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“My younger brother killed himself when he was sixteen. He found...

“My younger brother killed himself when he was sixteen. He found my Dad’s old gun in the ceiling panels of the office.

Life begins at Fifties! Couple say time warp lifestyle saved their marriage

A proud housewife has gone back in time to the 1950s – and she says it has saved her marriage. Mandy Jones dresses in vintage frocks, drives a classic Chevrolet car and dances to rockabilly records on the jukebox.

Bremont Wright Flyer

While many watch companies can lay claim to the ultimate aviation watch, Bremont has a leg up on all of them with their new watch, the Wright Flyer.

Oregonians Will Vote On Legalizing Pot This November

CREDIT: AP Photo/Brennan Linsley Oregonians will vote on a ballot initiative this fall on whether to legalize and regulate recreational marijuana.

Verizon Sends $3,020 Phone Bill To Website That Doesn’t Use Verizon

(chrismar)It’s always frustrating when you receive a bill that, without even having to break down the numbers, you know right away is too high.

The Isaiah Austin Story: As The NBA Moves Forward, The NFL Is Falling Behind

The NBA is beginning to look like the virtuous older brother of the sports world. NBA commissioner Adam Silver has reached out to Isaiah Austin, the Baylor center whose NBA dreams were dashed by a recent diagnosis of Marfan syndrome, and offered him a full-time job upon graduation.

Social media explodes after CNN columnist suggests eating dogs

CNN ran an opinion article by John Sutter this morning with the provocative title "The argument for eating dog." Since it was published, social media sites, especially Twitter, have exploded with negative responses to Sutter's article.

Notre Dame Football Recruit Predicted His Future With Inspiring Letter To Future Self

Jonathan Bonner is going into his freshman season at Notre Dame this fall and the 6’3″, 245-pound defensive end couldn’t be happier.

21 Protesters Arrested While Attempting To Block The First Tar Sands Mine In America

An aerial view of a mining site for Canadian tar sands in Alberta, Canada. CREDIT: Josh Burstein/NextGen Climate Action Twenty-one activists in Utah were arrested Monday after they chained themselves to fences and equipment at a site planned to become the first to mine tar sands in the United States.

A scientific fact-check of 2001: A Space Odyssey

2001: A Space Odyssey gets high marks from cinephiles and scientists alike, with good reason: director Stanley Kubrick was just as obsessive about making a scientifically plausible film as he was about crafting an epic, mythopoetic narrative.

These 30 Completely Random Images Are Guaranteed To Make Your Day Better.

Are you having a bad day? Good! (Well, not good.) Luckily for you, we’ve been searching for the cure for a bad day.

Take A Note From Naya Rivera And Find Positivity In Your Heartbreak

Sometimes, the devastation that follows heartbreak is downright unbearable. The tears might stop, but pits in our stomachs remain, plans seem shattered, and no amount of loyal friendship or junk food and dubious amounts of alcohol quell the pain.

Argentina Zoo To Keep Polar Bear At Current Location, Despite Health Concerns

Argentina Zoo To Keep Polar Bear At Current Location, Despite Health Concerns Argentina Zoo To Keep Polar Bear At Current Location, Despite Health Concerns Environment animal rights, zoo, animal abuse, world's saddest animal, polar bear, Mendoza zoo Has Been Optimized Argentina zoo officials have decided not to relocate a polar bear to a wildlife park in Canada despite calls from animals rights activists who say the bear is overly stressed and unhappy in his current environment.

Never ever ride on the back of your grocery cart (especially if it’s carrying your liquor)

We can all be happy that a recent customer to a Russian liquor store left his dashcam on while he was parked.

Coolio Is Teaming Up With PornHub, And Thankfully, It’s Not A Sex Tape (Video)

The rap legend is making a comeback with a new music video filled with garden hoses, twerking, wet t-shirts, a weird hat with reindeer antlers on it and talent provided by PornHub.

The Gorbals’ Peter Haller: 5 Cheap Bites in Los Angeles

An occasional series about high-ticket chefs and the low-cost food they love. Meet Peter Haller, former Waterloo & City chef who now heads the kitchen at Ilan Hall’s The Gorbals in DTLA, known for the gribenes “GLT” and bacon-wrapped matzoh balls.

Do you make enough money to be happy in your state?

According to a 2010 Princeton study, the more money you make, the happier you are — to a point. At a certain income level, which this study estimated to be $75,000 a year, happiness plateaus and you don’t get any happier by making more.

Here’s an effective way to sanction Russia, and why it hasn’t happened so far

Western officials hoping to alter the behavior of Russian president Vladimir Putin are examining a lot of targets for sanctions, but analysts say one entity seems to be off the table for now—Gazprom. The natural gas behemoth spearheads Moscow’s economic and foreign policy abroad, but Europe is so reliant on its supplies that any strike against the company could harm the rest of the continent as much or more (video) than Russia.

Ballpoint Pen and Gold Leaf Illustrations by Rebecca Yanovskaya

  Rebecca Yanovskaya is a graduate from the Illustration program at Sheridan College. Her main focus is creating illustrations in the fantasy, sci-fi and horror genres.

Trader Joe’s Fruit Recall: Costco, Trader Joe’s, Kroger And Walmart Stores Affected

A massive Trader Joe’s recall has been issued for a variety of fruit sold at Costco, Trader Joe’s, Kroger And Walmart stores, due to serious concerns that the produce may be contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes.