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Mississippi State’s Josh Robinson Is Insanely More Entertaining With Super Mario Bros. Music

This is Josh Robinson, a running back for Mississippi State. Robinson is quite shifty at 5’9″, 215 lbs.

Saturday Night Social: She's Just Like You and Me

I really wanted to put Robin S's "Show Me Love," but we've done that one already. Here, have some Crystal Waters, because tonight, you're dancing.

What is she doing?

Charlie Hunnam Gears Up for the Final Season of 'Sons of Anarchy'

Charlie Hunnam gets into character as Jax on the set of Sons of Anarchy at a baseball field on Thursday afternoon (October 23) in San Pedro, Calif.

How to Be Yourself When Everyone Pressures You to Be Something Else

In a culture so focused on individuality and “every man for himself,” there’s a lot of pressure to conform.

Come to Daddy: here's the only Aphex Twin playlist you need

If you told me Richard D. James — better known as Aphex Twin — was an alien, I’d believe you. He makes beats from the inside of a bank vault, he owns a tank, and when madonna  begged him to remix a song, he said he'd only do it if she agreed to record a variety of sounds of her gentiles (she did not do it). Music of late is often centered around bass drops.

6 things we’ve learned about launching university-origin companies

GUEST POST Above: UC Berkeley Image Credit: Ken Wolter / The University of California recently announced its entry into the venture capital arena with a $250 million commitment to spinning promising technologies out of its top-notch, 10-campus system.

Happy birthday, Picasso! Museum reopens after five-year renovation

A visitor takes a picture of a Picasso painting during the press day at the Picasso Museum, on Oct. 18, 2014 in Paris, France.

‘Idea’: Incredible pop-psychedelic Bee Gees TV special, 1968

  There was a time, long, long ago—as ridiculous as this might sound today—when being a Bee Gees fan was something one didn’t admit to in polite company.

Sorry but just what was Katie Hopkins doing on The Xtra Factor exactly?

Katie Hopkins wasn’t exactly kind to Stereo Kicks and Jake Quickenden (Picture: ITV)   It’s typical, isn’t it?

Watch As A Drunk Homophobe Gets Taken Down In Dallas, TX [Video]

On Thursday afternoon, a presumably drunk man at the Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport tried to attack a person he thought was a gay man, and was subsequently tackled and subdued by bystanders.

Dina Lohan To Undergo A Facelift Paid For By ‘Millionaire Matchmaker’ Producers

Dina Lohan is heading to Bravo to find her soulmate. After a brief stint on reality TV years ago, Lohan will reportedly appear on the upcoming season of Patti Stanger’s Millionaire Matchmaker — and she’s getting more than a paycheck to appear.

Krossblade's SkyCruiser can't decide if it's an airplane, quadcopter, or car

Can’t decide if you want an airplane, a helicopter, or a flying car? Then why not all three at once? Arizona-based start-up Krossblade seems to think the same way with its SkyCruiser concept – an electric hybrid aircraft that not only switches between being an airplane and a quadcopter, but can be driven on the road as well...

​That One Time A Drunk Old Man Thought Mindy Kaling Was Malala Yousafzai

As a South Asian with brown skin, I have been mistaken for plenty of other girls of a variety of different ethnicities who look absolutely nothing like me, though I am sure they are great (despite their not being me).

Ryan Kwanten Looks Ready to Fight in 'Northmen' Poster

Ryan Kwanten keeps his look laid-back at the Oakley Future Sport Project event on Thursday afternoon (October 23) in Sydney, Australia.

Tutankhamun died of illness, not from chariot racing

Scientists believe Egyptian King Tutankhamun died of illness, rather than from a chariot crash, as was long believed.

#OnTheRoofs: Russian daredevils climb world’s tallest skyscrapers, bridges (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

Climbing the tallest bridges and skyscrapers are tasks not for the faint of heart. But Russian daredevils addicted to extreme urban climbing have done just that, scaling most surfaces without safety equipment.

Turn Clocks Back This Weekend? Daylight Saving Time Ends, But Not For Everyone

Confused about when to turn your clocks back? While Daylight Saving Time(DST) does end in some countries tonight, those who live in the U.S.

The Laborers Who Keep Dick Pics and Beheadings Out of Your Facebook Feed

By Christopher via Flickr (cc by-sa 2.0) Meet the people who keep graphic and vulgar videos off YouTube and out of your Facebook feed.

Meet The Scientist Whose Job Is Studying Pinterest Users

Gabe Trionfi and Pinterest’s user research team are tasked with figuring out how people are using Pinterest, now and in the future.