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Donald Trump’s “Muslim ban” now includes anyone from France

Donald Trump is doubling down on some of his most controversial policy proposals. In a Sunday interview on NBC’s Meet the Press — his first since accepting the Republican nomination — Trump appeared largely unfazed by criticisms that his convention and his keynote address were "a little dark." Instead, he spoke about expanding the scope of a proposed travel ban that would bar Muslims from entering the country.

A Father Allegedly Drugged a Student For His Son to Assault at Campus Orientation

Students met last week at Illinois State University for a two day orientation to get familiar with the campus before classes begin in August, some accompanied by their parents.

Strained Analogies Between Recently Released Films and Current Events: Ghostbusters and the Republican National Convention

by Matt McKenna Long before the new Ghostbusters film was released, a vocal group of internet commenters had already decided what the movie meant to culture at large.

Watch 50 Cent Audition to Play a Young Han Solo

As you may have heard, there’s going to be a Star Wars prequel that tells the origin story of a young Han Solo, and it’s going to be Alden Ehrenreich that plays the titular role, which is sure to be heartbreaking news for 50 Cent, Jeff Goldblum and everyone else that auditioned for the part.

21 Tweets That Will Speak To the Soul of Everyone Who Loves Target

"I never know what's going to happen when I go into Target. Will I be there for 5 minutes?? 5 hours??

ScHoolboy Q And Action Bronson Watch ‘Ancient Aliens’ High Just Like Everybody Else

History Channel’s Ancient Aliens is quite the phenomenon but maybe not for the reasons they intended.

Two Exoplanets Discovered by the Kepler K2 Mission Are Candidates for Hosting Life

Two Exoplanets Conducive to Water Recently, we reported Kepler space telescope’s 104-exoplanet discovery in its K2 mission, and four of these planets are believed to have a rocky terrain—which satisfies the geophysical criteria for planet habitability.

Buy: Instax Share SP-2 Photo Printer

The second version of its portable instant film printers, Fujifilm's Instax Share SP-2 means your smartphone photos don't have to live only in your camera roll or on Instagram.

Ken Griffey Jr. Had Beautiful Hidden Messages Stitched Into His Hall Of Fame Suit

On Sunday, Ken Griffey Jr. (along with Mike Piazza, who also made a great speech) was enshrined into the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown after a legendary career.

New 3D Movie Screen Could Let Viewers Ditch Glasses At The Theatre

Entertainment No more awkward head gear Researchers at MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab (CSAIL) and Israel’s Weizmann Institute of Science are presenting a paper this week at the SIGGRAPH…

Focal's Utopia headphones live up to their $3,999 price

How much would you pay for really good audio? Before you answer that question, consider that humanity as a whole spends more than $11 billion per year on headphones, $1 billion of which is spent on premium ($100+) cans in the US.

Burglars Ram Dodge Ram Into Atlanta Camera Store

A Wolf Camera store in the Buckhead district of Atlanta, Georgia, was targeted by burglars who drove a truck through the front of the store in a smash-and-grab theft.

How My Editing Sparked a Culture War

via Shutterstock Hi, I’m Lynne M. Thomas. I’m the co-editor-in-chief and co-publisher of Uncanny Magazine, along with my husband, Michael Damian Thomas.

Bounce: Donald Trump Surges To Lead After GOP Convention

Stephen Dinan, Washington Times PHILADELPHIA — GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump has surged out to a lead in the polls after the GOP convention, enjoying a significant bounce from a mostly unified party.

A collection of wonderful vintage portable record players

  I’m digging this nice visual collection of vintage portable record players amassed by Japanese turntable enthusiast, Fumihito Taguchi.

17 Crazy Kitchen Hacks You Have To Try

Hey, have you ever tried these weird kitchen hacks? Throw a quarter of an onion in the same container that you're storing your avocado in to stop it from going brown.

Soul Mates and Kaleidoscopes (Part 1)

Embed from Getty Images — In 2004 I went with a party of twenty to the ancient lands of Avalon. Yes, Avalon, the land of Priestess Morgana, King Arthur´s sister and niece of Vivian the Lady of the Lake and ruler of the land beyond the Mists…Which happens to be sited in Glastonbury (UK), or parallel to Glastonbury or in juxtaposition with it, or in sort of a different dimension but still in Glastonbury.

Charlie Kaufman on Zombie Ants, Mind Control, and Consumerist Culture

Charlie Kaufman has one of the most inventive and original minds in Hollywood. That’s probably why he has eluded mainstream success.

All The Questions The ‘Preacher’ Season Finale Needs To Answer

AMC Last night’s penultimate episode of Preacher‘s first season, “Finish the Song,” took a dark and unexpected turn as the storylines finally caught up to the comics.

How to Get a Verified Account on Twitter (And Is It Worth It?)

Twitter has a built-in social hierarchy. There are those with blue tick marks next to their name, and those without blue ticks.