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‘American Assassin’ Hits One Target, Misses Another

> Source: – American%20Assassin-and-Movie This year’s latest effort comes courtesy of Lionsgate, which released American Assassin last week.

Are These the Toughest Linux Operating Systems to Install?

While all Linux operating systems are the same at their core, there are also things which separate them somewhat.

Puerto Rico reports 'extremely dangerous situation' as failing dam threatens to flood towns after Hurricane Maria

The National Weather Service of San Juan, Puerto Rico, is reporting an "extremely dangerous situation" due to a dam failure that threatens Isabela Municipality and Quebradillas Municipality in the territory's northwest.

This Guy Flew His Camera Drone Onto, Inside, and Under a Moving Train

Camera drone operator Paul Nurkkala just released a video titled “Flight of the Year” that showcases his world-class drone piloting skills.

Trump Administration Just Made Campus Sexual Assault Guidelines More Lenient—on the Accused

You know what is not a real concern when it comes to rampant sexual assault on college campuses? That the system is stacked against the accused.

Sergei Lavrov urges calm among 'hotheads' over North Korea crisis

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov weighed in on the war of words between U.S. President Donald Trump and North Korean President Kim Jong-un, saying Friday that cooler heads need to prevail.

Megyn Kelly: It’s ‘Absurd’ How Reporters Play Into Trump’s Hands With Their Bias

Getty Image Megyn Kelly is going full-steam ahead with rebranding herself as a new Megyn Kelly — not the one you remember from Fox News but one who hosts an extension of a morning show (human interest stories, celebrity interviews).

Fear of market volatility is driving financial decisions

Only half of Americans have a positive outlook for their financial futures. For many, fear of market turbulence has chipped away at their confidence.

Fantastic Fest Review: Joachim Trier’s Divisive, Unforgettable Coming-Of-Age Nightmare, ‘Thelma’

The Orchard Joachim Trier’s Thelma opens with an unforgettable sequence, a daughter trailing her father across a frozen lake, trout swimming beneath the ice shot from below.

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Court rules that imported solar panels are bad for US manufacturing

The International Trade Commission has ruled that American companies are being hurt by cheap solar panels from overseas, providing an opportunity for President Donald Trump to tax imports from countries like China.

Skrillex’s Remix of Kendrick Lamar’s “HUMBLE.” Is Here

Back in August we reported that Skrillex had a remix of Kendrick’s “HUMBLE.” on the way. Now roughly a month later, the DJ/producer delivers on his word by dropping off the revamped tune.

5 tips for staying authentic on social media, according to Om and the City’s Jules Hunt

Wellness blogger and yoga instructor Jules Hunt of Om and the City inspires a community of over 23,000 followers with her gorgeous yoga pics, colorful healthy lunches, and—most importantly—her be-unapologetically-you message.

Tesla to Discontinue Its Cheapest Model S

Anyone on the fence about buying the Tesla Model S 75 with rear-wheel drive should make a decision soon, because Tesla will discontinue that model after Sunday, September 24.

Bill Clinton's political thriller with James Patterson is going to be a Showtime series

Former President Bill Clinton's forthcoming political thriller, which he co-authored with bestselling author James Patterson, is headed to the small screen, Variety reported Friday.

9 hilariously brutal cartoons about the GOP's health-care bill

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North Korea threatens to test H-bomb over the Pacific; Kim Jong Un calls Trump a ‘dotard’

North Korea threatened the “most powerful” Pacific hydrogen bomb test yet in response to President Donald Trump’s United Nations speech in which he stated that the U.S., if forced to defend itself or its allies, would “have no choice but to totally destroy North Korea.” What does North Korea have planned?

Watch Live: Trump campaigns in Alabama for Sen. Luther Strange

President Trump is expected to speak at 8:15 p.m. ET. MONTGOMERY, Ala. — President Donald Trump is test driving his political clout in a Republican runoff election in Alabama as he stumps for the establishment-backed incumbent over an upstart beloved by many of his own most ardent supporters.

Smartfoam helmets could help NFL coaches diagnose concussions

A team of scientists from Brigham Young University (BYU), Utah, has developed a smartfoam-based sensor system capable of detecting the severity of a collision in real time.

Cruise Alaska This Spring with Lower Fares and Agent Perks

Cruises are often lauded as the best way to experience the beauty of Alaska, and now, with UnCruise Adventures' Alaska Awakening special for springtime departures, your clients can take advantage of lower fares, fewer crowds, and the chance to see wildlife and the Northern Lights, all while you enjo