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In Oklahoma, 7 quakes in 1 day rattle residents and lawmakers

In north-central Oklahoma, residents were left shaken Monday after at least seven earthquakes hit, including one jolt that was felt 300 miles away in Iowa.

PSY’s New Songs

Will lightning strike twice for PSY? His new album 7 Things You Need to Know is out today. Two videos have been released from the album, and they both have some elements that made “Gangnam Style" so popular.

Study Says Women With More Tattoos Actually Have Higher Self-Esteem

A new study suggests that women with tattoos actually have higher self-esteem than their ink-less female counterparts.

When You Can't Hide Your Emotions

Your face is your own worst enemy! BuzzFeed Yellow / Via

Greyhound Grammys and Black Cat Billboards: Why I Sing to My Pets

Zero judgment, full creative freedom, and unconditional love. __________ It often begins with a single belly rub for Charlotte, my brindle greyhound, or a stroke of Hilo and Kona’s, my tuxedo cats, fur.

The ‘Hey Arnold!’ Opening Credits Left One Fan With Many Angry Questions

Hey Arnold theme song had so many problems bruh — Berlin (@berleezy) November 29, 2015 Between Nickelodeon figuring out how to give adults their nostalgia fix and Hey Arnold!

Command The Crowd: 3 Tips To Overcome Your Fear Of Public Speaking

Public speaking is something most of us have to do once in a while, and it can be one of the scariest experiences for some.

No Matter Who You Are Your Pain Is Legitimate And Healable

Aleynikov Have you ever looked at someone else’s life and thought that if you had their life, you would be so much happier?

Pebble Time Round Review

Pebble Time Round Review Pebble's first rounded smartwatch doesn't draw too much attention when on the wrist Xavier Harding Pebble was making smartwatches long before it was cool.

Actor Who Voiced Main Character In ‘Hey Arnold!’ Stuns Internet By Turning Out To Be ‘Super Hot’

Anyone who grew up with 90s Nickelodeon cartoons remembers the show Hey Arnold!. It was about a down-to-Earth city kid who attended public school and helped out his young classmates by providing good advice and a cool attitude.

‘Fallout 4’: Hiding In Plain Sight Demonstrate The Bad Guys’ Stupidity

The Fallout 4 game has it’s glitches and bugs, but according to ARS Technica, this is deemed as “developer sanctioned god-mode.” The article expressed as long as your Vault 111 dweller is crouched, you pretty much can get away with murder, literally.

Feeling the Love

by Maniza Naqvi This is about the biography of an American woman who was the author of key militant interpretations and texts which are followed by extremists today.

This buffalo chicken finger looks… exactly… a penisAnd Redditors...

This buffalo chicken finger looks… exactly… a penis And Redditors couldn’t help but let the penis jokes come in (no pun intended).

Peggy McGuire: Voluntary Disappearance Or Foul Play?

The search for missing woman Peggy McGuire continues, but there is very little on which to investigate.

6 Moves for Sculpted Shoulders by New Year’s Eve

There’s something to be said about having tank-top ready shoulders, even in the winter. That’s because having a toned upper body does (way) more for you than meets the eye.

This website just helped me book a super-cheap tropical vacation in December

An amazing feature on a lesser-known travel website just saved my family's vacation plans.  For the past several years, my sisters, mom, and I have travelled together after Christmas.

16 Reasons Being A Canadian Lesbian Is Such A Struggle

Canadian women look like lesbians and it’s really hard, guys. Trusting your gaydar around Canadian women is essentially impossible.

Take That, Death! This Pill Might Let You Live 50 Percent Longer.

Getty Image / Temple Hill Entertainment There are several important reasons why I spent the better part of the morning photoshopping Wilford Brimley’s face onto a sexy vampire’s body.

Soft drink tax war to bubble up in cities across the U.S.

There’s something even more polarizing than whether to call soft drinks pop, soda, or coke: the debate over taxing them.

Here’s What Happens When a 900 MPH Ping Pong Serve Hits Your Paddle

This supersonic, air powered cannon shoots ping pong balls at speeds exceeding 1,470 km/h (900 mph). That’s faster than the speed of sound and faster than an F-16 fighter jet.