the Street that is wildly funny until it screeches to an uncomfortable halt and suddenly isn’t, host Billy Eichner asks his guest, Keegan Michael Key, to name 10 gay celebrities in 60 seconds.

11 Sundance films to look forward to

From an Inconvenient Truth sequel to a Daniel Clowes adaptation, there’s something for everyone at this year’s festival.

WATCH LIVE: Trump Speaks at 'Make America Great Again!' Celebration

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How to Make Great Stovetop Popcorn

Ever dreamed of ditching the microwave bag and making fresh, fluffly stovetop popcorn? It's surprisingly easy to pop up some stovetop popcorn, and this whole grain can also be a healthy snack, coming in at just 133 calories per cup when lightly buttered.  On National Popcorn Day on January 19 (or on the day of the Super Bowl, if you prefer), try making it sweet, salty, cheesy, or something a little more unusual with our easy stovetop popcorn recipe.

Photo: Muskoxen pose for family portrait in the rain

Our majestic photo of the day comes from Nome, Alaska.

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson will star in DC’s Black Adam spinoff film

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson will soon star in his own DC Comics movie. Deadline reports that the actor will star in Black Adam, a companion to the upcoming Shazam!

Will and Grace reboot to hit NBC this fall

TV show reboots are dropping left and right, and NBC just hopped on the bandwagon. Will and Grace will return for a 10-episode limited run in the 2017-18 season, NBC announced Wednesday.

The Rock Is Getting His Own Solo DC Movie, ‘Black Adam’

Shutterstock/DC Comics The one constant for New Line’s DC Comics property Shazam! has, surprisingly, not been a director or a screenplay or even the hero, but Dwayne Johnson, the Rock himself, who has been excited to play anti-hero Black Adam, the nominal bad guy of the piece, for years now.

Nexdock turns Intel’s Compute Card into a 2-in-1 laptop

Intel announced the Compute Card at CES 2017 a few weeks ago. It’s a credit card-sized device that’s essentially a full computer, complete with CPU, GPU, and wireless connectivity.

Brexit & Trump are about ‘strong vision’, which EU doesn’t have – Italian finance minister

Europe’s in trouble as it lacks the sort of powerful “vision,” that’s behind Brexit and Donald Trump’s election win, the Italian finance minister told delegates at the 2017 Davos forum.

Abattoir Blues: In ‘Blood of the Beasts’ death has a cruel beauty

  George Franju’s 1949 film Le Sang Des Bêtes (“Blood of the beasts”) is one of the most beautiful and horrifying movies ever made.

Why The SAG Awards Don't Have A Host

Photo: Rob Latour/REX/Shutterstock The Screen Actors Guild Awards is one of the few Hollywood award shows that's exclusively for performers.

3 Amazing Ways To Style Your Gym Clothes

3 Amazing Looks The Work At The Gym Or In The Office Wake up. Hit the gym. Eat breakfast. Yes, it seems like the perfect trifecta to start your day — except when you're left with no time to change into presentable work attire.

Kristen Stewart (yes, that Kristen Stewart) just released a research paper on artificial intelligence

Hollywood has used the concept of artificial intelligence in films for decades. Now, one A-lister is trying to use AI to make art, instead of just inspire it.

A Colorado Man Has Built The Most Energy Efficient House in the State

Have you heard of a Passive House? In the world of sustainability, it’s one of the most intriguing design concepts to date.

Kid goes bald for the sweetest reason and gets bullied. His principal is ready.

Am Iowa six-grader named Jackson, who is a better man than you or I, shaved his head in solidarity with his grandfather, who has Stage 4 Lymphoma.

How to Ride the Motivation Wave and Overcome Distraction

w Embed from Getty Images For 20 years, filmmaker Sooyong Park has devoted his life to the study, recording, and preservation of the wild Siberian tiger.

9 best dive bars in Los Angeles

Photo: Todd Sternisha LA is a town built for the dive bar—a classic, no-nonsense place for young hipsters and old-timers to come together for cheap drinks and good times.

This Mom Called Out A Racist Incident On A Train In The Best Way

British R&B star Jamelia boarded a first-class car in a train at London's Euston station with her 11-year-old daughter.

The Definitive 10 Best Rap Tracks About Food

Call them ear candy or auditory delights or simply jams, songs about food have filled our ears for forever.