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Food delivery service Deliveroo has been on the scene since 2013, but what makes it stand out from the crowd?

Russia prepares to sever economic ties with Turkey, agrees to join the West's fight in Syria

On Thursday, tensions between Russia and Turkey continued to escalate, threatening a total breach of the country's relations as Russian government officials prepare to cut economic ties and curb investment projects in Turkey, the New York Times reports.

Television Set for the Differently Abled

Very forward-looking and thoughtful of Westinghouse to create a TV set that aided one-handed people. Of course, nowadays you only need one finger (on the remote) to tune!

29 Tweets About Facebook That Will Make You Laugh Every Time

“Don’t hate the game, hate the player who keeps sending you Facebook invites to play the game.” Thinkstock / Twitter: @Josievorenkamp View Entire List ›

Have A Marvelous Holiday With The Cosplay Of The Week

Via Marcello Ms. Marvel and Emma Frost photographed by M@rcello. It’s that time of the week when we post a mixed bag of intriguing costumes we’ve spotted recently.

Ed Sheeran Drops Thanksgiving Bombshell: ‘We Would Like To Announce Our Engagement’

Ed Sheeran had a busy Thanksgiving. While you might have been stuffing yourself with that turkey you so meticulously prepared for the family dinner, the ‘Thinking Out Loud’ singer was planning to announce his engagement on his Instagram page – and that too with another man!


Scriggle is a new kind of online note taking service. It's designed to keep and share your thoughts quickly.

The Modern Desktop Garden

The Grasslamp is a unique combination of gardening, interior decor and award winning design. This beautiful desktop lamp lets you grow your favorite micro-greens like wheatgrass using only water and LED light… no soil needed.

Honey, We Shrunk The Bees: Mass Extinction Threat For Beloved Insect?

The words neonicotinoid insecticides don’t really have a ring to them do they? In truth they sound downright ugly, and that’s because what these two words signify is a very unpleasant reality facing the world’s population of bees.

Jenelle Evans Keeping Kaiser From Nathan: ‘You Can File For Visitation’

Jenelle Evans was shocked when her then-husband, Courtland Rogers, was arrested after being found carrying drugs.

Decorate Your Workspace With This Copper Chrome Stormtrooper Figurine

As we all bare the brunt of a Star Wars-induced coma that will soon see the force awakened next month, the collectible figurine saga continues.

Win the Original adidas YEEZY Boost 350 Courtesy of LUISAVIAROMA

As the holiday season approaches, we team up with Italian luxury retailer LUISAVIAROMA to give away a pair of the original adidas YEEZY Boost 350s.

Adam Sandler Includes Jared Fogle In ‘Chanukah Song Part 4’ [Video]

After 13 years, comedian and actor Adam Sandler has finally updated his popular “The Chanukah Song,” which is considered an unofficial song for the Jewish Festival of Lights.

Online Streetwear Brand Rad Just Launched a Massive Black Friday Sale

Gracing the Highsnobiety pages for the first time is online streetwear brand Rad. Founded in 2012, the label has made a name for itself by cleverly combining streetwear cues with original, playful designs.

'Most complex malware ever': Security experts smash system that stole cash from millions

Security experts have exposed a cash register malware of previously unseen complexity and secretiveness.

60 Fascinating Photos Taken Throughout History

These 60 photos taken throughout history tell humanities story so far, through it's best moments, its worst and the moment in between - the moments that would otherwise be forgotten if they weren't photographed.

For the kids suing over climate change, things are going well so far

When the young people working with Our Children’s Trust talk about their lawsuits to compel governments to act on climate change, they like to use a quote attributed to Mahatma Gandhi: “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.” This month, it looks like these young activists have made it to step three: On Nov.

Fig, ricotta and truffle honey bruschetta

Fig, ricotta and truffle honey bruschetta

No, Daniel Radcliffe Did Not Masturbate On The Set Of "Harry Potter"

He really, really wants to clear this up. So, in case your childhood hasn't quite been ruined enough just yet, about a month ago beloved national treasure and Harry Potter actor Daniel Radcliffe did an interview with Playboy in which he discussed at length his teenage masturbation habits.

America’s Tea Party movement has officially peaked

The Tea Party—the hodgepodge of conservatives within the US Republican Party who favor lower taxes, lower national debt, and the notion that government power should be curbed as much as possible—is starting to sputter out.