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LOL: If Our Favorite Childhood Cartoons Were Scientifically Accurate

[Click here to view the video in this article] We have previously featured Animation Domination High Def’s short video that shows what it would be like if Spider-Man was scientifically accurate.

Can boosting retromers keep Alzheimer’s at bay?

Cellular processes are not perfect. Sometimes, the by-products of their mistakes are harmless. Other times, they can lead to disease or even death.

MTV’s Catfish: 20 moments that made us question humanity

Nev and Max are pretty much our favourite couple ever (Picture: MTV) Us Metro lot are pretty obsessed with MTV’s Catfish.

The World’s ‘Fastest’ Bicycle Is In The Shape Of A Sleek Capsule

The ARION1 does not look like a bicycle, especially with its sleek capsule-like shape. However, this vehicle is supposed to be the world’s “fastest” bike.

‘Upside-down planet’ turns out to be self-lensing stars

Astronomers have discovered the first “self-lensing” binary star system. Like so many interesting discoveries, they say this one happened largely by accident.

‘Palcohol’: The Powdered Alcohol Of The Future Is Here

Residents in the US may soon be able to get their alcoholic kick from a powdered alcohol named ‘Palcohol’, after it was recently approved by the Federal Government.

The 2,000-Year-Old Artifact Uncovered in Jerusalem — and Here’s What Archaeologists Believe It Was Used For

An archaeologist with Israel’s Antiquities Authority believes his team has uncovered a metal chisel that may have been used in the construction of the Second Temple, Israeli media are reporting, describing the finding as “extraordinary” and “astonishing.” The Temple Mount in Jerusalem is considered to be the most holy site in Judaism, which stands alongside the Western Wall — that is, the remaining structure of the Second Temple.

Incredible video of daredevil duo jumping from world’s tallest building

It’s a bird, it’s a plane…no it’s two crazy men jumping off the world’s tallest building. Armed just with parachutes, Fred Fugen and Vince Reffet are videoed breaking the world record for the highest base jump following a death defying plunge from the 2,717-foot-high Burj Khalifa in Dubai.

Massachusetts: How to Get Tickets to the 2014 Nantucket Film Festival

Tribeca isn't the only film festival making headlines today. This afternoon, ticket packages and passes were finally released for The Nantucket Film Festival, taking place June 25-30.

9 Ways To Destroy Your Credit Score

There's one thing all of us know about our credit score: We don't want it to go down. Since lenders use these three digits to evaluate our creditworthiness and determine our interest rates, losing points on our score could cost us thousands of dollars — or even cost us a loan.

Team invents probes to watch neurons fire in real time

Two new tools are letting scientists see brain activity as it happens live. The probes involve proteins that light up as an electric current sweeps down the long tendrils that link nerves together.

McDonald’s CEO Not Worried About Breakfast Competition From “Sandwich” Or “Taco Shops”

(Morton Fox)You know what they say about if the breakfast kitchen is too hot you should get out, something like that?

Julia Louis-Dreyfus Strips Down Naked & Has Sex with a Clown in Hilarious 'GQ' Feature!

Julia Louis-Dreyfus looks to be having quite the fun time with a clown in this hilarious new picture from her GQ feature, on newsstands April 29.

Why Your Family Should Take a Weekly Holiday from Technology

Tweet Josh Misner argues that spending one day per week technology-free has reaped immense benefits for both him and his family — Shortly after I first started teaching college communication classes, I came to the realization that I had no idea what I was in for.

Not All Friendships Are Worth Fighting For

image – Unsplash / Caleb George Morris Related Thought How To Move On When Friendships Drift Apart It’s not fair to yourself or the other person to keep pretending and feigning friendship with someone who you haven’t shared an intimate best friend moment with in over a year.

New Textile-Focused Pieces from Darono

Darono, a Portuguese home brand, recently debuted their new pieces for the home this past January at Maison & Objet.

A Day In The Life of Max Poglia

Max Poglia is living proof that an artist doesn’t need to be defined by a single label. Whether he’s creating brand designs and signage for restaurants like Buvette and Bedford Post Inn or designing and producing his own line of leather bags, hand-forged knives and blankets, Max is always working on something beautiful.

CCP Games Hires UFC Fighter Gunnar Nelson To Beat Up Its Employees

CCP Games CCP is a very weird company. These are the people who started an MMO that boils down to working a second job, except on a spaceship, and made it work.

Lily Allen, "Sheezus"

by Alex Balk "She also says, at one point, 'Periods. We all get periods.'" 0 Comments The post Lily Allen, "Sheezus" appeared first on The Awl.

If online sales taxes reduce Amazon sales then why does Amazon support online sales taxes?

An excellent little piece of economic research here detailing the manner in which the imposition of online sales taxes reduce Amazon’s sales in those places where they are imposed.